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Movement (Verbs): Up

Went up
Shot up
Movement (Verbs): Down
Went down

Between 1995 and 2000
From 1995 to 2000
Sales rose from 200 to 250
Sales fell to 150 in March
Sales fell by 50%
Adverbs and intensifiers
?a little
?a lot

No Movement: (Verbs with Adjectives, Verbs)

?remained steady
?were unchanged
?did not change
?remained constant
?remained stable
maintain (past: maintained)
A plateau: As is presented in the line graph, there was a plateau of the oil pri
ce from 1985 to 1990.
Tops and Bottoms
reached a peak

reached their highest level

fell to a low
sank to a trough
reached a bottom
decline (past: declined)
decrease (past: decreased)
drop (past: dropped)
fall (past: fell)
go down (past: went down)
plummet (past: plummeted) = to fall or drop suddenly in amount or value
plunge (past: plunged) = to fall or drop suddenly in amount or value
rocket (past: rocketed)
sharply, rapidly, quickly, steeply
considerably, significantly, substantially
steadily, gradually, moderately
slightly, slowly
dip (a momentarily small drop in the level of something)
fluctuation (= an irregular rising and falling in number or amount; a variation)
peak (= the highest point)
slump (= a severe or prolonged fall in the price, value, or amount of something)
variation (= a change or difference in condition, amount, or level)
Moderate change

the use of water soared in March

the prices leapt to 90% in one year
populations climbed to over one million by 1980
use of cars rocketed in the first decade
a surge of migration is seen in November

Sink: The cost of housing sunk after 2008

Slip: back Use of electricity slipped back to 50 in May
Dip: Divorce rate dipped in the 60s
Plummet is the strongest word here. It means to fall very quickly and a long way.
and drop are normally used for fairly small decreases
Slip back is used for falls that come after rises
Drop and Dip are also frequently used as nouns: a slight dip
a sudden drop

A significant change


Changed significa

A dramatic shift


Sifts dramaticall

A sudden rise


Has risen suddenl

A substantial gain


Gained substantia

A sharp decrease


Had decreased sha

Overall: The overall shift in the market seems to favour the use of nuclear powe
Highest Point
peak / culminated / climax / reach a peak / hit a peak / touch the highest poin
t / reach the vertex
a peak / hit a vertex / get a vertex / get the highest point
Lowest Point
touched the lowest point / get the lowest point
the lowest point /the lowest mark / bottommost point / rock bottom point/ bottom
most mark
A fluctuation: There was a fluctuation of the passenger numbers who used the rai
lway transportation during the year 2003 to 2004.
A variation: A variation on the shopping habit of teenagers can be observed from
the data.
A disparately/ dissimilarity/ an inconsistency: The medicine tested among the ra
bbits shows an inconsistency of the effect it had.
Rapid Increase:
A surge: From the presented information, it is clear that there was surge on the
number of voter in 1990 compared to the data given for the previous years.
A rapid increase/ a rapid growth/ a rapid improvement: There was a rapid growth
in the stock value of the company ABC during the December of the last year.
Words to make a comparison:
a bit /slightly/ a little/only just/approximately/about/almost/precisely
quite/ nearly/ considerably/ a huge/ a great deal/ quite a lot/completely/exactl
The given/The supplied/The presented/The showed/The provided
diagram/table/figure/illustration/graph/figure/chart/flow chart/picture/presenta
tion/pie chart/bar graph/line graph
table data/data/information
s data on/gives information on
The comparison of .
The differences .
The number of .
Information on .
Data on .
The proportion of .
The amount of .
Information on....
The graph/table shows/indicates/illustrates/reveals/represents...
It is clear from the graph/table...
It can be seen from the graph/table...
As the graph/table shows,...
As can be seen from the graph/table,...
As is shown by the graph/table,...
As is illustrated by the graph/table,...

From the graph/table it is clear....

The graph shows / The table reveals
The chart displays / The diagram illustrates
Some interesting facts concerning are revealed in the diagram.
Several key trends are revealed by the graph showing
Personal Statement
Engineering through time has developed and altered the entire world that exists
today by the creation of the appealing and unique buildings whereby it appends a
distinct flavour to spice up our life, resulting in appealing and cosy atmosphe
re. Being involved in shaping the future is not only my dream, it is my passion.
My ambition to study engineering, particularly petroleum engineering, has began
when I was curious to learn by what source these chemicals get extracted from de
ep underground using drilling equipment. Yet, drilling operations contributes to
several environmental issues such as leaving pile wastes and destroying the sce
nic beauty of the area, hence, recovering the area is an obligatory to protect t
he surrounding. Studying environmental management has offered me the opportunity
to acquire a knowledge of securing the environment. Being part of such signific
ant community strengthens my aspiration of becoming a successful engineer.
Becoming an engineer is not compelled by my parents, it is my personal choice as
it is a very noble profession and it is considerably interesting as they acquir
e respectable positions in any part around the globe. The demand for petroleum e
ngineers increases as the worldwide energy consumption increases. I have the des
ire to opt the field of petroleum in order to serve my talent as well as to prov
e my expertise to became an inspiration for the younger generation.
Football is considered as my best-loved leisure activity. Performing your skills
on the field is your target, either you win or lose. Touching the ball makes yo
u forget your problems, and compete with your opponent team to achieve victory.
I have earned several certificates for my astonishing expetise. Watching footbal
l with my friends and relatives in the stadium is absolutely great as you expres
s your feeling while you are watching the game. The star I admired the most is R
onaldinho, a former Brazilian football player with abnormal skills. Football has
taught me several skills such as teambuilding, discipline as well as teamwork.
In searching for inspiration, I would state that someone who inspires is someone
who has the ability to expand one's abilities and capacity for artistry in all
forms. My father is an architecture and had been my inspiration since I was bor
n whereas he assisted me to overcome my difficulties which I faced. My father al
ways say 'No pain no gain'. Moreover, Motivation is what gets the best out of me
, it is the foremost way to overcome any struggles and reach my target.
In a nutshell,

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