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With deep sense of gratitude, the Philippine Judicial Academy

expresses its sincerest appreciation to the following who contributed to the
success of the production of this Revised and Expanded Benchbook for Trial
Courts. It is through their commitment that the development and publication
of this Benchbook are made possible:

The Supreme Court, through the leadership of Chief Justice Renato

C. Corona, for providing the raison dtre and the necessary funding
for the revision of the Benchbook;

Former Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno, for his support in the noble
purpose of this project which started in 2007;

PHILJA Chancellor Adolfo S. Azcuna, for his guidance,

encouragement and editorial advice on the revision of the
benchbook, as well as presiding over Benchbook Revision
Committee Meeting discussions and decisions;

PHILJA Chancellor Emeritus Ameurfina A. Melencio Herrera, for

her initial efforts in the conceptualization of the Benchbook Revision
Project as early as 2007;

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID),

through its Mission Director, Gloria D. Steele, and Agreement
Officers Technical Representative, Gerardo A. Porta, for its
generous funding support that made this publication possible and
providing the necessary funding for the training on the use of the

The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA-ROLI),

through its Country Director Scott Ciment, Esq., Deputy Country
Director Renato B. Lopez, Jr., and Operations Director Atty. Jack
Andrew O. Miranda, for their continued support on the publication of
the Revised and Expanded Benchbook, and for believing in the
continuing legal education of judges;

Professor Alfredo F. Tadiar, Project Director and Editor, for

ensuring the timely and effective implementation and completion of
project; facilitating discussions during presentations by authors of
assigned topics in the Benchbook Revision Committee Meetings;
and painstakingly editing reports, minutes, and correspondence of
the Benchbook Revision secretariat and final manuscripts of writers.

The writers, who have proven their commitment by wholeheartedly

giving their time, knowledge, experience and energy in the
development of this Revised and Expanded Benchbook, namely:
Justice Diosdado M. Peralta
Justice Lucas P. Bersamin
Justice Magdangal M. de Leon
Justice Alexander G. Gesmundo
Justice Hilarion L. Aquino (Ret.)
Deputy Court Administrator Nimfa C. Vilches
Judge Marivic T. Daray
Professor Myrna S. Feliciano
Dr. Antonio G.M. La Via and Atty. Josef Leroi L. Garcia
Atty. Rita Linda V. Jimeno

Justice Marina L. Buzon, Assistant Editor, for assisting in the overall editorial work, proofreading and editing of final manuscripts, as
well as overseeing consistency in style of the Revised and
Expanded Benchbook;

Atty. Emmanuel L. Caparas, IT Consultant, for providing advice

and guidance on the preparation of electronic formats and creation
of hyperlinks, digital interactive features and the like that may
enhance the value of the Revised and Expanded Benchbook as a
professional research and instructional tool, and inclusion of related
and useful information, which were not incorporated in the printed
version of the Revised and Expanded Benchbook, that may
similarly enhance its value;

Attys. Rodel O. Hernandez and Ria Corazon Berbano-Ablan, for

assisting the Committee in various research and formatting work by
providing citation of authorities, relevant laws, circulars and
jurisprudence needed by the writers and during discussions in
Benchbook Revision Committee Meetings;

The Revision Committee Secretariat, composed of Ms. Joan Marie

C. Tejada, Recorder-Secretary, Ms. Suzette P. Valdez, Assistant
Recorder Secretary, Mr. Raymond I. Eisma, Technical Staff, Mr.
Lirio F. Balbin, Support Staff, and Mr. Quirino V. Itliong II, Service
Staff, for going the extra mile in ensuring that all discussions in the
Benchbook Revision Committee Meetings are documented;
coordinating and following-up all efforts to make sure all
deliverables were met; and

Attys. Reynaline Tan-Francisco and David L. Ballesteros, for

assisting in several Benchbook Revision Committee Meetings.