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Core & Advance Java Training

-Sunil Patil

Core Java ( Java 8 )

Revision Of C++ Concepts.
OOPS Features with Practical Implementation.
Java & Platform Independency.
Exploring Java Tools with Most Switches
Cross Compilation Of Java Applications
Inner classes & Anonymous Classes
Inheritance, Packages & Language Keywords.
Working With String, StringBuffer & StringBuilder.
Importance of Interfaces
Interfacing with C From Java Using JNI.
Real Use of Exception Handling & Defining Own Exceptions.
Deep Dive Into Java Virtual Machine.
Deep Dive Into Reflections.
Annotations. Using Existing Annotations & Defining Own Annotations.
Real World Applications of Annotations & Reflections.
Using Streaming & IO Classes In Java
Working With Serialization.
Understanding Sandbox Environment. Developing Sandboxed Applet
Understanding Event Delegation Model With Design Patterns.

Core Java ( Java 8 )

Exploring Collections Framework.
Understading Each & Every Collection with Its Advantages &
Internals of Hashing Functions.
Exploring java.util package for Utility Classes. ( Resource Bundles, i18n,
Developing Multithreaded Applications.
Working with Worker Threads, Green Threads & Daemon Threads.
Thread Synchronization.
Java 5 Features

Working with Generics.

Boxing & Unboxing.
TypeSafe Enums
Static Imports
Enhanced For Loop

Core Java ( Java 8 )

Java 6 Features
Common Annotations. ( @PostConstruct, @PreDestroy )

Java 7 Features
Multiple Exception Handling
Try With Resources
Java NIO Packages
Type Inference For Generics Instance Creations.
Strings in Switch Statements.
Automatic Null Handling.
Using java.util.concurrent package for Developing Thread Safe

Java 8 Features
Lamda Expressions. Why ?
Default Methods & Static Methods in Interfaces. [ Functional Interfaces ]
Pipelines & Streaming API.
Undestanding How Collection Framework is Adapted to Functional

Other Tools/Frameworks
Using log4j Framework for Logging Purpose.

Advance Java ( J2EE )

Exploring Java Database Connectivity. ( JDBC 4.x )

Calling Procedures Via JDBC.
Advantages & Disadvantages of all 4 Types of Driver & their Implementations.
Exploring Batch Statements for Performance of JDBC Calls.
JVM Internals. Understanding JVM Architecture.
Types of Classloaders & Loading the classes at Runtime
Java Network Programming ( Socket Programming )
RMI/ RPC ( Remote Method Invocation )
Developing the Applications & Understanding Internals of RMI.
Working with RMI 1.2, 1.4 & 1.6 Architectures.

Understanding HTTP Protocol & Its Headers
Understanding Servlet Architecures.
Creating & Deploying Web Based Applications into Tomcat Web Server &
JBoss Server.
Understanding Packaging Architecture Using WAR file.
Deep Dive Into Deployment Descriptors.
Deep Dive Into Servlets & Understanding Actual LifeCycle of Servlets.
Working with Sessions.

Servlets ( J2EE )
Working With Cookies.
Session Tracking Using Cookies.
Intercommunication between Servlets with URL Rewriting, Sessions &
ServletContext Objects.
Understanding Difference Between ServletConfig & ServletContext.
Difference Between sendRedirect & forward.
Creating & Using Java Beans


Using Java Server Pages For Web Applications.

Understanding JSP Architecture
Integrating Servets & JSP.
Going ahead for MVC Applications Using Servlets ,JSP & Java Beans.

Developing Environment

Java SE SDK 8
Java EE SDK 7
Eclipse Kepler 4.x
Oracle10g, MySQL 5.5, MS-Access.
Tomcat Web Server
Ubuntu 12.04 / Windows
Key Benefits
Helpfull for SCJP/OCJP/OJCP Certification.
ISO Certificate From Nobel IT Solutions.
Training Duration

14 Weeks.

Any Questions ?
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