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The Official Student Publication in English of Philippine Science High School - Cagayan Valley Campus, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

Volume 13, No. 1

PSHS-CVC affiliates with American geographers 2

NEWS Pisay gives back at ipil-Cuneg

OPINION Enhancing the mainstream

PSHS-CVC conducts Outreach activity

during its 16th Anniverssary

The Challenge of Online Journalism

April-November 2012

CVC holds first QuizShow 3

SPORTS marians humbLE
12 tamPLErs

Hoops friendly during Humanities Day

PSHS, DOST-SEI, DepEd team up for UPLIFT


he Philippine Science High

School System (PSHSS) and the
Department of Science and
Technology- Science Education
Institute (DOST-SEI) in partnership with
the Department of Education (DepEd)
trained more than a thousand Grade
7 teachers of English, Science and
Mathematics (ESM) from science high
schools nationwide.

In line with the implementation of

the Grade 7 of the K to 12 curriculum,
the training called Upgrading Program:
Learning Institute for Teachers (UPLIFT)
is a brainchild of the PSHSS and aimed
to share the expertise of the Pisay
System to the ESM DepEd teachers.
The training was conducted in
selected PSHSS campuses across the
country in three phases. The first and

UPLIFT... >> Page 2

LABORATORy WORKS. Participants perform an experiment in Science during the third phase of the Upgrading Program: Learning Institute for Teachers held at PSHS-CVC. Photo by dickiedoc

Grade 7 revs up in PSHS curriculum

PSHS System
envisions world
class scholars

n line with the K to 12 program,

Philippine Science High School
System joined the Department of
Education in implementing the
Grade 7 curriculum beginning school
year 2012-2013.
In response to the strong move by the
national government to overhaul the
educational system, the PSHS System
brushed up separate schemes to ensure
readiness in executing the program.
As a part of the preparations, PSHS
teachers from all the campuses across
disciplines convened at Tagaytay City
last February 20-22, 2012 to draft the
PSHS Grade 7 and 8 curricula.
During the writeshop, Executive
Director Dr. Josette T. Biyo pointed that
the PSHS System envisions to make
the Pisay graduates world class talents

GRADE 7 STUDENTS explore the wonders of Science in the class of mrs. Alice C. manuel.

that is why the PSHS System joined the

national government in its effort to
upgrade the educational system of the
PSHS - Cagayan Valley Campus
Director, Salvador B. Romo viewed the

6-year program as inevitable to cope

with the educational standards of our
Asian neighbors.
Additionally, he quipped Since
our goal is to produce critical mass of
Science and Technology professionals,

the preparation was special and

different from DepEd.
consultation, refinement, and validation
of the curriculum framework with
experts outside the System.
The expertise of the faculty was
tapped in writing the new curriculum of
PSHS CVC welcomed 90 freshmen
last June 4, 2012 who constitute the
first batch of the six-year program.
The G7 curriculum features a spiral
scheme. The 50-minute-time allotment
for each subject was adjusted to one
Furthermore, subject contents and
competencies are enhanced.
For instance, the two Sciences, Earth
Science and Integrated Science are
merged into one subject.
problems on education be solved first,
the Deped pushed through with the
implementation of the K to 12 program
while trying to address other problems
already existing.#

PSHS-CVC marks sixteen sweet years



DR. JOSETTE T. BIyO, executive director of the

PSHS System, inspires the PSHS-CVC community
during the 16th year anniversarry of the institution.

ife isnt about being comfortable,

its about making a difference,
stated Dr. Josette Biyo, Executive
Director of Philippine Science High
School System during the 16th founding
anniversary of PSHS-Cagayan Valley
Campus, July 3, 2012.
Enthemed Sweet 16: Service weaves
excellent education timelessly, the
celebration was highlighted by a holy
mass, culminating program and an
outreach activity at Ipil Cuneg Elementary
Dr. Biyo graced the celebration and
received a standing ovation as she
addressed the PSHS-CVC community
with her inspiring message and updated
everyone with matters concerning the

Pisay system.
If your name is written on an asteroid,
then you must be Dr. Josette Biyo
declared PSHS-CVC Director, Dr. Salvador
Romo in his introduction of Dr. Biyo
during the program.
As a yearly tradition, the school
accorded Loyalty Awards to employees
who reached 10 years and 15 years of
service to the institution.
A plaque of appreciation was awarded
to Mr. Raymundo Manaligod, Mrs. Hazel
Gannaban and Mrs. Elnora Lugares for
rendering 15 years of service, while Dr.
Myrna Rivera and Mr. Julius Garcia were
recognized for their 10-year service,
We missed the parade around the town

but indeed the celebration is meaningful

because the Pisay family is once again
gathered to culminate another year of
success said Mr. Sadiri Corpuz, Head of
the Science, Mathematics, Computer and
Technology Department.
To fulfill its mission of reaching out to
the community, PSHS-CVC family held an
outreach activity at Ipil-Cuneg Elementary
School, spearheaded by Dr. Romo.
During the outreach program, the
pupils enjoyed an afternoon of games
and received goods and supplies for their
In her response, Principal Leila Obaa
expressed her gratitude to the PSHSCVC. She is also the principal of Pawak
Elementary School, the venue of the
outreach program last December 2011.
Dr. Gaudencio Natividad, Extension
Unit head organized the activity.#

NSPC 2012

The Pisay
Explorer is one
of nations best
By John Owen Cabuyadao

in top
10, 4th in th
division, 3
the re
of th
the nation
The sweetest victory comes in the
most unexpected moments.
The Pisay Explorer, the official student
publication in English of Philippine
Science High School Cagayan Valley
Campus was adjudged one of the ten best
school papers in the country during the
2012 National Schools Press Conference
held in Palawan last April 2012.
When we qualified for the nationals,
we are already grateful of the feat but
winning in the highest stage is really
unexpected, considering that we are only

Pisay Explorer... >> Page 3


defends title in
Regional elims

ighly touted and heavy favorite

Philippine Science-High School
Cagayan Valley Campus defended
its regional title in the PSYSC
Science Olympiad (PS0) National
Eliminations held last September 8, 2012
at Ramon National High School, Isabela.
For three straight years, PSHS-CVC
dominated the regional qualifier, landed
at the top spot and earned a finals berth
in the nationals.
Angel Bless Sinad, Christopher Pilarta,
Joseph and Timothy Sana stamped their
class and showed brilliance in Physics,

PSySC... >> Page 3



GAD mainstreaming


Faculty and Staff held the seminar at Sta. Ana, Cagayan

last November 10, 2012.


Humanidades 2012 shows off

artistic side of Pisayers



PISAY GOT TALENT winners IV Graviton scholars show their wares and groove their way to victory.

liyab party dominates

Pilarta leads
new set of
SSG officers
By John Owen Cabuyadao

hristopher Tope T. Pilarta was

declared the new Supreme
president after a landslide victory
in the recently concluded electronic
elections held
8, 2012 at
S c i e n c e
High SchoolCagayan
V a l l e y
Pilarta, a
LIYAB party
dominated over We Party candidate
Claire Foronda as 142 students voted
for him whereas only 65 favored
Foronda and 12 abstained.
The president and his government
plan to make S.Y. 2012-2013 full of
activities that will enrich students
skills and character.
We shall spark a change for the
betterment of the institution and its
people, he added.
Meanwhile, the winners for the
other positions are as follows:
Vice President: Ayane Mark
Ramales (LIYAB), Secretary: T r i s s i a
Marie Ordoez (LIYAB), Finance
Officer: Jasmine Interior (LIYAB),
Liaison Officer/PIO: Ronalaine Cutillon
(LIYAB), Peace Officers: Joslin Mamuric
(LIYAB), Alvin Claine Viernes (We
PARTY), Project Managers: Colemn
Jin Labrador (LIYAB), Vreneli Kristine
Ceralde (We PARTY), Angelica Mae
Mateo (We PARTY), Augustine Kane
Guerrero (We PARTY)
During the Miting de Avance, the
Leaders Initiating Youth Advancement
for Benevolence party (LIYAB) proposed
11 projects namely After-class review,
SSG Loan, Scholars Printer, students
shoutout, Intramurals, Rocktober fest,
Campus Ministry, Scientific Calculator
Rental, Tree-Planting Activity, Flash
Drive Rental, Proudly Pisay and Pisay
On the other hand, We PARTY
listed nine proposed projects Tree
Planting, Pisay Peer Councilors revival,
PeramPera (SSG Loan), Outreach
Program, Pisay Day, Freedom Wall,
Rocktober fest, Mirrors in boys
restroom and a year-end bandfest.
The new set of student leaders is
guided by Ms. Christine V. Ordinario,
the SSG adviser. #

nthemed Pisay... Agsalukag ken

agalibtak, kinasirib ipamatmat,
celebrations reeled off with a lot of
exciting activities last August 31, 2012.
The festivity included an opening
program, basketball friendly game,
Spelling Bee, Rap Battle, One versus One
Hundred and the main event, Pisay Got
Talent Season 2.
In the basketball match between the
Pisay Tamplers and Marian dribblers, the
visitors upended the home team with a
63-53 drubbing.
The Spelling Bee was exclusively
participated in by Grade 7 and sophomore
scholars where the Grade 7 Amethyst
students inched out a surprising victory
against the older sophomores and their
freshmen counterparts.
The Rap Battle pitted the Senior
Break it Down team against the Junior

PSHS-CVC affiliates with

American geographers

hilippine Science High SchoolCagayan Valley Campus took

further steps in caring for the
environment last 2011, by affiliating with
My Community, our Earth (MyCOE), a
program founded by AAG (Association of
American Geographers).
MyCOE was created in
2002, in preparation
for the World Summit
Development (WSSD),
and is dedicated to
and pressing global
concerns, such as
biodiversity, climate
change, fresh water
P S H S - C V C
associated with the MyCOE program
through Dr. Aimee Marie C. Gragasin,
after an invitation from Mrs. Rochelle
T. Papasin, a faculty member of PSHSSouthern Mindanao Campus, and the
MyCOE coordinator in the Philippines.
Dr. Gragasin and Mrs. Elnora Lugares
introduced MyCOE to the school, and
also initiated worthwhile projects

involving students of the SelTop Class on

Environment Awareness and Protection.
The students in the class embarked
on educational trips to a mining and
dumping site in Nueva Vizcaya, and used
their experiences there to create their
own projects, with the titles Future
Geologists Journey Towards
the Truth Behind Mining in
Nueva Vizcaya Philippines
and Waste Segregation:
A must in Nueva Vizcaya.
The said projects were
included in the posters
presented by MyCOE at
the Rio+20 United Nations
Development at Rio,
Brazil last June 2012.
All of the students
who participated in
the projects were given
Certificates of Recognition by the AAG and
other partner agencies.
This 2012, PSHS-CVC was presented with
a mini-grant worth $1,500 for its project
proposal that centers on environmental
awareness and protection involving the
participation of the PSHS-CVC students,
the elementary pupils in nearby schools,
and the Masoc community. #

Remix crew. The teams debated on

issues concerning the Philippines in the
form of rapping. The juniors have a slight
advantage in the early rounds but the
seniors gained ground in the final period
of the competition and finally clinched
the victory.
Trivia king Justin Veilor Masigan was
at the helm in One Versus Hundred as
he faced 100 scholars in a Social Science
quiz bee. After 11 questions, Masigan
eliminated all his counterparts, leaving
him unscathed.
The most awaited PGT Season 2
reeled off in the rainy afternoon. IV
Graviton bagged the title after rendering
all around facets of creativity which
impressed the judges and the audience.
intermission numbers which drew
cheers from the students.
It was successful. Everyone shared
his/her time and talents, exclaimed
Mrs. Elnora S. Lugares. The celebration
was spearheaded by the Humanidades
Club under the tutelage of Mrs. Mylyn R.
Gallo, club adviser.
Ms. Claire Foronda is the president of
the club. #

...UPLIFT from page 1

second phases were held last May 7-11
and May 14-18, 2012. The training
capped with its third phase last
October 27-31.
PSHS-CVC hosted 156 participants
from Regions 2 and 3 and the PSHS
teachers who served as resource
speakers in English, Mathematics and
Science were trained at Philippine
Normal University - Manila; Ateneo De
Manila University and University of the
Philippines - Diliman, respectively.
Mentors from PSHS-CVC, Dr. Aimee
Marie C. Gragasin, Genalyn Alice R.
Viloria served as resource speakers for
Science while Dr. Maricel B. Dumlao,
Mrs. Rosalinda R. Luwang and Mr.
Orcene D. Cancino shared their
expertise in Mathematics and Mrs.
Olivia V. Ariza and Mr. Harold V. Gallo
lectured in English.
Additionally, completing the set of
resource speakers were from PSHSCentral Luzon Campus. Mr. Arnold R.
Pitpitunge for Science, Mrs. Glaiza
Dizon for Math, Mr. Aries N. Oliveros
for English and Mr. Joel Bautista for
Technoloy Integration.
Mr. Sadiri S. Corpuz of PSHS-CVCand
Miss Razel Ventura of PSHS-CLC served
as Project Managers of R2 and R3
clusters, respectively.
The UPLIFT is an avenue for the
PSHS System to share its expertise in
ESM. It is not about Pisay bragging
rights but a way to reach to others to
improve the level of education in the
country averred Corpuz.#


Magnetron conquers Fusion 2012


hilippine Science High School

Cagayan Valley Campus celebrated
FUSION day with the theme
Valence and Vector Vibe on November
29, 2012 at the Philippine Science High
School CVC Campus.
Three teams namely Betatron,
Cosmotron and Magnetron competed
in minor and major activities for the
overall place in this years FUSION which
centered on the application of Physics
and Chemistry to improve environmental
Cosmotron accumulated 125 points
but due to deductions given from the
absences during the quiz bee event,
Magnetron emerged as the overall
winner with 119 tallied points, followed
by Cosmotron with 118.75 and lastly
Betatron with 99.75 points.
Participated major activities include
BrainTwist or quiz bee, Heap Hop n Hype
Up popularly known as bleachers, Poster
Trashformers and Fashion Fusion.


Teambre Reigns
Physics Olympics
By Ka Yan Donyx L. Chan

eambre outdid Rhyteam and

Intensiteam in the 2012 Physics
Olympics at Philippine Science
High School Cagayan Valley Campus on
October 5,2012.
The members of Teambre were active
and supportive in such a way that in every
game, the name Teambre could be heard
in the crowd exclaimed Joseph Timothy
S. Sana, the team leader of Teambre,
from IV-Graviton.
The Physics Unit sponsored the whole
The activities included fund raising
events and games incorporating Physics
Ms. Maureen Joy Collado, FUSION
adviser spearheaded the occasion in
cooperation with the Fusion Club Physics
sub-group headed by Michael Renzo B.
Duguiang and the Physics Selected Topics
The activities commenced with the
Physics Fair, a fund raising event last
September 14, 2012.
The featured games were Galot
Saka, Mad Dog, Ping Tac Toe, Piso
Hose, Cupdelier, Magic Carpet, Tuning
Spoon, Sticky Catch, Poppa Balloon, and
Cheerific which were prepared by the
Physics SelTop students.
The climax of the celebration were
postponed from September 21, 2012 to
October 5, 2012 and the awarding was
convened on October 8, 2012. #

Twice the fun IN Mole Day

outwits rivals
By Sarah Batuyong

nthemed Chemistry for the

Environment, scholars celebrated
Mole Day not once but twice.
The first wave of activities was
conducted last October 26 and it capped
last November 9, 2012.
Three teams rumbled in the activities
and team Chembot emerged overall
champion against the squads of U-Chem
and Chempossible.
U-Chem copped the Chemical
Chempossible clinched the title in
Eggciting. Moreover, Chembot conquered
Chemical Rates and Battle of the Pins.
A deadlock was called in Kulay ko Hula
Mu as the teams tallied same scores
which made Chembot as Mole Day
Excitement intensified in the second
wave of the activities as sophomores,
juniors and seniors slugged out in
Molecule Dance.
Every crew danced to the groove of
their jingles and III-Einstenium garnered
first place for delivering an exhilarating
The seniors settled for 2nd and 3rd
respectively, with IV Graviton landing
at the second spot and IV Muon in 3rd
Chemistry mentor, Mrs. Genalyn Alice
Viloria said that Mole Day is one of the
manifestations of our love for Science.
It wouldnt have been successful if it
wasnt for the hardwork of the Chemistry
Club added Viloria, who also acts as the
adviser of the club. #

CVC website
officially launched

FUSION FASHION CONTESTANTS steal the limelight during the celebrations of FUSION 2012.

For the Fashion Fusion, different

awards were given to the models namely
Ronalaine Cutillon and Rico Suarez
(Cosmotron), Rizza Noscal and Ephraim
Guzman (Magnetron) and Alexis Elcano
and Ayane Ramales (Betatron).
Cutillon and Suarez bagged the crown
Mr. and Miss Fashion Fusion.

The pageant featured Science based

wardrobe designs using recycled
Everyday is a Fusion Day, said Fusion
Club Adviser Maureen Collado. She also
added that winning is a good thing but
whats imporatnt is the lesson learned in
the competition.#

ww.cvc.pshs.edu.ph was officially

introduced to the Pisay-CVC
community by Engr. Gil De Luna,
administrator of the website
during the second Card Giving Day.
He said that the website is already
functional since late 2011 but he isnt
sure if the scholars or their parents are
aware of its existence.
He also enumerated the features of the
site and introduced the administrators.
Accordingly, the website contains
Transparency Seal, Bids and Awards
Update, Contact Infos (Agency Heads),
Annual Report and downloadable forms.




now published at the PSHS-CVC website. Such seal is required of every

government agency in compliance to the mandate of the Department
of Budget and Management on Civil Service matters.

April-November 2012

fOundatiOn daY OutrEaCh aCtiVitY

Pisay gives back at Ipil-Cuneg

n their sweet sixteenth anniversary,
Philippine Science High SchoolCagayan Valley Campus headed by
campus director, Dr. Salvador B. Romo set
off to Ipil-Cuneg Elementary School and
conducted an outreach program to their
pupils, parents and teachers, July 3, 2012.
The program started with an opening
prayer by Miss Maureen Collado, followed
by a warm speech by Dr. Salvador B. Romo.
The barangay captain also delivered a
thankful message to the visitors.
To break the rainy weathers gloomy
aura, Sir Marwin B. Ruiz introduced and

facilitated parlor games to the children.

Assisted by his co-teachers, various
contests were played by the children and
amusement can be perceived on the faces
of both the audience and the performers.
Several games were played before the
program culminated with the distribution
of donations. Learning materials,
classroom resources and grocery products
were given to the ICES populace.
Happily the teachers and staffs
administered the boons to the children.
Joy and gratefulness lightened up each
kids face.
Before parting ways, the pupils were
given snacks from McDonalds.

Thereafter, the host schools staff led

the outreach personnel to a nearby hut
where they ate their snacks.
Last December 2012, PSHS-CVC took
Sitio Pawak as the beneficiary of the
outreach program.
Dr. Gaudencio Natividad, Extension
Coordinator, spearheaded the outreach
program at Ipil-Cuneg.#


receive their gifts from the mentors of
PSHS-CVC during the outreach program
conducted as a part of the 16th year
anniversarry celebrations, July 3, 2012.


triVia King

P20m wOrth undErwaY

Infra Projects for 2013 commence bidding process


PROPOSED DESIGN of Academic Building II. Image by A.C. Ong Consultancy

hilippine Science High School

Cagayan Valley Campus got the
green light to begin the process of
bidding for the infrastructure projects
allocated by the national government for
Completion of Academic building
II, Dormitory II and site development
encompassed the projects.
The projects include Phase 4 of
completing Academic Building II and
Phase 3 of Completion of Dormitory
Building II.
The completion of the projects will
cost Php 10, 293,750.00 as per Approved
Budget for the Contract (ABC).
Meanwhile, a site development
project called Completion of Retaining
Walls/Ripraps/Slope Protection Phase

4 got nods for implementation, too,

which will cost Php 9,610,000.00.
According to the Bids and Awards
Committee, the Notice of Award for
the projects shall be made upon receipt
of the 2013 ABM or SARO for the
Procuring Entity.
The newly appointed BAC Chairman
Dr. Gaudencio M. Natividad, said that
the bidding process commenced as
early as 2012 in order to beat the
election ban before the May 2013
Meanwhile, the contract for Phase
3 completion of Academic Building
2 worths 14 Million will kick off this
December for 180 calendar days, said
Engr. Raymundo DC. Manaligod, Vice
Chair of the BAC.

...Pisay Explorer
from page 1

Seventh Graders welcome party trends

4th in DSPC and 3rd in the RSPC. The new

rules put rigidity of winning averred Mr.
Harold V. Gallo, publication adviser.
He added that this year is a lucky
break for the publication and everyone
who participated in orchestrating the
Explorers publication was rewarded
with the papers feat.
Aside from being one of the ten
best high school publications, the
Pisay Explorer also grabbed 3rd best in
Editorial Page.
In the division level, The Explorer
ranked 4th overall and in the regionals,
it was the 3rd best paper as it raked 1st
runner up in News page and Feature/
Literary page and 2nd runner up in
editorial page, accordingly.
This is the first time that we clinched
such a prestigious award in the NSPC, I
hope it will not be last quipped Gallo.
Mr. Raymund T. Velasco, adviser of
the Filipino publication Ang Siklab, joined
the contingent of Region 2 in Palawan
and received the trophies for the paper.#


...PsYsC from page 1

Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science
and Information Technology as they
outsmarted their counterparts from
other schools in the valley.
Meanwhile, Sana was the top scorer
in the multiple choice type of test which
consisted of 100 items.
Tuguegarao Science High School and
Saint Marys University clinched the 2nd
and 3rd spots, respectively.
Simultaneous eliminations in 13
regional sites across the country were
held to choose the top 20 schools that
will compete in the PSO National Finals
to be held in September 30, 2012.
Additionally, seven (7) out of the 20
qualifiers are from the Philippine Science
High School System.
Two years ago our contestants ranked
5th in the nationals, last year we clinched
the 2nd spot, this time we are aiming
to win the gold, said Mr. Byron Terenz
Leao, who mentored the champs.
In the nationals, the PSHS-CVC team
ranked 6th out of 20 contenders.#

nthemed, Grade 7: now trending

@ Pisay, a welcome party for the
seventh graders was held last June
15, 2012 at the Amphitheater.
The program featured impressions and
expectations from the upperclassmen
and freshmen, intermission numbers and
cool games.
Sophomore Jasmine Lugo, Junior
Wilnice Pica Rosario and Senior Don
Braulio Perez delivered their impressions
on being a scholar.
Rosario challenged those who have
substandard grades to soar high and
exceed the expectations.
Perez on the other hand punned with
an acronym and said, Make A Great Joke
And Keep on Laughing which elucidated

laughter from the crowd.

impressively delivered his impressions
and expectations in Filipino.
Gem Marion Pagulayan left everyone
astonished with his powerful voice.
Cyril Francis Wakit capped the freshies
Pisay Henyo, Scholars Bring Me and
Pisay Records were among the games
The program was spearheaded by the
Supreme Student Government led by
Christopher T. Pilarta. #


Marians shine in Pisay Quiz Show


SMU-GSD CHAMPIONS receive their medals and trophy during the awarding ceremony.

aint Marys University Elementary

Department emerged as the
champion in the Tulong Dunong
Pisay Quiz Show 2012 held last
September 1, 8 and 15.
The quiz show replaced the review

is royalty in quiz bee extends beyond

Pisay realm.
J u s t i n e
Veilor Masigan
title in the
11th Tourism
Quiz Bee held
at Ammungan
H a l l ,
Nueva Vizcaya,
September 7.
More than
his sensational
demolition of the Mob during the 2012
Humanities Days Justin vs. 100, the
junior scholar from Cabagan, Isabela
inched out 7 other contenders in the Final
Round of the competition.
He scored 10 points and edged out
Saint Marys University-Science High
School and Santa Fe National High School
with nine points apiece after 12 questions
in the payoff period. SMU-SHS won the
tie breaker against Santa Fe National High
School and landed on the second spot.
The turning point came in the question
which asked the date of the first SONA
delivered at Batasang Pambansa, in
which he was the only contestant who
got the correct answer.
Masigan received Php 4,000.00
cash prize, a medal and a certificate of
He represented the province in the
Regional level but landed 2nd place
behind Saint Paul University. It was
disheartening for Masigan as he lost by a
single point. He took home Php 5,000.00
cash price. #

Pisayers snatch gold

in nuclear sci Quiz

GRADE 7 SCHOLAR Cedric Catacutan

delivers his message during the Welcome
Party dedicated to the freshmen.


stamps might
in tourism tilt

sessions conducted by faculty of

Philippine Science High School in the past
years as an outreach program.
The quiz bee tested their intelligence
and skills against each other in Science,
Math and English.

In the preliminary round, twentyfive schools participated with five

representatives per school.
The written eliminations were held on
September 1, and the Top 10 schools with
the highest scores moved on to compete
in the Semi-finals on September 8.
The Top 5 scoring schools in the Semifinals contended in the Grand Finals on
September 15.
SMU-Ed clinched the top spot, while
Neva Vizcaya Bright Child School bagged
first runner up, and St. Louis School
Elementary Department claimed secondrunner up.
The winning participants were
awarded with trophies, medals and cash
The quiz bee was organized by Dr.
Aimee Marie C. Gragasin, CISD Chief, and
Dr. Gaudencio M. Natividad, Extension

Philippine Science High School

Cagayan Valley Campus bagged gold
in the 1st Philippine Nuclear Science
Quiz Regional Eliminations, Carig Sur,
Tugegarao City, November 23.
Senior Christopher Pilarta and junior,
Ricardo Roxas II together with Mrs.
Rosalinda Luwang as coach represented
the school in the competition.
PSHS-CVC closing at first place got a
cumulative score of 82, while Saint Marys
University Science High School clinched
2nd with a score of 71, and tying up at 3rd
place are Cagayan National High School
and Regional Science High School both
obtaining a score of 68.
In accordance to the celebration of the
40th atomic energy week, the Philippine
Nuclear Research Institute in partnership
with the Regional DOST Offices and the
Department of Education spearheaded
the 1st Philippine Nuclear Science Quiz
in order to promote awareness of the
benefits of nuclear technology to the
PSHS-CVC and SMUSHS will represent
the region in the national competition
to be held in the Nido Science Discovery
Center at the Mall of Asia SMX Center,
Pasay City, Manila on December 13. #





More than a Legacy


eaders come and go. Some are

born, some are made. But what
greatly contribute to the outcome
of a competent leader are the ideal
values which he upholds. When a
person appraises nature and humanity
instead of wealth and fame, when he
yields for the benefit of his nation or
when he thinks globally and acts locally,
he is what you consider a leader. These
are the characteristics that may define a
Philippine Science High School scholar.
PSHS is currently at the forefront of
generating a larger scale of possibilities
for a better prospect. First, it provides
opportunities for the world to seize.
Second, it signifies the standard of
education for the society to pursue.
These life-changing opportunities,
offered by the school are beyond
what the society can anticipate. With
a worldwide scope as its domain, the
number of possibilities is limitless. Thus,
a scholar can go beyond his capacity

or limitations with the aid of numerous

resources which can enhance his much
needed potential. With over a thousand
graduates of PSHS every year, the forecast
of their future is bound to be influenced
by the fact that the world is within their
reach and these same opportunities
are well within their group to transform
into fruitful outcomes. The whole PSHS
system has a mandate to provide the right
direction and leadership in Science and
Technology in the entire country and to
support national development priorities.
Moreover, PSHS sets the bench mark
for academic leadership. By setting as an
example for the Filipino people to follow,
the nation is able to know the goals that
it still has to reach. It responds to various
changes in order to minimize the gap
of educational shortcomings of several
academic institutions. Through PSHS,
the Philippines can attain the same level
of academic competency as developed
countries in the world.

They say
reliable way to
predict the future
is to create
it. The aftermath of the six-year ordeal
of a scholars stay in PSHS is worth a
generation of development, with its lifechanging opportunities and academic
leadership. It is equal to the advancement
of the Filipino people. Its revolution in
achieving a new educational standard, as

the academic
leader, gives the
community a new point of view in which
they cling to the hope that they can still
transform into improved people.
Like a stone that is thrown into a
stagnant pond, the influence made by
the PSHS system has made great ripples
of change throughout the world. These
waves, its crests and troughs, its several
differences in wavelength, its magnitude

- all unite to form

one huge change in
momentum of the course of this whole
Search for the word legacy and it is
defined as something passed on by an
ancestor or remaining from the past.
But PSHS is more than a legacy. It is
well beyond the past. It still continues
to revolutionize the turn of this world. It
stands for the future. #

Freedom: A Gift or a Curse? Ban pseudo-brotherhoods


f t e r
a n d
endless battles
fought between
the Katipuneros
colonizers, our
worn country
is reborn into
a new and
hopeful era. The
Philippines is finally given the gift of
Bestowing this gift upon our country was
like giving an iPhone to a child he can play
with it all day and all night but he can never
really put it to good use. Judging from our
countrys economic status, government
and social problems at present, this socalled gift appears more like a curse.
For several hundreds of years, our
colonizers have kept a steel grip around our
necks ordering us around and telling us



Dear Editor,
Many people in our campus are in
vain due to the robbery of valuables like
money, jewelry and gadgets in the past
I think, there are cases which were
not solved yet and we do hope that
investigations will continue. The victims
need justice.
The installation of the CCTV in the
campus helps a lot in preventing and
solving cases of robbery. We commend
the administration for providing such
equipment in the campus.
However, these incidents must bring
a lesson to everyone to be responsible
with belongings. Every scholar must be
vigilant on safeguarding his belongings
in order not to blame anyone or anybody
when something is gone missing.
Thank you very much and Mabuhay!
Chariz, Junior Scholar
Dear Editor,
A wash day for employees is observed
by the employees every Friday. Its not
that we are jealous or putting ourselves
in equal footing with them, but what if a
wash day would also be implemented for
the scholars?
Moreover, if granted, a guideline must
be set so that undesirable attires like
revealing clothes, plunging necklines,
and sleeveless, among others will not be
For the sake of uniformity, I would
suggest that during the wash day,
students must wear Pisay shirts.
Republic Lariat

what to do. They kept us under their control

through their harsh lashing of whips.
Why were we slaves in our own country?
The abusive Spanish rulers back then are
gone. Now, we have equally abusive and
power hungry Filipino politicians ruling our
country. To generalize them all as corrupt
is wrong, as there really are a few who are
honest in their aim to help our country
but, these handful of people are merely
tadpoles swimming with corrupt crocodiles
in a murky political pond.
The Spaniards no longer benefit from
what we harvest. However, until now, our
resources are exploited in favor of foreign
gain. If we truly are benefiting, why does
our country seem to be growing poorer and
poorer, year after year?
At one point in Philippine history, our
sovereignty had been put to good use. We
were actually once, considered as a first
world country when we were only second
to Japan in terms of socio-economic status
in Asia.
However, one government after another,
our country has now deteriorated into the

third world country we are now living in.

Oh! Sorry! The politically correct term is
developing country. Question is, are we
even developing?
At that same year, 1898, during the
Inaugural Session of the Malolos Congress
at the Barasoain Church, Emilio Aguinaldo
acknowledged the existence of a national
spirit. It was this national spirit that he
intended to unite the Filipinos with.
I saw the flower then the fruit, which
blossomed into liberty and freedom. And
you, my dear brothers are here to give effect
and testimony to the fruit of our struggle for
freedom, he said.
It is we who are to give significance to
this freedom. Without our participation,
freedom is merely an abstract thought.
One hundred fourteen years is enough.
Let us do our part in ridding this country
of its pollution and in planting seedlings of
development. It is now time to act and give
worth to what our ancestors had fought for.
Now, tell me, is freedom a gift or a curse? It
is actually, ones own choice. #

Enhancing the Mainstream


that you can obtain relevant

he impetus of digital
information earlier than
when you wait for television
man to ignite change
or radio stations for the
and enhance mainstream
storys broadcast.
journalism at its best. It is
The coverage is much
striding to challenge the
greater since it uses the
mainstream but will remain a
Internet. Meaning, the news
supplemental force to reckon
is broadcasted worldwide
which brings the countrys
Statistics says that the
hottest updates to Filipinos
Philippines is one of the John Owen
working overseas.
countries that frequently use Cabuyadao
Many Pinoys give their
the Internet. Many Filipinos
devote some of their time checking their time in social networking sites and
electronic mailing. They can express their
e-mails, tweets and updates.
Online media enabled internet users opinions freely and share it easily in a
to view stories of events happening in wide range.
Interaction between the author and
the world. Now, is it possible that online
media can be the future of journalism in the viewers can now be achieved in
online journalism since the viewers can
the Philippines?
Hardworking Filipinos who come home now easily exchange information with the
late from work and sometimes miss author.
The rampage of online media, more
the news can now check news stations
so by social media, challenges the
websites to view the recent events.
People on the go dont have time newspaper to its survival. While its true
watching the news or reading newspapers. that the geniuses of online journalism
Instead, they surf the World Wide Web, could usurp many wonders, many issues
look for brief news and view the storys could be jeopardized and could ruin the
relevant photos and videos anywhere and dignity of responsible writing.
Yes, online media can sustain freedom
anytime they want.
In addition, the accessibility of of expression but it is prone to breach
information is better through online of ethical and moral issues because
media. By merely typing and clicking, of
correspondents and netizens. Online
theres the news.
Traditional newspapers only present media is compelling but could not replace
pictures and the story itself but on mainstream or conventional journalism.
news websites, you can see a mixture of Moreover, it should not be taken as a
threat to journalism but a dynamic force
pictures, videos and of course the news.
Another good thing in online media is that can catalyze change. #

fraternity is an association of
young men joining in brotherhood
where the goals of helping
and growing
as a person
are the most
Marian Samantha many reasons:
charity, performing arts, or simply, for
the sake of companionship.
Fraternities used to be places where
young men with similar interests formed
bonds with each other and helped each
other realize their dreams. Thats what
fraternities used to be all about. With
the passing of time, its concept has been
muddled and twisted into something
else. The concept of brotherhood has
been riddled with holes, bathed in
blood. Its been a place that has stopped
realization of dreams so much as
crushing them.
brotherhoods that require you to get
beaten to a pulp before you can become
part of it. Thats what fraternities have
been reinvented into.
Hazing in initiations can include
anything from the most painful of
physical beatings, to public humiliation
and even sexual harassment, and they
can even lead to death. The fraternity


members dont set out to kill, but the

physical beatings sometimes get out of
hand, and the neophyte dies.
This is proof that most fraternities
have become nothing more than a
playground where bullies run amok,
where the higher-ups in the frats wield
their power and position over the
neophytes. Those who have felt the
pain of being a neophyte and who have
survived the hazing, enter the fraternity
and await their time to inflict their own
pain. The vicious cycle does not end.
The cases of San Beda freshmen
Marvin Reglos, Marc Andrei Marcos are
proofs that dreams can fade in an instant
due to the cruelty, dangling relationship
and irresponsibility of other people.
No amount of physical beating and
humiliation can ever induce the trust,
sincerity and loyalty that respect and
kindness can provoke.
Hazing is an unforgivable downside
of fraternities and it taints the good
reputation it possessed
The Philippine government should
ban or prohibit fraternities that perform
hazing on their recruits. We cant just
prohibit college students from joining
organizations where they feel that they
can make friends and become better
We should ban those fraternities that
continue to promote hazing. They have
no right to bear the name fraternity, or to
promote themselves as an organization
with sibling-like bonds, because they
have broken every law and concept of
brotherhood that you can possibly break
the second they took up a bat and began
to hurt a neophyte. #

The Stand against a

Lawless Network

n a lot of ways, the internet has given

us benefits. It saves us time, money,
and effort. It has proven to be an
adequate stand on our people. It became
a part of our daily life; it is an activity we
do every now and then.
As times linger on, many of us began
to see what this network really is, it is a
network where chaos, and bullying are
imminent. It is a lawless network where
disregarding of rights, disrespecting of
privacy, and implementing almost Pure
Freedom are very imminent as observed.
It is a network where your freedom is not
limited by the rights of others.
In the internet, crimes such as forgery,
cyber-bullying, cyber-squatting, theft,
fraud, trespassing on the domain of
others, child abuse, piracy, and libel are
very visible. Examples are the broadcasting
of child pornography, selling of things
which arent really true, accessing private


others, spying
without right,
blog ging
Ceasar QuinN
various puns
person, and a
whole lot more.
As we experience these kinds of things,
the Philippine Government has drafted a
law to end problems such as these. This
act is called Cybercrime Prevention Act
of 2012, an act made by the state to
provide an environment conducive to
overall social and economic development
and practice of the need to protect
and guard the integrity of a computer,
networks and databases while protecting
the confidentiality and integrity of the
information and data within them. This

STAND AGAINST... >> Page 5


US Polls: How they did it &

what the world thinks

n November 6, 2012 Americans went

to the polls to determine whether
incumbent president Barack Obama
gets 4 more years in office or Mitt Romney
gets the job. After the polls, Obama got
half of the popular votes to Romneys
48%. Obama also won 332 electoral votes
to Romneys 206. But why did Obama win
by still a good margin despite seemingly
growing discontent among the Americans?
Why Obama won
Obama is a Democrat, a party known
for its liberal views on topics like
contraception, foreign policy and gay
marriage. In fact, he is the first president to
publicly support it. Democrats, including
Obama believe that the Government must
regulate businesses to ensure economic
prosperity and that the rich should pay
more taxes to fund economic growth, a
view shared by most middle-to-lower class
In his dealings with the US economic
crisis, Obama has also been successful
in showing himself as someone who
cares for the middle and working class,

calling for tax increases on the so-called

1% richest Americans to provide for
government plans to help the other 99%.
Thats because Obama used to be one of
the masses.He was also instrumental in
bailing out ailing companies and saving
many jobs.
On immigration and race issues, Obama
has shown himself as racially unbiased and
kind-hearted to immigrants. On gender
issues, many women view Romney as
sexist, arrogant and shallow-minded and
Obama is famously remembered as the
President who authorized the operation
that killed Osama Bin Laden. Through
his administration, US reached out to
the Muslim world, supported the Arab
Spring, secured world peace with brains
rather than brawn and called for dialogue
Why Romney lost
Mitt Romney initially proved a serious
candidate but then lost momentum. But
it was mainly his views that cost him the

Same Sex Marriage:

Against All Odds

c o u n t r y,
arriage has
been defined
as a religious
man and a
woman, as well
as the ultimate
Emy lou Dellas
expression of
love. So should
we consider same sex marriage?
Homosexual marriages are violations
of religious freedom. The main reason for
denying marriage to gay couples is that all
major religions consider homosexuality a
sin, even though it is an accepted lifestyle
Not accepting this type of law can be a
form of minority discrimination. It doesnt
hurt society or anyone in particular. A
marriage is a relationship between two
people. How does it hurt society or
people not involved in the marriage? It is a
personal commitment that really is no one
elses business.
The only thing that should matter on
marriage is LOVE.
On the contrary, the legal system in


many countries evolved out of the laws

contained in the Bible. We shouldnt go
even further to tear down those laws. It
would weaken the definition and respect
for the institution of marriage.
A law allowing gay marriage may
increase the number of joke or non-serious
marriages. Marriage is the most sacred
institution in a country and even society
considers it the joining of a man and a
woman. It makes biological sense since
only a man and a woman can pro-create. It
would further weaken the traditional family
values essential to our society.
Gay rights activists claim that these
marriages should be allowed because it
doesnt hurt anyone, but it could start a
chain reaction that destroys the whole idea
of marriage.
Marriage is not just any relationship
between human beings. It is a relationship
rooted in human nature and thus governed
by natural law.
Same sex-marriage has huge pros and
cons that shouldnt be ignored especially
when some countries are already
implementing it nowadays but upholding
this kind of law is up to the government.
Lets just hope that their decision be
beneficial to us. #

...STAND AGAINST from page 4

act also states that punishment of fines
or imprisonment or both await those who
violate the restrictions made by the act.
A lot of Filipinos tried a lot of ways to
stop this law, including a propaganda in
which the cover photo and the profile
picture of an anti-cybercrime activist will
show a black picture to mean that he or
she is against the law.
These are some examples of antiCybercrime
propaganda. But as seen by some that

this law is not all bad. It may be true that

it limits us on things we usually do on
the Internet or any other network. It is
also can be beneficial to us with its ways
of stopping Pure Freedom and adding
respect, confidentiality, integrity and
dignity on the network.
With its ways of anti-piracy, fraud, theft
and child abuse; and with its policies
promotes our rights on the network.
It truly is our stand against the lawless
network. #

K-12: Friend or Foe?

Lennor Marie Nicolas

-12 has long been debated by

parents, teachers, and even
students. The Department of
Education thought of extending the
schooling of children through the K to 12
curriculum so that children would be in
legal age at the end of high school and
are able to work by then.
The goal of the K-12 curriculum is to
polish the students for them to be more
prepared for their work and be globally
efficient. But if they want to enhance
the students more why would it be okay
if the students would not enter college
anymore? Is the two-year extension of
grade school enough for the students not
to pursue a degree any further?
New curriculum means additional

subjects and more time to study these

additions. Well, the new curriculum can
be a great help for our economy since it
can be used to improve the education of
As students graduate
and enter their own field of
work they would have more
knowledge and practice about
what they come into. Students
have the opportunity to study
advanced subjects earlier
and so learn new things at a
young age. Through this new
curriculum students can be
totally carved into effective
helpers of the whole world.
They are trained so that they
would not need to go to college

From the beginning, he was never able

to fully avoid controversies about his
Mormon faith and its alleged polygamy.
Another thing is that he opposes tax
increases on the wealthy and believes
that government should not mess with
big business, a thing that infuriates most
middle-lower-working classes.
Thirdly, he is bellicose on foreign affairs.
He calls for increased US military presence
worldwide and military buildups in conflict
zones. He angers immigrant voters by
issuing stricter immigration policies,
building border fences and deporting
needy illegal immigrants without giving
them a chance to have a better life.
What the world thinks
In the Philippines, there are some,
especially those working in US companies
who are worried about Obamas plans
to stop outsourcing of US companies
worldwide, which he says is a major cause
for US unemployment. Nevertheless,
I can say that most people are proObama because he is racially-unbiased,
makamasa, smart, mabait and solves

many issues from stimulating global

economy to killing the worlds
no. 1 most wanted Bin Laden.
Africans are mostly proObama mainly due to one
Kenyan. Plus, he is a democratic
leader, a thing people crave for.
Remarkably, he is also getting good
support from Arabs and Muslims due to
his pressures on the Israelis to talk with the
Palestinians. There are those who believe
that Obama is a big black break from
those Jew-loving anti-Arab stereotyping
white presidents. They believe Obama is
a true man of peace. They see his sincerity
in reaching out to the Muslim world and
encouraging the spread of democracy
during the Arab Spring. One effect is
shown by the fact that anti-American
sentiment is starting to decrease in the
Muslim world.
The rest of the world finds Obama a
more friendly and sociable ally. He is a man
who is willing to seek dialogue even if war
is imminent and he also recognizes how
to admit faults committed by US policy.


Also, he maintains his cool at almost all

situations unlike his predecessors. Thus, if
the world voted, Obama would have won
in a total landslide. #

Abrupt Changes Political Dynasties

Sarah Batuyong & Emy Lou Dellas

ormally, the southwest monsoon

or Habagat serves as a mark for
the start of the rainy seasons in
our country and we are extensively
benefitting because it makes our soil and
also other neighboring countries qualified
for agriculture.
But last August, it brought non-stop
heavy rains causing massive floods that
submerged almost all of NCR and Central
Luzon, destroying a lot of properties and
risking lives.
Climate change has been a problem the
past few years and its impacts are greatly
observed in our country.
Environment Secretary Ramon Paje
warned the Philippines to prepare for more
intense rains caused by climate change.
The government should fund for better,
bigger and more sanitized evacuation
centers and provide better facilities
because there is an outbreak of diseases
during times of calamities.
Its very important to educate the public
about the things they should do before,
during and after calamities because right
now, we have no choice but to be prepared.
Its true that nature takes its toll in many
unpredictable yet destructive ways. Natural
calamities are more prevalent now but
we can change that. After all, we are also
the primary reason why these things are
Climate change is a serious issue
that needs immediate solutions. Ban
deforestation, give proper justice to illegal
loggers and miners, suspend factories
and other industrial firms that emit
toxic chemicals and contribute to water
We cannot afford to lose more lives so
what should we do? The most important
way is to take care of our environment.
Lets practice waste segregation, lessen
pollution and aim for a cleaner and greener
It only takes one small step for us to
make a difference. We have only one Earth
to live in. Our choices matter and its not
yet too late because the time will still come
for the earth to fully recover. #

anymore. But if the goal of this project is

to produce Filipinos whose potentials have
been sharpened then why consider an
option about not going to college?
College years are important for all of
students. This is when we focus on what
the course we are going to take. The
things we learn here are crucial for our


and You

ext year is an election season, mainly

a fight to grab seats in the Senate
and other elected offices. Different
parties will vie for representation
and the politicians just want a seat in
government. But in the Philippines, there is
something different in our political culture
A Political Dynasty is a term in which
many members of a single family hold
multiple elective government posts for
more than a decade. It is unconstitutional,
but that doesnt stop the fact that in
the present 15th Congress, 7 out of 10
lawmakers are from a political dynasty.
For 25 years, the 1987 Constitution has no
teeth to enforce this rule.
Political Dynasties have always been part
of world history and is actually global, the
most famous examples are monarchies. In
North Korea, they have the Kims. In India,
they have the Gandhis. In Syria, they have
the Assads. In America, they have the
Kennedys and in the Philippines, we have
the Cojuangcos and the Marcoses, plus
120 other clans like Ampatuans, Dys and
Political clans have long held this nation
throughout its history. Starting with
the Datus and Sultans into the colonial
principalia into the mayors, governors,
solons, senators and presidents of today, it
is clear that their names have a hypnotizing
power over us. 62 out of 80 provinces
and 11 cities in Metro
Manila are held by these
clans as well as countless
political units. Ilocos
Sur alone has 9 families.
claim that they exist
because they are the most
experienced in providing
service to the people. But
actually, what we have
received is decades of
corruption, terror, murder
and an ever-growing rate
of poverty.

armies, most
run by Political JustinE Veilor
families. Their Masigan
main purpose
is to intimidate, harass, silence or even
kill their masters opponents even if they
were voters. A lot of political violence in
the country often involves these families,
like in Maguindanao, Masbate, Abra, Nueva
Ecija, etc. The most prominent families
in our history are the Marcoses and the
Cojuangcos. Their shadows still hang upon
us today. Yet despite great contributions,
they made grave mistakes.
Ferdinand Marcos crushed democracy
to stay in power while his wife decorated
herself at the expense of our taxes.
Cory restored democracy but failed to
implement badly-needed land reform for
the farmers working in her Hacienda and
other lands because her family and other
families did not want to give them land.
It is this system that pulls us backward
for putting personal interests ahead of
national priority.
It has been our fault that the Philippines
is in shambles because we choose foolishly.
We vote people because of their names
and their charismatic lies, not for their
principles and morals. It has cost us
great poverty and instability.
But as long as we have faith
in democracy, there is still
hope for change. It is time
for a new generation of
leaders to come and set
things straight. Let us not be
ignorant about politics. Let
us examine candidates by
their conscience, not name.
Next year, let us overthrow
the ancient regime and
choose the right one to lead us
forward. #

future works. What we study this time is

concentrated on what are really needed
for the field we are heading to.
This year is the start of this new
curriculum. Some say that the first batch
of seventh graders serve as elements in
the experiment about whether or not
the K-12 curriculum will be permanently
applied. Are we really ready for
this new course? For the less
fortunate this more burden; in
the old curriculum many drop
out of school because they dont
have enough money to keep
them in school, what more
finishing high school takes six
years? Why is the change in
the system too sudden? One
second we think of changing the
system and the next second here
we are already trying out what
we have thought.

For the past years we have been

used to the curriculum where we take
up grade school for just six years, high
school for four years and then go to
college to finish our studies. It worked for
us didnt it? We have produced people
who are useful both in our country and
in the whole wide world. But suddenly
we want to change our educational
system. This new curriculum wants to
produce individuals who are capable of
working globally. But isnt it that even
with the old curriculum we have been
sending Filipinos to different countries to
contribute to big projects?
Is K-12 really the solution for
educational problems? Or is it more of
a destruction and disruption of what
we have been used to? Before we go to
things that involve the whole country, let
us ask ourselves if this is the right choice
or not. #



The Faces



Debris of Mining

ountains. Initially disturbed at

the sides for transportation
purposes, these natural barriers
are now razed inside-out for purely
prospective investments.
Mining is the process of acquiring
minerals from the earths crust. This
activity conveys the unavoidable
practices of disturbing the landscape at
the course of its undertakings and poses
great uncertainty after its progression.
In whichever case, both lead to the
destruction of a lands features.
Throughout the process of mining,
environmental issues are inevitable.
In order to reach the insides of earth,
the site must be cleared. This includes
massive dislocation for the inhabitants
of the place, deforestation and extensive
activities of excavation.
Numerous residents of miningbased localities particularly indigenous
people give several accounts of human
rights violations, traumatic experiences
and division in their society due to
conflicting perspectives about mining
in their respective communities. They
are forced to either clear out of the
place due to persuasive authorities or
compromise in order to obtain heavily
subsidized bargains of mining firms.
Deforestation is a common episode
in mining. Viewed in a hundred-hectare
scope, this activity may lead to more
environmental issues such as scarcity of
water supply. Considerable volume of

the limited water supplies coming from

natural springs is being used by mining
activities, depriving residents of water
for domestic use.
At more than 500 meters down
the surface and in a pitch-black and
sooty environment, claims of various
health risks that miners face are
commonplace. Mining kills and injures
more workers than any other industry.
In South Africa alone, one worker dies
and 12 are seriously injured for every
ton of gold produced. In a worldwide
scope, uranium mining has caused
approximately 20,000 deaths since the
1950s due to overexposure to radiation.
Another aspect to ponder is the fact
that currently there is no documented
community in the country that has
independently rid itself of the dire
situations of post-mining activities.
A glimpse of the effects of largescale excavation hangs over mining
companies nowadays. With just
about below millions of tons of ore
reserves left for extract, companies
are anticipating total shut down in the
coming years. Even the aftermath of
mining still poses threats of uncertainty
for the community.
Reforestation is not as easy as a simple
scatter of seeds in order to rebuild the
forest. Decades of undisturbed growth
will be rushed in just a matter of years.
Due to the subsequent displacement of
soil, the land is bound to become too


unstable and dry to hold trees let alone

buildings. Towering lands can easily
crumble due to ensuing fragility of the
foundation of its terrains.
Mining does not only affect the
environment but also the people.
Localities can turn into ghost towns
because the land can no longer hold
further improvements after mining.
The rehabilitation plan of companies
cannot also easily provide the necessary
changes in order to minimize the
accumulated years of dependence of
the community on the company.
Currently not a single law, even the
Philippine Mining Act of 1995, requires
a mining company that has closed down
to turn over to the community part of
their profit of the mining project.
Executive Order 79 prohibits new
mining permits; however it does not
prohibit new permits for processing
facilities with capacities of 50,000
metric tons per year. Investors can preprocess the raw ore and ship it out of
the country without the proper credit
of the community using these permits.
The looming consequences of mining
will soon materialize behind its faade
as a progress for the country. In the
end, the net value of such activities can
only reap more damage. Mineral wealth
will certainly pale in comparison to the
destruction brought about by mining.
Whats more important than precious
gems is life. #

Pisayers say No to

he Explorer has conducted a survey on 82 students

regarding Pisayers stand on mining and here are
the results:


yeS 36.59%
NO 63.41%

yeS to mining
It would be of great benefit to make
use of the resources we have under the
surface, although it should be done in
a moderate scale. hannah keren
duque, VII-Amethyst
We obviously depend on mining.
Mining is only severely harmful when it is
done in excess. And I love my cellphone.
Ryan Gabatino, III-Einsteinium
Mining is one of the reasons why
we have technology and stuff in our
everyday life. It may be harmful to nature
but in return, we have technology.
meia Vonn Silka tominez, IV-Muon
Mining provides the raw materials
for gadgets and its part of the countrys
economy particularly in the GDP
and technological advancement.

NO to mining
No. Because even though we
become economically rich, if destroying
our environment is what it takes, then
our country would have a great loss in
terms of environmental-friendliness.
Carlos Guerrero, VII-Ruby
My stand on mining is that it should
be prohibited because it contributes
to the destruction of nature and the
beautiful views and mountains present
in our country today. Francis Aguilar,
We already have enough resources.
Wea Alpecho, III-Fermium
Simply put, I think the long-term
negative effects of mining on the
environment are heavier than the
short-term positive effects of it on our
economy. keneth Cantong, IV-Gluon

Mining by the numbers


thE statistiCs
P51.2M* Gross
Value in Mining


estimate worth of
potential mineral
resources in the


Mining (Mineral
and Non-Mineral)
Contribution To Total

258,000* people
contribution to total
Employment in Mining
& Quarrying


35* Operating Metallic



735* approved and

registered mines


1,465* more
applications under


Executive Order 79
is the increase in the
governments share
of the mining income
through an equitable

$1,651.69* Average world price

of gold

landslides in 2011

THOUSANDS of endemic species &


of lands threatened by

*-based on the Mines and Geosciences

Bureau Mining Industry Statistics
release last October 18, 2012


combined coverage
of mining projects in
Kasibu and Quezon


estimated added
coverage by 10
ongoing gold
exploration projects


expected gold
extraction output in
two sites

per ounce

the current market

price of gold

value of Nueva
$ 5.86B or the
Vizcayas gold
P 252.1B deposits


16 yrs

the worth of the FCF

Runruno venture
endorsed through
a resolution by NV
Provincial Board
the mine life of
Didipio according to


Didipio sites
ounces of gold projected average
14,000 production each year
tons of copper


projected spending
for exploration
projects for 2012
around Didipio to
boost the mines
output and extend its
life beyond 16 years

PDI, ABS-CBNnews.com

In Nueva Vizcaya, Australian firms OceanaGold

Phils. Inc. and FCF Minerals Inc. were given green
light to start mineral extraction.
The Didipio gold-copper project is owned by Oceanagold in Kasibu while the
Runruno gold-molybdenum project is owned by FCF Minerals in Quezon.



of Mining

April-November 2012

Oceana Golds Investment in Our Local Communities

Social & Development
Management Plan


Business Development


The Bright
Side of Mining

1.5% of operating costs
(approx. US$1.5M / yr)

On-going through
life of mine and beyond

Millions in current
and future contracts over LOM

Over 100 university

scholars supported
Source: OceanaGold Phils. Inc.

Our province needs to be saved, and
we are running out of time. As we look at
what is happening before our eyes, and
think of the horrendous consequences
for the land and the people, we would
do well to remember that God, who
created this beautiful land, will hold us
responsible for plundering it and leaving
it in desolate; so will future generations
of Novo Vizcayanos . Instead of gifting
them with a fruitful land, we will leave
behind is a barren desert.
most Rev. bishop Ramon b. Villena,
diocese of bayombong
The consequences of mining will be
borne not by the national government
but by the local people. According to
the local government code, there must
be consent from the LGU prior to the
implementation of a project. We are the
ones who can feel the suering of the
people, not the national government.
Charmaine l. Cadoy-dulnuan,
municipal Councilor of kasibu,

Oceanagold is compliant with all the

laws and regulations associated with
operating as a foreign company in the
Philippines and is committed to ethical,
responsible and sustainable mineral
darren klinck, Oceanagolds head of
business development
Minumulat ko na siya (eldest child)
sa sitwasyon (mining). Time will come
na itong laban ay aabot sa pagbibinata
Josie Guillao, barangay Runruno
produced from Didipio will be high
quality and we are very pleased with
the commercially competitive terms
that we have agreed with Tragura
(Geneva-based commodity trader)
mick Wilkes, OceanaGold managing
director and Chief executive.

We are fully supporting the

operation of OceanaGold which will
have a far-reaching impact in our
Ferdeliza linaga, ocial of the dipidio
Community development Association,
Inc. (dCdAI)

up the probability of ashoods and

landslides, which may even spill over to
the low-lying barangays of Quezon and
the [neighboring towns of] Solano and
Gov. luisa lloren Cuaresma, Nueva

This [endorsement] is a democratic

and governmental process [where
the] majority rules. Dont we have
separation of the Church and the
State? It may not also be proper that
the majority always yields to the stand
of the church [especially so that] their
opinion lacks factual basis.
board member epifanio Galima, on
NV Provincial boards votes 11-2 in favor
of a resolution of endorsement for FCF
minerals Inc. in Runruno.

We own the gold, but we work

hard to enrich the foreigners... It is not
enough to declare to the world that you
are against mining... If you are in the
position (i.e., as a public servant), and
have all the manpower, logistics and
other resources at your disposal, you
have to do something more than just
mere talking.
Jimmy l. Calata, Page Administrator
of Stop mining and logging in Nueva

The operation of the mining project

will worsen the already fragile situation
of Runruno and may eventually speed

Sources: Philippine Star, Philippine

Daily Inquirer, Melvin Gascon, Lisa Ito,
Bulatlat, Reuters

countries, the Philippines with
its 7,107 islands, has the greatest
number of metallic and non-metallic
deposits. In support of this claim are a
large number of Filipino professional
geologists and mining engineers who have
broad knowledge in mineral exploration
and mining. In fact, mining is tapped as
a promising investment and a growing
number of these ventures are prospering
from the exploration of metals such as
gold, silver and copper.
With the large number of provinces
having a potential for mining in the
Philippines in addition to the high
standard yet low-cost of living in this
country, many investors, foreign and local
alike, continuously increase in figures;
thus, creating more income for its people.
One of the provinces in the Philippines
having the greatest contribution to the
mining industry is Nueva Vizcaya which is,
in fact, the host of two of only six largescale mining companies in the country.
The Didipio gold-copper project and
the Runruno gold-molybdenum project,
two large-scale mining investments
run by Australian firms Oceanagold
Philippines, Inc. and FCF Minerals, Inc.,
respectively, cover a combined area of
20,720 hectares in the upland towns of
Kasibu and Quezon towns, respectively.
About 31,000 hectares more are covered
by 10 other ongoing exploration projects,
mainly for gold.
For the government and the mining
firms, the mineral deposits in these areas
are so huge to be ignored. This must be
true considering the fact that the total
estimated expected output of gold from
the two large-scale projects alone is 4.1
million ounces and the current market
price of gold is $1,430 per ounce which
would make an output of $5.86 billion or
about PhP 252.1 billion. Such proceeds
are solely from gold mining.
The mining industry is indeed a
contributor to economic development
to a country. Not only does it provide
minerals and metals to supply raw
materials for other industries avoiding
high importation costs but it also affords
additional revenues from the exportation
of mining products. Moreover, the
mining industry helps maintain good
foreign currency reserves, infuse money
to the local economy through higher
tax incomes for states due to the raised
demand for mining goods and services
and offer employment in the domestic
establishment of mining projects also
provides electricity and infrastructures
such as roads to remote areas where
mines are located that will remain useful
even when such projects end.
In general, the mining sector
contributes to economic growth for it
leads to greater outputs of goods and
services resulting in the alleviation of
unemployment and poverty. #

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In my aspiration
to make stars
students,I was
rewarded with
a planet. An
inspiring remark
from a world
class and a very dedicated teacher.
She is born on March 19, 1951 at Jaro,
Iloilo and is the first Asian teacher to win
the Intel Excellence in Teaching Award. Due
to her innovations in teaching Sciences
and Research, the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology Lincoln Laboratory in USA
awarded her a planet.
13241 Biyo. This is a minor planet, also
considered as an asteroid located in the
Main Asteroid Belt between Mars and
Jupiter and discovered on May 22, 1998 by
the Lincoln Laboratory Near-Earth Asteroid
In 2002, a name

was given to it to mark the excellence of

the Filipino people by rewarding it to a
multi-awarded teacher of the Philippine
Science High School, Western Visayas
Campus in Iloilo and who is now, the
Executive Director of the PSHS system, Dr.
Josette Talamera-Biyo.
Holding a doctorate degree in biology
and winning the Intel award, she received
offers to teach and do research abroad
but she declined the offers and decided to
stay, even though it would deprive a better
future and life for her sons.
She didnt regret her decision for she
kept on winning awards that came with
monetary prizes plus she even wrote a
book, thus, she was able to build a house
and at the same time , she was able to mold
excellent Filipino students- specifically,
Pisay students.

She believes that education plays a

major role in the development of a country
and that it shapes the future of a nation
which really motivated her to improve the
countrys education by such programs.
Sometimes teaching means heartaches,
disappointment, and pain. But opening the
minds of children and touching their hearts,
give me joy and contentment which money
could not buy. These are moments I teach
for. These are moments I live for. These
are some of her words of wisdom that
continues to inspire the Filipino teachers.
Yes, shes a teacher - a teacher who
faced the challenge of heartening
students pursuit for science and pursuit of
As a teacher, she dreamt of making stars
out of her students by educating them
not only with Science and Research but
also with values and faith. She believes
that there are patterns in
nature, thus,

believing that there is a superior being in

charge of these phenomena. The more
I do research, the more I do science, the
more I believe that there is a God, she
Remaining simple, humble and very
thankful, she served as an inspiration for
them to dream higher and reach for the
stars, to achieve and to help others in
the future by making stars out of them
too and also attain success and honor.
Dr. Biyo had a planet named
after her and with her very
inspiring story and messages, she
continuously motivates Filipino
students to be better and keep
on being humble, simple and
grateful to everyone and
God Almighty. These are
all because she said that
she considers teaching
a noble profession and
that she aims to bring
back the dignity of the
teaching profession.
She aims to inspire
every Filipino to reach
for their own star until
a Pinoy Galaxy is created. #

Flames: The Uniqueness

of a Pisay Teacher




ont rush things. Take your time.

These are the wise words of
Sir Michael Alipala Conag, the
new Information Technology analyst, and
one of the new faces joining the growing
Pisay family.
Sir Michael was born on July 28,
1988,as the middle child in a family of
three children. His hometown is in Solana,
Sir Mike, as hes fondly called, graduated
at Tuguegarao East Central School. He
took up his high school education at the
University of Saint Louis Tuguegararo, and
attended college at Saint Paul University
of the Philippines, where he took up
Information Technology.
Sir Michael had originally wanted to take
up Accountancy, but since he had a hard
time with Math, he took an Information
Technology course instead.
Sir Mike in person is very friendly and
loves to crack joke after joke...after joke,
after joke. My asset is my sense of humor.
Thats it, because I dont have a sense of
But theres more to Sir Mike than being
a computer expert and a person who
likes to crack (corny but still funny) jokes:
Sir Mike is also a guitarist, and has some
experience in playing drums. He was a
guitarist throughout his second and fourth
year in high school, and joined numerous
bands during his high school days.
He considers Ian Tayao of Queso, and
the music he likes listening to is mainly
OPM. He favors the rock bands of the
Philippines above all.
Im also not a sporty person, but
I like outdoor activities more than
computers. The sports he used to play
are skateboarding and XRM Cross, where
he and his friends would go up far into
the mountains and come back down only
when there was no food left. Thats why,
he says, hes used to life in the mountains.
Sir Mike describes himself as a happygo-lucky person, but one with a direction
in life anyhow.
He also said that he liked to work, mainly
to prove something to himself and partly
because he didnt want to sit at home and
do nothing.
When asked about his ideal girl, Sir Mike
said that he likes a girl who is clean in mind,
heart, soul, body, and thought.
As a message to the Pisay students, Sir
Mike says: Keep it up. I believe in your
abilities. #



urse Joys are kind and honest

nurses who look after sick and
injured Pokmon. There are
many Joys running as nurses across the
different regions of the Pokmon world;
Hoenn, Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh, Unova and
There is one Joy though who isnt
working in the Pokemon regions.
This Nurse Joy isnt even a Pokmon
nurse, nor one of Brocks million crushes,
instead shes a strong, caring, happy golucky character. Pisays Nurse Joy Lizette
Nurse Joy was appointed as Pisays
new school nurse just recently, shes
definitely not your typical, every day
school nurse. Instead shes a fun seeking,
free-spirited woman.
Nurse Joy is not just known for her
talents in medics but in others too, such
as judging and acting as inspectors.
Our Nurse Joy on the other hand, used
to have drag racing as her hobby and
Computer Engineering as her former
course at Centro Escolar University
but continued Nursing in Saint Marys
With her studies finished, she then
enjoyed her new change in tracks and
continued pursuing her career as a nurse
at The Veterans Regional Hospital in
Treating the sick and injured, giving
her all into serving those in need of her
Settling with a simpler pace, Nurse
Joy continued her career in Pisay while
expecting to see Braniacs, Nerds and
Book-eaters as students. Not all days go
smoothly due to her role as the school
nurse. There are stress, drama and some
other stuff. Surely a lot of Joys go through
this too.
Now, every time we need medical
attention, or maybe just someone to talk
to, Nurse Joys here to act as our nurse
whos determined to help you as much as
she can or be there as an ever-supportive
friend to support and guide you in your
stay in Pisay. #



ivinities associated with Greek

mythology emerge in sophisticated
coarses, such as in Aphrodites case,
the goddess of love and beauty,
who was born when Oranos testicles
detached by Kronos scythe plummeted
to the expanse of the sea. But her modern
worlds counterpart never had to be born
in such way. Instead, this woman radiating
with brimming beauty comparable to
Aphrodites appeared unanticipated
long after the retirement of our previous
guidance counselor.
And who is she? Shes no other than
Miss Abeer M. Acero.
When the rest of the world abandons
you and God is the only force that could
help, he sends out His instruments in order
to serve as channels to provide assistance.
We are certain that Maam Abeer is
included in the list of those instruments,
since despite the fact that she has only
been with us for a few months, she has
already helped some Pisayers conquer
their scorching mishaps by the pieces of
advice she imparts.
Maam Abeer, 21 years old, is a
Psychology graduate of Saint Marys
University. Being raised on an able family
and at the same time manifesting a
profound desire to set foot on her goals,
being the illustrious lady she is now
had never been impossible. She took
up psychology because she wanted to
understand those people that are often
misunderstood in the society. Dealing
with patients is not as easy as starting
small talks with a bunch of students who
need someone to talk to; it is much more
complicated and twisted.
Maybe her belief that everything
happens for a reason is true. In the very
beginning, her heart was set into turning
out to be a forensic psychologist but it
could be faith that blew the whistles to
make her path be intertwined with the
Pisay family.
She thinks herself as a juvenile rather
than a grown adult. She thinks that she
is a continuously edited picture; always
seeking for change.
She is a Freudian, totally. She believes
that people do things based on their
previous experiences. She wanted to
know and understand what was running
through the minds of people when they
did things that the others plainly ignored.

eet our senseis, their weirdiness are very accepting of the weird. And its
and their individuality make why we love them so much, us students.
Pisayers love and care for them. It means that no matter how weird
We call them the Thormentors.
each and everyone of us is, no matter
What makes them unique from other our quirks and the number of bolts
mentors in the world? Let me tell you.
unscrewed from our heads, they accept
Pisay teachers are excellent. I us for who we are, and love us even.
expected them to be smart and deadly
Pisay teachers are loved. And loving.
serious. They should all wear thick Its evident with what happens during
glasses and carry thick books and their birthdays, during special holidays
speak in a language that would cause and especially during World Teachers
me nosebleeds and headaches. The Day.
expectation is partly true. Of course Pisay
World Teachers Day is another
teachers are experts in their fieldsand memorable event for students and
they do sometimes carry thick books and teachers, a day when the Pisayers can
some of them wear glasses, but they are give back, even just a little to their
not deadly serious. They are some of mentors. This is a day to show how much
the wackiest and most creative people I they appreciate their teachers, how
know. From Sir R.O. and his we-xercise! much they love them.
to Maam Shirley and her Okay, group
Pisay teachers are awesome. Their
yourselves into fivemates, all of the ways of teaching are technical and
Pisay teachers find new and explosive enjoyable, informative and funny. They
ways to teach their students.
are not perfect teachers, but they are
Their enthusiasm with their fields of more than enough for us.
expertise, the animation with which they
Where else do you find teachers
teachthats what makes us interested, who make their students dance Oppa
what makes us listen, learn, remember.
Gangnam style when they miss a
Pisay teachers are thoughtful. And question in Chemistry (check it out
kind. You could hug them without Maam Shirley), or teachers who crack
malice, tease them, or poke their havey jokes and sometimes, waley jokes
stomachs and talk to them without too continuously, or teachers who dance,
much inhibitions.
sing, write poems and articles, program
Whenever we were running and robots, solve problems, recite history,
scrambling to out-pass a deadline, or and sometimes cut in line in the canteen?
had too many workloads, the teachers
The bottom line? Pisay teachers are
always tried to lighten the load. They extraordinary. They are imperfect, yes.
rescheduled exams, extended deadlines, But their imperfections are nothing
but also reminded us that this couldnt compared to their good qualities. They
happen all the time and we needed to be make us laugh until our stomachs ache,
or chew on their food
Pisay teachers are
for thought for hours on
They are flames, end. Without knowing it,
weird. Its one of the
brightly burning, we draw closer to them,
them. Their weirdness
until we act like were not
spreading light students and they are not
makes the students
laugh, and makes them
and warmth and teachers, but we are all
comfortable enough to
parts of the same group
knowledge in all of friends, punching each
be themselves.
other, asking for free
because they are so
real to who they are.
They dont pretend to be strict and brightly burning, spreading light and
stiff, but know when to draw the line warmth and knowledge in all directions.
of professionalism. Maybe its because And the lives of the students they touch,
theyre all wise peoplethey know that flicker and sputter, and start to burn as
to pretend is useless, and to be loved for well. We weave our dreams and work
who you are is priceless.
for our ambitions because of their words
Either way, they are weird. And they and example and love. #

In instances of boredom environing, she

occasionally preoccupy herself with her
typical hobbies such as reading, writing,
taking photos, and blogging. She prefers
books of romance, detective books and
physiological thrillers.
This interest might also have triggered
her hobby of writing fragments of creative
literature, such as short stories, which are
also the stuffs she normally posts on her
Blogging is another activity she likes
to do, which might be her subtle tactic
on how to let other individuals know

of her exceptional imagination. Street

photography of random and oblivious
things is also one of her past times.
She claims that she is a massive fan
of Superman and admits that he is one
of the beacons who incited her for her
ambition to abet people mandating
Maam Abeers sense of fashion varies
accordingly depending on her mood. She
goes in for alternative genre of music. She
frequently listens to the songs of Coldplay,
Maroon 5, Switchfoot, and the long
acclaimed elite of The Beatles.#


It's more fun in


rom the outsiders vantage point,

they could hypothesize that
individuals whove been to Pisay see
the same scheme of things with its scholars:
students who cram briskly in order to
meet deadlines;
have their eyes
intently on the
to be perused;
s t u d e n t s
who write on
chalkboards to
confer formulas;
get ready for their inbound exams; and
students who only talk about scienceassociated matters. Little did they know
that the three-letter word FUN actually
exists at intense levels in this institution.
And as we all know here, it really is more
fun in Pisay.
Its here in Pisay where we have
students possessing unfathomable
degrees of knowledge and intelligence;
here in Pisay where we have students
who can be promising vanguards
hereafter. Its in this school where
we have ultra-smart instructors who
are absolutely approachable when
the scholars are heavily burdened and
troubled with their ultra-special lessons.
It is here in Pisay where teachers dance
to pulsations in certain occasions, as
they stun the whole populace with their

invades the

e are accustomed to seeing

numbers in charts and tables
on the sports or business pages
of a newspaper. We use numbers
continuously in our everyday life, either
to represent a quantity or to designate
something such as a street, address, or
page. We use numbers without ever
taking the time to observe some of their
unique facets, without noticing their
worldwide recognitions.
There are many fun facts about
numbers that we just leave unnoticed;
1. FOUR is the only number in the
English language that is spelt with the
same number of letters as the number
2. from 0 to 1,000, the letter A only
appears in 1,000 (one thousand),
and 40 when written forty is the only
number with letters in alphabetical
order, while one is the only one with
letters in reverse order.
3. In the average lifetime, a person will
walk the equivalent of 5 times around
the equator.
4. the largest number of children born
to one woman is recorded at 69, from
1725 -1765, a Russian peasant woman,
Feodor Vassilyev, gave birth to 16 sets of
twins, 7 sets of triplets, and four sets of
5. President John F. Kennedy was the
fastest random speaker in the world with
350 words per minute.
6. Among all shapes with the same
area, circle has the shortest perimeter
(circumference), but it has the largest
area among all shapes that has the same
7. Hiroyuki Goto is the current world
record holder for the most digits of pi
memorized. He spent nine hours and
recited 42,000 + digits correctly in 1995.
8. Shakespeare was 46 around the
time that the King James Version of the
bible was written.
9. In Psalms 46, the 46th word from
the first word is shake and the 46th word
from the last word in spear.
Truly, Mathematics build up not just
our world, but the whole universe. #

infectious buoyancy.
Add also the fact that our ways and
techniques of imparting knowledge
are matchless compared to the other
institutes. Its here where erudition
circulates around the populace like its just
a regular thing in the world.
It certainly is more fun here in Pisay.
Its here in Pisay where remarkable yet
knowledge-acquiring events take place,
such as the Humanities Day, Fusion Day,
Physics Olympics, and Mole Day. It is here
where enjoyment is a primacy for the
benefit of its scholars and its staff.
Metaphorically, this school is the twin
of the Circus Maximus, where fun
occurs with the momentary blink of an
eye. Its here in Pisay where prodigious
smiles from the students ascend to the
heavens, despite the obstructing loads

of schoolwork and the hectic deadlines

they encounter.
Its here in Pisay where assistance to the
unsettled students is highlighted, especially
when the students are financially meager
or troubled by their internal conflicts or the
society around them.
It totally is more fun here in Pisay.
Its in Pisay where the combo infused
by the facilities and the teachers provoke
the rise of well-educated and excellent
scholars. Pisay houses buildings and
structures molded cunningly by dexterous
draftsmen; buildings set to accommodate
facilities which are highly favorable for
learning endowed to the scholars.
It undeniably is more fun here in Pisay.
Its here in Pisay where stipend is given to
the scholars, and its here where weekend


get more enjoyable. Its here where the

miscellaneous fees are set to the minimum
limits, and its here where codes are set to
instill discipline among the scholars. Its
here where intelligence and morals coexist
in perfect harmony and equilibrium.
It incredibly is more fun here in Pisay.
Its only here in Pisay where food is never
insufficient and is always concurrent with
the scholars needs. In this school, pancit
cantons and Knick Knacks never escape the
pantry. Include also the fact that the arrays
of foods scholars have to choose from
never lose their savory taste.
It absolutely is more fun here in Pisay.
Its only here in Pisay where stairs are
prevalent as means of passage, and its here
where we are environed by astonishing
sceneries of nature merged with a bustling
civilization. Its here in Pisay where our
morning arousals are greeted with the
idyllic beams of the sun.
Its here where clouds congregate
beneath our toes, and its here where
weathers get predictable due to the
proximity of the clouds to our reach. Its
here in Pisay where nature embraces
innovative education, paving a way to
the pioneering of remarkable learning
advancements to be valued by us
It ultimately is more fun here in Pisay.
Pisayers do not mandate any scientific
or geometric proof to prove these phrases,
because as whats evident with their
euphoric smiles, they already affirm that it
is certainly, totally, undeniably, incredibly,
absolutely, and ultimately more fun here
in Pisay. Its here where our happenstance
with knowledge is made lifelike and
appreciable. Its here where boring is
made fun; its here where copious smiles
outshine scarce frowns. Its here where
fun never stops; its here where scholars
enjoy assimilating knowledge and at the
same time, live while theyre young. #

Underneath the Encumbrance of


onths have already passed since

the occurrence of my mischievous
happenstance, yet I can still discern
the swollen wounds and the piercing slits
it inflicted me. For almost a year, enduring
bullying had been a laborious exploit for
me, and I swear, being courageous during
those hard times isnt easy as 1, 2, 3.
Bullying is a form of oppression
that could occur on any high school
student including me. No one could escape
its feasible constricting upshots, and Im
a breathing voucher that bullying wont
bring any good to anyone.
It all commenced when the blokes I
once revered in the dorm began calling me
with abhorrent names. The first instance
I perceived those names I preferred to
be oblivious of the insults, as I reminded
myself that they are just jokes not to be
tolerated wholly. In fact I was laughing with
them because I thought before that their
intent was just for good humor.
And then one miserable day, someone
scolded me with totally stinging phrases
as well as vulgar words.
I struggled to fight back
with my own affronts but
my throat incinerated the
remnants of my hopes
up. When that detestable
guy was already a
distance apart from
me that was the only
time I emancipated and
screamed my unbearable
emotions I never had the
guts to spit in front of his
The misbehavior of
that repugnant chap
never got terminated.
The sad thing is that
other dormers started to
imitate his demeanors,
aiming all their ballistic
slurs at no other boy but
me, until almost half of
the dorm including some
of my regarded friends did the same past
I have no idea why they loathed me
tremendously. I admit I unforeseeably

I provoke rage on people
sometimes, but I guess that actually
was an inevitable and vital aspect in our
existence as humans. Yes, I dont disclose
the same interests with them and I dont
feel appropriate in their clique, but I think
thats a completely pointless cause to their
inappropriate attitude. Thats why Im
completely ill-informed of the real reason
why those guys never liked me. They
couldve told me the things I had to change
since Im capable of being a neophyte, yet
they preferred to obscure their real point
and stuck to the more painful margins
instead. In the end, Im the solitary one
who immensely suffered the excruciating
pain imposed by them.
Since then I instigated
to walk with my head
down carrying with
me a jarring load of
humiliation. Whenever
they come across my
path, I always voluntarily
diverge from my course
just to circumvent their
they pass through the
entrance of our dorm,
I always plug my ears
in order to block the
passage of their hurtful
words to my eardrums.
And whenever the guys
who started all of these
come across my path,
I never forget to bow
my head as I glimpse
their disdainful sneers
and infuriating stares. Encountering them
had become the gloomiest hours of my
existence, and I always regret those
desolate instances up to now.

is a form of
No one could
escape its
upshots, and
Im a breathing
voucher that
bullying wont
bring any good
to anyone.

T h e
reached superfluous levels to the point
that I started cursing God for all of these
misfortunes aicting me. My appetite was
lost abruptly, and my mood for studying
declined a little. Only my remaining friends
supported me with energy to stay put,
and their provisions are even meager and
barely sufficient.
My personal lament lasted for months,
perpetrating the things I normally enjoyed
including my fourteenth birthday. Then
out of the blue, I was enlightened by
Confucius quote I stumbled upon in the
Internet. It says, Our greatest glory is not
in never falling but in rising every time we
fall. I realized then that I have to start
from scratch. That I have to relive my life
for the second time, as what God normally
endows every time we stumble and get
It was a fresh start for me. The insults
bit by bit declined in frequency, as what I
believed before that my oppressors would
get tired of all of this misbehavior anyway.
I began to reconstruct my shattered
defenses, and brick by brick I commenced
a new life leaving my bitter past behind.
Although the sore remnants on my skin
still exist, I can say that its not leisurely to
endure even a day of bullying. It will aict
you with maladies you never anticipated
to have occurred. Each one of us is prone
to bully and to be bullied, but the best
solution after all is precluding. I know
that those guys I mentioned before would
again initiate their exploits once they get
to know these insights of mine, but Im
ready for another set of confrontations
against them. All I solely affirm is that
bullying is up to no good and will only
destroy innocent lives.#


terrorA forgotten threat


hen 77 people were murdered in

a terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway
last year many assumed that
it was another al-Qaeda plot. People
called for expelling Muslims. But the
world was shocked by the truth about
its perpetrator.
He was Anders Breivik, a xenophobiac
who claimed to have acted to save
attacks shocked many because Breivik
was a white, Christian man who looked
harmless. It persuaded authorities not
to investigate his purchase of a large
amount of fertilizers used as explosives
back in 2009. Yet he did it.
If you think that this is a new kind of
threat, think again because terrorism
had already existed long before
Muhammad did.
Terrorism is considered as one of the
oldest jobs in the world. Every civilization
has done it . But it was only when the
Arabs started fighting the Jews and the
West for creating Israel that the word
terror has become synonymous with
Arabs and Islam. These days, being an
Arab or Muslim means hatred by most of
the world. For years, numerous attacks
by Islamists extremists reinforced the
anti-Muslim idea. Over time, many have
called for anti-Muslim pogroms because
of these few lunatics. But we forget
a more serious threat around us, an
unthinkable one - FAR-RIGHT TERROR.
Far-right terror usually is based from
nationalism and racism. It is harder to
stop because Far-Rightists know that
nationalism is a potent force for support
and they can quickly manipulate
people by finding a scapegoat for their
problems, spreading lies, land-grabbing
and soon you win them. What is
terrifying is that they hide under legality
and reveal their blood-thirstiness when
its too late. Also, Islamists kill thousands
using hijackings, bombings and shooting
sprees. But Far-Right terror has killed
millions more with cleverness and
The most famous examples have
been the 2 World Wars. WWI began
when a Serb terrorist killed the Austrian
crown prince, hoping to gain Serb lands
under Vienna. The result- 15 million died
but Serbia got what it wanted. WW2
began when Hitler started conquering
the World, claiming it had German
influence. The bill- 72M dead including
Hitler and 6M Jews as his scapegoats
plus a defeated Germany.
Yet Hitler lives on. It was he who
made far-right terror more appealing
to sociopaths, supremacists, racists,
nationalists and the like. He gave
examples and principles for global scum
to follow on. Without his principles, we
shouldnt have blamed others for our
problems. Without him, there would
be no Tim McVeigh or Anders Breivik to
follow his teachings on far-right terror.
All because he knows that we can be
fooled by false judgements.
We have paid dearly for our
stereotyping. It has made innocent
criminals because of their skin, religion
or origins while let the true criminals
escape. While we claim the upper hand
in the War on Islamic terror, we are
facing an uncertain one in the War on
Far-right terror. All because we cannot
believe that behind a gwapong Kano
could be something very sinister. We
have been blinded by false assumptions
and paid millions of lives for these
mistakes. We must be more careful
now. People must be judged by morals
and virtue, not racial or religious facts.
For evil knows no nationality. #





Filipino. Martyr. Saint.

by Keneth Christian Cantong


o Music, No Life!
Music has been part of peoples
life; especially today that technology
ignited so many improvements. Students
today are the mostly-affected victims of this
swarm, and Pisayers are not an exception.
Let us look into the top five favorite genres
of Pisayers:
Pop for those
on the dance
floor. Pisayers
enjoy activities
with the help
A l m o s t
everyone gets
that tickles on their feet whenever they
have a chance to listen to dance music,
characterized by amazing beats stimulating
the activeness of the body. Sean Kingston,
Iyaz, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and many
other rising pop stars are included
within this division.
4. R&B/Blues for those magicis-in-the-air lovers. Rhythms and
blues are defined by its central
theme on love, which is never
listen to this kind of songs
because of that light and soft
feeling it gives.
3. Acoustic for those
peaceful minds. Most are also
like R&B, centered on romantic themes.
Acoustic songs are soothing to the
ears, with excellent performances
of acoustic guitars. Acoustic songs
are for those who find playing
instruments a big passion.
Many OPM music, like
MYMP, are soothing
2. Country for


hat does it take to become a

Last October 21, Pedro Calungsod
proved to the world that anybody
regardless of age can become a saint, as
he was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI,
along with six others in a ceremony held
at the St. Peters Basilica, Vatican City.
Merely 12 years after his beatification
by Pope John Paul II, Calungsod became
the second Filipino saint next to Saint
Lorenzo Ruiz.
He was barely 18 when he died on
the shores of Guam under the spear
of Matapang, a Chamorro, who was
angered by the baptism of his daughter
by Calungsod and San Vitores, the Jesuit
missionary he accompanied.
Witnesses actually claim that
Calungsod could have survived the
attack but he refused to leave and
chose to stay and protect San Vitores.
The missionary was able to absolve
Calungsod before he too was killed.
This is considered an act of
martyrdom and is proclaimed by
the Catholic Church as committed
In Odium Fidei or In Hatred of
the Faith. This refers to how
Calungsod died while defending
Christianitythe religion he held
on to until his last breath.
Before becoming a saint,
there must first be a miracle
attributed to the candidate. The
miracle, that made Calungsod
qualify for sainthood dates
back to March 26, 2003.
A woman from Leyte had

Filipino Bishops
being evaluated
for beatification

been pronounced dead for more than

two hours after a heart attack but was
revived after a physician prayed for
Calungsods intercession.
For a time, there had been
controversies regarding Calungsods
exact place of origin. Cebu, Leyte, Iloilo,
Bohol and even several Mindanao
provinces all claim that they are
Calungsods birthplaces.
Right now, where Calungsod came
from is of the littlest concern. All that
matters is how he has indeed brought to
the Philippines and to each Filipino pride
and inspiration.
No one can now ever make their
age an excuse for their bad habits for
Calungsod, as early as 17, showed
maturity beyond his years and made a
decision for the sake of others that even
cost him his life.
His story has brought to every Filipino,
no matter what age, a challenge to make
a change in this worldto do good
deeds, to help others and to seek for
others welfare in any way we can.
One doesnt have to be a martyr to
initiate change. If only each person starts
the positive change within himself, this
world would be a better place.
The story of Saint Pedro Calungsods
canonization is a bucket of hope and
motivation thrown on a sleeping
Philippinesinspiring each Filipino to
aim not necessarily to become a saint,
but to personify what a saint truly is and
to become saints in our own little ways.


Bishop Alfredo OVIAR

Bishop Alfredo VERSOZA

Ripple in Reflections
The Path to Sainthood

V i r t u e .
S a n c t i t y.
Three words
embodied in
one: a Saint.
women who
have fulfilled
their natural
obligation which is to approach God. This
is an expression pronounced by Evelyn
Waugh. Is this the right word to label whats
hidden behind the mirrors of sainthood?
A saint is any of certain persons of
exceptional holiness of life, formally
recognized as such by the Christian Church,
especially by canonization. It is trudging
to a life through the divine light, when
thought of it that way would definitely
seem easy enough, but that belief might
be questioned when the images behind
reflections are uncovered.
In the progression towards sainthood,
the main concerns would be the time,
the steps, and the conditions, for being a
saint would demand the passing through a
lengthy period of time due to the number of
steps and the candidness of the conditions.
The process dawns with the voice of the
people through their great number of
requests which would be directed to the
Vatican. Usually, the commencement
happens only after five years.


When the Vatican has decided to accept

the election, the local bishop would
investigate the life of the candidate in
order to shed light on evidences proving
that he/she lived an exemplary life. The
findings would be evaluated by a panel of
theologians along with the Congregation for
Cause of Saints. When the case was agreed
upon, then the pope would proclaim the
candidate venerable.
Beatification comes next which entails
a testimony for the miracle. To be able to
be beatified means to be able to produce
a miracle disclosing the candidates
intercession with God which includes
liquefaction, and odor of sanctity. The
miracle would only be acknowledged when
it is authenticated. The solitary exception
for this rule would be the martyrs of faith.
Their honorable death is deemed enough
to correspond to a miracle.
Irrevocably, the ultimate standard for
sainthood would be the canonization. This
necessitates a second posthumous miracle,
the attestation for the viability of the
candidate as an instrument of intercession
of the Catholics to the Lord.
You cannot be half a saint; you must be
a whole saint or no saint at all states St.
Therese of Lisieux. Truly, one cannot be a
saint without passing thorugh each phase
along the way. Within the mirrors perceived
by the people exists ripples dancing along
the reflection. Since the eyes are absorbed
in the image, they fail to notice the details
that touch the whole reflection. #

The Quest for

Line Clear


fanatics. Recently, the famous country

singer, Taylor Swift, dominated the
playlists of most students. Country songs
are those of which narrate stories that also
makes sure everyone can feel the persona
or make them relate with the stories.
1. Rock/Alternative Metal for those
headbangers out there! Rock and roll!
Most Pisayers listen to this kind of songs,
encompassing beats that pull your lungs
out, distorted guitars for aggressiveness,
and vocals talking about almost anythingunder-the-sun: love, loneliness, life, joy,
name it!
Hindi ako mabubuhay nang walang
music, says Cedric Nerona of IV-Graviton,
Mawala na ang lahat, wag lang ang
playlist at earphones ko.
Surely, everyone is greatly influenced
by music. Whatever the genre, as long
as it gives the spirit of appreciation of
the beauties of life through rhythms and
melodies, it is music.
After silence, that which comes nearest
to expressing the inexpressible is music.
- Aldous Huxley

Bishop Teofilo CAMOMOT

Not Really


There are many non-math and nonscience trivia around us- strange things we
find amusing, were oblivious about, or just
1. Duelling is legal in Paraguay as long
as both parties are registered blood donors.
2. Donald Duck comics were banned in
Finland because he doesnt wear pants.
3. The average person has over 1,460
dreams a year.
4. Months that begin on a Sunday will
always have a Friday the 13th.
5. Over 2500 left handed people a year
are killed from using products made for
right handed people.
6. Thomas Edison, light bulb inventor,
was afraid of the dark.
7. Each king in a deck of playing cards
represents a great king; Spades- King
David, Clubs- Alexander the Great, Hearts
Charlemagne, and Diamonds- Julius Caesar.
8. They have square watermelons in
Japan - they stack better.
9. Chewing gum while peeling onions will
keep you from crying.
10. The best ways to tell if you have bad
breath is to lick your wrist, let your saliva
dry, and then smell it.
11. Women have more bacteria on their
hands than men do.
12. Clans of long ago that wanted to get
rid of their unwanted people without killing
them used to burn their houses down hence the expression To get fired.
13. The dot over the lower case i is
called a Tittle.
14. In Disneys Fantasia, the Sorcerer
name is Yensid which is Disney backwards.
15. The women of the Tiwi tribe in the
South Pacific are married at birth.
16. The Toltecs, Seventh-century native
Mexicans, went into battle with wooden
swords so as not to kill their enemies. #

ntertaining people around the

world, Tetris transcends time and is
considered as one of the oldest and
most addictive videogames to play.
Life is a well-designed game by God
and Tetris, an impressive game designed
by a Russian! It was on Wednesday
June 6, 1984, when the then-29-yearold computer programmer, Alexey
Pajitnov, set the finishing touches on
an unassuming video game that would
become Russias most entertaining
export and eventually become a global
phenomenon, the Tetris.
What made Tetris become an instant
hit was its simplicity and appeal. Anyone
can play it, even those with little or no
gaming experience. To play the game,
a player must rotate falling geometric
shapes on a rectangular play field known
as the matrix and when horizontal rows
of blocks are completed, the shapes
disappear (known as line clear) and gives
the player accumulating points. As the
play progresses, Tetris becomes more and
more challenging.
Tetris is not like any other video game,
mainly because it is played by many
women and men, as well as adults and
children. Since 1984 to the present,
people still play it. It is not just a fad. In
fact, because the game and its variants
have sold more than 125 million copies
worldwide on more than 50 different
gaming platforms, Guinness World
Records has awarded the Tetris franchise
nine world records in the Gamers Edition.
These records include Most Ported
Video Game, and Game with the Most
Official and Unofficial Variants.
For some people, Tetris may just be
a mere game. For some, the game may
mean so much more and this applies to
Pisayers, too. It cannot be denied that
there are those who are hooked seriously
to the game while others consider it
merely as a stress-reliever after a hard
day of academic work.
After playing for quite some time,
beware that the fun can become an
addictive obsession. If you are addicted to

the game, you

are not alone.
Thousands of
people across
the globe are
Tetris and that
may be the
scientists have VIRGILIO ELIJAH
c o n d u c t e d RINGOR III
v a r i o u s
r e s e a r c h e s on the so-called Tetris
So, what makes it transcend time and
become an addictive pleasure? Probably
because Tetris is similar to life and life is
similar to Tetris in so many ways. It has a
hidden deeper meaning connected to life.
In the beginning, things are smooth and
easy. You are allowed to experiment and
get crazy. But this period does not last too
long. Random blocks will keep on coming
and you need to adjust them in the best
ways you can. Sometimes you discover
brilliant moves; but then at times they
just wont go the way you want it to. As
you progress, things will move faster until
such time you no longer feel in control.
The excitement turns into confusion
then eventually either into frustration or
a feeling of triumph. In Tetris and in life,
you cannot control what comes at you.
Sometimes you achieve what you want
and sometimes it simply does not work
out. You just have to do your very best
to make it all work and fit together while
considering time constraints; or it will pile
up and mess things up. Then its game
Win or lose, you
played a grand
game - Tetris and
life. #


We Want Intramurals


fter the controversial issue of

the Barangay Masoc tricycle
drivers, the administration of
the Philippine Science High
School Cagayan Valley Campus
cancelled the celebration of Pisay
Intramurals for the school year 20112012.
The decision not to push through
with the intramurals dismayed
pisayers especially those who love
sports because the supposedly big
break and big sports event became
dust flying with the wind.
This school year, students expect
that an Intrams be held to develop
not only their mental abilities but also
their physical abilities as well as their
social skills.

Sports events like this certainly

boost scholars social development as
they are being surrounded by others and
this may lead to improved friendship
and camaraderie.
Leadership is also trained because
for each team, there will be leader to
guide the team to victory. There will
also be a team captain to lead and
boost a teams performance and it will
improve the listening abilities of the
players in the team.
Sportsmanship is the trait that true
athletes possess and it will be developed
by playing games. Events present in the
intrams will train students to accept
defeat and win a game humbly.
Physical Education is a part of our
curriculum and its goal is to attain good

life, sound mind and sound body.

The itch or the longing of the
students to revenge against their
teachers and the tormentors wrath in
adding more torment to students await
in the epic battle between students and
mentors during the Intramurals.
Of course, above all, Intramurals
serve as the biggest break for students
because its usually held near the end
of the school year. Its just the right
time to have fun and to pour out all
the sufferings brought by non-stop
academic activities.
Pisayers are neither purely
concentrated on studies nor are they
nerdy people. We are also normal, we
play and have fun, we deserve the big
break, and we want Intramurals! #


Azkals storm into Suzuki Cup semis

By john owen cabuyadao

he Philippine Azkals indeed made

history with a masterful demolition
of the Myanmar White Angels for
the first time, 2-0, earning them a semifinal berth and a showdown against a
formidable Singapore squad in a home
and away format this December.
Going into their final match, the Azkals
needed to win or at least a draw to stay
alive in the group stage.
Azkals striker Phil Younghusband
scored the games first goal to boost his
team ahead in the 47th minute after a
pass from Jason de Jong.
Myanmar, desperately looking for a
goal to tie the game, pressed the attack
for the rest of the match but substitute
Angel Guirado, coming in the 35th minute
for Dennis Wolf, erased Myanmars hope
to tie the game with an insurance goal in

the 93rd mark with a solo run from the

pass of Carlie de Murga.
Younghusband, hungry for a score in
the early minutes of the game, kept the
White Angels goal keeper busy with
three goal attempts in the first half.
A minute later in the second half,
Younghusband, on the right flank,
received a long pass from de Jong then
carefully drove to the box for the leftfooted strike to finally lift the Azkals to a
1-nil lead.
The White Angels attacked with
aggressive crosses and attempts to score
twice for the semifinal spot but Azkals
keeper Eduardo Sacapao together with
back defenders Rob Gier, Juani Guirado,
Carlie de Murga and Dennis Cagara
constantly stopped them to preserve a
clean sheet or zero enemy goals.

2012 NBA Prediction

Who got the real




s a fan and a player, I always look

forward to the next NBA season.
I think this season will be great
because of the trades and moves that the
teams have done this offseason. And here
are my top five teams for the 2012-2013
NBA season:
1. Miami Heat. The team that won the
crown last season is still the favorite to
win the upcoming 2012-2013 season.
They will be a tough team to beat
because they not only have the greatness
of Bosh, James, and Wade, they also
acquired the leader in three-point field
goals made in Ray Allen and another
shooter in Rashard Lewis.
2. New York Knicks. The team that
broke their losing streak in playoffs last
year with a win over Miami Heat has
started the season strongly. Theyre
lucky they found a way on how Carmelo
Anthony and AmareStoudimire play
together in the same rhythm by spending
the offseason with Hakeem Olajuwon.
3. Oklahoma City Thunder. The team
that bowed down in the Finals is looking
to get back there. Will they get there? To
me, the staff did a big mistake for trading
James Harden and we know the reason
why. Its still early in the season but right
now, Harden has been in his prime away
from Oklahoma and but in Houston.
4. San Antonio Spurs. This team is


getting older
again. Its
now or never
for this team
the past two MARI GUZMAN
to three years,
the basketball world has been talking
about San Antonios age. People say that if
they dont make the Finals, they are done.
But let me tell you, this team has proven
the whole world wrong. Theyre still in the
fight. Age is just a number for them.
Even with old stars Tim Duncan, Manu
Ginobili and Tony Parker, this team is not
out of the Finals picture. They still have
the fire power for being the champions.
5. Los Angeles Lakers. And last but
certainly not the least, the LA Lakers.
I didnt put them in the number two
or three slot because they still havent
proven themselves.
The Lakers management team did
a great job of landing two stars to
accompany Kobe in his hunt for his sixth
ring. Dwight Howard is the best center in
the league but doubts linger if he will be
again the best this season because he had
a back surgery this offseason. As we all
know, Steve Nash is a prolific passer and
shooter, while Kobe is a ballhog. It will
either be tragedy or perfection between
these two players. #

Myanmar had chances of making the

game a draw with two headers, but both
missed including the wide-open header in
the 76th minute.
Finally, Guirado sealed the win late in
the game by going on a solo run off the
long pass from de Murga and outwitting
the keeper for the goal.
The Philippines finished second in
Group B earning six points on two wins
and one loss; the first win coming against
the revenge-seeking Vietnam which lost
to Azkals last 2010 Suzuki Cup and now
inched at 1-0 after Chieffy Caligdong
nailed the ball home on the back of the
net after a defence-splitting pass by Angel
Guirado. The Azkals kicked their group
stage campaign against host Thailand but
edged out 2-1.#

barge to
World Cup
They erupted once again, this time
not about a billboard fiasco.
The Philippine Volcanoes made
splashes once again as they romped
the fancied South Korean side, 2219 to secure the bronze medal at the
Singapore Sevens and clinched the final
ticket to the 2013 Rugby World Cup
Sevens in Moscow slated on June 2013.
Key tries for Gaz Holgate, Matt
Saunders, and Andrew Wolff, along with
a conversion by Holgate sealed the deal
for the Filipinos.
With only three spots up for grabs
for the World Cup in Moscow next year,
the Philippines set up a showdown for
the final spot against the tough South
Korean squad.
The Volcanoes were up big, 22-7,
in the first half but the South Koreans
clawed back to contention and barged a
relentless comeback in the second half.
However, the defense of the Volcanoes
stifled the tries of the Koreans and
Philippine side took home the final spot
in the 2013 World Cup.
The Philippine squad started their
campaign strong with a 33-0 domination
of Guam. The team then failed to
overcome Asian powerhouse Hong Kong
in its second match, 29-12, to end up
second in the pool A.
The second-place finish in the pool
stage led to a match up against China,
the top ranked team in Pool C. After
squeezing the strong Chinese side they
set up a showdown with the Japanese.
They lost the first semifinal campaign
against Japan but bounced back and
secured the final berth against the South
Koreans for the World Cup.
It is the first time that the country
qualified for the prestigious tournament.
Former US National Sevens Rugby Sevens
Al Caravelli coaches the Volcanoes.


Gaby Borja: Bound to Soar

By ephraim Jose Mari guzman

Many Pisayers like us have many

problems in academics, but its as
if science fairs and tough exams in
Philippine Science High School Main
Campus is not enough for this young
football prodigy.
Born with the name Gabriel Benito
Borja, Gaby, at an early age of four,
started to learn, play and love football
with his cousins.
Monfort was the one
who exposed him to this
beautiful game.
He started as a
grade school in Ateneo,
dominating the varsity
team. Later, he moved on
to PSHS and started with
his dream.
Talking about it, he
dreams to be a doctor,
engineer, entrepreneur
and football player! That
makes him a fit for PSHS.
He once said that he
missed about 7 months of schooling in
As early as first year high school, Gaby

has already been playing for Loyola FC

now Loyola Meralco FC.
Gaby describes this team as
Committed to training and bears a
professional atmosphere. For sure,
he is enjoying his time with the two
brothers, James and Phil Younghusband.
Moving on to the national team,
Gabys adventure starts with U-14, U-16,
U-17, U-18, U-19 and U-21.
midfielder, Gaby prefers
the possession style as
it is more defensive in
Right now, Gaby Borja
possibly will attend UP
Diliman for his college.
He is going for Intarmed.
A Philippine Science
High School Scholar,
going for UP Diliman,
and the young face of
Philippine football, it
doesnt get any better
than that.
Gaby is apparently bound to soar.
Lets wait and see what does this kid
has left in his bag. #

BRH Basketball League kicks off

By Ephraim Jose Mari Guzman

The first season of the Boys Residence

Hall Basketball League fired away last
November 25, 2012.
Spearheaded by the dormitory officers
and managers, the league consists of four
teams namely Plakapaks, Palawapaw,
Lagapaks, and Okke.
The league is exclusively for the dormers
from the main dormitory and the multipurpose hall.
The captains for the four teams are
Ephraim Guzman (Plakapaks), Renz Perez
(Palawapaw), Ariel Garcia (Lagapaks), and
Gerald Valera (Okke).
Plakapaks holds the leagues best winloss record of 3-0 while Lagapaks held
the complete opposite with a record of

0-3. Palawapaw and Okke each have a 1-1

The Plakapaks are waiting for the result
of the Palawapaw versus Okke game to
determine what team they will fight in the
Unbeaten, Plakapaks are looking to grab
their first trophy in the first season of the
league. They have the highest chance of
winning because they beat both teams
who have the chance to face them in the
finals, but the chance of the other team to
win is not going away.
This is only the first season but the
competition is already tight. This is Pisay
basketball at its best.#

...greatest moments from page 12

then running a record shattering anchor leg
in the 4x100m final. The Jamaicans became
the first team in history to dip below the
37-second mark. His 2009 record breaking
margin for 100 m, from 9.69 to 9.58, is the
highest since the start of fully automatic
time measurements making him the fastest
man ever.
A month after Andy Murray lost the
Wimbledon final to Roger Federer at the All
England Club, Murray again faced off with
Federer on Centre Court. This time Olympic
gold was on the line, and this time Murray,
who hails from Scotland, wasnt going
down. He blew past Federer in straight sets,
6-2, 6-1, 6-4. He became the first British
champion in over 100 years. He also won
a silver medal in mixed doubles and is the
only man to win the Olympic gold and the
US Open back-to-back.
Briton Jessica Ennis was billed as the
U.K.s face of the Games .The heptathlete
used the energy of her hometown crowd
to dominate her competition through all
seven disciplines of the event, and capped
her victory by winning the 800m.

Early in 2012 no one outside of the

gymnastics world knew who Gabby
Douglas was, but all 4-foot-11-inches of
her was ready for the big stage. Douglas
is the first woman of color and the first
African-American gymnast in Olympic
history to become the individual all-around
champion, and the first American gymnast
to win gold in both the individual allaround and team competitions at the same
With the introduction of womens boxing
an Olympic event, 17-year-old American
Claressa Shields thundered her way to gold
medal behind a strong right hand and an
aggressive style befitting a brash teenager.
She won the Olympic middleweight title
and became the youngest boxer to win
Olympic gold since 1924.
Whats common with these athletes is
that they all have the olympic spirit . The
2012 London Olympic Games really lived
up to its expectations and we hope that the
2016 Olympics will pave way to same route
as the previosus Olympics did.#







Pinoy booters repeat

feat in 2010 >>Page 11


2012 NbA Prediction

>>Page 11

Charge it to Experience


SNAPSHOTS of the Philippine contingent

2012 LoNDoN oLYMPICS. the Summer Olympics showcases not only international sports spectacle, camaraderie and sportsmanship but also the grandeur of Great britain as a great nation. Photo by santabanta.com

he Olympics is a time-honored sports

competition, where athletes the
world over fight and struggle to make
their countries proud.
The Philippines have competed in
the Olympic Games ever since the 1924
Paris Olympic Games except for the 1980
Moscow Olympic Games only. Though a
total of nine silver and bronze medals were
brought home to the country in all the past
20 Olympics where the Philippines joined.
It has also been 4 Olympics before since a
medal-specifically a silver medal in boxing
was awarded to Mansueto Onyok Velasco
in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.
The 2012 Olympics hasnt broken the
four-year streak, and has instead, added
to the number of Olympics games that the

Philippines has gone home empty handed

What the country can do to solve this
is firstly, to stop winning from being the
countrys only reason to join the Olympics.
If thats the peoples and the governments
only purpose for sending athletes to attend
and participate, then losing will prove a
devastating blow.
Team Philippines has proven this.
They were composed of 11 athletes who
participated in 8 competitions, namely:
Jasmine Akhaldi, Mark Barriga, Rachel
Cabral, Daniel Caluag,Hidilyn Diaz, Rene
Herrera, Tomohiko Hoshina, Mark Javier,
Jessie Lacuna, Paul Rosario and Maretella
Mark Barriga, the contestant for boxing

(light flyweight) came the closest to

bagging the coveted gold medal, but was
eliminated after losing to Kazakhstans
Birzhan Zhakypov with a score of 16-17.
Daniel Caluaug, the countrys entry for
BMX, was disqualified after the qualifying
heats, dashing Philippines last hopes for an
Olympic medal.
Despite not bringing home any medals,
these athletes have made the country
proud. They have offered all that the people
can possibly ask for: theyve given their
spirit, their determination and their heart.
A prime example, though certainly not
the only, is Rene Herrera, who finished his
heat of the Mens 5000 meter track and
field event dead last, with a time of 14:41.
He still had 400 meters to go when the



last August 31, 2012.

It was all Marians on the get go with
high-flying guard Hero Tupil leading the
surge with team high 19 big points.
It was more turnovers than buckets in
the opening tip for the home team. The
Tamplers only managed to score just 2
points, courtesy of gunslinger Ephraim
Guzmans charities, and they never clawed
back to their offensive form until the final
The first half onslaught derailed our
rhythm, their offensive spree put us in
a deep hole going into the second half
pointed Pisay coach Harold Gallo.
Ephraim Guzman scored game high 30
points including 6 three pointers.

Hero Tupil had 19 points whil Marvin

Victorino contributed 9 for the Marian
After resting their key players during
the first canto, the visitors began their
offensive rampage in the second quarter,
setting plays and executing smoothly
leaving the home team, 29-11, at
quarters end.
Dismayed by his teams rattled
offense, Guzman took matters into his
hands, knocking down five consecutive
3-pointers bringing back his team within
striking distance, 31-34. However, Tupil
answered with his own offensive prowess
ending the quarter at 31-39.
Both teams are talented, maybe its
Gods will that we won in this friendly,
said Dennis Abosejo, coach of the
Guzman was also grateful with the
opportunity and said The game is tough,
I gave my best, I know my teammates
also did their best, but it was not enough
to score a victory. #
Marians outrebound Pisayers in
the hoops friendly which the former
dominated. Photo by S. Corpuz


2012 OLYmPiCs grEatEst mOmEnts


MICHAEL PHELPS becomes the most decorated Olympian in history

a priority of the government due to many

problems still need to be solved and
focused on more.
The governments insufficient support
to the athletes is the primary reason of the
Philippines drought in the Olympics.
The government should hire great
coaches and trainers for the athletes and
conduct trainings and sports program in
order to coach the athletes more and start
training kids with high potential of being
athletes in the future.
Doing extra more efforts in sports and
giving out full support could give a chance
to finally let the Lupang Hinirang be
heard while the Philippine flag, soaring
higher than two other flags, sways with all
pride in the Olympic Games.#



Marians humble Tamplers

With a sizzling
o ffe n s i ve
the first half,
University High
School quintet
pummeled the
Pisay Tamplers,
exhibition game

leaders reached the end of the track, and

yet he didnt give up and ran to the last
meter, amidst cheers and encouragements
from the audience, and when he finished,
he got a cheer as loud as had been given to
Mo Farah, who had finished first.
This is because Herrera didnt let the fact
that he was finishing last, with the whole
world watching, daunt him. He ran the
remaining laps with pride and happiness
instead of shame.
It takes effort and determination to train
to be qualified for the Olympics. It takes
bravery to go out there and to vie against
the worlds best with nothing but your own
strength, talent and determination to push
you on.
It also seems like sports isnt currently

he Olympic Games is truly an amazing event

and here are some of its highlights.
Swimming the anchor leg of the 4x200m
freestyle, Michael Phelps touched the wall to
become the most decorated Olympian of all time,
passing Soviet gymnast Larissa Latynina, having 22
medals including 18 golds in aggregate. Phelps took
home more medals than any other athlete making
him the most successful athlete of the Games for the
third Olympics in a row.
After losing to Yohan Blake twice, Usain Bolt
became the first man to win the 100m/200m double,

Greatest Moments... >> Page 11

he world has witnessed the

coronation of the Heat after an
epic demolition of the young
Oklahoma Thunders. King James has
finally ascended the throne and the
Heat nation has finally reaped the
promise of a title by the Big Three, yet,
the glory deserves by the unheralded
man directing and inspiring Miamis
huddle is sometimes unnoticed. Coach
Spoelstra deserves all the merits but
his stride toward the pedestal is not a
smooth sail.
He started as a video analyst and
was handpicked by Miamis honcho Pat
Riley to be the maestro of the Heat. His
work ethics and smarts elevated him
from the video room to the best man
in bench.
Spoelstra is blessed and cursed
having the Big Three. The expectations
are high and the stakes are too hot to
handle, especially, that Rileys lingering
influence hovers over him. Infinite
criticisms added the burden which
made him the man under fire.
Lebron James is probably the most
scrutinized player today and certainly,
his coach Spo shares the same page.
He has also endured doubts about his
capability to lead the Heat to a title.
Yes, he was outcoached by Dallas
Mavericks mentor Rick Carlisle last
year but his vindication came at the
expense of OKCs Scott Brooks.
Throughout the playoffs, Spoelstra
was unpredictable in his tactics and

never once revealed his changes on
game days until he absolutely had
to. Eriks tricks became a surprise to
Brooks in the Finals series but of course,
his adjustments dont even match the
demigod status of his godfather Riley.
He carved his niche with a keen eye on
details and owning quirky, existential
and borderline annoying catchphrases
and quotations.
He is not the prototype mold, (a
former-NBA-player-turned-coach) but
he knows his crafts and deliver the
goods well. His smarts in executing
the Xs and Os may not be perfect
and it will never be, but he knows how
to amalgamate the super-talents of
the Big Three without neglecting the
significance of the
role players.#

becomes the
first Fil-Am
Coach in
the NBA

Photo by
De Ocampo