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A word from the desk of one Von Kotterhausen

Aim small Miss small...

Above is a quote from the movie 'The Patriot' as the father in the film reminds his son
how to shoot smart. If you aim for a barn door intellectually, you will hone in on a mountain
side, and if you aim for an eye brow hair, you will get a head-shot. The more you pinpoint,
the more you'll bull's-eye every time. So, the Full Crow Moon, or Full Worm Moon is like a
worm about honing in. It's all about tunnel vision, organization, and preparations for the
sowing season. Seeing ahead while simultaneously 'living in the Eternal Now' to the time
of the inevitable harvest to last another cyclic rotation of the Wheel of the Year, knowing
there will be hardships on horizon, equally as inevitable.
It definitely is survivable, and even through challenges met we thrive;
think of one of the sayings professional fighters use:
If you enter the ring scared and intimidated, thinking you are going to get hurt...
you will get hurt.
There is risk assessment involved, even with any undefeated champion, you still get hit.
As hard as anyone else will. Yet, this as we will find and explore is all about checks and
balances feeling your own body and making sure 'all personal effects' are still on your
person and have not been lifted. Are you aware of where you are? Not just big blue sky &
I'm doin' fine, type aware. We are not aiming for mountainside; we are aiming for precision
accuracy to cultivate our own divine and elite being natures. Think singular eyebrow hairs.
That other old saying, An ounce of prevention..., it rings true to this undertaking and
really is worth that pound of cure.
We have transitioned to the Year of the Ram/Sheep. One of the major qualities is
elegance, naturally flowing earth, Yin of the Tao, making sheer 'landscape of mind'
challenges seem effortless. You have to recall, there is an 'old goat' living in there, but the
landscape is more barren to most and unyielding...they seem to stand on impossibly vertical
cliff sides. As to the shamanically leaning people, an animal nor a human would ever be
separate from the landscape itself, whether the physical land or the psychological notion of
landscapes. All too often, we see ourselves as separate conquerors over the landscape, and
even then do the same with totem energies before full blown initiation experiences. Wouldn't
it make sense that an animal associated with gracefulness or smooth savoir faire live in a lush
green, rolling forest where fruit is everywhere and naked, white feathered maidens run wild,
waterfalls and hot springs as though living inside the ultimate cornucopia? No, though.
So, here we see an internal core depth of a grace amidst harsher challenges, yet the
exactitude and fortitude to thrive. Goats don't eat gourmet...they are designed to digest tin
cans like it was buttered toast.

This idea is similar to the chaos underlying information systems and the 'pure white
light' hovering just over them all, and the descent into the raw materials to uncover great
things in yourself or even return to the world tribe with a healing vision and some new
practical medicine or visionary medicine. Virgo is the sign of those who are into medicine
fields, most of all. This beautiful month of March, we have a full Crow/Worm moon in Virgo.
Which, I think is awesome, grand, and spectacular in every way, as the Virgin seems to
compliment my Pisces sun and I attract glorious, intelligent Virgo souls often.
Raw materials always, always signifies the details that that old proverbial 'devil' is lying
in wait within, too. There are not many more 'devil' associated animals than the two birds that
are the owl and the crow. Just me, but I'm one of those oddball people who thinks the pure
white dove...being pure whit light, is just as 'devil' associated because it is the pure Yang that
denies, avoids, despises and cuts out Yin from the 'global game plan' as being the source of
all of our problems. Once that is gone, we will be fine, right? WRONG!
This is not about white doves of blessing, though. It is about Crow, and as we can see
by the unfolding elements at hand, even Owl. It is about the redeeming features so many
bypass at the core of a common 'devil' association. Respectively, the trickster associated with
chess (more commonly as Raven), keen observation, and strategy, whose tricks are often at
the expense of deities to help humanity...very Promethian figure of shadow living in the Day.
Then, we have the latter totem; wise old sorcerer of the eyes of the golden orb sun glowing in
the Dark. Between them, a beautiful cosmic yet earthbound synergy is created.
Both are essentially completely unloved by the other birds, yet necessity to the aviation
community. By this term, I mean not just physical birds, but the BA of the human soul in
astral and shamanic flight. While we say 'wise old owl' correctly, Blodeuwedd: Welsh
goddess of spring, and the renewal growing, the Maiden to the Mother and the Crone, is the
Owl. So, there is also a lust/love for life and the methods and various techniques for birthing
and sowing and freshness. It is not some misconceived & stale 'nursing home resident' feature
at all whatsoever.
So, looking at any Yin-Yang artwork, and there is tons of it in circulation, the tiny seed
core of the One hidden in the Other is at once a most beautiful prospect, but often so
threatening as the challenge or the change we must participate in, once we feel or think we
have mastered the entirety of the context of any given polar feature. As I stated in a personal
blog earlier on:
Those who fixate themselves in the exaltation of Light, will find a time coming they are
drawn by chance, destiny, fate, and free will all synthesized, to extol virtues of the Night, and
attune to the associated features...

and vice versa, when it comes to those who tend to fixate in the Dark as refuge needing
to expand in the diurnal affairs beyond their propensities to their given habitats & habits. It is
just a fact of Life [and half-life, and oversoul, and moving beyond ito the next life, and Death
himself and/or herself], and does not need to be this huge melodramatic thing that eats us
alive, but it also should not be sequestered away (by 'elder masters' of great title or merit)
from passionate creativity and lust for life. This embodiment is not for the young alone, and
what is youth, but for the perception of a fully aware and involved heart and unabashed
radiance of soul?
Once again, all of this being written about now is bearing in mind Saturn in retrograde
around the horizon, and the other issues thoroughly addressed. People here should be up to
speed. There is no reason any retrograde cannot help you or is a dooming solar system fascist
out to chuckle at your ultimate defeat...not even Saturn in retrograde, who is known for
devouring his children now and again to maintain his sphere of dominion. Think of it like
netting butterflies. It does not matter if the butterflies are going Northern updraft or Southern
downdraft. You are either effective netter or not. You either are on the upshot of observing
pattern and habit or your lifestyle is being keenly observed, with that does come the
possibility you are set to be in net of some unaccounted for party. Simple as that.
The following info reduces current handicaps; the primary Fool is the King who does
not acknowledge he is the Pawn on any other given board, at some vast cosmic scope.
So, now we can move on...
Let's go over the Ram/Sheep's attraction to the refined. One thing I picked up on
looking at the stars a few days back: In styles of material wealth, mind, and emotional so
then spiritual, too Posh and Gaudy are not the same thing. We might think of the zodiac
totem of the ram belonging to Aries; true enough, and the [fish]goat is Capricorn, and right
now, we have a sun in Pisces along with a year of the Ram, as well as lingering Winter
beyond former record, that means it's time to take Time into consideration. Saturn is
Capricorn. I see black and gold. I feel Yin receptivity in Earth as the Thing that Capricorn
energy wishes to convey yet further. Capricorn is posh style while Rahu/North-True Node in
Retrograde in Venus ruled Libra presents gaudy style, and that too was just addressed, but in
the last presentation, it took on the more sinister temptation of the addiction, and toward the
end essentially states 'Pick You Poison...because we are all addicted to something'. Even Dr.
Phil McGraw is addicted to craving the spotlight where all can witness what a flawless healer
he is. Vanity at its most refined. He is a posh addiction attracted to 'fixing up' gaudy
addiction. See where I'm going with this, now? Is Phil a Virgo? I think so. Check for
yourselves, I need to move on...

Pisces as the opposing sign is Neptune ruled, or potentially the addiction in the gaudy or
even at times completely chintzy gifts Venus bears or seeks to abide in.
Pisces, in modern era, is Neptune ruled, and aptly so. In former times, also Jupiter ruled,
and also aptly so with lingering effects yet strong today. Jupiter being expansion, and Pisces
being an ocean to the degree of uncomfortable limitlessness, both to others externally
affected and their own psychic internalized turmoil. A Piscean, much the opposite of what
people as a whole are doing and say we should, must be able to sublimate and differentiate to
stay sane and be able to continue on in life as a whole, functioning unit, which seems purely
oxymoron or a misnomer.
In transition of the 4th sun to the 5th sun at the Eschatologic Solstice Greater, we are
acknowledging the drive to produce and cast upon the face of the earth, compensation and to
some extent overcompensation of light. What enters my thoughts is, all this is good, great,
and fine...I am a cosmic artists aiding in ascension as a planetary intelligence with the rest of
you souls. The main contending factor is: What kind of light are you talking about?
Freedom is a big general term that can sublet into many meanings and conditions and
sacrifices of individual life units or whole currents they ride on, so is Light and Love and
Positivity. A Pisces/Virgo commonality is to seem to compartmentalize for the sake to better
the Whole over what they wish to deny or call the odd feature out..even that is 'a square or a
drag', yet no sign is a square or a drag...trines, squares, sextiles, and drags or oppositions are
exposed to all signs and reinforce, reimburse, tax and make all signs into vulnerable people
again, or in direct 'netting' into ascending and developing souls into our natural divine
evolutionary transformations between Celestial fields and Solar/Terra wheels.
To conjure the thing right, let's look at a simple illustration: Spirit is a Whole and
consists of infinite variety of plurality under the Great Wing of. Exactly the way Water is ever
Water regardless of segmentation into 10 cups. One cup we make into tea, one into coffee,
another into koolaid or fresh squeezed juice and so on and so forth ever after to the next aeon.
Soul/Sol is the exact same, and we have the Anima Mundi which is World Soul, while
we have many, many lights...an infinite variety of souls. All One Fire and One World and One
Water. The Unity experiences entropy and disaster when the individuation a key word in
line with divide and division, a composite subdivision under the Great Wind of Chaos and
whirlpool of Strife is not just sacrificed for the greater good of the Whole and community,
as we all must do and their can even be pleasure and reward in that on some level, but we
ultimately fail in its demonizing, sequestering, oppression of, pressuring expressions of, and
political correctness overbearing group sensitivity that overcompensates for other more core
weakness of mastering spectral fields at the expense of expansions of horizon entering further
on integration of challenging features in the naturally attracted opposites.

Easy enough?
Okay, we can go on; but having stated that I hope clearly enough, I hope the notions of
a One Anything is and remains and nervous delicate pact with some of or own devils lurking
in details not yet dealt with, and it is not a black carrion bird nor a nocturnal bird of mystical
prey...it's now more than ever the light producing over compensation of a blaring white, pure
clean dove to be rid of counterparts and opposites as absolute solution...clearly, not only are
you insane at that point, but the solutions are swept under a rug to glorify yourself over the
problem you've now been led to embody on many levels. Not good at all...just wearing the
white knight mask. Let us work together and on or own free will clock that this is not the
shoddy government we walk into over the course of the next two millennium.
If we embody Saturn in retrograde, we think we are kings on the board, but we are
netted pawns and set for extinction as the custodial species living within the soul of this
planet, not merely conquering over the surface of.
Capricorn energy as it stands now is being in full collaboration mode with the Scorpion
ruler known as Pluto/Hades...Death God of the Underworld and transition to Diamond Body,
Thunder Mind Life. The current Winter habitat stands as the transformer is initiating and
getting things to move in the 'thickest element' of matter. Taurus is Fixed Earth, and
Capricorn is Cardinal...therefore, we are mistaken all the ice and frigid storm as the bane of
Spring, degradation of entrance to, and stagnation of activity or nothing happening in the
lingering 'arrogant' message of Death yolked to humanity like an ultimate oppression. Not the
case. As stated before, much is going on under the ice that ice creative. There is what I and
many others are coming to find as a universal participation error in mind where spirit is
involved. Ice and Fire, though in Germanic mythology and creation scenarios have long
stood equal precedence as both creative and so formative and so of equal import on the stage
or level over the active, creative, and formative; these 3 being most often known as Assiah,
Briah, and Yetzirah, not listed in their traditionally domiciled preconceptions, though
respectively in the translation.
Pardon my bluntless here, I guess, but I will just clearly state I view it as one of the
gnostic arrogance pitfalls as gnostic as I am anything else that these segmented elements
into as column perforated from creation and formation and the archetypal should stand. In
this case, I think those crazy ancient German pagans I also am as much as anything else
were onto the benefits of equality in element as well as the feminine divine coupled in
equality with appreciations of integrated differences between us all in our seeming
bifurcation of polar extremes. Part of the mysterious glue holding us together is we are a
banquet when one brings tea, one brings coffee, one brings juice, and pray a bunch of us
decide to bring a bottle of wine to the Thing.

If we are all just trying to outdo each other in how clean we keep or water vessels and
bring out more distilled water supply, we will end up crucifying one another into the next 4
Spine comes from the heart, and supports the mind with a steady anchor, it doesn't
organize into managed segments underneath unattached mind...that's the problem of the
archon's perception. How do I know? The whole tree comes from a bursting [core] seed, and
seed comes from the fruit at harvest. The best, most secure, deepest root is not managed by
the cleanest appearing branch. At the core, we are Soul. Protecting and nurturing the flesh,
we are pure Spirit, under the soul to the spheres is the skies...

Saturnus Ends Choose one or ten

Some of the 'meat and bones' in this presentation that I wanted to exhume and breathe
life into is an old question from the Age of Pisces monotheist to the modern
Pagan/reemerging Gnostic...us crows and owls...
Why do you 'hang on' to 10 or more gods?
This is romanticizing a dead [therefore unclean] Thing.
Clearly, there is 1 true God and this works best for us all...
Speaking tactfully as possible: No, that works best for you.
For me life in particular, in tramples the shit out of those born with many defects that
make them wild, unable and not willing to conform to the drab institution, dangerous and
innovative to the point of threatening long held power positions, and let us recall yours is a
jealous god...whether because of Soul, because of the free will soul implies, or that there are
other gods the free will engendering soul may become conscientious of to choose from, it is
your matrix to figure all that specificity in. I am not going to begin to try and 'commandeer
your Yetzirah'.

That's a thumb of the Wheel of the Year abounding the Zodiac.

I love Wheel of the Year arts. To so many misconceiving monotheists, wholly unclean.
To myself and others, it is hope of better times, the best working its way in now, and the free
will to offer chance to die, or perhaps even fail in life. If we could not disgrace our ancestors,
we could not ever unfix ourselves from exaltation false self righteous claim to examine
deeper; no Gaia or World Soul, no planet Earth...because no shaman tied to the land by
voluntary anchoring, no heart at the core of matter, and no extolling the virtues of a crow or
owl to save a nave, self and other damning white dove [to maintain managerial position and
title] as lord over all lands...yours and mine...
So, why 10 or more gods? Well, the gnostic [pagans included as virtually no pagans are
totally gnostic mystery ignorant, knowing the mystery of 1 in 3 and 3 in 1], the gnostic pagan
of modern science even if yet institutionally ostracized views the Anima Mundi as in
ascension formations and that includes transcendental activity [both 'Right Hand Path' and
'Left Hand Path'] stating we are gods and becoming gods returning and 'from out there' is
really gifted forth of truer known Self 'to within here'. It is a simple statement that is
becoming more apparent to even Vatican approved science; should be no cause to be up in
arms or alarmed at threat to religious disagreements.
Even the Christ said, 'Does it not say in your [jewish priesthood] scriptures that we are
gods'? Christ never said, I am here to tell you how wrong you are, he moved on and didn't
even think to argue, but spent the rest of his career as a prophet trying to get others interested
in any sort of viable way who otherwise were locked in fear sponsored by hypocritical clergy
bodies. Christ was a necessity...neither wholly a necessary evil, and so then neither a wholly
necessary good. Simply put, having happened at all in Space-Time was Necessity as an
integral occurrence in our history, in and of himself.
All this is getting deeper into philosophical conjecture, but any posed question requires
some kind of a launch in the strategy of cosmology, both returning to and bridging in logic
based narratives, i.e. Philosophy...at least some. I like to think my own is not stale, anyway.
The lowest common denominator in 'why' for me personally, and probably a bunch
more people outside because the aesthetic is more attractive..you can do neat 'magic' or
'spellcrafting'..and it is less moralistically restrictive, making Saturn another cog in a bigger
wheel instead of the black & white End All-Be All monad animator:
When the primary king or father or queen or mother royally screws up and absolute
power corrupts absolutely, we have fail safes...we have 10 or more equally or more powerful
gracious entities waiting in the wings to dethrone that cessation of causation ruling.

It is not flawless, by any means, but way more of an Old Roman Republic than a cosmic
despotic empire. To belong to a thousand is to have more room to form original self, rather
than divinely inspired Stockholm and Munchausen syndrome by proxy. So, choose one or
ten? ~
My own quote here:
I would rather hear a thousand symphonies then transform into a thousand more

rather than perfect the single OM in eternity, and be unmoved...

This seems to many conventional buddhists as the bane of buddhism and enlightenment,
but it is also a true Eastern Mystic principle of absolute liberation in action and...
if shying away from passion,
the seed of all compassion is at the core this root emanates from.
I could end it there easily as that is beautiful, but there is more info that needs to be added in
to make this a 'perfect circle'.
Moving more mercurial for time's sake, as I have other works at hand that are equally
pressing matters; down to the actual business of the most obvious things we are seeing in the
solar system...
Note: this part was written observed March 2nd, moon yet in Aries. So, while moon is
now in Virgo, the charging did occur and you will find this info stands and is presently
underway into Equinox...
Earth and Water are receiving lunar, martian and saturnine all as a trine in Fire.
It presents a resolution in matters of rulership, a shift, and a continuing struggle, but
with better vantage points and and boost in the weaponry and strategies to deal in your
life...are you doing the tedious tasks it takes or rushing in headlong like a self immolating
holy hand grenade samurai? It's up to you, I often live by the samurai code, but in other areas
of my life, I walk as though I'm just always on 'thin ice'. The moon should help you in the
intuitive sublimating of what force to apply and withhold when and where, but likely, now is
the time to act on your waiting in the wings, especially if you have been already for some
time slowly gardening with steady, plodding dedication...sowing legendary with your head
down to see the stars, looking in and shining true from your core seed strengths.

You might make the decision to either 'go with the flow', and it is in season, or go
against the grain in bravado with haste and lust for life, or bulwark yourself in anchoring and
fixate things and much like Winter extending, your cardinal transformation or rebirth is a
preservation of sorts. Ice equally a creative principle...gestation does not mean no wheels are
turning, they turn truer deeper for a while, is all. You are getting something up and running
with more intention that it will have longevity beyond seasons.
Are you able to synthesize between these things? Rahu/True Node being retrograde, in
the Scales, you are being told 'NOPE', at the time being. Will you be a Promethean hero or
otherwise defy the Fates? My best...
Subtly speaking, we all always already are doing that feature of working in everything
to balance as such and juggle. Dynamic surface wise, though...a chemical reaction pushes on
along one of the three roads of Hekate mentioned here.
One thing I definitely am seeing and starting to apprehend in these cycles and hours is
the rise of Craft Work in amulets and talismans to keep moving at speed, rather than 'stopping
the clock' and doing entire banishing big rituals or ceremonies...those, too, are receiving an
agile, posh, sleek, classy change. Rather than gaudy or chintzy pomp, status, and decadence.
Many feel the entropy with all that shit creeping in, too. With the profound Aquarian leaps in
innovations and invention of the age at hand, we want something more realistic and less
clumsy for a life lived on the fast move..a beauty and sadness is that we are beginning to
grok, living as much one with the technology of the landscape, that we are short lived and we
along with the latest mobile device could be considered obsolete models quite quickly.
Embrace the Aquarian...my own Venus...acknowledge She can be a fickle mistress if
you are not elite, modern, advanced, and both agile and adaptive while resolute and designed
to last [especially going Capricorn in Vedic/jyotish astro]. Only then is your heart and mind
fit to survive her Anima's Nature and habit..latter primarily being lust for the novelty in life.
Invention as a word is synonymous with novelty. I have to live by the seat of the lifestyle of a
frog..by that I mean impressing Venus through multi-tasking. If I myself do not juggle and
make myself into the Magician in the tarot deck, in the realest sense, my syzygy begins to
enter the waning period. So..now you know how to look for yourselves to know who you are,
just by me introducing another dimension of myself. Women, instead of Venus, enact this
with Mar's in your chart as Animus/cosmic-masculine-at-work in your spirit core, and look
me up if you need solid help translating to optimized peaks. It only helps you in the long

Right now, Chiron heavy souls like me, you are being naturally maximized, the sun is
clearing your clouds...drink it in...and gift yourself to replenish and keep abundance in flow,
rather than just doing for others until you are bleeding back out again, then wither off the
branch. Another beautiful Greek tragedy among so many voluntary statistics.
You do realize everything I'm talking about is the monad emanation returning to the
Source and disseminating the Code in DNA??? Just checking... feel your body over..you
know where you are? Of sound mind? Still have your wallet on you, etc etc?
Okay...let's do the shit right, then.