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and Nicobar Islands

How to get there?

Cheapest fare available as per Cleartrip 29,500 INR return fare (Spicejet)
(either from Kolkata or Bangalore to Port Blair) (refundable)
- 26th Dec13 to 2nd Jan14

Things to do


PADI Scuba diver 3 day course, 40 feet dive. (Cost mentioned on the
website 16,000 INR)

Open water Dive 3 to 4 day course, more on the professional side.
Worldwide-accepted certification for this course. (Cost mentioned on the
website 21,000 INR) PADI and SSI

Discover Scuba 1-day programme. 40 feet, single dive. (Cost mentioned
on the website 4,500 INR)
http://www.andamanholidays.com/scuba_diving/courses.html (for the above
mentioned courses)

Open Water Course - http://www.diveindia.com/havelock/courses.html
4 day, formally certified. 4 dives.
SSI certification 18,500 INR
PADI 21,000 INR

* PADI- Professional association of diving instructors
SSI- Scuba Schools International.

Dont know the difference between the certification level and the accreditation of
these schools.


Bambooflat to Mount Harriet,

Mount Harriet to Madhuban in South Andaman,
Kalipur(Diglipur) to Saddle Peak in North Andaman
Little Andaman not exactly a trek, more like a safari (Looks great from
the reviews, very pretty)

Active Volcano Barren Island (139 kms by sea from Port Blair)
Last eruptions 1991 & 1994

KAYAKING - only at Havelock beach, couple of institutions, and not much info
available. (Dive India and Barefoot)


Heads Up! Most of the beaches are just non-commercial unlike Goa, so I doubt
shacks to sip on chilled beer will be available.

Corbyn's Cove Beach Famous, not well maintained. Good for evening visits.

Sound and Light Show at Cellular Jail - Huge. It is famous for the sound and
light show.

Anthropological Museum - @ Phoenix Bay About tribal history of Andaman.

North Bay Island (coral) - glass bottom boat ride, snorkeling and sea walk(ferry
from Phoenix bay Jetty, Port Blair)

Ross Island British governed from this area

Chatham Saw Mill @ Chatham Island - Wooden Carving specialty.

Naval Marine Museum (Samudrika) Ideal for 8th Standard school trip

Radhanagar Beach @ Havelock Beautiful Beach

Elephant Beach (elephant snorkeling) -

Baratang Island -

Kala Patthar Beach

Indira Point Southernmost point of India, Great Nicobar Islands

Long Island Convoy of dolphins in this area


Some options I liked





Public Transport

Andaman Herald and Daily Telegrams for daily inter island ferry schedules

Local buses are available with the schedule, I couldnt find the routes, but the
government has provided with the bus numbers with the driver names :P

Minimal Cost

For a 5-6 day trip with everything inclusive, it would come about 75-80k with a
good hotel, return airfare and scuba 4 day package.