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Location or

Address: Rugby Pitch.

Activity or
Situation Magazine Cover Photo-shoot


Date Assessment
Undertaken: 7/1/2015

Assessment undertaken
By: Ben Whitehurst


(2) Who might be harmed and


(3) What controls exist to reduce


(4) What action can be taken

To further reduce risk?

Wet grass

Either the photographer or the

model could slip over on the floor
outside on wet grass as it may
have rained the night before

There would be no problems

surrounding water or wet grass on
the rugby pitch as there is
adequate draining systems.

Once i have finished my photoshoot I will make sure that I leave

the public pitch in the state that I
found it in.


Either member of the photo-shoot

could trip on branches or twigs on
the floor on the rugby pitch.
Whether that be the photographer
or the model.

There would be no problems

surrounding tripping up on the
rugby pitch as the council grounds
men are constantly cleaning the
pitch and its surrounding areas.

However, once I have finished

taking my photographs I will
make sure that branches and
twigs are twigs are out of the way
of the rugby field.


Either the photographer, model or

equipment could get wet from rain

I could reduce the risk of any

equipment, models or myself
getting wet by checking the
weather forecast before the
photo-shoot actually takes place.

To further reduce the risk of rain

there is not much more I could do
than check the weather as it is an
environmental issue and I cannot
control it.


Either member of the photo-shoot

could possibly get harmed by
equipment if the weather takes a
turn for the worst as the equipment
is not waterproof. Whether be the
model or the photographer.

To reduce the risk of equipment

getting damaged by the weather I
will make sure I check the weather
forecast in advance of the photoshoot.

To further reduce the risk of any

equipment getting damaged I will
make sure that I carry all of it
carefully to my location and I will
make sure no equipment will be
exposed to the rain.

1. List hazards something with the potential to cause harm here:

Seek to quantify the level of risk the likelihood of harm arising based on the number of persons affected, how often they are exposed to the hazard
and the severity of any consequence.
2. List groups of people who are especially at risk from the significant hazards which you have identified
3. List existing controls here or note where the information may be found
4. List the risks which are not adequately controlled and the action you will take. Have regard for the level of risk, the cost of any action and the benefit
you expect to gain.



c FINAL SCORE RATING: what needs to be done

Dying or being permanently disabled

Will almost certainly happen

Serious injury/long term illness

Highly likely to happen

Temporary disability/3 days off sick

Not so likely

Will need medical attention

Even less likely

Minor injury e.g. Bruise, graze

Unlikely to happen at all

16-25 Stop! Do not start activity again until risk is

10-15 High risk level, High priority. Take action
straight away to control the risk
Medium risk level. Tighten up controls and
make a plan to do something about risk
Fairly low risk level. Low priority but keep
possible action in mind
Low or trivial risk. No further action

SO: a x b = c
Action Required
I will Make sure we follow all healthy and safety actions of which are listed above.

Responsible Person
Ben Whitehurst

Date for Completion


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