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You had finished work late as you had a lot of catching up to do. It was around ten o’clock and the streets were quite dark as you walked home. Traffic passes you but you do not its passing. You are deep in thought about how your life had changed in the past few days.


large black van with tinted windows passes you and pulls into the kerb a little way


front of you. As you come level with the van, a door in the side slides open and two

large men with ski masks on jump out and they both grab you. Before you can scream one of the men puts his hand over your mouth very tightly. You struggle and try to kick them but they are too strong for you and you are soon overpowered. They pull you into the van, close the door and the driver drives the van off. In all it took less than a minute.

The man with his hand over your mouth takes a ball gag out of his pocket and shoves

it into your mouth whilst the other man continues to hold you still. After putting the

gag on and tightening the strap up around your head, man takes a large cable tie out of his pocket. Whilst the other guy forces your arms behind your back, the man with the cable tie puts it around your wrists, draws it tight and locking your wrists together. They push you into a seat.

“I am Mr X,” said the man who had held his hand over your mouth, “and this here is Mr Y and our driver for tonight is Mr Z. Tonight you are going to be our plaything, for us to do with as we please. If you make us extremely happy we may consider letting you go tomorrow. Of course if you don’t then we will keep you longer.”

With that Mr X puts a blindfold on you.

“Let us get her undressed,” Mr Y says, “so we can see what she has got to offer.”

You feel a tugging as your tee shirt is pulled over your head and pushed down over your arms.

“Look at that,” Mr Y exclaims, “she has got a black bra which lets you see her nipples through and they are so erect. We have got one kinky bitch here!”

You feel a hand on your breast squeezing it tightly then moving to your nipple which gets painfully pinched and twisted. You scream but the noise is lost in the gag.

“Well I be blowed, she has got elastic bands on her nipples, which is why they are so erect.” Mr Y exclaimed, “She definitely a kinky bitch! Well done Mr X for spotting her.”

You feel more tugging this time it your jeans being taken down and pulled off.

“Now look at that, a black thong that is just barely covering her pussy. It looks like she is shaved down there too. A black garter belt and black stockings too. She is one hot bitch alright.” Mr X says as he rubs his hand over your thong, pressing it deep into

your pussy. “Ha, she has pissed herself.” He bends and sniffs your pussy. “No she hasn’t, she is just very juicy, and the bitch is enjoying this!” He slips his hand into your panties and takes hold of your clit, pinching it quite hard. “You scream into the gag. “Come on bitch, let us hear you moan!” And he starts to pull hard on your clit. As much as you try to resist, the sensations are too intense and your body takes over. Soon you are moaning with pleasure although the pinching is painful. You push your pelvis into his hand making him push harder. Then your orgasm happens and you start screaming as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure hits you. You are screaming loudly into the gag with the orgasms intensity. Mr X takes his hand away but you keep thrusting your pelvis forward looking for the next high which of course is not forth coming.

“Look at the slut, she wants more.” Mr X remarks, “Well bitch, you will be getting much more later, don’t you worry. It looks like we are going to be very satisfied tonight.”

Mr X now pulls down your panties and hands them to Mr Y.

“Smell the bitch’s cum, great isn’t it? Hey look her pubic hair, it is fluorescent pink and in the shape of an arrow and it is pointing straight to her pussy.”

“Her cum does indeed smell great Mr X,” replied Mr Y.

You hear some movement around you and then you feel some hands on your ankles. Suddenly your legs are pulled wide apart and pushed up towards your head. You feel something cold and wet being pushed into your arse-hole. It is pushed harder and it enters your arse. It is a butt plug with some sort of lubricant on it. Having had butt plugs up your arse for some days now you were quite used to them and enjoyed immensely having them in. Then it gradually it began to feel wrong. It is stinging and feels hot. It gets hotter and hotter and stings even more. You scream but it is stifled by the gag.

“We like our babes hot!” Mr X explains.

You squirm in the seat as the burning sensation continues. You try to expel the butt plug but it does not move. The burning keeps getting hotter and all you can do it scream with the pain but the gag stifles the sound. You stop screaming and just sob as ever so slowly the sensation easiest. Tears are running down your cheeks.

The van finally arrives at its destination. Mr X and Mr Y drag you from the van into a brightly lit barn.

“Come on; let’s get the bitch cleaned up. I don’t want to get that hot chilli sauce on my prick!” Mr X commands.

Mr X and Mr Y take you over to a horse stall and put you over the fence so that you hang over it face down and your arse is sticking out into the barn. They pull your legs apart and tie your ankles to the bottom rail of the stall. Mr Y sharply pulls the butt plug from your arse. The burning sensations start again as fresh sauce touches your skin. You scream to no avail as the gag deadens any sound. Mr Y then inserts an

enema tube into your arse and starts filling your arse with cold water. He puts in about half a gallon, squeezing it in as fast as he can. Your stomach cramps up with the fullness. He removes the enema tube and replaces it with a clean butt plug to keep the liquid in. They leave you there for ten minutes or so to let the water dissolve the chilli sauce. At least the pain of the sauce was going away.

After ten minutes Mr X unties your ankles. Mr X and Mr Y grab your arms and behind your knees and lift you up. They take you outside and hold you over a hole in the ground. Mr Y takes hold of the butt plug and yanks it out.

“Empty out bitch,” Mr Y tells you. And you expel everything that is in your arse into the hole. It felt good to get rid of the fullness. They take you back to the stall and again put you over it and again tie your ankles. They again put the enema tube into your arse and fill you up with cold water. This time they squeeze in a gallon and your stomach cramps are exceedingly painful. Mr X inserts the butt plug to keep everything in.

Mr X goes away and comes back with a couple of table tennis bats.

“Let’s play ping-pong,” Mr X laughs. And with that smacks one of your exposed arse cheeks. It makes your arse sting and you yelp with the pain. Mr Y duly smacks your other arse cheek and you yelp again. They set up a rhythm smacking alternate cheeks and after a while you are whimpering with the pain. Your arse is glowing red where the bats have landed. The pain is made worse by having your arse completely full. After about five minutes of smacking they stop. You are sobbing profusely as your arse burns. They untie you and again take you outside and hold you over the hole in the ground.

“Empty it out again bitch,” Mr X says as he yanks the butt plug from your arse. You expel the liquid much to your relief.

“Come on bitch let us see you pee.”

You are embarrassed and do not want to do it but you did it any way because otherwise something worse might happen. So you manage a little squirt.

“Come on you can do better than that,” said Mr X and he opens up your pussy lips and applies some pressure to try and get you to pee some more. This does the trick and soon there is a steady stream coming out.

“Great, what wonderful pee you have got, Mr Y exclaims.

You finish peeing and they take you back inside. Mr Y holds you whilst Mr X removes the cable tie from your wrists. He then pulls off your tee shirt and removes your bra. Mr X takes your arms and puts them above your head. He ties your hands to a rope that is hanging above your head. He then goes and pulls the rope up so that you are now stretched up with your toes just touching the floor and taking your weight.

Mr Z comes in from parking up the van. He comes over and looks at your tits. He then starts to fondle them, squashing them roughly. He bends and sucks on a nipple, and

then he uses his teeth to nibble at the elastics to get them off. They slowly come off but not before Mr Z has bitten your nipple hard a few times. He repeats himself and takes off the elastics on the other nipple. Despite your self you found that very erotic and your pussy was now sopping wet.

All three men pick up a flogger each and standing around you they proceed to hit you with them. Mr Z concentrates on your tits. Mr X concentrates on your pussy whilst Mr Y hits your back and your already inflamed arse. Being blindfolded you can not see where the blows are coming from and all you can do is try and move away from where the blow came from. But every move you make ends up with you swinging about like a wildly gyrating pendulum. Every blow stings like hell and you are continuously screaming into the gag. Blows to your nipples and clit are particularly painful. Soon your body is covered in red welts and some are turning black as they turn into bruises. As the pain becomes too much you feint and become limp, just hanging there. They continue to hit you for a little while longer and then they stop. They leave you hanging there while they go and prepare another area.

By now all three men have raging hard pricks and they want to be satisfied. They wait for you to wake up and when you do the pain is so bad. You ache all over and your body feels like it is on fire. They remove your ball gag and replace it with a dental gag which holds your mouth wide open and you can not close it. Mr Z lowers you to the ground whilst Mr X and Mr Y hold you. As they hold you, you can feel that they are naked and their hard pricks keep knocking against your body. Mr X and Mr Y stand either side of you and lock their arms together just above your breasts. They quickly each grab a knee and lift you so that you are face down, resting on their arms and your thighs are against each side of your body. Your arse and pussy are wide open for Mr Z to stare at.

Mr Z lies down on a bed they had brought in. His prick is pointing straight up in the air. Mr X and Mr Y lower you onto Mr Z’s prick, inserting him into your cunt. Mr Z puts his arms around you and holds you tight. Mr Y then climbs on the bed and comes over and slides his prick into your arse. Finally Mr X comes over and lifts your head so that he can put his prick into your mouth. Now that you are sandwiched between Mr Z and Mr Y, Mr Z takes hold of your breasts and squeezes them. Now that all your holes are filled they all start thrusting in and out of their respective holes. At first they are uncoordinated but soon they fall into a steady rhythm. When Mr X pushes into your mouth, pushing his prick deep down your throat, your whole body is pushed back onto Mr Y and Mr Z’s pricks causing them to go deeper into you. Then Mr Z and Mr Y both thrust to push their cocks deeper into you which of course pushes Mr X’s cock deeper down your throat. Both Mr Z and Mr Y have long thick cocks and your cunt and arse are extremely full. As horrid as the abduction is and the way they have treated you so far, you still find your body is reacting and you are beginning to enjoy the experience. You feel an orgasm well up and overtake you. Your body goes into spasms with the orgasms fervour. Mr Z squeezes harder on your breast. As they grunt away, thrusting deep into you they feel your orgasm and this triggers theirs at the same time. They simultaneously start ejaculating into your cunt, arse and throat. As you feel them ejaculate you too come again. Your whole body shakes with ecstasy and you feel cunt and arse try to milk their pricks for more cum to fill you up. As you all lay there the men slowly deflate.

“Hey I have got to pee,” says Mr X and proceeds to piss down your throat, filling your stomach with his pee, washing down the cum in your throat. He is soon done and withdraws from your mouth.

“Now you mention it, I have got to go too,” Mr Y said and he proceeds to piss in your arse. He too finishes and withdraws. Mr X is there and quickly shoves a butt plug into your arse to keep the pee in.

“I might as well go to,” says Mr Z and he pisses in your cunt and withdraws. Mr X shoves a wide vibrator into your cunt to keep the piss in.

Mr X and Mr Y take you back to the rope and tie you back up so that you are hanging from your arms again. This time they put a spreader bar on your ankles so your legs are kept wide apart. Mr Y grabs your hair and pulls your head back and Mr X proceeds to pour water down your throat. You have no choice but to drink it. Soon they have poured about two litres down you. Your stomach is now very full of water, piss and cum. They then leave your there suspended for some time. You hear them moving about but can not see what is happening as you still have the blindfold on.

Every so often one of the men would come up to you and either tweaks a nipple or your clit. Every time it happens you scream out in surprise and pain. Then Mr X comes over and removes your blindfold. You blink as the light hits your eyes. You look around at the barn and take it all in. To your surprise you see that you are not the only captive but there is another girl there hanging not too far from you. She has blonde hair, an hour-glass figure and large breasts. The men had tied her breasts and they were very red and engorged. Her whole body is covered in welts and bruises, particularly her breasts. Like you she had a spreader bar on and you could see that her pussy was completely clean shaven. In her cunt was a vibrator. You could not see if there was anything in her arse but you guessed that there was probably a butt plug there too. Her mouth is held open with a dental gag on.

“Well bitches.” Mr X says, “We are going to let you two have a little fun of your own. We want to watch you two make out. To help you cooperate we have this little incentive.” Mr X has in his hand a long stick-like instrument with a handle with buttons at one end and a couple of prongs at the other. Mr X presses a button and an electrically discharge can be seen jumping between the two prongs. Mr X takes his finger off the button then places the prongs onto your clit. He presses the button and a jolt of electricity passes through your clit. You scream with the pain which is so intense. He then puts the prongs on the other girl’s clit and does the same. She too screams in pain.

“Ok. If you two don’t cooperate then there will be more of the same.”

Mr Y and Mr Z untie you, remove the gag and lie you on the bed which is nearby. Whilst Mr Z holds you down Mr Y comes over and helps Mr X untie the other girl, remove her gag and they take her over to the bed. Once there they get her to lie on top of you in the sixty nine position. They tie your arms to her legs and similarly her arms to your legs.

“Ok bitches make each other come. Come on get to it.” Mr X says.

The girl tentative starts to lick your clit and you do the same. Her gentleness is stimulating after all the roughness that has gone on before. Soon the girl is licking harder and sucking your clit as she too begins to get turned on. Mr X and Mr Y stand near your head and you see them jacking them selves off as you two girls get it on. Mr

Z is standing near the girls head and also jacking off. You keep licking and soon your

mouth is filled with her juices. They taste so sweet. You are getting juicer as she reciprocates. Soon both of you are having orgasms and the men jack off harder. Mr X

is the first to start ejaculating and his spunk falls all over your face and into your eyes

where it stings. Seeing Mr X come; Mr Y also ejaculates and his spunk lands in the

girl’s arse crack and starts running down into your mouth.

“That’s right bitch, lick up my come.” Mr Y says and you duly do as you are told.

At this point Mr Z also comes and you feel his spunk land in your arse crack.

“You too bitch, clean up my spunk.” Mr Z says and you feel the girl lick your arse crack which sends you into another orgasm.

“Hey Blondie, piss into the bitch’s mouth. Here is some incentive.” Mr X says and proceeds to zap the girl on her clit with the prod. The girl screams and starts to pee. The pee falls on to you face and into your mouth. You have no option but to drink some. The pee washes the spunk off your face. Mr X moves towards your clit.

“You too bitch, pee into blondie’s face. I’ll help you get started.” And with that he zaps your clit. You scream and not wanting any more zaps, start to pee, forcing it to go up into her face. Most of the pee hits her face and runs back down over your pussy.

They leave you tied up for some time whilst they prepared another torment. You had to lie there in the piss and spunk. They come and untie both of you and they take you to the end of the barn where there are some stalls. These stalls are used for milking cows. Inside the stalls had been placed some tables. They put you and the girl on the table face up and then tied your hands above your head and to the top of the table. Next they tie your ankles to your hands so your arse and pussy are very visible. You are positioned so that your arse hangs over the edge of the table. You hear a pulsating sucking sound coming from somewhere. Next thing you know is that they have put a vacuum milking machine on your breasts and clit. The vacuum is a strong pulsing type and it soon pulls you nipples and clit deep into the vacuum cup. The sensations are not bad and are in fact very stimulating.

Your pussy gets very moist and you feel an orgasm coming on. Mr X comes up to you and starts licking the juices from your cunt whilst Mr Y goes over to the other girl. You turn your head and see that she too seems to be enjoying the vacuum pump too. Mr X’s tongue on your cunt feels good and you reward him with your juices flowing freer. Mr Y slides his hand deep into the girls cunt. He makes a fist and savagely pumps his hand in her cunt. She screams in pain. This spurs on Mr Y to push even harder making her scream louder still. For some perverted reason her screams turn

you on and soon you too are screaming, but not with pain but with ecstasy as your orgasm hits home. Mr X stops licking and gets up and thrusts his prick into your cunt.

A few thrusts and he is coming, shooting his load into you. Mr X withdraws and lets

Mr Z have a turn. Mr Z had been watching and had been slowly jacking himself off. He comes over to you and pushes his prick into your arse. He roughly fucks your arse and it is very painful. Mr Z does not last long and is soon shooting his load too. The vacuum machine is working all the time and now what was pleasant sensations are getting painful. All the while Mr Y is fisting the girl causing her to continuously scream with every thrust. Eventually he takes his hand out and thrusts his rampant prick into her arse. A few pumps and he shots his load into her.

Mr X goes over to the girl and starts licking out her abused cunt, whilst Mr Y comes over to you. You soon know what the girl went through as Mr Y slides his hand into your cunt. The hand going in was not too bad but when he made a fist that is when the pain became bad. As he punches his hand deep inside of you, hitting your cervix, you scream as the intense pain hits you. Now things are not pleasant and you too scream with every thrust as the pain hits you. Mr X has come hard again after sucking the girl’s cunt and he plunges his prick into her cunt. This time it takes him longer to come and the girl is still sobbing from Mr Y ministrations. She is starting to sore and she winces with every thrust. As soon as Mr X finishes Mr Z steps in and fucks her cunt too. He takes a long time to come and the girl is now extremely sore. Your cunt is getting sore with the fisting which just makes the pain worse. Mr Y eventually takes out his hand and fucks your arse. He takes a long time to come and by the time he is finished your arse is as sore as your cunt.

At this point they turn off the vacuum pump and take off the cups. As the vacuum is removed pain races into your breasts and once more you both are screaming. They leave you there for a while so they can rest and get ready for the next torment.

They return and bring with them a couple of gags. These gags had a small dildo on one side and a long dildo on the other. They fitted the gags to you and the other girl so that the small dildo was inside your mouth. They then untied you both and took you both back to the bed where they again tied you two in a sixty nine position with you on the bottom. They forced the long dildos of the gags into your cunts. They then put straps around your heads so that you could not take the dildos out. You could take them out a little way but not enough to remove them completely. They took the blonde girls breast bondage off. Her tits were extremely sore from this torture. Into your arses they shove butt plugs lubricated with chilli sauce. The sauce heating and stinging effect kicked in as soon as it touched your sore arse. The dildo gag prevented you from screaming loudly. You squirmed to try and get away from the pain and the movement causes the dildo to move in the girl’s cunt. She is doing the same as the pain hits her too. As you both move there is a mixture of pain and pleasure racking your body; pain from the chilli and your sore arse and pleasure from the movement of the dildo in your cunt. As the endorphins kick in the pleasure part increases and you are both moving your heads, pushing the dildos in and out, trying to get each other to come. The pain from the chilli slowly subsides and you can concentrate on achieving an orgasm. You push the dildo hard into the girl’s cunt and she responds the same. It is enough and you are into your orgasm. Your body shakes which triggers the girl’s orgasm. You both lie there shaking, giving each other pleasure.

Mr X comes along and climbs on the bed so he can enter the girls arse. He is rock hard and he has put on a condom. He pulls the butt plug from the girls arse and plunges his prick into her. His balls hang down over your face and you have no option

but to watch him fuck her arse. She squirms on top of you as the chilli sauce makes its effects known to her again. Her squirming of course moves the dildo around and you soon reach another climax. As Mr X reaches his climax, he withdraws and removes the condom. He then jacks himself off and ejaculates all over your face and into your eyes. It stings when it lands in your eyes. Mr X gets off and they all roll the pair of you over so that you are now on top. It is now Mr Y’s turn to do to you what Mr X did to the girl. Mr Y pulls out the butt plug and straight away the chilli kicks in again. You too squirm and the dildo stimulates the girl. As Mr Y plunges his prick into your arse there is no respite from the chilli. Mr Y thrusting keeps the chilli moving so your arse does not have time to get immune to it. The pain is excruciating and you wish it would stop. Soon Mr Y withdraws, removes his condom and jacks off all over the girls face. Mr Z replaces Mr Y and once again your arse is assailed with a condom covered prick. You have to endure more pain as Mr Z roughly fucks your arse. You get no pleasure from this as the pain is too great although all your movements are sending the girl into ecstasy. Mr Z finally nears his orgasm and he too withdraws and removes his condom and then jacks off all over the girls face.

They leave you two tied up for the rest of the night. There was no way you were going to get any sleep. Any movement you made eventually manifested itself in moving the dildo in the girl’s cunt which disturbs her. Her movements were doing the same to your cunt. To top it all your bladder was starting to complain and wanting to be emptied. As the night wore on the pain from your bladder was building. Towards dawn you could not hold on any longer and you released your pee. It went all over the girls face and because of all the stimulation you have had in your cunt you orgasm too. The other girl seeing and feeling you pee does the same and she too climaxes. Soon the girl is lying in a puddle of piss.

The men return some time later and untie and untangle you both. It feels good for once not to have anything in your orifices. They tie your hands behind your back with a cable tie and blindfold you. They do the same with the girl. Mr Y takes hold of your head and bends you over so that he can put his prick into your mouth. He moves your head up and down on his prick forcing it deep down your throat. Whilst he is doing that Mr Z comes over and puts his prick into your cunt and proceeds to fuck you. The girl is forced to suck Mr Z’s prick. All that can be heard is the grunts of the men as they thrust into their respective orifices. Mr Y is the first to come, shooting his load down your throat. He is followed by Mr Z who fills your cunt with his spunk. Mr X jets his load down the girl’s throat.

When they have finished they put gags onto you and, Mr Z goes and fetches the van whilst you and the girl are lead outside. The van pulls up and you are shoved into the back. The other men climb in and the van drives off. As the journey progresses the men keep fondling your breast and pushing their fingers into your cunt. After some time the van stops and you are pulled out. You are lead to a tree where they tie you face first to the tree trunk. The bark is rough and it rubs your nipples making them sore. The van drives off and you are left there, naked, tied to a tree who knows where.

Some while later you hear voices shouting.

“Here she is!” Somebody shouts and you hear foot steps as they approach. You feel a blanket being wrapped around you. The blindfold is taken off and you see that it is a

policewoman. She unties you and wraps you up in a blanket and leads you to an ambulance, where a paramedic examines you.

“She is basically Ok, some extensive bruising but that is all.” The paramedic tells the police officer.

The ambulance drives off taking you to the hospital. You are free and now safe; all you need now is time to recover.

Copyright 2005 Victor Ian Pringle, All rights reserved.