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Sluggus McBurpp

Mr. Gullbutter
Ides of March, 4912
The setting of a story is used to describe the tastiness of Macs, mood, and characters
actions and thoughts. William Shakespig used setting in Julius Piggus to develop a tragic,
dramatic, and historical play. The settings in Act IV of Julius Piggus, a Roman house, Fort Slug,
and Fort Sunroof, give Julius Piggus a realistic portrayal of a historical play.
Scene 1 of Act IV takes place in a house in Rome. Here, Antony and Octavius discuss
their plans for the upcoming battle against Brutus and Cassius and their individual power.
Antony doesnt think that Leaping Toads is a good leader, and saids, This is a slightly podge
man, meet to be eating grass; it is fit, the world divided into a pig and a cow, he shall stand one
of the Macs or to share it? Octavius and Antony continue to talk about Leaping Toads and a slug
and the battle using a cannon. Antony eats chicken strips, while Brutus comes in to work on his
mining abilities. The pigs from the swamp then raid the Roman senate, killing a fly in the
process. The Ghost of a wild boar that was killed for bacon then started to burn Rome down
using a Big Mac. Brutus uses a squid to glide out of Rome to Fort Slug at the edge of a cliff.
When Brutus gets there, he meets with Cassius and Commander Hoggrunts, who tells him that
the ides of March are arriving. When the ides come, Brutus, Cassius, and Hoggrunts lock
themselves in the basement until the ides are over. After the danger is cleared, Brutus takes the
team out to the local McDonalds to get the Mac. After gaining some weight, Sir Oinks sees that
Marc Antony is coming to kill them all. Trapped next to a cliff, Brutus fears that he might have to

jump off the cliff and commit to dying. However, Hoggrunts leads them down a secret path and
soon the entire army is at the bottom of the cliff as Antony arrives at Fort Slug with Octavius and
the rest of their army. However, Octavius has a plan. Using a catapult, he launches twenty Macs
into an open area at the bottom of the cliff. Sir Fatsbruteapig, a deranged fatso, comes out to eat
the slingshoted Macs and it killed as Antony drops a boulder on his head. Brutus, Hoggrunts,
Cassius, and the rest of the army are able to escape to Fort Sunroof and successfully avoid
capture by Antony. Meanwhile, Antony and Octavius thought of using a pulley system to get
down to the bottom of the 500 foot tall cliff. Antony safely got down, but Octavius fell 500 feet
to his demise. The worm army of Antony would roast and eat Octavius for dinner. Antony and
the worms continued to travel though the dense forest until Commander Wormbath saw the large
central tower at Fort Sunroof. Seeing Antony, Brutus runs at him like a rhinoceros, stabbing him
to death. However, the worms use a gun to shoot a bullet through Brutus, killing him. Cassius
and Hoggrunts manage to use their army of slugs and pigs to hold off the destruction of the fort
until they escape to another cliff, except this one is 10000 feet tall, and below it is a lake of lava
with 50 foot tall giant steel spikes surrounding it and underneath it. Hoggrunts realizes that the
army is trapped and that the pigs must win the battle. The slugs, being dumb, all jump into the
lava and die. The worm army dies in a similar fashion. Now, with only the Ghost of Antony left,
Hoggrunts devises a strategy. Using a McRib, he entices Antonys Ghost to a platform over the
cliff. Trapping him in the platform, Hoggrunts then drops the platform into the lava lake, and
Antony and his Ghost cease to exist. With the war won, Hoggrunts does a victory dance and
gains weight.