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Napolen Isabelo Veloso Abueva (born January

26, 1930), more popularly known as Napolen
Abueva, is a Filipino artist. He is a sculptor given the
distinction as the Philippines' National Artist
for Sculpture. He is also entitled as the "Father of
Modern Philippine Sculpture". He is the
only Boholano given the distinction as National Artist
of the Philippines in the field of Visual Arts. His works
include "The Sculpture", which is installed in the
United Nations headquarters in New York City. His
other works are Kaganapan, Kiss of Judas, Thirty
Pieces of Silver, The Transfiguration and many more.

Arturo Rogerio Luz (born November 20, 1926) is

a Philippine National Artist awardee in visual arts.
He is also a
known printmaker,sculptor, designer and art
administrator. A founding member of the modern
Neo-realist school in Philippine art, he received the
National Artist Award, the country's highest accolade
in the arts, in 1997.
Luz has produced art pieces through a disciplined
economy of means. His early drawings were
described as "playful linear works" influenced
by Paul Klee. His best masterpieces are minimalist,
geometric abstracts, alluding to the modernist
"virtues" of competence, order and elegance; and
were further described as evoking universal reality
and mirrors an aspiration for an acme of true Asian

modernity. He sculpted the stainless steel cube in front

of the Benguet Mining Corporation Building in Pasig City.

Guillermo Estrella Tolentino His works include the

UP Oblation, and the Bonifacio Monument in Caloocan
City. His other works include bronze figures of President
Manuel Quezon, busts of Jose Rizal, and a marble
statue of Pres. Ramon Magsaysay which is installed in
the GSIS Building. He also did the official seal of the
Republic of the Philippines.

Abdulmari Asia Imao is a Filipino sculptor. Imao was

named National Artist of the Philippines for Sculpture in 2006.
A Tausg, Imao is the first Moro to receive the recognition. Aside
from being a sculptor, Imao is also
a painter, photographer, ceramist, cultural researcher, documentary film maker, writer, and a patron
of Philippine Muslim art and culture.
His works include the Industry Brass Mural installed at the Philippine National Bank in La Union, the
Mural Relief on Filmmaking at the Manila City Hall, the Industrial Mural at the Central Bank of the

Philippines in La Union, and Sulu Warriors, which

are statues of Paglima Unaid and Captain
Abdurahim Imao installed at the Sulu Provincial

Eduardo Castrillo (born October 31, 1942) is an award-winning Filipino sculptor. He was born
in Santa Ana, Manila, the youngest of five children of Santiago Silva Castrillo, a jeweler, and
Magdalena De Los Santos, a leading actress in Zarzuelas and Holy
Weekpageants in Makati, Philippines. Castrillo was a Republic Cultural Heritage awardee. He is also
a jewelry artist and designer. His works are mostly large welded metal sculptures displayed at the
Manila Memorial Park

Isabelo Tampinco His works are mostly inside the

churches of Intramuros, particularly the Manila
Cathedral and San Agustin Church.

Rey Paz Contreras (born August 31, 1950) is a prominent Filipino sculptor working with urban
refuse and environmental materials as artistic media. He is inspired by the
indigenous Filipino culture and creates visual forms of
contemporary images that explore a distinct Filipino
aesthetics. Contreras' pioneered the exercise of travieza
or hardwood railroad tracks through the late 70s.

Anastacio Tanchauco Caedo (14 August 1907 12 May

1990) was a Filipino sculptor and one of the Philippines'
greatest sculptors. His style of sculpture was classical
realist in the tradition of his mentor, Guillermo Tolentino.

His best known works include the MacArthur

Landing site in Palo Red Beach, Leyte; the Benigno
Aquino Monument which was originally at the corner
of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas in Makati; the
Bonifacio Monument in Pugad Lawin, Balintawak;
and numerous statues of Jose Rizal, most notably
the ones displayed in Philippine embassies
throughout the world. He produced
numerous commissioned representational sculpture
s mainly monuments of national heroes and
successful Filipino politicians, businessmen, and
Caedo is also notable for having refused the honor
of being awarded a National Artist of the Philippines - in 1983, 1984, and 1986.

Ray Mudjahid Ponce Millan, better known as Kublai Millan or Kublai is a prolific artist
from Mindanao. He is known for his giant sculptures. Aside from being a sculptor he is also a art
photographer, painter, digital artist and performance artist.

Ben-Hur Villanueva is a Filipino sculptor, painter, educator, lecturer, and art entrepreneur based
in Baguio City, and was one of the artists who first established the Baguio Arts Guild.
He has also served as a president for the Society of Philippine Sculptors (SPS), as Art director for
the Ephpheta Foundation for the Blind, Inc., and as vice president-treasurer for Unescos
International Art Association (IAA).