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MML IB - Assessment by Long Essay

With effect from 1 October 2014, the "Portfolio of Essays" option for Part
IB of the MML Tripos will be replaced with "Assessment by Long Essay".
Staff and current students will find more detailed information on the MML
IB Moodle Course Site.
For Michaelmas Term 2014 questions please click here.
For some (but not all) of the papers available at MML IB, students will
have the opportunity to submit two essays for examination, rather than
sitting the 3 hour written exam. The essays will be between 3,500 and
4,000 words in length. The first essay will be submitted on the first Friday
of the Lent Term and the second will be submitted on the first Friday on
the Easter Term. Questions will be published during the Michaelmas and
Lent Terms. The Long Essay option is designed to introduce a degree of
continuous assessment into the examinations process. It is also useful
preparation for the Year Abroad Project and the Optional Dissertation at
Part II, both longer pieces of assessed coursework.
Students who wish to register for the examination by Long Essay scheme
will do so by selecting the "E" option for that exam when registering for
their exams on CamSIS (e.g. FR5E, IT4E, etc.).
Students who opt for the Long Essay assessment scheme are expected to
attend lectures and supervisions for the paper in the same manner as if
they were preparing for the written examination. The only difference is
that the final supervision of the Michaelmas and Lent terms is devoted to
discussion of an plan (maximum: 1,000 words) of the long essay which
the student then writes up over the vacation. Students do not receive
supervisions for the paper in Easter Term if they have submitted both of
the long essays. Supervisors may choose to supervise long essay
candidates alongside exam candidates or to see them separating, at their
discretion. Supervisors shall not read or comment on any written drafts of
the candidate's long essay, nor shall they offer advice subsequently, either
by email or in person.

Important dates/deadlines for the academic

year 2014-15

Questions for essay submission at the start of the Lent Term will be
published on the MML IB Moodle Course Site on Monday 9 November

Questions for essay submission at the start of the Easter Term will
be published on the MML IB Moodle Course Site on Friday 13 February

First essay submission deadline will be 12.00 pm on Friday 16

January 2015.

Second essay submission deadline will

be 12.00 pm on Friday 24 April 2015.

Papers available for examination by Long Essay

in the academic year 2014-15

FR 3 - Love, violence and power in France, 1100-1500

FR 4 - Rethinking the human: French literature, thought and
culture, 1500-1700
FR 5 - Revolutions in writing, 1700-1900
FR 6 - Innovation and upheaval: deformation and reformulation in
the 20th and 21st centuries

GE 2 - German history and thought since 1750

GE 5 - Modern German Culture (1): 1750-1914

GE 6 - Modern German Culture (2): 1890 to the present day

IT 4 - Autobiography and self-representation in Italian culture

IT 5 - Italian identities: place, language and culture

NL 1 - Introduction to Neo-Latin literature, from 1350 to 1700

PG 4 - Self, family, nation and empire in Lusophone culture

SL 4 - Russian culture from the Golden Age to the Silver Age

SL 6 - Russian culture after 1953

SL 7 - Soviet and Russian cinema

SP 3 - Medieval Iberian and the Spanish Golden Age culture

SP 4 - Modern Spanish culture and history

SP 5 - Spanish-American culture and history

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