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CSI 9420 Battery Life Optimization Guide

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16 Oct 2013
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16 Oct 2013
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The purpose of this document is to provide information on how to properly setup a CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration
Transmitter to achieve optimized battery life.

For long battery life, keep the number of power up cycles to a minimum

The 9420 consist of two parts:

Standard WirelessHART Data collection. (BURSTING - we can burst Optimized, or we can BURST using
GENERIC BURST MODE. This will become important below.)
Advanced Bulk data collection. (MHM Data Import Service connects directly to the 9420 and commands
what data to collect
Standard WirelessHART Data collection

All WirelesHART Devices assigns data to four variables PV, SV, TV, QV and Device Health variables. This data is
bursted to the gateway. Software or Processes collect the data from the gateway. If a request for a variable is made,
and not cached in the Gateway, the Gateway will go and wake Power the Device.
Switch to Generic Burst Mode

If the ambient temp is not cached in the Gateway, the Gateway has to go to the 9420, wake it up. Also, the same is true
for supply voltage, if these are dual accelerometer and supply voltage is not mapped to PV/SV/TV/QV. The Gateway
will have to go out to the transmitter, wake it up, to get the values. The fix for this, is to configure the 9420 for generic

burst mode. This bursts both ambient temp and supply voltage on a normally scheduled publishes. Therefore these
values get cached in the gateway, so that the Gateway no longer has to wake up the 9420.

The CSI 9420 was not designed to just provide the battery voltage. It assumes that every time you wake it up, you want
to have the overall values, PeakVues PLUS spectrum and waveform. Even though the Host just wants to know that the
supply voltage is currently at 6.83 volts, the CSI 9420 will measure EVERYTHING. It will power the accelerometers for
several seconds to settle the signal, then acquire all vibration data and process it for transmission. The only thing that
actually gets sent to the gateway is the requested supply voltage. But the CSI 9420 has invested all of that battery power
in measuring EVERYTHING. Now imagine that their Host is asking for the supply voltage every 10 minute s or perhaps
even more frequently. Then the device would be running almost all the time, and the battery would be d rained in a
matter of weeks.

Emerson Optimize Burst only transmits PV,SV,TV, and QV values

There is less than 3% power difference between Emerson Optimize and Generic Burst. There is not much energy savings
for the 9420 using Emerson Optimize. However, if a 9420 is being cycled every 10 minutes to get data not cached in
Gateway. The battery is dead within a year or less.
9420 cached values on the 1420
Two Accels
Emerson Optimize

Ignore CURRENT - 9420 does not publish a current value NaN Not a Value
A Quick way to tell which burst option is being used:
o CUIRRENT will show RED dot with Emerson Optimize Burst
o GREEN dot for Generic Burst

Generic Burst

NOTE: Most issues we have seen with battery life lasting less than a year, has been the default setup of Snap-On in
AMS Device Manager polling the 9420 for supply voltage every ten minutes. However, a Variable request can be made
by any Modbus/OPC System connected to the 1420 gateway.

9420 - Advanced Bulk data collection

Advanced Bulk Data Collection: This is opposite from the Standard Data Collection, Machinery Health Manager Data
Import Service is talking directly thru the gateway, waking up the 9420, collecting advanced data, then send it back
using the WirelessHART protocol. For WirelessHART, the advanced data is extremely large, and has to be managed. That
is the reason for Fairness Policy.
Limit the number Analytical Waveform and Spectrum taken per month


If you need analytical Waveform and Spectrum, just take waveform, the spectrum will be extracted from the
waveform in the software. High resolution data should be collected no more often than once per week and
preferably once per month.
You can take two Analytical Spectrums to one Analytical Waveform, Collecting Spectrum data is about twice as
fast as collecting waveform. If you do not need waveform, do not take it.
Requesting Thumbnail Spectrum will also bring over all the energy bands (NOTE: Thumbnail spectra only
require one message packet, so they will not overtax the power supply or the network. Therefore, they are
ALWAYS recommended for frequent monitoring of the spectra.

9420s will determine collection order. Once collections have finished for a unit, the next 9420 will start collecting if it is
time and the data transferred hasnt already reached the threshold as de fined in the publishing policy.

Warning: Stopping and Starting data collection will start the whole process from scratch. You will see Child errors in
Data Import Status, these errors will go away as the units collect data and organize themselves.

Turn On Power Save

The way that our DD is created, you cannot have a burst rate that is over 1 hour HOWEVER if you go into the DD and
turn on the AMS Machinery Manager Access Rights, then it is possible in the Data Import module of the AMS Machinery
Manager software to configure the transmitter for POWER SAVE mode. This will cause the transmitter to retransmit an
old measurement several times in a row instead of taking a new measurement. If the Power Save is set to skip 1,
with a burst rate of 1:00 hour, then it will take a new reading every 2 hours. If the Power Save is set to skip 23, with a
burst rate of 1:00 hour, then it will only take a new reading every 24 hours.

Turn LCD Off

Even if the LCD screen is not attached to the 9420. You will still need to connect to the 9420 ei ther thru 475 or Device
Manager and Disable LCD. The 9420 will power up to publish LCD screen status.

Do Not Insert Battery

Do not insert battery into the 9420 until you are ready for it to join the network. As soon as the unit is powered up, it
will start announcing itself trying to connect to a network.


If you take a Volt meter to a new battery, it should be around 7 volts +/- a few tenths of a volt.
The 9420 takes voltage readings under load, the Supply Voltage value will be different than a volt reading from a Voltage
Meter thats directly connected to the battery.

5.3 volts - Data collection will stop. However, the radio will continue to transmit. If you look at the 9420 Variable page in
the 1420 Gateway, you will see all 9420 Variables with a NaN value and Red dot with Bad Constant.

Check for Reliability, Signal Strength, and Joins.

In the 1420 Gateway: select DIAGNOSTICS NETWORK-DEVICES

Reliability and Path Stability: Should be 100% or close to it.

RSSI : this is signal strength -0 to -80 is good, -80 to -90 is borderline, -90 to -100 signal is to weak. Lower signal strength
needs more power to transmit.
Joins: make sure youre not getting a lot of joins. If there is a weak signal, the 9420 may be losing connection and
attempting to rejoin the network.

Select the underlined 9420 Hart Tag, this will give you more of a breakdown of the 9420s connections

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