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Bringing it to the chapter level...

Chapter Office Activity/Resource/Event Which S?

Are Your Seniors Making Headlines
(Situation, Support,
Strategies, Self) in Your Chapter?

Sorority seniors bid farewell to Delta Zelta

Rachel Fox Posted: 5/29/03
Article from the University of Denver student newspaper, The Daily Clarion
Delta Zeta sorority celebrated their spring formal in style at the Renaissance Hotel on May 16. The theme was "Our
Shining Stars."

Junior Alyssa Abrams led the senior ceremony, which is a Delta Zeta tradition at every senior formal. During the
VP-New Member Ed
ceremony, awards were given to seniors such as "Delta Zeta dream girl" awarded to Nicole Jacobs, and "most
changed since freshman year," which was given to Katie Gibson.

Awardees received humorous and touching gifts from their sorority sisters. Members also shared their memories
Secretary about the graduating seniors.

"We have been so lucky to have such wonderful and amazing seniors. I know that I would not be the DZ I am
today without them," junior Jen Zamarripa said.
Junior Jodie Darnell said, "I have become really close with this group of girls over the past three years. They will be
greatly missed."

Philanthropy Chair After the ceremony, sorority members and their dates danced to music spun by DJ Dave.

"Formal was a nice way to celebrate the end of my four years here with my close friends and sisters," senior Marie
Wanasz said.
Social Chair
Delta Zeta's senior class of 2003, which consists of 11 women, has contributed a great deal to their sorority. The
women helped to make the house what it is today through their leadership, strong sense of sisterhood, dedication and
hard work.

CCD Senior Muy Le said, "The saddest part about being a senior for me was the fact that this was our last formal ever. I
will miss Delta Zeta a lot next year."

"The reason I am comfortable moving on from my college sorority experience is because I am so incredibly
Other: confident in Delta Zeta's ability to live up to this legacy," Simmons said. "I feel the house is in good hands and I
have confidence in the future."

Other: As a CCD, what are you doing to

Other: support your seniors?
Renee Piquette 02/03/2007 – Delta Zeta CCD Conference – Dallas, TX Renee Piquette 02/03/2007 – Delta Zeta CCD Conference – Dallas, TX
Why do we need to support our senior members? One Answer: Schlossberg's Transition Theory
Key to student development theory, Schlossberg believed that there were characteristics and ways that
● They are invested members of our chapters students could cope and manage through a given moment of transition.
● Younger members look up to them (which can be good and bad...) What is most substantial to us in this theory is the idea of Schlossberg's 4S's that assist in helping those in
● Seniors are often our past exec board members and officers – they have knowledge to transition: 1. Situation 2. Self 3. Support 4. Strategies.
share and training to assist with Knowing this, in what ways can our chapters assist in each of these areas?
● They are our future alumnae – each woman is a future CCD, Alumnae Chapter 4 S's Chapter Resources/Programs
President, National Council Member and outstanding representative of what ΔΖ is Situation (what can we help Ex: Provide timelines for graduate school applications
for the rest of her life. our seniors understand about
what's coming in their
What are the problems we see with seniors in our chapters? future?)
Problem Reason
“Senioritis” Four (or more) years of undergraduate begin to get long and
they are anxious to experience new things.
Resist chapter change Often seniors are realizing what they will be missing and want Self (how can we help our Ex: During chapter retreat, have a separate session for seniors to discuss
to hold on to it – in some cases this means the chapter should seniors understand more about their future goals
remain the same as it was when they first joined. Their need to who they are to assist in their
continue to have chicken kiev at preference dinner instead of coming transition?)
chicken alfraedo may seem unnecessary to us, but to them it's
holding on to a piece of tradition that's been their sorority
Apathy Why come to chapter when members are discussing the same
issues and problems that were talked about two years ago?
What's in it for them? Support (what can our Ex: Senior send-off
Moving out of chapter houses Freedom. Enough said. chapter and members offer?)
Bitter/angry/frustrated Lack of motivation combined with a lack of chapter support.
They're asking what value do I have to the chapter anymore?
I've paid my dues, done my time, fundraised, took a little
sister...now what?

So what can be done and understood about our senior women to help them to
continue to have a positive experience in our chapters?
What we need to understand about seniors: Strategies (what knowledge, Ex: Workshop on how to manage your finances
coping skills, and other life
● They are at a different stage developmentally and in their needs than younger members skills can we equip our seniors
● Being a senior is a time of transition – many are faced with difficult decisions and realities (e.g. with to help them ease into
Finding a job, getting into graduate school, potentially having to move back in with parents, this transition?)
student loan & credit card debt, etc.)
● We cannot continue to treat our senior members the same as our first-year through junior members
and expect the same results. What motivates our new initiates is not the same as what motivates a
three or four-year veteran.
● Motivating and supporting our seniors is not the sole job of any one officer – all of our members
needed to be invested.
Renee Piquette 02/03/2007 – Delta Zeta CCD Conference – Dallas, TX Renee Piquette 02/03/2007 – Delta Zeta CCD Conference – Dallas, TX