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11TH MARCH 2015


Welcome to the Massey Halls of Residence!

Welcome to all in the Massey University Halls family.

Above: Crazy Sports Day

Below: International Night

My name is Rebecca Price and I am the Acting Accommodation

Manager for the Halls of Residence. I am one of the many staff
here at Massey who bids you a warm welcome, especially to
those who have come from far and abroad. Living in the halls provides you with an
opportunity to grow as a person, where you will meet many people from different
backgrounds. Approach your new community with an open mind and embrace the
diversity of values and interests that you will come across.
Ive seen many of you participate in the Orientation Programme and hopefully this has
made your transition to University life a little smoother. For those who missed out,
make sure you have a chat with your RA to find out who you can talk to about settling
into your studies and university life, particularly if you are still trying to find your feet!
So far we are into Week 3 and already we have seen many of you participating in fun
events such as Crazy Sports Day and Relay for Life. A tremendous effort was put in by
all the halls turning up to the Relaya cause close to Masseys heart. It was also great
to see many students make the most of the electrical tagging service. There are more
events coming up such as Sex and the City and the Tree Planting Event. I encourage you
all to get involved, its a fun way to get to know your fellow residents.


Gumboot Shield and Ladder Board

International Night
Pancakes and Games
Relay for Life and Crazy Sports Day
Summer Shakespeare King Lear
Upcoming Events Sex and the City
Meet our Staff
Introducing Student Counselling
Sport and Recreation Centre
Medical Centre Enrol for free
Campus Living Welcome
Travel Fund for Massey Athletes
Careers Career Tips

By now the realities of your academic workload should have sunk in with upcoming
assignments and tests. If you are looking to succeed in university by upskilling yourself
both academically and personally, then you have the opportunity to tune in online to
various seminars. StudyUp: Knowledge to Go provides academic based seminars to
help you enhance your writing and study skills so that you can be the best student you
can be. Checkout http://owll.massey.ac.nz for more details. CROW (Counselling
Resources On The Web) introduces online tools to assist you with common areas of
concern for students.
If you have any questions, concerns or queries related to living in the halls, please talk
to your RAs. They are very important people as they are your first point of contact if
you have any problems and questions. They have a wealth of knowledge about the
different services available on campus and can refer you to the appropriate assistance
you may need.
Best wishes for the year!

extn 84163
Level 2, The Student Centre

Community Development Coordinators (CDCs)

CDCs (the Community Development Coordinators) are
responsible for putting together the Community Events
Programme for the Halls. They run things like the Crazy
Sports Day, Sex and the City, Tree Planting, the Halls
Ball and loads more.
Both of the CDCs are looking forward to meeting and
getting to know you all!

Caleb Tien

They have an office in Level 2 of the Student Centre,

room 2.15 if you ever want to chat to them.

Hey yall!
My name is Caleb and Im in my fourth and final year of
my Resource and Environmental Planning degree. When
Im not studying I love hanging out with mates, going for a
tramp, playing guitar, and going out for a good feed!
Im really looking forward to meeting you all, and Ill
hopefully catch you at the events coming up!

Emma Smith

My name is Emma and Im from Lower Hutt. Im in my 4 th
year of a conjoint degree majoring in Human Nutrition and
Marketing. I love the outdoors and keeping fit. Youll
probably see me going for runs around campus haha. I
enjoy spending my breaks from uni tramping. I am also
passionate about healthy food and protecting our beautiful
environment. Really looking forward to organising some
cool events for you all this year! Come and have a chat if
you have any ideas or feedback.

Gumboot Shield
In previous years, the gumboot competition was run as a Shield
Challenge similar to (but slightly more prestigious than) the
Ranfurly Shield. Halls would then challenge the Hall (that
currently held the shield) to a competition with the winner taking
possession of the gumboot.
The golden gumboot has retired and a new Gumboot Shield has
been commissioned and will be run as an inter-hall competition
throughout the year. All the points earned at main events run by
Accommodation Services, Student Life Events, Social Sport Leagues
and percentage of behaviour incidents and damages calculated each
Semester count towards the Gumboot competition. Points are
awarded for attendance and for placings.
At the end of the year, the hall with the most points will be taken
out for a meal in town. The hall will be given the opportunity of
showing off their Champion status amongst the other halls around
The Gumboot Shield is a new chapter in the Halls of Residences
history, creating friendly rivalry and adding more meaning and
identity to each Hall individually and within the whole community.
Colombo Hall took it out in 2014, who will it be in 2015?
Bring it on!!!

Jay Mason
City Court

Vita Matanimeke
City Court

Yves Zelles
City Court

Chioma Okafor
Kairanga Court

Semi Hausia
Kairanga Court

Shuai Yue
Rotary Court

Joy Seseve
Rotary Court

Rachel Creswell
Matai Hall

Andrew An
Matai Hall

Freya Try
Totara Hall

Jialiang Fan
Totara Hall

Gavin Ebalaroza

Angelique Reweti
Atawhai Village

Sio Tauto
Kiwitea Hall

Apeksha Rao
Tawa Hall

Carina Schill
Tawa Hall

Emma Syme
Miro Hall

Simon Horne
Miro Hall

Simone Ginwala
Colombo Hall

Eva Craig
Colombo Hall

Tamara Elsmore
Bindaloe Halls

Joyce Huang
McHardy Hall

Sarah James
McHardy Hall

Lutte Thys
Walter Dyer Hall

Elisha Masoe
Walter Dyer Hall

Worapat Sopa
Walter Dyer Hall

Yvette Jones
Moginie Hall

Ashlin Urieli
Moginie Hall

Ruth Walker
Egmont Court

Viladmir Kaul
Egmont Court

Why do the above people look familiar?

Because 100% of them live amongst you and they look after your welfare.

All of you would now have met your Residential Advisors (RAs) for your particular halls. We at Accommodation Services have a large team comprising of 30 RAs. Each of the RAs are
allocated across our 15 different halls and 2 groups of flats. Get to know your RAs, they are here to
support you in your stay in the Halls of Residence. Please remember, the RAs are also full time
students - so they have to go to class too and study! We also have 2 Community
Development Coordinators (CDCs) who are also full time students.
Please feel free to pop in to Level 2 of the Student Centre if you have any queries about life in the
halls. Brooke our Administrator will either answer your query directly or put you in the direction of
someone who can help you.

Rebecca Price
Acting Accommodation

Gerald Lologa
Assistant Accommodation

Koli Sewabu
Assistant Accommodation

Brooke Hopkins

O Week Events
International Night:
A Night of Ambrosia and Pavlova
On Tuesday 24th Feb, around 100 students from the
halls of residence and town gathered in The Centre for
International Night.
The night started off with Kemp Reweti teaching the
crowd the waiata Tutira Mai Nga Iwi.
Other cultural performances followed including
Taekwondo, and Chinese, Tongan and Nigerian
A huge thanks to those RAs who performed!
Then it was time for Kiwi themed dessert; Pavlova,
banana splits, ambrosia and homemade apple crumble
were just a few of the sweet treats students got to
enjoy. After dessert Paul from The Centre hosted a Kiwi
quiz. We hope that everyone had a great night, and
learnt something new about another culture!

More O Week Events

Pancake & Games Night
Pancake and Games Night carried on
from the success of International Night
two days prior, with the Centre being
packed with residents playing a variety
of games.
These ranged from good old classics such
as Monopoly and Cluedo, to Giant Chess
on the grass outside, Foosball, and the
Nintendo Wii being used via the
The night was a break in tradition from
previous years, with no set activities
planned. Rather, students were free to
mix and mingle all night over the range
of board and card games on offer. The watermelon which was brought out to whet the appetites of the students was
quickly snapped up.
Lets not forget about the main draw-card for this event PANCAKES! Paul was on the BBQ for most of the night, cooking
8 pancakes at a time, and worked hard to plate up piping hot pancakes for the massive line of eager residents.
Complimenting this was a condiment station manned by several cheerful RAs who served a variety of toppings.
Many thanks to the team at the Centre and RAs for all their help throughout the night. Also, a big shout out must go to all
the residents for coming along and making it an awesome night!

Matai-Miro-Totara-Tawa hall water fight!

A competitive round of
capture the flag was played,
where Matai was victorious.
Once the game was over,
residents had a free for all
water fight; which included
the use of buckets, washing
baskets, bags - basically
anything that could hold
When the water fight was
done, Matai had afternoon
tea in the common room
and most settled in to watch
the NZ vs Aus cricket which
was a stunner match!

Even More O Week Events!

Team building.




Introducing the Student Counselling Service

Some things in life are still free even at university. For many students, not just those who have recently moved to New
Zealand, counselling is not necessarily something you may have encountered before and many people still feel that they are
staunch and dont need to approach a counsellor perhaps through embarrassment or through misunderstanding,
talking to a counsellor can be somewhat scary for people.
What is counselling?
In the Student Counselling Service our stated objective is to assist students to minimise the impact of emotional or
psychological difficulties on academic achievement. In other words while you are trying to study life happens and gets
in the way that is normal. Most of the time we will manage them on our own or with the help of family and friends, and
by so doing we are better at coping the next time! But sometimes reaching out to other people can be important as well.
Counselling also offers an opportunity to talk to someone who will listen without criticism! Some people come to
counselling because they need a friendly ear, or a different perspective on a situation or to develop some additional
strategies. It offers more than talking to a friend - the time is all yours to talk about what is important to you - and you will
not have to face the person the next day in class!
People use counselling for a variety of issues, and not just because there is something wrong with them. It offers a safe
space to put into words the thoughts and feelings that are inside you - and in doing this gain some understanding and
control over them. Knowing when and how to reach out to other people and to accept help is a really important skill in life!
Within a very few limits, which will be discussed with you, everything which happens in the session remains completely
confidential so there is no fear of your family, your friends,
the Halls staff, or anyone else even finding out that you are
making use of the Service.

How do I arrange it?

The Student Counselling Service is on Level 1 of the Registry
and shares a reception space with the Massey Medical
Centre. To make an appointment you should go to the
website (http://pncounselling.massey.ac.nz) and follow the
links to the initial questionnaire. We find it is really useful
for both counsellor and client if this questionnaire is filled in
s.counselling@massey.ac.nz or call extn 85533 (again the
same as medical) and we can arrange for you to be seen
In addition we host a self-help website http://
crow.massey.ac.nz with heaps of useful information. We
also run two increasingly popular workshops Mindfulness
for Academic Success and Stress Less.
Dont let things interfere with achieving your goals while
you are at Massey. Come and talk about the stuff life throws
at you before it grows and becomes less manageable!

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Hi everyone
You will all be coming to grips with new routines, whether its study, work, new living arrangements or all of the above.
Whatever it might be we hope that you are settling into it smoothly. This can be a challenging time, but simple things
can make life so much easier.

Make sure you have a wall planner up and are using it and remember the useful tips that were given to you over
orientation about planning!

Dont forget there are services and workshops that we have in place to help you whether you are on campus or
not. The academic series is available to you online.

StudyUp: Knowledge to go!

These are half-hour ONLINE sessions designed to enhance writing and study skills. Attend just one, or all of them. Boost
your time management, strategic reading, and writing skills. Youll also learn about critical reasoning and how to shift
from description to analysis.
Get comfortable in a place that suits you the library, at home, outside in the sunshine. All you need is an internet
connection. For the schedule and to register go to: http://owll.massey.ac.nz/studyup.php.
We also have a weekly evening series running at 7pm



7 March

Writing Paragraphs a short support class discussing

the construction of paragraphs for academic writing.


12 March

Avoiding plagiarism a short support class discussing

references and how to avoid plagiarism in your
academic writing.


19 March

Writing Essays a short support class discussing the

nuts and bolts on how to write an essay.


2 April

APA Referencing a short support class discussing the

basics of APA referencing.


7 May

Preparing a Poster Presentation a short workshop

which provides practical advice on how to make and
effective visual presentation of posters for seminars
or conferences.
Memory Skills for Exams a short support class
discussing how to manage your memory to remember
what you need to.


Exam Preparation a short class offering tips and

advice for preparing for your final exams.


14 May
21 May


So regardless of where or how you are studying, you can access these workshops!
Happy Studying,
Centres for Teaching and Learning.

Massey Careers
Welcome to Massey University from the Massey Manawatu
Careers Team we hope you are enjoying your first weeks
on campus!
This is a busy time of the year for the Careers Team as
recruitment for graduate and summer roles have already
started. You might think you dont need to be applying for
jobs for a while but this time next year some of you should
be! So take some time this year to examine the process and
get a head start by looking into what employers/roles
interest you.
While formal summer internship programmes do lead to
graduate roles, the actual programmes only make up a small
percentage of the roles being advertised to students,
and they also attract a large number of applications. They
do give you a great opportunity to engage with the process
and gain valuable experience in applying and being
interviewed for jobs. So have a look at them now and see if
there are any that interest you to apply for in 2016.
So what should you be doing right now?

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Mindfulness for Academic Success

A five-session series, Mondays 10.30am 12.00pm
March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

Your first weekly student allowance or student loan

living costs payment should start this week if youve
done everything correctly.
Please log on to
myStudylink to check that you are good to go.
If StudyLink is waiting on confirmation from the
University, please see the team at Campus Information
Building as there may be an issue with your enrolment
which is affecting this.
The team is available from 8.00am 5.00pm
Monday Friday.

Palmerston North only. Free for Students and Staff.

Train your Attention and improve your concentration
Maximise Brain Performance
Overcome Procrastination
Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Enhance Wellbeing
Learn how to learn better
Topics include: Introduction to mindfulness, Stress and the
mind, Strategies for staying focused, Getting started and
staying on track dealing with procrastination, Letting go
of distractions and self-judgment
Enquiries to David Coomber, D.P.Coomber@massey.ac.nz

Circus theme for Shakespeares King Lear

The tragedy of King Lear gets a makeover as a
freak show/circus in this years Summer
Shakespeare, directed by Chilean-born dramatist
and Massey University Visiting Artist Jaime
Drner says the freak show concept with a
bearded Goneril and two-headed Regan as Lears
avaricious daughters is designed to bring out
the grotesque aspects of the characters natures.
Their husbands, the Dukes of Albany and
Cornwall, assume circus personas as a strongman
and knife-thrower.
And King Lear, played by seasoned thespian and
drama teacher Ralph Johnson, will take on a
freakish appearance with the help of makeup and

Ralph Johnson as King Lear with Massey student Kat Sowerby playing the
Fool, at a Summer Shakespeare rehearsal.

King Lear starts on Thursday, 5 March at the Victoria Esplanade Gardens in Palmerston North. Costumes have all been
designed and made for the show, and gypsy-flavoured circus music composed by musical director Suzy Hawes will add to
the colourful, carnival extravaganza.
Drner, who is directing a Summer Shakespeare production in Palmerston North for the second time as a Massey University
Visiting Artist (the first was A Midsummer Nights Dream four years ago), says his aim was to create a strong aesthetic that
would underpin the outrageous motivations of the Lear family, and the drama of the story.
The plot revolves around the decision of the elderly King Lear to divide his kingdom and wealth between his three
daughters in return for a declaration of their affections. Greed, betrayal, madness and grief ensue as the family
self-destructs and Lear teeters towards the realisation of what genuine love means.
Massey University third-year Bachelor of Arts (English) student Kat Sowerby, who plays the Fool and is one of several
Massey students involved in the production, says performing on stage is a dream come true. She saw Drners A
Midsummer Nights Dream and longed to be up on stage but was too shy to consider acting then.
During her degree she has taken every theatre paper taught by award-winning playwright and School of English and Media
Studies lecturer Associate Professor Angie Farrow and says she has gained a lot more confidence along the way. She has
discovered her love of literature especially New Zealand fiction and is hoping to do postgraduate study.
Enrolling in a BA was the best decision, she says, as it has opened up numerous areas of interest. I love learning, and see
myself as a life-long learner.
Massey is the major sponsor of Summer Shakespeare, which is also supported by the city's Creative Communities and
Eastern Central Trust. It was initiated 13 years ago and is produced annually by the School of English and Media Studies.

Show details:
Dates: March 5 ,6,7,12,13, and 14
Time: 7.30pm
Entry: Free
Where: Victoria Esplanade Gardens, Fitzherbert Avenue, Palmerston North

10 reasons you should join Twitter

Massey is on Twitter and we think you should be too!
Heres some reasons to give it a go
Stay in the know
Follow key accounts for things youre interested in or that are relevant to you. These days news
breaks on Twitter before anywhere else, and who doesnt love being the first person to hear
about the latest celebrity scandal?
Connect with friends
Twitter is a great way to stay in touch with friends and isnt cluttered with ads like Facebook.
Make new friends
Follow hashtags youre interested in and join in on the conversation. Its a great way to connect with people who
share your interests and you may just end up making some friends. Follow the #MasseyUni hashtag to connect with
fellow students, or why not create your own?
Connect with role models, idols and important people
These days, pretty much every celebrity with any credibility has a Twitter account, including most of the All Blacks.
Follow them, tweet them and RT them and you may just get a response. Its also a good idea to follow other
important people such as politicians and journalists.
Free Stuff
We run weekly competitions where students can win free stuff through the @MasseyUni Twitter account, and were
not the only ones. Lots of companies and brands run Twitter competitions giving away a wide range of goodies from
movie tickets to overseas trips - youve got to be in it to win it.
No matter what youre studying, there will be a Twitter account (or two) that is dedicated to this topic. For example, if
youre studying Vet, following the Vet Association. Studying Agriculture? There are a bunch of accounts to follow.
Following accounts relevant to your degree will give you access to a whole world of information that you may never
have known existed.
Youll never be bored
Whether youre up late studying, or waiting for the bus, Twitter will always be there to entertain (or distract you).
Stay safe
In the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster Twitter is often the best and fastest place to find out
information. Be sure to follow your local emergency services and organisations such as Geonet.
Personal branding
Your Twitter account, in addition to other social media networks such as LinkedIn, is a great place to start developing
your personal brand. Employers and recruitment agencies are using social media more than ever before to find
talented employees and Twitter is just one way you can get your name, face and personality in front of them.
Get more out of Uni
Apart from the main Massey University account (@MasseyUni), there are a whole heap of Massey Twitter accounts
for a whole range of services. For example, Stream and the Library both have Twitter accounts. Many of your lecturers
are on Twitter too!
Whether youre a Twitter pro, or new to the Twitterverse make sure you follow @MasseyUni and use the hashtag
#MasseyUni to stay in the loop with all the goings on around campus.

Campus Living


Campus Living would like to welcome you into the halls
for 2015. We are here to assist with all your on campus
accommodation queries such as accommodation
contracts, fees and room/hall maintenance. Our office
hours are Monday Friday 7.30am 6.00pm and we are
open on weekends from 11.00am 3.00pm. We look
forward to assisting you with your stay here on campus.
The due date for payment of your accommodation fees
has already passed, if you have opted to pay for the Full
Year or Full Semester, please ensure that you have
already done so.
If you are on a full year contract and paying your
accommodation fees using payment option 3: Paying an
upfront payment due 1st of February 2015 and 33 weekly
direct debits of $160.00 catered/ $120.00 self-catered
per week, we would like to remind you that your first
direct debit will be taken from your nominated bank
account on Wednesday the 11th of March. Please note if
you are using this payment option and your agreement
is for semester one only, your weekly direct debit starts
on the 4th of March 2015.
Please ensure that if you have any problems or queries
in regard to your payment of accommodation, you come
and speak to one of our front office staff.
CLV PORTAL: https://portal.clv.co.nz/StarRezPortal/
You should have received an email from Campus Living
in regard to the CLV portal with your log in details. (if
you have not received an email about the CLV portal
please come into our office urgently to confirm your
email and mobile number so we can update your details
or alternatively you can email your details to
campusliving@massey.ac.nz )
Things that you have access to in the portal are:

Maintenance Reporting

Accommodation Account

A room inventory check list should have been given to you

with your room keys on check in. It must be completed and
brought into our office urgently. It is extremely important
that you check the inventory items in your room. If you do
not sign off on them and any damage is found during room
inspections, you will be liable to pay for all damages found.
If you have not supplied a head and shoulders photo to us,
please email a copy through to campusliving@massey.ac.nz
Please note these photos are compulsory, and need to be of
yourself as these are required for our student records.
If you have a parcel delivery we will send you an email to let
you know that we have received a parcel for you at our
office, and that you will need to come to our office with
photo I.D. to collect this.

Welcome to Massey everyone!
I hope your first couple of weeks have gone okay and you
are settling in. I know we have already met some of you here
at The Centre, which has been great.
Feel free to drop in any time to chill out, study, make
yourself a free hot drink, and/or have a chat with one of us
chaplains. Chaplain basically means supporter, mentor, or
pastor, and we are here to listen to what is going on in your
life, and support you in any way we can.
We have a particular interest in the spiritual side of life and
are here to talk about this too if you want to. We also have a
particular interest in pancakes, and you can come and get
some for free on our Pancake Nights - Wednesday nights
from 7 - 8:30pm.
We would love to see you there!
Rebekah Jourdain
The Centre

Smoke Free Policy Reminder

It is our aspiration to be a healthy campus where staff and
students are not affected by other peoples smoking.
Unfortunately there were reports of people smoking in
inappropriate places on campus in 2014.
Our plans for 2015 are: Ongoing education of staff and
students about the smoke free policy


To those who have made it your New Year resolution to
quit, congratulations on your decision and we wish you well
during this time. Here are some links to smoking cessation
support services:

If you are a smoker and you need to have a smoke while

on campus, please be reminded of the following rules:

All buildings (including stairwells and balconies)

and MU vehicles are smoke free
Smoking is prohibited on the Concourse
Smoking is prohibited within 10 metre of buildings
Please respect all No Smoking signs
Please extinguish your cigarette butt into the
cigarette butt canisters provided around campus
If you are seen smoking in an inappropriate area,
please do not be offended if you are politely asked
to move on

Employee Assistance Programme (Staff)

Health and Counselling Services (Students)

Enrol for free Student Health

Travel Funding for Athletes

Be prepared. Many of you will get sick this year. Take

the worry out of what to do when it occurs and
PHO-Enrol now with the Student Health & Counselling
Service. Get this chore out of the way to ensure free
visits to the Student Health throughout the rest of this
year. If you do not PHO Enrol the $33.00 consultation
fee will only add to the misery of your illness.

Massey University offers funding for student-athletes

selected to represent New Zealand at an international

Our statistics indicate that over 60% of you will need to

use the Student Health & Counselling Service during the
coming year, for example, the university are
sticklers for medical certificates when assignments are
late due to illness.
So, if you have not done so already, complete the PHO
Enrolment form in your Halls welcome pack and return
the signed form to us here at the Student Health &
Counselling Service, Level 1 of the Registry building. Just
follow the signs from the concourse between the library
and the dining hall. Have a great year!
Dr Mark Morris
Medical Director
Student Health & Counselling Service - Manawatu

Secure your Security

As we are now coming to the busy part of the semester,
it is important that you keep valuables such as wallets,
laptops and cell phones safe from theft. Losing these
items is not only costly but may interrupt your study, an
inconvenience that you really don't need at this time of
the year.
We strongly recommend that you never leave your
valuables unattended in the library, student lounge,
dining hall or any other public space on campus even if it
is only for a few moments. Please also ensure that you
don't leave valuables in cars or near windows where
they can be easily seen by others.
If you are unlucky enough to lose something, having a
record of any serial numbers and/or having apps on your
device that blocks it from being used or that
enables you to track its location, may be helpful.
Please be aware that Security offers an escort service to
students and staff wishing to move around campus after
dark, to access this service call Security on 06-350 5030,
however please keep in mind that you may have a short
wait while Security finish attending to other matters.

Travel & Accommodation Assistance Fund: This fund

provides financial assistance to students selected to
represent New Zealand at an international event. Eligibility
criteria applies, and students must be studying at least 60
credits in one academic year at Massey University. The fund
provides up to $700.
Massey University Elite Sports World Travel Award: This
fund provides financial assistance to elite Massey athletes
representing New Zealand at Olympic Games,
Commonwealth Games, World Cups, World Championships
and World University Games/Championships. Eligibility
criteria applies, and students must be studying at least 30
credits in one academic year at Massey University. The fund
provides up to $3000.
For more information about the funds, closing dates, and
application forms visit: www.massey.ac.nz/scholarships and
click on the Travel Awards tab in the left hand menu.
For any queries please email Tamara Scott-Valath, High
Performance Coordinator, on: t.scott-valath@massey.ac.nz

Crazy Sports Day 2015

Chanting, dancing mascots, water slides, and the
smell of BBQ sausages can only mean one thing at
Massey University Crazy Sports day!
Crazy Sports is the biggest and most eagerly
anticipated event in the halls of residence calendar.
It allows halls to compete against each other in
mental and physical challenges, and to score a heap
of gumboot points!
The challenges the halls faced off in this year
included inflatable jousting, fry pan cricket, tug of
war, chariot racing, mega memory - hosted by
Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship, and a
weights challenge hosted by the Massey Manawatu
Recreation Centre team. At the end of the day Colombo hall came out on top, winning 6 out of their 8 rounds! It was
great to hear and see the chants also. Congratulations to Walter Dyer for taking this out in style.
The Mascot dance off was won by Colombo Hall with a close second from Atawhai with their dancing Taniwha.
A huge thanks to TSCF, the Rec centre, MUSA, Massey Guides, RAs and of course the residents for their hard work,
enthusiasm and team spirit.
We hope you had a fun day with your hall!
PS Check out the following page for more pics. Can you see anyone you know?

Relay for Life

Thanks to all of you in the Halls who were involved in
some way or another with the Relay for Life.
There was a fantastic turnout of halls students
despite the horrid weather that arrived mid
afternoon Saturday. Students battled on and had a
blast! It was also fantastic to have halls turn back up
in the wee hours of the morning to help out the
Massey team. For those teams that did, extra
gumboot points are coming your way!
Unfortunately due to the poor weather, running on
the track was prohibited. We therefore had to scrap
the fastest lap challenge, therefore no gumboot
points have been allocated for this.
Congratulations to Tawa Hall for collecting the
highest donations with $948. That is such an
impressive effort! You have earned your hall $100
social account credit plus 25 gumboot points. All
fundraising efforts and donations from all halls were
much appreciated for such a wonderful cause.

There were some great events done around the campus such
as leg waxing, ping pong tournaments and bake sales. We
managed to raise in total just over $2000. Wow guys!