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Basic navigation & methodology- International Time & Time Zone, Load Lines

Basic international geography- Countries of the world, Oceans and Seas

International trade & shipping- Free Trade vs. Protectionism, Balance of


Anatomy of ships- General Layout of Ships, Hull, Machinery, Main parts of

ships, Terms and Abbreviations

Types of ships- General Cargo Ships, Container Vessels, RO/RO Ships, Bulk
Carriers, Oil Carriers and OBOs, Crude Oil Tankers, Product Tankers,
Chemical Tankers, Liquefied Gas Carriers

Cargo handling gear- Option for Own Cargo Gear, Derricks, Gantry Cranes

Shipboard terminology & abbreviations- Principal Dimensions, Tonnages, Cubic

Capacities, Various Deadweights, Ship Board Drawings and Plans

Shipboard organizational structure- Shipboard operations, Organizational

structures and responsibilities

International shipping organization- International Maritime Organization, Baltic

and International Maritime Council, International Chamber of Commerce,
International Shipping federation, international Transport Workers Federation,

Ship classifications- Classification Societies, What is classification? , The

International Association of classification societies IACS, Scope of classification,
Assignment, Maintenance, Suspension and withdrawal of class, Classification

Ship certificates & documents- Certificate for all ships

Ship registration- Flag of Convenience, Flag of registration, Ownership &


Deadweight calculations- Tonnage calculation, Load Line requirements, Bunker


Ship operations- Organization of shipping companies, functions of the main

departments-admin, finance &accounting, operations & commercial, technical,
crew or fleet personnel, quality, legal & marine insurance, ISPS/ security,

Market practitioners & the chartering market- The freight market-dry cargo, bulk &
tween decker, container, RO/RO, liner, tanker, combos, reefer, car carrier,
passenger & purchase market chartering market players- ship owners, charterers,
operators, shipper or consignor, receiver or consignee, brokers, port agents
& chartering market.

Employment of ships- Fixed & variable costs- operating costs, voyage costs,
cargo handelling costs, capital costs & repayment, Inco terms.

Charter parties- Liner & tramp shipping, types of charter parties- time,
voyage, bareboat, coa etc, chartering documents.

Chartering market practice- Shipbrokering- role, process, negotiations,

negotiation process, ethics & marketing practices.

Chartering terms & abbreviations- Chartering terms, charterparty laytime

Bills of lading- functions, main elements of bill of ladding, non production of
bills of lading.