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Burn or mount the image

3. Install the game
4. Copy the cracked files from the Crack directory on the disc to the
installGame directory, overwriting the existing exe
5. Before you start the game, use your firewall to block all exe files in
the game's install directory from going online. Use the game setup
before starting as well. It can be found in the following directory
6. Play the game. While in game, avoid all of the online options. If you
have Origin installed, it may start it up. If that happens, ignore the
prompt, play offline, and don't login
7. Enjoy
IF the game does not work for you then update drivers, directX, components
as netframework/redist files/etc, run as administrator, change compatibility
mode, block/disable access to internet, copy crack/overwrite, other tweaks,etc
Search here for any future updates/working status/etc http://orlydb.com/s/games,
Here is the solution for the crash before starting the match:
1- Copy the crack to the game folder.
2- Download the origin : http://www.origin.com/ie/download.
3- Sign up for an account in the origin.
4 -Open the origin then select ((Application Settings)) then go to ((Browse Game
Installers)), an empty folder will be opened.
5 -Copy the whole FiFA 13 folder into that empty folder, then run the game from
that folder.
6- Enjoy playing the matches.
NOTE : If the game asked you for a key to play online, just press cancel and it
will continue.

+++NOW! I have small freezes in all the game even in the menu, its not the video
card or anything like that, drivers up to date... any idea?+++
When i try to install this message pops up
Installation path: C:Program FilesFIFA 13
Extracting game files
The system cannot find the file specified
what should i do???
Before you start the install, click the button that shows the destination folder
, and change it to (C:) -> Program Files(x86) -> FIFA13
I already had another EA game so I put the FIFA13 install in the "Electronic Art
s" folder. Hope that helps

If anyone has the graphics bug where there is a "gray plane" that covers most of
the screen and players, and seems to be in random game modes

I went into Nvidia control panel, and changed Anti-aliasing to "application cont
rolled" and that fixed it.
E0001 error is because of incorrect resolution set in the game.
To fix it go to fifa setup exe and go to game settings and change the resolution
to your screen resolution and see if it works..

update drivers

1. Goto c/progamfiles/fifa13/game/fifasetup folder.

2. Open the file fifasetup_default.txt
3. Change the resolution wiidth, height and the aspect ratio according to your l
aptops..mine is 1366x768 with AR of 16:9
4. change voicechat to 0.
5.Save the file and open the game..
It worked perfectly for me..I hope it works for you guys too..you will also be n
eeding the windows media player in your pc.


to all you people experiencing crashes/freezes: keep in mind that the game is st
ill very buggy until they release a patch. if you followed the instructions prec
isely (eg running fifaconfig BEFORE playing, block all Inet Access) and it still
crashes it's very likely that it has something to do with fifa bugs rather than
the reloaded crack. you don't need that origin crap for this release and mine w
orks fine.
here is a good collection of various fixes for freezes and crashes:
does your system meet the minimum requirements
- did you run fifaconfig before you started the game (if not delete fifasetup.in
i in Documents folder then rerun fifaconfig to choose/save your settings)
- graphic card drivers/directx up to date?
- is wmp installed & running on your system (sadly a requirement!)
- did you set replay0.bin in Documents folder to read-only
- does your windows-username contain any special characters
- ...
check these solutions here:

1. Mount the image (I used UltraIso)

2. Extract GameFiles.part01 (I used WinRaR)
3. In the folder where you extracted the files paste the crack (found in the cra
ck folder, fifa exe and rldea.dll)
4. Run the game with the cracked fifa 13 exe
Thats all I did and the game works fine.

for guys whose game is crashing on startup or not opening at all , download file
s msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll and paste in your FIFA 13/Game directory . worke
d for me !