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Klikstotra: Hymn to the Goddess Consciousness

by Lord Jnanetra, First Guru of the Krama Lineage

nmae m=glayE
Om. Reverent salutations to Mangal,
the Auspicious Goddess.
sitatara-savid-avpya sad-asat-kalan-vihnam anupdhi |
jayati jagat-traya-rpa nrpa devi te rpam || 1 ||
O Goddess! Supreme is your nature that is formless yet has the form of
all three worlds. It is prior to all limitations, impossible to grasp through
dualistic categories such existent versus non-existent, and is
attainable through the purest Consciousness.
ekam anekkra prasta-jagad-vypti vikti-parihnam |
jayati tavdvaya-rpa vimalam ala cita-svarpkhym | 2 |
Your completely pure non-dual form is supreme: One, yet existing in
many guises, pervading the universe that is flowing within you, yet
entirely free from changeknown as the very essence of Consciousness.
jayati tavocchalad anta svacchecchay svavigraha-grahaam |
kimapi niruttara-sahaja-svarpa-savit-praka-mayam || 3 ||
Your act of taking on form is also supreme, bursting forth within through
your own pure Will. It is an extraordinary act consisting of nothing other
than the Light of Consciousness in its unsurpassable and spontaneous
vntv samasta-kla mrtyhakra-ghora-mrtim api |
nigraham asmin ktvnugraham api kurvat jayasi | |4 ||
Having caused all Time to be emitted, even your terrifying incarnation
as the embodied ego, (then) having occluded it, you (go on) bestowing
grace as well. You are triumphant!
klasya kli deha vibhajya muni-paca-sakhyaybhinnam |
svasmin virjamna tad rpa kurvat jayasi || 5 ||
O Kl, having divided the body of Time into five and seven, you
continually make that very nature shine undivided within yourself: you
are supreme!
bhairava-rp kla sjati jagat kradi knta |

icch-vaena yasy s tva stavanmbik jayasi ||6||

Time, in the form of Bhairava, emits the universe of cause and effect,
down to the tiniest insect, through the force of Your Will -- You, the
Mother we praise, are supreme!
jayati aka-divkara-pvaka-dhma-trayntara-vypi |
janani tava kimapi vimala svarpa-rpa para dhma ||7||
O Mother, your extraordinary, stainless highest Radiance is supreme. It
is your essential nature, pervading from within the three lightsthe
Hare-marked One [Moon, perceived], the Day-maker [Sun, perception],
and the Purifier [Fire, perceiver].
eka svarpa-rpa prasara-sthiti-vilaya-bhedatas trividham |
pratyekam udaya-sasthiti-laya-viramata caturvidha tad api ||8||
Your essential nature is One, yet three-fold, divided into emission, stasis,
and dissolution, each with the four aspects of emergence, stasis,
dissolution, and repose [= 12 + 1].
iti vasu-pacaka-sakhya vidhya sahaja-svarpam tmyam |
viva-vivartvarta-pravartaka jayati te rpam ||9||
That aspect of you is supreme that divides your natural essentiality into
the sum of 8 and 5, (by which) you catalyze the revolution of your
transformation into the universe.
sad-asad-vibheda-ster ddalana-par kpi sahaja-samvitti |
udit tvam eva bhagavati jayasi jaydyena rpea || 10 ||
The extraordinary, spontaneous, innate awarenessintent only on
shattering whatever has been born from the apparent duality of
'existence' and 'non-existence'is taught (in the scriptures) as You
alone in your Primordial Form, O Blessed Goddess. Hail, for you are
jayati samasta-carcara-vicitra-viva-prapaca-racanormmi |
amala-svabhva-jaladhau nta knta co te rpa ||11||
Supreme is your beloved peaceful form, which accomplishes the
expansion of the beautifully diversified universe of all moving and
unmoving beingsyet is but a wave in the ocean of your own pure

sahajollsa-viksa-prapritea-viva-vibhavai |
pr tavmba mrttir jayati parnanda-sapr || 12 ||
O Mother, your fully expanded embodiment is supreme, this majestic
glory of the entire universe, filled with the blossoming of spontaneous,
playful delight,1 completely full with the highest bliss!
kavalita-sakala-jagat-traya-vikaa-mahkla-kavalanodyukt |
upabhukta-bhva-vibhava-prabhavpi kodar jayasi || 13 ||
You are engaged in devouring the terrifying Great Time which is gorged
on the sum total of the three worlds [SDV]; You remain transcendent
[/slender-waisted], though You have consumed the source of power of
all beings/objects: you are supreme!
rpa-traya-parivarjjitam asama rpa-trayntara-vypi |
anubhava-rpa arpa jayati para kimapi te rpa || 14 ||
Your extraordinary highest form is supreme: formless yet the form of
every direct experience, unequalled, pervading from within the three
aspects (of consciousness: perceiver, perception, perceived), yet
transcending the three aspects.

avyayam akulam ameya vigalita-sad-asad-viveka-kallola |

jayati praka-vibhava-sphta devy para dhma || 15 ||
Imperishable, transcendent, immeasurable, a wave of differentiation
between existent and nonexistent that has melted away: the highest
Radiance of the Goddess is supreme, saturated with the pervasive
power of the Light of Consciousness.
tu-muni-sakhya rpam vibhajya paca-prakram ekaikam |
divyaugham udgirant jayati jagattri janan || 16 ||
Dividing each of her forms, reckoned as the sum of the seasons and the
sages [6 + 7 = 13] into five-fold [= 65, 64 Siddhs and Magal at the
center], and thus pouring forth the Divine Multitude: the Mother, Savior
of the World, is supreme!
bh-dig-go-kha-ga-dev-cakra-lasaj-jna-vibhava-paripram |
nirupama-virnti-maya rpha jayati te rpam || 17 ||
Your form as the Sacred Throne [ r p ha] is supreme, completely full

Or joyful manifestation.

with the power of wisdom scintillating as the circles of goddesses in the

Earth, the Sky [/Directions], the Senses, and the Void, and ultimately
consisting of the incomparable state of Repose (in the ground of
pralaya-layntara-bhmau vilasita-sad-asat-prapaca-parihnm |
dev niruttaratar naumi sad sarvata prakam || 18 ||
I praise the utterly transcendent Goddess, on the level within which
dissolution itself is completely dissolved, she who is totally free of the
expansion of existence and nonexistence that she has playfully brought
into being, yet who is clearly manifest everywhere at all times.
yd mahmane da devy svarpam akulastham |
tdg jagattrayam ida bhavatu tavmba prasdena || 19 ||
Through your grace, O Mother, may the triple world realize the essence
of Goddess, within the transcendent (Void), just as I experienced Her in
the Great Cremation Ground.
ittha svarpa-stutir abhyadhyi samyak-samvea-da-vaena |
may ivenstu ivya samya mamaiva vivasya tu magalkhye || 20
Thus, this hymn of the Essence (of Reality) is sung by me, iva, under
the influence of my state of true Immersion (in Him/It). O Goddess called
Auspiciousness/Beneficent [Mangal], may it bless the whole world that
is truly my Self alone.
ktir iyam rjnanetrapdnm iti ivam
This was composed by the revered Jnanetra. Fin.