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New Range of Portable Air Compressors

with Deutz Engines of latest design

With Deutz-Engine BF 4 M 2012C

C 110-9 : 11.3 m3/min. (400cfm) at 8.6 bar
C 95-12 : 9.5 m3/min. (335cfm) at 12 bar
C 85-14: 8.5 m3/min. (300cfm) at 14 bar

With Deutz-Engine BF 4 M 1013EC

C 140-9 : 13.3 m3/min. (470cfm) at 8.6 bar
C 115-12 : 11.6 m3/min.(410cfm) at 12 bar
C 105-14: 10.6 m3/min.(375cfm) at 14 bar

Newly developed screw-type compressor

Modular concept
High efficiency
Integration of

Compact design
High reliability


... For easy operation

Single axle chassis with adjustable hitch height and overrun brake,
height adjustable from 390 mm to 855 mm (unit horizontal), thus can
be towed by all cars, pick-up trucks and lorries.
Straight tow bar version also available.
Good ground clearance of 250 mm.
Towing on uneven ground.
Waste gas exhaust upwards
enabling off-road towing

Lifting bale in centre of gravity.

Safe and easy one-point lifting,
wide lifting eye of 110 mm, roof-embedded,
closed by rubber cover


... For easy operation


Large 210 litre capacity transparent plastic fuel tank:

Filling level can be seen immediately,
sufficient for 9 hours full load operation
or 15 hours intermittent operation
Low fuel level shut down
with start interruption
protects the starter


... For easy operation (continued)
Start / Run Valve
Start switch
Working pressure
Hour meter

Air outlet valves

3 x 3/4 and 1 x 2
directly below the
instrument panel

Metal door
Battery charge
pilot lamp
Pilot lamp
low fuel level
Pilot lamp low oil
Pilot lamp
high temperature
Pilot lamp
lack of cooling
Pilot lamp
high temperature
engine oil


.. For easy, economical maintenance

Two large wide-angle upwards opening side

wing doors supported by gas struts
enable easy access to the maintenance
points, to airend and engine

For cleaning of the

coolers, front door
can be opened
by unscrewing
4 bolts

For further access

plastic components can
easily be dismounted


.. For easy, economical maintenance (continued)

Engine cooling water drain

by a plug in the cooler

Engine oil drain by a

plug in the frame
Compressor oil drain by a plug
in the oil receiver

... For easy, economical maintenance (continued)

Individually replaceable canopy panels:
reduces costs of impact damage repairs
Instrument panel back protected by
easily opened plastic hood:

Wiring loom housed in plastic conduit,

split for easy removal:
Installed below the roof,
protection of electric circuits from dust
and power washing of machine

. For easy, economical maintenance (continued)

Quick and easy visual checking

of cooling water level

Removable plastic fuel tank,

with drain and protection cap:
easy to drain and clean.
Wide fuel filler neck,
with drip collector:
easy filling from all sources.
Filler with strainer:
reduces incidence of down time
if contaminated fuel used.

. For easy, economical maintenance (continued)

Air filters with contamination indicators:

prevents time wasting premature cleaning/
replacement or oil contamination through

Pressure vessel oil level check:

Easy oil level check by using
a dip stick.


Durability Features

Water cooled Deutz diesel engines

Range 2012 /1013, 4 cylinder diesel engines, turbo-charged,
with a good reserve of power:
Reliability, long lifetime.
Economic, quiet and environmentally friendly
Very good starting ability
24 V electric system

Auto-shut-down systems protect machine against :

low engine oil pressure
high engine cooling water temperature
low cooling water level
high compressed air outlet temperature
lack of fuel, plus start interruption
defective generator in respect of low voltage
Robust relay control by plug-in relays

Durability Features (continued)

Option: Engine overspeed shut down (Chalwyn valve):
An overspeed valve in the engine inlet port ensures immediate
shut down to prevent damage from overspeeding engine in the event of
ingestion of inflammable gas

Off load start-up, after starting the engine idles without delivering compressed
air. Following a warming-up phase of 60 sec. air delivery is started
by pressing a button on the control panel.
Ideal start-up, increases lifetime of engine
Ample dimensioning :
for - 10C ... + 50C ambient temperature:
Excellent thermal cycle ensuring a long lifetime

.... Durability Features (continued)

Separate high capacity air filters for engine and
compressor, 2-stage with pre-separation and
safety cartridge, ensure a reliable, safe operation
even in very dusty ambient air.

Large fuel filter with water separator

and manual filing pump increases operation
liabilty and lifetime of the compressor.

... Durability Features (continued)

Rust prevention treatment to canopy panels during

manufacture, including:
zinc coated steel,
iron phosphate pre-treatment
and durable powder paint finish.
Minor scratches in operation do not lead to
spread of corrosion and costly panel replacements.

Plant Security features

Lockable sheet metal door to control panel
Compressor lockable by padlocks
Big inside battery isolation switch prevents from
unauthorised starting and protects against vandalism
Optional: Customers own paint colour and stickers:
provide distinctive site identity and assist in traceability
in the event of lost or theft
17 digitoperation
Prevention of
Vehicle Identification Number shown
openly on plate and in concealed position :
theft deterrence and aid to recovery of stolen plant

Operational Safety Features

Emergency stop button:

Safety for the operator

Battery isolation switch:

prevents injury to service crew
whilst working inside compressor
as well as unauthorised starting

Operational Safety Features


Conformity with EC Machines Safety Directive 98/37/EC including:

Many hazard warning labels with internationally recognisable symbols
Operating Manual supplied in pocket inside canopy
Easy to understand operators instructions and safety directions

Noise emission complies with EC sound power directive 2000/14 EC

101 dB (A) LWA equivalent to 72 dB(A) L PA sound pressure at 7 metres
Engine exhaust emissions comply with EC directive 97/68/EC
(The Level 2 regulations for EEC; and also U.S. EPA Level 2
emissions regulations)

Oil reclaimer receiver complies with EC Simple Pressure Vessel

Directive 87/404/EEC

Options Availability
Built-in aftercooler with automatic condensate separation. Reduces water
content in compressed air. Additional downstream heat exchanger using
compressor oil heat for heating up compressed air.
Also available without heat exchanger.
Built-in microfilter combination (in addition to above aftercooler)
air treatment by microfilters acc. to ISO 8573.1 incl. (German) ZTVSIB 90
with an oil take over below 0.01 ppm.
Base-mount design for fixing to the loading deck of a truck.
Skid-mount design with forklift openings for placing on the ground.
Engine overspeed shut down
An overspeed valve in the engine inlet port ensures immediate shutdown
in the event of ingestion of inflammable gas to prevent damage from
overspeeding engine.

Options Availability


Exhaust spark arrestor

Safe operation also in difficult areas like refineries etc.

Variety of towing eyes like NATO, 68 x 25 mm, 2, DIN 40 for trucks,

ball coupling towing device for cars etc.
Overrun brakes available on straight or on height-adjustable towbar.
Lighting according to EC directives: available with or without that lighting
Integrated tools oiler of 4.3 litres capacity
On C110-9,C95-12 and C85-14 only - Synchronous generator 7 kVA (110V), 8 + 12

Kva (230/400V) with IP 54 enclosure, insulation monitoring, automatic idle run

and economy operation. Non simultaneous air or electric operation.
Oil temperature regulating valve
for extremely cold and humid sites reduces condensate in system

Hose reel with 20 m light self-supporting hose of dia

Customers own paint colour and stickers

Minimum Working pressures possible

For certain applications such as drilling in
variable ground, or secondary breaking with
hand held rock drills, a reduced pressure may
be sometimes required.
Through use of the Pressure regulation valve
by a manufacturer trained engineer, the
following minimum pressures are achievable
without change of minimum pressure valve :
C 110-9
C 95-12
C 85-14

8.6 bar down to

12 bar down to
14 bar down to

5.0 bar
5.0 bar
5.0 bar

C 140-9
C 115-12
C 105-14

8.6 bar down to 5.0 bar

12 bar down to 5.0 bar
14 bar down to 5.0 bar

For achievement of lower working pressures than these use optional

pressure reduction valve (Broady) down stream of pressure vessel.