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The Equinox Rite

Firewalking, Rebirthing, 'n shedding the mortal coil

So we journey deeper still, together. Ever deepening is the 'rabbit hole', and yet, deeper still
to higher soar... we are potent, poised, majestic. We are Teleosi Impetus;
burning with readiness, and as aimed with nerves of steel as we are bold and spry we now Seize the Day, we 'Mars the Thing'.
We begin this enlivened undertaking with as usual a chart of some of the alignments
and observations that are rare and specialized. It's important the signs that associated to Jehovah
are not 'bad signs', there are no bad zodiac signs. In correlations with retrogrades and synastry
[the trines, squares, opps, etc], it is more what the planetary 'ruler' is doing playing off current
transits or ingress. So, thinking Aquarius is the 'good light bearer' is not the intention, it's the
station and interactions that are being looked upon...

Here, it needs to be noted that Lucifer Light-Bearer is very often associated to Venus,
having the name 'Morning Star'. Some have decided the Sun; the first star you see in the morning
always ever being the sun bright as ever making the day. It is even suggested that the 'sphere of
celestial rebellion', astronomical/astrological learning as the higher octave of the Saturn-Jehovah
Demiurgic complex is Uranus. Make note of keen interest; the symbol for Uranus is throat
chakra related. It's plain as day because the Trident of Neptune is the 3 glands located in the
brain with Pineal being the long central item of most importance. Realize Lucifer before The
Fall had been the Celestial Choir Director. So, it is strong resonance. What happens where the
Venus/Netzach-Victory green intelligence ray meets the sky/star-dome deified? You would get
the turquoise and aquamarine ray give the Thymus.
These are huge common denominators that play into the next set of principles about to
enter into the mix, here. I like dropping every now & again; whenever you see the sorcerer who
is 'working in the dead', you always see a ghastly 'vulgarity' exaggeration of the Thymus'
wavelength. I love the cover art of re-animator, for one example. This glowing in the dark SeaGreen is also Pisces' colour, wheeling us into Springtime and the Red Ram of full on Mars of
Aries. Very cool.
In this image, Lucifer is bringing forth the Mercurial Caduceus of Sashumna embraced by
Ida and Pingala, more commonly known as the tantric lifting of Kundalini, the visionary serpent.
So, the fruit is not really a separate entity from the speech of the very serpent. The
throat/Vishuddha being Uranus and Neptune being the Pineal, Hypothalamus, and the Pituitary.
At the center of the 3 prongs of the Trident would be an egg, a proverbial 'Deviled Egg',
even. That egg is the famous pine cone shape we see all over since ancient times, and is the
corporeal residence of the soul's bridge. Even more so than the solar plexus chakra that is the
center of Willpower, this is called the Seat of the Soul. However, the Egyptian model is more
comprehensive study of total soul with specialized vehicle components; Ka, Ba, Ab, Ren, Sheut,
Daath is ever the Gate in the Kabbalah, located right where a good head sits up your
shoulders at the uppermost of spinal column. Daath is on with the circular region in the
shamanic world cross named the Chakana, and there are many world crosses and sacred
geometries alluding further, including the Egg of Life of the 64 chain tetrahedron grid Flower of
Life. So, the seat of the soul is really more like the gate above the bridge for the Ba & Akh
specifically to rejoin Ka. It's one big arena, rather than your little warrior swimming in the arena.
No one 'gladiator' is yours, you, nor is it mentally capable of specific possessive expression that
can be localized to your own mortgaging on the residency.
We will come back to this for now, this will be our new paradigm shift in the Luciferian
recognition of the Light-Bearing archetypal KA Life Force. Let's see it as not one planet or
gesture of principality, but more than one warrior slave drive we can own thrown into a sea of
battle arena blood and glory. In fact, Lucifer is more like the gate than object-subject relativistic
property speculation, truly and deeply, our entire complex: the 7 layers of extra-soul, the 7
planetary hours in classical modality, and the Uranus/Neptune [later also Pluto] arena interdimensional complex array available and steady quantum potent within every classic astrological

Moving along, we can witness Saturn, the lower octave of Uranus and being
Cycle/Karma/Time/Institution/Government/Corporate setting up to bear down as in go retrograde
on March 14th in the freedom-faring, champion of aim and truth-seeking, go-lucky Jupiter
ruled Sagittarius. This, while Pluto the Underworld Ruler and Treasurer and Great Transformer is
transforming away with great ground-breaking upheaval in Capricorn, the sign of Saturn's native
abode. Jupiter in Leo simultaneously is yet retrograde. Leo, the luxurious Sun, is going through
having rugs pulled out from under, in particular where ground does not break according to the
hierarchy ruler's decisions. The whole ambiance wreaks of the terms and conditions,
punishments and segregation methods of the Demiurge and the way His archon army operates.
Especially, the chance to segregate everyone from a fair playing field, natural expressions and
championing of the soul, the chance to keep all the Plutonian underworld & occult gnosis
treasures behind His back like the Great Dragon in/under the Mountain..here, the mountain
being widening emanations of variable wavelengths with greater laws/restriction, and effects of
His crime. If the Jehovah-Saturnine Demiurgic complex required one text term to help a
psychologist imagine motivations, that would be Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy.
Then, when it comes to this governing system handed down to us in the last modern
epoch, it is not the beauty of the 7 rayed rainbow type 'various wavelengths', it is a continuous
pulling to density yet an unfulfilled volume in aimless mass 'going through the motions' it leads
and feigns self awareness by power of persuasion that these variable rays want to be fulfilled by
actuating the shadow-king and the qlippothic kingdom are the ruling, dazzling white light, while
we then might see the Luciferian power of levity integrating over the solar system complex
making Clear Light...bardo Thodol accessible among the souls who otherwise stand zero chance
to see beyond the Demiurgic murky complex, by leading shadow or blaring white-light seeming
clean [really sterile and indifferent to soul suffering] brilliance pulled in.
When you understand Lucifer beyond a personal object-subject entity/deity, Lucifer is
where the Clear Light bridges to our spark-souls returned to each other, integral and
interpersonal, the exact opposite of indifferent to soul suffering. Universal Medicine made for
you, the vision questing shaman. So, it is not then 'dirty' or delusional to say I/You/We/They are
Lucifer. It's as natural as yoga to balance Chi, engender Ka, reemerge through activated
kundalini/visionary serpent energy. People who say; I evoked Lucifer in my work with this
Lucifer specific sigil, and saw and interacted with the external real life Lucifer fallen angel,
bearing witness and holding conversation about why, how, who, and what, are on another drug
completely. Lucifer is Clear Light, Lucifer is the Soul of Humanity, the 7 rays and the 7 planetary
hours classical; 'I am' Lucifer, so say We All.
This is crucial to understanding 'Ekstasis Current',
the nature of The Vortex. The Eschatonal Novelty Aeonic Intergalactic Transmission.

Substratum/quantum microcosm - Seed

Field encompassing matter or Force[s] en masse

Dimensionality/relativistic macrososm - Egg

Core bridgework of velocity's quantum flux expansive diameter

Just as the circumference of a circle is Pi R2. '3 And...' times the radius squared The 'spark' of soul is the 'berry (fruit of life) in the Pi'...
This breathing system goes beyond the breathe of lungs;
it is breath of Spirit.
Oxygen is produced by the Tree, the spinal column is the Tree.
The serpent in the tree [kundalini] requires the breathing exercise.
The pranayama extends beyond the notion of the lung-based breathing.
You activate the vision serpent to uncoil in meditating as you more specifically
breathe with your spine.
The 'fruit' is at once conciliatory in function with substratum and dimensionality.
It is The Crossroads and so being, The Gates and the Golden wavelength,
by which the red sinks underneath and the green elevates over.
Anything that can be manifested will be and already has been,
and will only with variable increase both in and overtime.

Anything is what you do with the en masse forces, and everything field encompassing the crust
of the Pi is occurring as the velocity of your core in 'bridgework' of quantum flux to
dimensionality...the canvas being layered onto.
As you layer on your energy lattices, you are digging in deeper, and vice versa.
The core is as endless as the circle is. As you depth-layer 'up'; the lattices abounding expand.
We, by nature, are such infinite self-actuating, sentient designs maintaining ourselves.
Such then too, the nature of Lucifer Is Self, beyond grasping ideology of who or what.
The motive is even unattainable to how exactly.
Many say, If not now, when?
Yet, where exactly is now?
Is then back there, or is then yet to be the device conjured for a seque of some point to be?
If it already did, then deeply it ever will and often do you see them overlap.
Pluto is the 'halo' of that which is above you, just look at the symbol.
You can see knowing that why I 'divided' it into a yin & yang of the reconstructed planetary
designation on the Tree of Life prior, in the Ophiuchus 'bolts' that were the alternating currents.
The circular halo is and appears to be the 'egg' in a nest and we are the matrix/matter
beneath said nest.
So, in doing what I did, you should now be able to imagine with ease, all of the wavelength
impacts of reconstructing the mind and reality we perceive and interact in to project.
No longer do we have a direct current singular blocking objective tyrannical grasping of
The Great Unattainable/Ineffable.
Explore all mysteries as deeply as you want. Share anything; trust me...
you won't ever run out of 'rabbit hole'.
True metaphysical achievement is the mastery of awareness in the simple fact
all of anything is recycling endlessly.
From the Infernally Vacuous Keep to the Brahmanic Golden Core,
to the reconciling Lord of the Clear Dawn Eternal.
Look at how many planetary symbols reuse the equal armed cross.
The equal arm cross being the pagan/gnostic/animist sun symbol.
The planets all 'squirted' forth from the sun, to be engulfed back up eventually.
Stack the planet's symbols vertically on top of each other, you get the chakra 'levels', obvious!
Funny enough, we would have Saturn at the root and Pluto at the top,
not chronologically successive, but by energy signatures.
Saturn always wants to reform all to be the governor from the top down.
Pluto, adversely, will attempt to do a similar, but underworld, power play from the bottom up.
Think Pluto as 'Halloween Chaos' and Saturn as 'Christmas Order'.

The irony is intentional; the ordered veneer of Christmas' good will toward men and universal
cheer by far the greatest motivation for chaos at the malevolent, avaricious core of it all.
The intentional of 'artifice' that is the deformed contortions and malevolent chaos at the surface
hides a the core, a decentralized control structure of authentic light and love motivating people.
I'll always love Halloween more...
The Pluto in Capricorn really represents the 'Id' of Jehovah's 'Core' (retrograde Saturn) in
Sagittarius dominating mode'.
It is both together the desire of untamed malfeasance.
Why is all of this beneficial for us? It helps us see. We are looking into features and habits
that were supposed to remain hidden in a new light shed upon it that bull's-eyes to the deepest
essences and inner clogs of this time-space machine. The Thing that has been driving us all mad
since the malevolent inception of its formerly decentralized, wild at heart Self-actuating
construction is being spearheaded, it's formulas and techniques to kill the soul and the mind and
the heart [so the Body] of the archetypal human being is now being inverted in this and launched
back down the throats of those who willingly feed it to keep us in their segmented loop outside
the rest of the Fruit, and the Life. So, from above and 'outer' delusional stances, they can control
its virtual implementations by extra-dimensional technologies formerly outside our reach.
Consider the 'return of the gods' implying this simple gesture: That those technologies are
now more than ever and will continue, by the polar inversion, to seek us out as opposed to the
Saturnine corporate structure avarice hierarchy. These technologies emanate from our core in a
full spark engendering the World Soul receiving the Greater Cosmos integration in harmony
with the teleology of the dynamic earth organism, all to where rather than being 'trapped in a
single egg cell' or sphere from outer contending forces harnessed; the idea of golden ray
evolutionary substratum is that the World Spark is now at the end of some synchronous ancient
calendars, not merely 'ascending', but digging deeply, and traveling inward deeper into the
rabbit hole with true aim and purpose the energy lattices expand and extend and strengthen
like subtle body nerves of light years incalculable steel.
The World Soul is right now the collective consciousness shift experiencing the
growing pains of ecstatic and blissful emergence from having been a single cell egg in the
cocoon. We, this entire time, have been watched out for and over by the Cosmic Maternal Instinct, the one
thing the demiurgic mind clouding government system could not stop because was always in us,
we came from and return to the heart and mind of, and have ever always lived in the
unfathomably epic, oceanic womb of. The Divine Feminine Wisdom Aeonic Intelligence where
both egg and seed are reconciled and gestate to be the developing Luciferian Spirit of humanity.
She is equally as the womb, the 'crust' of the Pi, and in or reflecting, honouring, emerging by
realigning in the Power of, We are Her in the core bridgework and the complexity of lattice work
that shields and protects, heals, rebuilds and restores Her by extension in our connective subtle
fibers and tissues, that of pure relationship and interrelating.

The task at once becomes apparent as redemption of the Male Principle and Original
Cause that began to descend and grow dim, and as dimmer and denser, fabricated a Bright White
Lie alongside it. The False 'Father' over humanity that is truly the happenstance tyrant of greater
laws and subsequent greater need for crime and restriction/policing to not maintain us,
obviously but to maintain himself in the codependency where we, in our impeding awareness,
create that paternal aberrations impending doom.
Something now worth looking at is the study of sigils, and rather than clutter this up with
tons of sigils, I'll streamline and let you google sigils, veve, symbols, all on your own watch. In
my experience, all of the most potent sigils have the fruit of life occurring once, to many times,
along its effort to conjure dimensionality of specific needs or desires from the
substratum...'quantum foam'...pure potentiality.
The dynamic fractal universe is constant in the novelty to cling to the surface-y features of
the new habit we are entering into, and generally speaking, we will be initiated to fruition of one
breaking the other, and in the case at hand, we definitely want to be on the side of novelty after
centuries of the religious and corporate effort to dominate and oppress. Novelty is the Full
House that will trump Habit's constant 'make more of as kind or die cheating to get the round'.
Having said that, I will share some of my own sigilic arts in the Vodun system of cosmiccthonic animism/shamanism, for public interaction.

I'm sure you could make the connection for yourself easily.
These are 3 of some of the most potent veves in Afro-Caribbean animism and anywhere.
So, where does a main problem arise between dimensionality and substratum?
They do not receive equal import and status to a system that continually fills out at either
One will be demonized to exalt the other as the solutions over the problem within it.

To a degree, that dynamic unbalance at the other end is natural to restore fulcrum position of
clarity, but not when it lasts for an entire fucking aeon.
How slow and dense can a body be before acknowledging the error in it pehaps as slow and dense as saaaay; Saturn exalted as the fulcrum 'Sun' position in a place largely
unaffected by back seat prioritized other intelligences planetary and of celestial elevation.
Really, in the substratum as it is being reconciled and actively in redemption, the back 'n forth of
dynamic pressure is along the levels of the latest computing micro-processor quartz infused
memory and precision time keeping devices.
It isn't that time existing or interacting with various schedules is a bad delusion.
It's extremely good and a part of inverted beneficial, expansively fortune-bearing Jupiter to make
time for others outside your own core, to reach out and touch people, to sacrifice your own
minutes to help someone on their schedule.
The issue is not the 'time delusion', it is the concretion of space in a misunderstanding of the Luciferian nature,
to demonize it without even having tasted or developed a dedicated discipline [which takes time, not a Sunday
morning ritual session of going through the motions],
and the concretion of space that is detrimental that the dimensionality of your core precedes all the 'outer activity'
of humanity and soul that becomes conceived as pure illusion in detritus, to be conquered to ensure your priority
of being in the same manner as the fulcrum priority through exalting yourself as the Demiurge dimensionality,
as the 'new solution' to the invisible problem you are in denial of becoming within the substratum we all
genetically pool and pull from every incarnation.
The new conceptualizations of 'time' will be either the ultimate Gebo/Gift, or
Thurisaz/Giant in the Chaos.
Few have access to the knowledge, or desire to develop expertise with what I call here
The Space.
If you have not yet read the previous free materials, especially the Ophiuchus working,
I recommend going back at any time available, and it will behoove you to in this whole affair.
I want to interject here....
A question has arisen before and will doubtless times again without official statement.
Are you against the Jews, Von Kotterhausen? You know they worship Jehovah.
Your name indicates you could be some sort of a racist,
or maybe the reincarnation of Hitler, combined with all this vehement distrust of
Jehovah and the plan of automatic faith based salvation with his sun.
I of all people might like automatic salvation with a single belief, given human nature.
I am about 1/4ths Hebraic lineage give or take.
The Jews used to be the biggest and best pagans of all.

Gnosticism was not 'against the Jews' - Jews who awoke to these matters are gnostics.
They are at the forefront of the gnostic struggle, even.
While I don't subscribe to a 'chosen people' and find that doctrine poisonous;
we are all chosen in plurality of spirits and souls, to stand up to the archontic thrust
in its own territories, which certainly covers the globe
as it is so deeply interwoven in the human condition, is very special and stellar behaviour.
As I've never been so celebrated in these colossal acts of valour in the most epic frontlines,
I simply am not in the habit of giving out medals to any person, much less a congregation.
I love EL and Asherah and their offspring along with the adaptive Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte,
Ostara, Shilibo, Shakti, Shekinah, etc. across cultures and generations. Thanks gods She survived
all the nonsense and burnings. Where would I be without Her?
None of this is given in emotional opposition or any form of hatred toward groups.
What is infecting the 'group mind' of modern corporate venture is definitely tackled fullon without hesitation. Not just the business board-of-directors corporate venture, but down to
the parasites of the self righteous hippie community thinking itself the righteous opposite and
mainly from 'living off the grid', but as much Saturnine Complex hierarchical and with even
more laws that will get you kicked out of their cult-y 'free land' family by simply disagreeing with
the alpha male or matriarchal figures, same as anywhere else. The terms and conditions of the
intentional community cults are often even bragged on in the inner circles on how they've
become more brutal than the 'satanic suit 'n tie corporate office capitalist pigs'.
All of this is not emotionally driven, but truth-seeking and Gift to Seeker in intellectual
activity with practically Self-empowering applications.
Oh, this may interest you, she is also with and Hypatia lives on as and in...
It was the Demiurgic sexist-racist-homophobic-empowered human spirit entity that did
what you found to be the final gruesome fate of Hypatia's corporeal beauty. That alone is reason
enough that I write this at great risk to my own beauty...and I have scars that run as deep as the
rabbit hole goes. I will carry on...
We all must shed mortal coil we will all fire walk by design of aim or other more cruel fates.
Is it merely your corporeal beauty that will be rebirthed along the hedges of plural bardo?
Or, will your spirit continue in the elevation of your Core Principles beyond cyclical constraints?
This; the singular aim of all plurality efforts beyond the dualistic trends of 'good white over bad black'.

You must make great concerted efforts,

and in authentic aura, at once fully effortless.
The first is the gaining of knowledge and awareness of practical applications,
the latter is spontaneous, creative flux in constant tantric trance.

The two creating the 3rd Principle is the Ekstasis, the tie that binds and grounds and
of the visionary mystical tapestry from World Soul across all-expansive space-time.
All of everything shines forth from within you your spark golden fruition...
Let's move into the next thing, which at first may sound like a 101 math class repetitive
drag, but I can assure is pretty damn cool, actually...
The Trapezoid... long has it been among the most potent yet overlooked sacred geometry
construct, and people zip right over, beyond, a pass it up for either the Tree/Flower of life, a
more famous demonic/angelic sigil or veve construct. Yet, the trapezoid plays a brilliant, utmost
role in this whole Saturnine Thing and the Luciferian Spirit.
I've studied and worked with it extensively, and am more recently turning out some golden
ray fruit of the nectar of the trapezoid. New insights unfolding just since the Autumn Equinox
Working that was provided.
The 9 Spheire of the Vortex, which folding back upon each other in flux perpetuation
allow for a bridgeworking of the Gate that is the 2 houses [not pictured], and in overlapping
'create' the oracular vision to work with and access the Amplified Force via the Vortex sphere.
It took 12 'swatches' to define motions of the 9 Spheire.
That might throw some off...it'll all be in the finalized Gift to the World Soul.
It's already finalized and in full heavy duty circulation, but for a palpable manuscript.
Right now, it is a slave drive of the 'Akashic Records'; manner of speaking. Very Thoth!

I would like to point out as ancient as this is, yet uber high tech, there is only one
of the Spheire that is encoded in red. To myself, the scribing party and chosen emissary
Light-Bearer, there was at least the vaguest of hints that it had to do with emanations that were
the hallmark principle or region of pains and sufferings, severing of chords for growing organic
entities to the embodiment of a static bliss eternal.
Again, you must understand that I scribed the Vortex according to reading science books,
especially string/M-theory physicist works and loads of chaos sciences. When I moved to the
southern states from the great lakes, I had only just started getting into mystical texts, primarily
Eastern Mysticism. My favourite work that I was well versed in was the Tao Te Ching, and I had
just bought shortly after arriving at my new Georgia southern home, a book on alchemy filled
to the brim with medieval arts and creative charts.
However, being raised in a fundamentalist right wing religious home, I was always closer
than comfort would estimate, to the whole religious duality, and then in my young adulthood
initiation, running to the opposite as solution; starting with satanic philosophies, actuating and
stabilizing in a gel of paganism, mending heart and realizing love of nature in Wiccan stuffs
galore. Followed abruptly by materialistic philosophies and the interest cued in more institutional
subject matter. I say all this, because if I don't, much of what you are looking at will be chalked
up to yet another grand so-&-so building a cult with a message from his angel visitor for his
congregation to further brainwash them into raising the offering.
Simply not the case here...
The Vortex for my own part was to be an effort, albeit in communion of some sort that
would start to gain clear resolutions to deny, and disprove any head-lead hierarchical divine
figure. Beyond a philosophy, and into a working actual 'Thing', I would find one was going on
whether I liked it or not, and that system was being exploited on all sides, and the Main Offender
of it all needed that exploitation to feed into and off of, much like an ouroboros. Except, we live
mostly in segmented and compartmentalized scales [otherwise, there is no sustenance gained
no point to the all-self devouring serpent retaining light source i.e. our souls], which sucks of
all possible suckage, but is also extremely metal and so epically brutal. What's a guy to do?

For my end of The Bargain, this figure is called THee One Trapezoid mystery.
Or, THOT mystery, for short.
There has got to be an element of humour if we don't keep that intact, we just..
again, start crucifying ourselves and everyone else.
'Never gonna survive, unless we are a little crazy'.
The 'marks' are on the back of each swatch because I had to sticky tac the entire Vortex
across a full wall of bedroom.
As stated in 'Under the Full Crow Moon...',
Everyone wants to 'generate vast swathes of light' to shake off the final hangers-on of the
last aeon, the Age of Pisces, the psycho-spiritual Oannes/Oneness enlightenment era,
whose shadow was big corporate religious, golden lined churches controlling wealth
through the war tactics mastered in the Age of Aries. All ages are kick ass, but each has a
shadow effect in the sway.
Most souls are yet unaware when they say, 'We have to fill the Piscean oceanic cosmic basin
with refined light', it is 100% accurate and true, in terms of the knower of the current aeon and
the delicate threads of transitory multiphasic substratum, they really are trying to illuminate that
they are saying, We need a new definition of the purpose in Syzygy that realigns as Anima
Mundi/World Soul becoming impetus for novelty trumping habit.
Light being generated leads to taller shadows and more severe appall to keep it burning.
Novelty trumping habit as the aeonic infrastructure to prioritize for the new human
transitory impetus is far more specific, succinct, and potent for both healing within the human
soul and shielding the Spirit, to also weaponize the Will/intellectual centers, for us.
Defending the Kingdom.

Image: unknown source.

Fertility and Abstract, Creative Novelty vs. Law/Logos Habit or Restrictive Word.
The hawk is the Sun, the Rabbit is the Moon. The Moon is Yin and Feminine.
In a darker 'anti-sol' corruption in dual-masculine bent;
the Hare is pictured as the 'antenna-eared' Set, or Satanas, or Saturn.

The Hare is Moon-height or vulgar formation on lower octave Saturn,

The Hawk is Solar Principle actuated and potentially Jupiter, but as vulgar formation is Mars running rampant.
The proverbial dual-masculine warfare across space-time is visualized in Horus versus Set precisely in Solar-Mars,
and the testosterone yoked and deeply offended Luna-Saturn, respectively.
For this reason, it is not brother fighting brother, but old Uncle [rather than Father Osiris who is Saturn highest
octave], fighting nephew.
We also know Set to be the storm god Baal.
That puts the Sun deity into context of at once at heart-core relation crossover with Cern, the Green Man.
Neptune's quintessential 3 cord Lingham Trident being here overlapped with the Yoni/Vesica Piscis.

Hmmm..but what if that Trident had some sort of a female correspondence?

Holy shit!!!
So, there is essentially kind of an Every Woman who yet is the 'Pi-crust' with the phallic torch
powers in her mastery, just in case your infrastructural lunar destructive male Principle starts
getting all out of whack and compartmentalizing to swallow your soul light and those you love.

This is not saying Shiva swallows your soul.

Person to person, either of the dual male principle can try to vie for dominion at your expense
depending on your views, adaptability or rigidity, strength and weakness of your own personal
Ka/Qi/Willpower, and endless other involvements and awareness or voluntary ignoramus.
The conjoining archetype of Hekate and Kali is Lilith.
Also mentioned to great depth earlier in the Library.

Expect she is hated by some, especially those sold out souls to either extreme of the dualmasculine contest, having offered up a comfortable calcified 'unity' where their Cosmic All-Man
rules all from the Iron Throne, free of the 'poisons' in their ideology that is the feminized
Trident, whereby we are restored as the Sophia aeonic thrust's emanation from the galactic
center, at rest as Gaia in our minds and hearts.
She is golden ray as much as He; visit Shakti/Shilibo especially.
She is black, here...and earth.
In this 'Halloween-esque contortion', she is Saturn, she is harnessing Pluto over the
underworld ruler traditional and more than capable subduing saviouress dominatrix where 'He'
has failed in his duties. His ultimate failure as a catch22, is really One extreme swallowing the
compartmentalized human soul component housing this arena, in the trapped 'anti-form' of the
engendered 'all-good Other' creative-destructive principle, as it goes.
She is New Moon, and astrologically so called Black Moon.
Inanna is Ishtar is Astarte is Ostara.
Everywhere you search for Inanna, images of Lilith come up.
Where the Mother and Daughter coalesce.
It is so as we will see because She arms the soul in this most epic cosmic struggle.
She is the Power to meet the singular oppressive Father-figure embodied head on,
between the epic match of the Lunar-Saturn 'Uncle' [Set] and the Solar-Martian Nephew [Mars].
She is constant in her visage, womb protective aspect, and her gifts of peace and warfare.
Whether Queen or Princess, Mother or Daughter, Shakti or Kali, Full radiance or sacred Night.
In contortion of this, is in the Kabbalah, at Kether where the Qlippoth are first engaged,
the 'tearing of Godhead' so named as Thaumiel.
That is, to entertain notion that there is a dual male, instead of the all encompassing, all-good to the
core Father of Light only, that the problematic deity's seed is already implanted in your core.
That would be the Lucifer/Satan only at the front of the Tree, to the followers of all Jehovah's
laws...Thaumiel was upset at the notion of the creation of matter, because..supposedly, knowing
the soul would receive the unrequited adoration of the 'all good creative masculine Principality',
the already lesser heavenly stations would sink even further, even under humanity's level..(to later
essentially become the earth spirits, cthonic/demonic/devic/nature guardians).
In the '4 eyes' of the Thaumiel of the YHVH, everything in Heaven was purely undiluted
spirit, and so having the spirit breath breathed into us, the untainted God-head would be
anywhere near in vicinity to all the 'little souls', and the heavens would start having morning
So, Thaumiel was given dragon's breath himself and made the progenitor of the Kingdom
of the Shells...a.k.a. 'Nightside', an offensive term the light-suckers love to death, because it
demeans the real Queen of Night, Lilith Hekate/Kali.
We will get back to this, it has been addressed, too, already in earlier library.
Let's move along...

It was important to bring us up to speed and rehash with further developments before we
delve into the Whole Trapezoid Thing, in part because the Vernal Equinox is on the New Moon
as well as a solar eclipse at virtually the same time [not visible but the energies are still high in
that department]. It's along the arctic northern Atlantic.
An easy illustration of some complex depth, the heart-core of the material for Equinox.

Once again, as simple as this looks (and is in a way) ,

you should be spending some time gestating it.
Where the black arrows meet is really the unlisted 'KA'...perhaps with Akh in certain cases.
If you have read the rest of the library, this is quickly assimilated with the rest, and snaps in.
If you haven't please at some point do [at least strongly consider] but...
it is able to be back tracked to later on.
Rather than a 100 page discourse, you can study the Egyptian soul model components
and the deity associations, whenever, at your own pace.
The static and dynamic are naturally also in flux with Substratum and dimensionality.
I showed you the animistic/shamanic ve-ve's.
Let's not forget that the quantum foam is at par and synonymous with fractal froth.
Also, though synonymous, oscillating at the hyperdimensional variations stated earlier on.
These colours are wavelengths...rays...
transitional elementary vessels of particle building blocks.

Every ancient god or modern spirit has their own colours. Not just pretty preferences for
interior soul decorating, but signature wavelengths to aim; giving gifts or pulling over-arching
facets where other wavelengths are creating blockages or becoming parasitic otherwise. This is a
strong part of what we are going over. When is the god, elemental, or other divine entity no
longer that, and becoming the parasitic archon? Where does the process start taking hold?
What goes along with expansion? Complimentary; contraction. The free angle, or 'angel', or
god/goddess, or any other kind of 'Les Invisibles'..loa or spirit Mystery versus the contractual
bounding box, 'do my bidding' powers of aer. Aer, not meaning sky deities or elementals, please
do not mistake that! It means Aether; here 'arch' or archon. An archetype form essence is a
ruling principle deity entity, but not by nature parasitic in and of itself, but we are symbiont
species and overlap far more often than the actual parasite wants us gaining access to, for I hope
obviously malicious intents of stunting growth and detaining away from high tech evolutionary
DNA transition, and hand-in-hand with consciousness/awareness & capability expansion.
One of the issues is making the human into a single unit to agree contractually or buy into
a compartmentalized system. Example: if the 'archetypal' is made fire at the top layer of the Tree,
people will be attracted to...that very thing as the end goal of acquisitions and achievements. All
the parties portraying the bargains in this system need do is be well versed and 'masters' of the
'good fire entity creative host', most often here; Enochian governers and aethers and beings like
Sandalphon and the Seraphim.
I am convinced that from this, over time, a backlash has been created. The emanation
spawning this [Sophia] has created a backlash that is this corporate cosmic venture [archons], and
these entities have created a backlash feeding back to a reverse polarized Sophiatic solutionembodiment souls that is the madness in this disgusting infrastructure, most prone and apt to
dealing with it. The soul of the Artist, the Chaos Mage, the Schizoid working to function and
these three bridging. Now, that creates a real prospect that the tortured soul is not to be locked
up, but the one ostracizing, still more or less 'stake burning' them, and
ridiculing/mocking/motivating to either sanitary medicated big pharma supporting institutional
'healing', a.k.a. Archon driven societal status quo. Really, these who subject them rather than get
them the shamanic society structure support that would be there to arm and equip them as leaders
and prophetic voices and miracle workers, ought to be made aware...not 'locked up', but
definitely really reformed the World Soul way, not the Tyrant's Solution way.
If the monotheistic Judeo-Christian Abrahamic world hammer shackle 'n chains were
properly seen, they would stop thing the Matrix series was about their heroic plight. They cut out
and completely raised the Promethean/Luciferian archetype long ago. There are no heroes who
are sold out to that model, and while that is the author's opinion; how much study, experience,
living through abuses galore and simple learning from history repeating itself is backing this up?
Zion in that series, referred to an internal gnostic archetypal plane. Not the Abrahamic
Zion, but the Mysteries. Ginen of the Dahomey in Africa. Asgard to the
Germanic/Viking/Norse etc. And, etc. etc. - and etc.

If it weren't so, what covers the world now would be a bunch of scantily clad loin-clothed
ravers dancing in Eden Everyplace, with several dozen robots in the earth's core crying their eyes
out over being victimized by all the horrible dance moves and celebrating of unfair human on
robot exclusion and violent looks that kill segregation. Let's not kid ourselves, here.
Having said that, again; every 'schizoid' is a potential Arthurian, legendary, shamanic
archontic parasite annihilator and defender of the Soul Kingdom. Archons have done a number
on civil life and infrastructure to where, of course, these people must be seen as both the
contradiction of weak and threats at the same time. Itself oxymoronic, to where it is 'dis-ease' only
and nothing more is at work in the substratum. I am way more suspect of the wholly happy and
healthy person in this world who agrees the surface level of dimensionality is they the 'driven
by demons' creative souls are the poison of society existing only to justify the obtuse.
Their abode they prepare the rest of the societal veneer is the Firewalk Of Mind.
The burning entrance to the palace of initiation and tantric/yogic harnessing of the
conversion at work in the transitory World Soul Entire in evolution and revolution.
Of importance to understanding them; theirs is a task also questing, not merely of
scholastic expertise and occult factual record keeping basis. They have no real choice but to
innovate or die, and likely by the hands of the archontic urges not in their own 'need to see self
destruction', but the rest of society's shoddy methods to 'help' them.
Help them out of the supply and demand chain to fill the seat with reliable customer ass...
To these pariah I say: You are sons and daughters of the blazing Trident, and you are
regal in the presence and reception of Sophia/Gaia amidst the rest of the lies,
thieving from you, set-ups to be fall guys, and malevolent accusations of the self conscious
to sear into your soul flesh for being beyond status quo to your core.
Conduct yourselves accordingly.
Be unafraid to lose 'pals' who whisper contortions of the reasons
they can't keep up with you to justify
what dull creatures they are before your natural radiance.
I am here to reveal the Victory you bear...
What seems compassion when you are willing to take scraps as the weaker will always turn
to rage aimed at you again and again envy and avarice when you the artist 'schizoid' labelled
arise to break through and make more sense that is potent and blazing with the light of many
suns and moons. It is a feasting they subject only heroes to, in moments of confusion and strife,
fire walk and vision quest to shed let brought up from real dedication in Chapel Perilous that
only the brave and the true-hearten can enact.

I have often compared this to just hatched tortoise babies rushing to the sea, and many will
be picked off by the shit-birds. The glories, beauty, and masterpiece form of at once sad and
sadistic nature. While the shit birds are necessary evil, I need you to focus. You are the turtles,
here. It is not disrespectful to the vulture or the crow or even the gull. I'm glad the Raven is my
messenger totem and strong core willpower archetype spirit [non-parasitic]. In fact, it keeps me
in check that I might at any moment start behaving like those I chastise as being shit-birds.
Defeating such plight is awareness of your own potential succumbing,
no matter the forms or configurations to convey an idea, at hand.
Now then, the human, not adverse or a problem to be overcome to 'achieving' World Soul,
becomes a radical, individual, Infinity-voiced and supported Self-actuating DIY innovative
component to New Systemics. That is: initiates the confused corporate contract 'n religious
system to fire-walk in the device aware over methods of formerly subjected to compartmentalization.
The 'new heathen' or obsolete 'hold-out' is the power hungry contract writer/holder who
in Ponzi Scheme format, requires as many monetary soul unit signatures as possible to stoke
their flames.

So hopelessly dependent on the System.

If we can agree on that, let's move right along and jump right in:
Some of the logic promoted here is beginning with the transitory phase between the red
ray and the gold ray. Compounded on beyond the corresponding root to solar chakras, these are
globe spanning World Soul states or current conditions placed upon ourselves as we elevate or
are ascending through intermediary stages age-to-age. The nature of the chakras descriptions is
pretty much perfectly the thrust. There is no prerequisite to have to buy into this idea wholly as
some new religion foundation or to 'get the vortex', but it is crucial to have this info.
All it is really talking about is the mind of the relationship with soul and planetary
intelligence [this is a living organism of the most definite sort], rising from the earliest stages of
our full body awareness from embryonic development to a radiance matching that of our own
bright yellow star. Sort of like saying..rather than the time when we shed blood to please the sun
god, we are engendering at our core those logos and manifesting synthesis/fusion powers, now.
That mind and heart is Us...
Listed beside are some personalization by the mythic and living deity self recognition
projections...it puts it in a breathing context of identifiable qualities that are us. The gods are us
and in us, and we are the gods and all abounding of the gods. This is just good common sense
awareness far more than religious law beliefs, just my adaptation of the principle.
The reasoning you'll see the Ren there is that the red ray is giving the logos name 'passed
down' to the sun. The Father naming the Son. For us, at has looked like the all-good male
creative principle having no feminine counterpart nor a rival equal dual male...rather an all-bad
but small faceted fallen servant angle [Samael to Jehovah], and the son of this god who manifests
himself 'up into' the golden ray.

Hence, the Father and Son are the same principle [space-time force embodied], yet...not the
same personage. It's like you talking to your friend's dad in the garage, and your friend in the
living room both hears and moves his mouth as his dad answers. Yet, his dad is not a puppet,
and his dad equally prefers the given response is what he would have said to you anyway, so it all
works out even-steven easy-peasy.
So, the red and gold are essentially 'one ray' in this manner of cosmology interpretation
and capitulation. Yet, the sun gold is 'stronger'; we also in turn have the Son dying for the erring
of the soul [again, not suggesting this is required belief] by continuing his mission after the
Father abandons him. It's subtle, but just as Osiris' colours are the red and green prevalent in
Saturn mysteries Osiris being the agricultural cycles and regenerative after death
conceptualization, the masculine Mars cut off from Venus' tale and inclusion of the green 'over'
and 'stronger' than red, you just have essentially Jehovah-Saturnine-Satan Red. See, that wasn't so
hard, eh? Horus then, naturally, solar deity yellow/gold.
Sheut territories or Shadow lands that Chapel Perilous Axis Mundi the shaman is
initiated into traveling, and bring back tribal healing visionary medicine. We can see by the pointy
arrow there that the golden human soul descends with aim and intent into the craggy raw
materials and it is both ecstatic, blissful, challenging, wild/untamed and cannot be tamed by his
volition to beat it into submission as it is a vast buzzing hive with ability and willingness to bite,
claw, sting, tear at your mind, thrust for your heart, but unlike the above, this below is not a
contractually obligating affair. That is a feature upon heavenly ascension through more
intellectually motivated, highly evolved to an err at times, advanced technology and
unfathomable galactic logistics species and races. On the other hand, this way more 'primitive',
yet while thought 'low' it is the home and hallmark of wise old owls and serpents and talented
feature creatures and unparalleled beauty. The realm of Hekate/Kali/Lilith yet again.
Others, too, but you can research that whole library on your own.
The gold doesn't end in the red density, but has got to own it and often either out-smart,
out-honesty, out-develop in tactics or some other features to 'gain passage'. Hence, 'fire walk'.
Shamans have to haze each other in initiation, and that has been often vile and even painful
to torturous to every nation and culture's understanding of the Medicine WoMan. So, when is it
not shamanic initiation, anymore..or hazing to break a soul into being up to the task? When
those powers developed are used by essentially a gang who then wanted to reject a practitioner in
a faux entheogenic enhanced practice in a clique to continue the torturous hazing to any effect or ends
justifying the means. Such is a great crime that even any 'black lodge' will and should leap upon and
snuff out instantly. It is a disgrace among any metaphysical practitioner worth anything at all.
Oh, and this is not saying the red ray, white or black anything, or pink, yellow, blue etc rays
are where the evil is hiding itself. The superstitions passed on in the very unevolved models
spoken of above would have you kill people with a mole on their cheek, wearing the colour
orange, using to much profanity in a presentation, and other stupid bullshit like that.

Both of these square-boxes at the bottom are contracting frictions of the dimensionality
penetrating the substratum to gain the medicine or engender the levity of said ascension by way
of strategy, tactic, even philosophies, or other morbid and/or ingenious practicalities.
These at bottom are the root, but also seen as the 'black monolith' square that is Saturn as
purest Time-space and other dualized concept karma lord and masculine removed from Mother
and so refusing to 'die' in the conception of age-to-age infant aeonic, and Saturn does what? eats his successive progeny, as government sustained right-to-rule every age main feature.
If ya wanna make an omelet, ya gotta break some eggs...the pulse notion is the end justifies
the means...

Everything you are about to see is a depiction of Saturn...repeated...

black cube all over the world...Denmark, Australia, all over...

I am not of those conspiratard, Illuminati speculation groups. Illuminati goes on and is

thing, I'm sure of it, but chasing down the outer bad guy is the mess, and this is internal self
rediscovery and awakening as priority. This is not about to turn Alex Jones 'buy my latest
Bohemian Grove expose'. If I did, a hundred other things would surface in its place if we
'busted it'. Conveniently enough for the karma police who are perpetuating the very thing they
promise to bring down like the Walls of Jericho. They know they'll make a million more in DVD
sales dry-humping the leg of 'keeping you informed' so swat teams won't steal your babies from
their cribs in the night.
This simply is what you see here that is happening and it's nothing to PANic over.
Get it? I'm sure you do.
We are this, too, as much as Death, too, is in Arcadia.
As much as this, too, becomes aware it is us in us and through us.
If we go from the dualistic male to a cube [Saturn], what comes next?
Six...speaking abstract, not technical. Think 4 points of a wall.
So, 2, 4, 6...

Let's put this back in again so there's no need to scroll back up a bunch...

If the cube or 4 point side of the 3rd dimensionality is Name and Shadow construction.
Then the Heart [Ab] and ascending/descending component [Ba],
is where we start to see the substratum core flux dynamism behind 'The Man'.
Cosmic Elder of the old skin [covenant] who is the central figure of modernized pagan festivals.

Those festivals are not just 'rebirthing', and filling ascension of the golden ray from the lower
octaves, but they are commemorations to the scorned and outcast goddess to perpetuate 'His'
need to feed and preserve the forfeited onward growing tyranny.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Absolute Power Current Absolutlely, too...
No Mother concept more relevant than the Black Madonna who is Lilith.
Who is Princess Inanna/Ishtar... then, on that goes into pure Anima Mundi.
Remember that Hekate [Brigid] has the male power like Kali over Shiva.
What if that was an actual material/matrix object we could use and work with as shamans?

Whoa! Fuck yeah!

Now, it is often said by 'crystal sexers', funny term, I know; quartz is the male of the mineral
I view it as what the natural earth has given us, and the natural earth is Gaia.
Male power does resonate with it, though. As a universal healer and first choice of every shaman,
it in my experience is the Vortex in stone form.
It's yin-yang perfect.
I once thought these to be more of a hyperbole decoration once, even in the thick of my
metaphysical and occult work, until I actually picked one up.
Now, my room is becoming a Superman's Fortress of Solitude.
In fact, it was called that and clear quartz helps do just that...
It gives you your own clear visage and enhances your original capabilities.
The ones the preceded all the laws on laws above and below and the fog of mind.
Indecision, ignorance, powerlessness, the codependency that forms in the proxy end that is your
victimization in the epic cosmic Maunchausen Syndrome By Proxy.
Quartz is the most effective, brilliant, to be engaged and appreciated 'weapon' we have
along with the solar cross the two going together flawlessly...
The crystal is the heart of the blade.
The heart is the crystal of the Jedi.
The Jedi is the crystal of the Force.
The Force is the blade of the heart.
All are intertwined.
The crystal, the blade, the Jedi.
We are one.

Words of a Jedi 'Luminara Unduli' to her apprentice in a modern Star Wars animation.
Since the golden era of Saturday Morning animation began, the late 70's through the entire
80's, occult concepts were gifted to the minds of the youth who otherwise had no way of
breaking free from Sunday school indoctrinations.
It seems like I remember there was one place one could get crystals for lightsabers
in all the Star Wars galaxy mythos...
an ice cave on Hoth.
That seems to have changed with the expanded universe.
I haven't studied it very deeply...
but... for novelty's sake, and a little fun, not some philosophical law for a belief code...

Scorpio is fixed water...Ice [like Hoth].

Sagittarius, the Archer or keen penetrative force. The Truth Seeker.
It is Red.
Scorpio is Pluto and the Underworld/Occult intellectual of the zodiac.
It is Blue.
Sagittarius is mutable fire. An interchangeable or fluxing/oscillating fire.
Even looks like a representation of lightsaber turning on...
What have we been studying between the two of them in the earlier library to extreme detail?
Ophiuchus. Wrestling the two halves of the serpent.
Conjoining the dual/alternating currents.

The fire walk is passing through the storm...

Hot pressure and cold pressure colliding.
Followed by temperance, medicine, vision serpent.
Weren't the words of even the Christian Lord modeled after the pagan mysteries
interceding in the Jehovah-Saturnine Complex?
As the serpent was lifted up upon the staff, I [the Morning Star]
shall be lifted upon the cross.
Christ was a Gnostic as well as Jew.
Christ was not commandeering the pagan mysteries to be his persona, to cleanse it.
Only later did corporate priesthood religion take advantage post Nicene council.
Christ was and is and will be the introduction of holy spirit feminine divine to the cut off
heavenly Father-figure.
So, Christ is the Pagan Mystery introduced to cleanse the Oppressive Complex Greater.

I have my own plethora of well versed and experienced reasons to believe as well that
Christ was introducing 'Left Hand Path' ideas as best as possible in dire 'White Lodge
Priesthood' situations. Christ was nearly like Lavey or any other nameable Left Hand Sorcery
Scholar, before it was cool to be a 'Satanist'.
Just look at Christ cursing a fig tree that didn't 'put out' to satiate his need or desire.
He didn't feel bad about it.
He said, this power to curse and shrivel up at a mere thought and touch or word is yours
through my body/teachings/DNA coding solar-mars/golden rayed mutation acceptance.
Pretty damn demonic/devic if you ask me.
Even if you don't...
Ophiuchus is not Mercury though, Mercury is Mercury.
Ophiuchus is not Salt/Saturn-earth, nor Sulphur Solar-Mars.
Ophiuchus is all three and alchemical transmutation embodied.
The Crystal, Jedi, and Force.
The other 3 constant oscillating spheres after/within the 7
rotating specialist planetary hours.
By power of Jupiter of Sagittarius [Pisces traditional ruler, too] the Pluto of the Scorpion, the Uranus of the Aquarian, and the Neptune of again feeding
back into Pisces...the whole Godhead Complex and where the Sun/Moon are
two Houses conjunct in
a singular entity, the 9 Spheire of the Vortex and Vortex 'it' self.
'New Daath'

The 'Jupiter Dionysos' [blue-green] is the all-expansive ecstatic embodiment.

A.k.a PAN, or Baphomet, the baphometis, the baptist...

Why does the 'upside down 5 point star' have such an evil, bad 'black magick left hand'
rep? You are looking at a smaller pentacle 'upright 5 point star' within a larger construct of larger
entity contraction/contracting/contractual activity. All of that word pact, bargain, deal..signing contract.
You are seeing the invisible small soul pentacle inside ascend through possession, trance,
evoking, invoking...drawing in 'the Force', drawing down the Moon, the alchemical launch pad
rocket power for sulphur. Mercury's compliment of Soul. 'Rocket' also means light, and light is
ARUGALA. It has its own long standing highly mystical herb, among root workers.
In India, this does not mean anything satanic, either. It has long been a form of Jupiter's
inception drawn into you. Whereas we witness the pentacle as the man ' made in the image of his
god', and the hidden pentagram is the inner light receiving the higher lord. It is more religious
based than 'witchery'. Kneeling, genuflecting, and giving up the earth to the power of heavens
and heavely lordships and title; you are voluntarily selling out to something, it is 'giving up' and
handing over your admitted Saturn-earth corporeal vessel 'salt'.

It is a truth in some regard and both and neither are wholly potent in and of themselves
nor pure good and evil. One is the greater self becoming and the other is the ultimate offering to
an arch-form of your beliefs and choosing, if not deity, even just philosophy of the prime cause
dimensionality emanating from accompanying Source substratum.
For this reason, the Left Hand/Black Lodge/Satanic Philosophy does not worship an
outer devil evoked entity, and if they did, they would be using the pentacle [upright 5 point star],
so if you can get that...you would see how calling the pentagram or the philosophy of
contracting and self reliance hell-bound pure evil is utter nonsense spawned by fearfully inducing
archon borne prison-for-mind-and-soul religious ball & chain priesthoods that think we of our
own volition are far too stupid for access to a decentralized cosmic-to-earthbound evolution and
mutation that definitely is happening now and working great. Some satanic sects are not very
intelligent, unfortunately they just try to look as bad ass and shock evil as possible. It can be
funny, or disgusting, but very often, spins in a hamster wheel hung in the air as much as the
entities and bodies claiming to opposition as solution. Quite problematic...
If Hitler's swastika could not take the Tibetan meaning of the swastika from your heart,
why let the less intellectual and satanic person who unwittingly aids the white-light white-lodge
ball & chain religious complex take the sacred pentagram of the full baphomet mystery out of
your hands?
Let's look at this once more to observe something else going on -

In oppositions, while the gold and red oscillates back and forth, the green ray ever
supports, nests, and exalts or is the dynamic thrust to substratum of the more static substratum
blue ray. The reason is that from green to blue, the duality of centralized masculine struggle
principles do not apply. Transcendent rays: post duality phase. Now, you have a 'rainbow diamond
body', so, you will always still operate in, not forget, nor lose the information of the timing of
the red to gold ray substratum and dimensionality arena. History forgotten tends to be repeated
anyway. Patterns cast off from mind tend to cycle back at full momentum with reinforcements.
Memory a lunar association is crucial in sublimation with the solar.
None of these are anyone else' mysteries. These are not stolen things from any fraternity
or priesthood, try as they may to make such ridiculous claims against my Work. They will not
turn up a Vortex like this that is my mnemonic charge/current, and until I began writing this,
there was no preconceived 'Ekstasis current', nor my interpretation and specific handling of
trapezoid or application of preexisting facts and approaches to known ancient sacred geometry.
This reconciliation and full restoration has long alluded their orders of light, which is why
it was entrusted to me, a cosmic associate strong enough to bypass their wall-force embodiment
of lineage, and not to thieve, but with my own mnemonic prescriptions. As sure as you read this,
I am aeonic true embodiment and am decentralizing my personal godhead configuration to bring
balance back to the Force. You can lay the smack down on anyone who suggests I am
malevolent toward the fraternity to 'spill masonic beans', or Voudon priesthood beans, or any
other orders' beans. These beans are of the feminine divine sacred mystery beans. That's all there
is to it; to insult me is to invoke insult paid to the homage and service to Kali, Hekate,
besmirched Lilith, even then Shakti or Shekinah a.k.a. Shilibo, and so Durga and Hathor and
Inanna/Ishtar/Astarte along with. Should you find such gall anywhere at your core, I
recommend removing such weed from your flower garden, sweet precious sunshine.
I was ripped apart and inverted in the Kether of the Abyss, bypassing the knowledge of
Thaumiel's ownership and retainership of me, and reconstructed sans guardian angelic archontic
intelligence yoked to my reemerging, to enact this Rite of Equinox before you all. Just so we are
clear on this.
While the Solar-mars is cyclical under the Jehovah-Saturnine array, by the Ophiuchus
World Soul actualization post dual-masculine feature, I emanate here as Gift, the Jupiter
Dionysian. The Great Phoenix manifest...
Red and White could and for all intents and purposes here should be seen as the MarsGevurah with Pluto-Kether traditional, before I inserted my own monad function into the
Complex. So, in harmony but seeming contradiction to the statement that Scorpio is 'blue' on
the zodiac and Sagittarius is 'red' on the zodiac, now you can see as complimentary to Scorpio's
shamanic red and white occult initiatic spirit [the Scorpio is tri-fold as the scorpion, the eagle,
then Phoenix], we have Black and Blue as the inverted oscillation compliment humming
alongside in Sagittarius. The Jupiter Dionysian. The Black is Malkuth, inverted upward..ascending
earth. Also New Moon. Black and Blue is the Mutable/receptive Fire of Sagittarius.

It is not Saturnine run, but the constant Head array and Arena of the Ophiuchus-Phoenix
by way of the Trident/Spear of Aquarian Uranus the Water [Alternating-current mystery]
Bearer, the transitory Omega phase of Neptune's Piscean, and the Year of the Ram initiatic
Caduceus of Aries borne Mercury, along with the inverted Black-Clear solar gate actuation that
is higher octave rather than density under white-light Saturn. However, after the earlier works in
the Library, you see Pluto not as Kether, but that gate opens with the yin-yanged Pluto in both
Binah and Chokmah. We have the serpent dual-current blue/red bolts brought together in the
gold-green Ophiuchus New Soul, as Phoenix rises.

The decentralized zero ownership, tyrant free, New/Expansive Daath,

Tree of Life evolution/rebirthing.
This is cosmic open-source, it is completely self-actuating and self-maintaining, perpetually
syzygy bonded in novelty. It is not 'lawless', it is Living Wyrd that dynamically contorts and
conforms to you and your self aware soul needs, both as a spectucalar, radical individual and all
of us giving rise to something together. In specific; Freedom, Choice, Support and
Encouragement. It does have the idea also manifesting that a long standing cosmic, archontic
parasite enabled war-zone comes to its ending. If I had just made myself into the Seth to conquer
the Christ's Horus, I would fail as the power hungry anti-christ spirit-less pure raw soul man.
Jehovah's dirty little secret son belonging to the same stupid vicious cycle process. As a result,
this Ekstasis Aeonic Engineering is Open Source and Decentralized. It is free from the dualmasculine ownership feeding back into the Father cut out from the Mother's cloth detaining...
No Saturn devouring His Children will hold court in my Abode,
between here and the heavens.
Your Pinocchio just became an actual Soul, Sunshine...

The nest egg housing the Egg-Dimensionality and the cornucopia releasing tantric
orgasmically into contracting through blissful/ecstatic friction to sow with the Seed-Substratum.
'Life and Death' rebirthing emanations...
The trapezoid is the perfect implementation for protection to aim a bardo/intermediary tattvas traveling
soul and also the ultimate protection of the head of the dying one and blessing over to regenerate like Spring
after every Winter passage.
The Son/Sun is not merely seed from gonad; the very shining heart of the Father.
Abraham sacrificing Jacob was all about pledging allegiance
to cut your own shining heart out to feed the entropy cursed furnace
of the Jehovah-Saturnine Compartmentalization.
Welcome to the 101 Corporate-Nationalist capitalist venture theories
we live, imprison, and voluntarily crucify each other by,
handed down through the last aeons from the archontic thrust paradigm.
Don't hate the Aeon, hate the Contract you signed...
Next, Mercury, who is the Quicksilver to the Solar alchemical Sulphur, is also the water of the Lapis
the inverted triangle 'cup' to the blade of the ascending pyramid face fire triangle. Mercury is best friends to
Saturn in modern and especially Eastern astrological concepts. Some choose to disregard eastern astro because
they have no Neptune placement. To me, it's just indication that Neptune as both deluge and enlightenment,
dream and fantasy and lifting the veil, too...is constant...just like the other three factors are constant equivalent
forces at work in the traditional planetary hour septagram. It's kind of like 'incalculable' rather than cast off as
irrelevant. Or, it would and should be, among those who know what they are doing.
I just went over at my social media blog-thing, all on how Jupiter was Pisces traditional ruler, but in
modern Neptune is. I spoke of how Jupiter still lingers with Pisces and verse versa, with my wordy words
tossed in. Lo 'n behold, we find maybe a week or two out that Ganymede, Jupiter's moon, has water.
Jupiter in the occult significance resonates also to Hadit: 555. The 5th Spheire, upon which, with the
Vortex, overlaps as 1st and 2nd houses in the singularity's 'crux ansata'.

The blue to Jehovah's red ray is the EL, by which the term Elohim comes, which was translated to the
'outer lights' of Jehovah the outer spheroid angles/angels to that system the EL in turn became Baal. The
storm god. In Dionysian pan-priapus terms, El is also the Sumerian Enki. Enki is the most ecstatic available or
'intoxicating' frequency of Oannes. The monad or the One is Hadit, and Christ as the Lord of the Pisces Age
is the Fish. A perfect circle. Every sign with dual components or compartments; Pisces, Libra, Gemini, and to
some foreign extent the all-or-nothing Scorpio...but really it is the inward-tailed Scorpio inversion of
mutable/interchanging earth Virgo, who is Mercurially associated, along with Sagittarius, being the changeablefire. Configures the overlapping 1st and 2nd Houses. Really, the primer in the dual signs we are looking at is
between Scorpio and Sagittarius vis-a-vis Ophiuchus-Phoenix. Most 'dual sign' in and of themselves is
generally agreed Gemini foremost followed by Pisces. Some say Libra! How so!? Libra is the scales, to conjoin
in a third, you must have measure of aware semblance working in dualistic territories. Libra should execute a
third novelty quotient to the the dual-contrasting polarity extremes (of habit) anywhere in space-time.
The 'outer lights' are not of Jehovah, even though so claimed. 'They' are not wholly 'outers' in as much
as one can make an 'inner' all-good opposition host that is 'over you', you naughty little sinner! Catch that?
They are earth spirit Jupiter-Dionysian elemental devas...i.e. They are ALL-EXPANSIVE besmirched, hated,
vulgarized 'demon' Lilith spawn. The 'outer lights' as angels of the Jehovah-Saturnine versus dual-contrasting
'inner-light kingdom' claim are the co-opted powers of our own symbiont, non-archontic, non-parasitic spirits
of syzygy in coupling to soul, far better reflecting our needs and evolving alongside us: as primitive as
advanced. As ancestral and animistic/shamanistic as transcendental, and advanced mutational developed. Both
have their own hybrid programs. Both wish to co-opt the others' hybrid techniques to quell insurrections and
upsets. Right now, what we see as the 'outer darkness' demonic threat of weeping and gnashing of teeth is an
archontic fear driven mechanism that they have the power to cut us off from the Feminine Divine Power of
the Galactic Central Womb/Vulva. The Pertho in Runic meanings and association. Perth is a beloved rune...
Might wanna get to know it.
It also means 'potluck' and has long been a beloved association to all elemental/earth spirits and are
cthonic-regions capable totems and familiars. It is occult/hidden unconventional knowledge initiation.
Hadit is 'Particle-Man', but a cool way to fathom the atomic nuclear power is if you gathered all moon
reflecting light source in a given anything. Okay, let's say a galaxy...ours...pooled it to an unfathomable 'big
bang' type ultra dense Pure Strong energetic point, and then fathom all you know about Jupiter's habits, in that
infinitesimal point...you have the Winged Globe's nature in heart/mind, and an idea of the power of the force.

The rune URUZ... Strength. The Medicine Man's rune


The rune-sigil of my House[s]... utilizing four staggered Uruz runes...

The Tibetan scepter quartz. This is an amazing rare double-termination. What looks like 'dirt'
is carbon/manganese.
All trapezoid thought essentially deals with a temporal volume displacement.

The 1st and 2nd Houses respectively, they overlap. Witness the trapezoidal '5th Spheire' on the left then
the arrow head of the '10th Spheire' on the right. The whole thing is string theory/M-theory based, so the
Vortex is a lot [in entirety], the 11th dimensional substratum being sigilized into a sort of meta-dimensionality.
So, like earlier mentioned, the arrow-head of green-to-blue of the trapezoid listed in the graph doesn't
oscillate, but is a continuous true aim and ascension taking place constant in the red-gold rays' endless
luminary undulations.

A part of the Vortex that was forever lost, that returned by way of memory, expanded upon...

The 'Hive of Life'...

Red and White spheroid or dome-arching trapezoid fungi. Also hypothesized as soma and/or manna.
Jupiter-Dionysian Sagittarius stones are Lapis lazuli, Sodalite, Azurite, Hackmanite,
Turquoise, Labradorite, Chalcedony, Topaz, others... Importantly is the first three vivid blue stones.
Loads of info on this out there, do your own homework according to your own drive and attraction.
The Red/White of the Saturn-clause shaman becomes the Jupiter-Dionysian.
The reborn gold-green Ophiuchus-Phoenix 'Christ power'.
The regenerative Tammuz and Horus of Osiris
The gnosticism understood Christ has no possible 'anti-persona',
only the fundamentalist corporate venture of capitalist big religion does. So, to them, everything I just
gave you has to be 'anti-christ' or 'anti-semite' to be preserved.
As Saturn, they'll link up by way of archontic taught instinct methods to devour my Body

The shadow of the out-grown aeon... time to grow up...

Now is a great stopping point for the time being.

We'll do this again soon.
You should have a lot to go on and mull over and expand upon, on your own watch.
Take care and happy Equinox...

With love, devotion, and passion to the goddess and consort Astarte...