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Commercial law
Topic: Classification of Agency
Gas Agency

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Gas Agency
The Gas Industry plays very important role because it is essential for
every human being. The leading Gas Companies in India are:

Bharat Gas
Hindustan Gas
Indane Gas
Reliance Gas
HP Gas
Almost all the people use gas for domestic and commercial purposes. The

companies and the Government have made some rules for the new gas
connections. The rules like the card holder should submit his/her Government
photo ID and address proof Xerox to the gas agency. Proofs like Ration card,
Passport and Voter ID are taken into account.

Bharat Petroleum Industry:

Bharat Gas is a product of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
(BPCL). The Bharat Gas is a pioneer in the LPG market in India and is
rendering its services for more than three decades. The company has 48 bottling
plants and built up a marketing network comprising of over 7400 retail outlets
and more than 2150 LPG distributors & 1000 SKO/LDO dealers across the
country. At present, the Bharat gas has coverage of around 25 million
households across the country as well as hundreds of commercial and industrial
establishments. Bharat gas has always been the frontrunner in maximizing the
efficiency and in enhancing the customer satisfaction.

Duties of the Bharat Gas Industry:

Easy access to customers through various modes including online access

Home delivery of cylinders.
Value added services to customers by venturing into allied business to
meet consumers household needs.
LP Gas supplies through pipeline to mega residential complexes.
An innovative solution to reach LP Gas supplies to rural and remote areas
through the "Rural" Marketing Vehicle.
Revolutionizing the metal cutting & brazing industry with the new
product Bharat Metal Cutting Gas.

Relationship between the Principle and the agency:

The concern Lakshmi Gas Agency deals with the supply of Bharat Gas
LPG Cylinders for domestic and commercial purposes. It is situated at No. 1324
Patel Road, Ram Nagar, Coimbatore.

Duties of Agency:
Instant LPG gas cylinder connections for home and businesses.
Assured and timely supplies throughout the year.
LPG Installation Maintenance Services.
Training on LPG Operations & Safety.
Emergency Services.
Guidance in conversion from other fuels to LPG.

Assistance in selection of partners for combustion solution.

Functions of the Agency:

They serve LPG to the customers based on their needs by providing gas
to homes for domestic purposes, vehicles and shops for commercial purpose.
The organization has established well by prompt delivery and advancement.
The Gas Agencies get the order request through phone calls or by
personal from their customers and deliver the gas cylinders to their address
based on their demand and previous delivery date. This process is made
computerized and the customers name, address and stock details are stored in a
database. Based on this the billing for a customer is made simple and easier,
since a customer order for gas can be accepted only after completing a certain
period from the previous delivery. This can be calculated and billed easily
through this. There are two types of delivery like domestic purpose use delivery
and commercial purpose use delivery. The bill rate and capacity differs for both.
This can be easily maintained and charged accordingly. The stock of gas and all
its details are processed swiftly. The following modules are involved in this
process of delivering the Gas to the customers

Customer Details
Transaction Details
Stock Details

Existing System:

In the existing system, the billing process, receiving order from customers
and stock details are done through manual records. Whenever a customer makes
a demand for gas it is recorded in a separate notebook and the previous delivery
made to the customer is searched and the number of days from that date till now
is calculated. If the number of days is expired only then the order is accepted, if
not the order placed will be rejected. Then the valid order request is request is
taken in and a billing is done manually. The order is for two purposes as
domestic and commercial. The billing is done based on the above two categories
and the rate is charged. Then the stock of cylinders is also maintained in manual
records. So while billing this also has to be taken into account and billed. So
this involves a great process and the time is also wasted.

Proposed System:
In the proposed system, the process of billing and maintaining the stock,
database of customers are all made computerized. Since whenever a customer
makes a demand or places an order through phone call or by personal, it is
received and immediately checked by billing. The customers name, address,
last date of delivery, etc. are all maintained in the database. So when the
customer order is received and billed, the system automatically calculates the
number of days from the previous delivery, if valid the billing can be done, if
not the billing cannot be done and the customer can be informed about it. So the
manual process of recording and billing is done easily without any paper work.
The stock of gas that is recorded and maintained manually is made
computerized. While billing, based on the stock the billing charge and capacity
is made. When the stock goes below the limit, it can be easily identified. So by
this process of ordering, billing and stock maintenance for a gas agency can be
processed easily.
Delivering Process:

Delivering process is final step in Gas agency. After the booking is over
the Gas cylinder is delivered to the customer by the respective billing order. The
Agencies generally provoke in their customer services like the employee who is
delivering the Gas cylinder will check if any leakage in the Gas connection and
also the expiry date of the Gas tube. The Gas is generally booked after 21 days
of last Gas cylinder delivery. The Gas cylinder will be delivered within 3 days
of booking. The delivering date of the Gas cylinder will be informed while
booking itself.

Thus in this summary, the function and services of the Bharat LPG and
Lakshmi Gas Agency (the distributer of Bharat Gas) are specified.