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November. 1987


EREP: Environmental Recording Editing and Printing

by Lex luthor
and The Legion

01 Hackers

SNA: Systems Network Architecture

NCCF: Network Communications Control Facility

IBM mainframe computers make up over 50
percent of the mainframes used today in the
United States These systems are traditionally
used In Industries such as insurance, banking,
universities, and so on. For some reason, IBM
systems as a whole have not been very popular
""Ith hackers. This may be due to the complexit y
of the operating systems run on IBM systems
compared to ot hers such as UNIX or VMS.
Another (eClSOn may be that there is much varlet y
;rurn shop to shop.

IBM systems are more

commonly llIodlfled and customized to f it an

incllviduill corpora lion's Ileeds ilnd the lack of
lml'v'ersailty" for commands , files . pr ograms ,
and oHler p roced ures makes it difficult to attempt

to use wltilou t a ny

type of speclf! c

doc um entati on The lack of det ailed orHlne help

also hinders the hacker. I believe tilat Hle

\/M/CMS Operating System is by far the best ar1d

easily leamed of the IBM systems. But cOll1pared
to other O peratlll g Systems like UNIX or VMS.
\fM ICMS is cumbersome and harder to leall1,


REXX: Restructured Extended Executer language

DOCS: Display Operator Console System
JCL: Job Control language
ACF: Advanced Communications Functions
SQL/DS: Structured Query language/Data System
DBA: Data Base Administrator
GCS: Group Control System
SCP: System Control Program
FOP: Field Development Program
CNA: Communications Network Application
POF : Progra mma b le Ope ra tor Facility

PS W: Program Status Word

SSCP: Subsystem Services Control Point

IPCS: Interactive Problem Control System
[JCSS: D i scontiguous Shared Segments
IIMCF: Virtual Machine Communicalians Facility

FIFO: First In First Out

LIFO: last In First Out
AP: Attached Processor
MP: Multi-Processor
R/D: Read/Only
R/W: Read/Write
Logging In

Before I even attell1pt to start this Jrtl cle , I

wili list the iBM specif ic acr onyms we Will he
USiilg a nd sorne others thJt you may find on
various IBM systems, Ilis t tllern here so I Will not

'l ave to do it tilrougilOut the artiCle. If you need to

kno,y wl1at one of them mean s later, ju st refer

Of Contents

VTDC: Volume Table

TYPic ally , wilen you cOllle across a systen1

11I1lIlillg an older version (If CMS. it will res pond


back to tllis list

'JM/SP: Virtual Machine/System Product

ThiS message IS somewhat of a con trad icti on .

CP: Control Program

The m ajori ty of VM/CMS system s are ra rely run

eMS: Conversational Monitoring System




Pe rfo rmance Option

VSE: Virtual Storage Extended

file penod

MVS: Multiple Virtual Storage


prompt is ttle surest way of

cOll nec ted

to a

VM/CMS system, aside lrorn the "VMi370

JES: Job Enlry System

CICS: Customer Information Control System

IJSAM: Virtual Storage Access Method

VTAM: Virtual Telecommunications Access


IX: Interactive Executive

IPL: Initial Program Load
IVP: Installation Verification Program

RSCS: Rmote Spooling Communications Subsyste m

DASD: Direct Access Storage Device
Nm'ember, 1987

' .

vellfYlllg that you Ilave indeed

TSO: Time Sharing Option

Page 4

actual 370 systems but on other processors,

such as the 43XX series and the 30XX series


ONliNE' message which IS usually printed. fhis

prompt should not be confused

with DEC's

TOPS-10 system, Wilich also has !Ilf) prompt of

penod. Newer versions will giv::) you this menu

Enter one of the following commands:

LOGON userid (Example: LOGON VMUSER 11

DIAL userid (Example: DIAL VMUSER21


MSG userid message (Example: MSG VMUSER3

Th i s menu may vary f rom system to system,
s i n c e s y s t e m m a n a g e r s m a y o p t to o m i t

cases ) . NOI'L wou l d be u sed when a system

dumps you i n t o a prog ram which a l l ows you l i t t l e

or no mob i l i ty s u c h as a restricted menu o f

o p t i o n s ( i . e., a system backup u t i l i t y ) a n d l ogs
you off w i thout gaining access to C M S. N O I PL
w i l l p revent t h i s prog ram f rom running if it is

commands from the menu o r add o thers. When

l i sted i n your automat ic I PL entry w i t h i n the CP

hac k i n g a system , t h i s menu w i l l appear before

d i rectory. Th i s shou l d a l l ow you access to the

you can attempt to login, thus becom ing very

system. O therwise the program was spec ified to

ted ious and t i me consuming espec i a l l y at 300

nJn within your PRO F I L E EXEC which l ists things

baud as you have to wa i t an etem i t y for each

logon attemp t .

"Co mpa r ed to othe r

operati ng systems ...
VM / CM S is cumbersome
and harder to learn."
Other responses after connec t i n g are "Ready
to H ost" , " Press break key to beg i n session" and
" I n va l i d Switch C haracters " . The last response is
commonly found on Te lenet and other packet
sw i tched networks, in which you may have to
spec i fy "V M " for a V M / C M S system, or "TSO" for
an M V SITS O system . There may be o ther I B M
sysleills t o select fro m , or "VM" m a y n o t b e a

system. You may al so have to specify

lOeON VM' or j u s t 'LOGON" before the port


,:,elector connects you to the host system.

L D(JON Cdn be abbreviated as



US0fi(j Cdi1 bt irornl-8 cliaracters in length. )ut

':1st ct13racter

to be done upon l ogon . N O I PL is somewhat

s i m i lar b u t not ident ical to the login qua l i fier

must be

a letter



j!er)b you corne across ihis wiil be trUt;, Out

clue to l.d:,loITIlza'iull of systems, it's
r:IS i1i1(J even the 8 cllaldctel password lililit may




A tYPical logon olay look li ke:

; .;


I f t h e Pas s w o rd S u p p res s i o n F a ci l i t y i s
insta l l ed o n the system, you wi l l receive an
i nval i d format message whenever the userid and
password are entered on the same l i ne. This is
obviously a securi ty measure to prevent users
from entering their password in full view of
anyone who may be watch ing as the password i s
n o t "masked". Thus, y o u w i l l h a v e to enter your
password on a separate l ine when the system
promp t s you for i t. The advantage of entering the
userid and password on one l i ne (especially at
300 baud ) i s that you can try more userids and
passwords in a shorter period of t ime while s t i l i

has been

availing yourself (1f the system's generosity

infofTIling you whefl an rnvalid userid


There are



various error messages one may

encounter while logging into a VM !eMS system.

Tile ones


sh ou ld be most concerned

Ilserid nol ill

userid has been


CP dir6clnry,

Wilen an



e: :r",(,(1, you will receive t h i s

This rnCIC::t1 ion g ives the hacker a

dic;trnct ::\rJvailtage for [Jaining entry to the

. , IS tile system prompt, L IS

command, COMOS [0
SYSGUrSS is tlie

"/ N O C O M M AN D" for DEC's VAXIV M S systems.


tile u:;elili.


is t(1(:


tle largest security hole in any


:,ystern COi;iC'; (ron' te l ling the user when a val id

user:<j';'; ha been entered. After a l l . obtaining a

iU I:) hall the battle. The olher h a l f is

nr;ta:r,'q a valid password. Even the weakest

Indication of
p:rtered. Why leM haJj
H',;s is 3. ;llt=}t8ry to :;-(.c
a valid u:,o'id I:' enteredyp,.1 Wlii e en .i :
t /ou LCd ld; a!rp::ldy >

c,ocratiil'J systems PO ionqer give an

.;!"n a v31id iD tw bee"

cor:cept f\ usel call bilO!


syster!) not the


tileir pan UI

whole system (in Inosl

:,I:;d t)

dG SC i thu


COrr"?C1, the SyStt1li vvdl

H nui

you will (fe\in one

TWO messages'

"ijvemher, 1<)87

Pag 5


US Social

Security Prefixes
Disk Jockey

























North Dakota


Nel York




Nel Jersey





















West Virgina
North Carolina


Co lot- ado




Ne", Mexico


South Carolina





Nel Mexico








































Washington DC




Puerto Rico
















Some numbers are sho",n more than once because they have been
transferred from one state

to another or have been divided

for use among certain geographical


No ne", 700-

series railroad numbers have been issued since July 1,


These are used by credit agencies and other services ",hen

verifing birthplace,



in creating ne", identification.

Page 6

November, 1987



or for use

listening in: catch me ifyou can!

by The LNA Master

to the US Spri n t service from the main land to

Hawai i. Spri n t codes can be (and have been )

Are you tired of watch ing scramb l ed video

f rom H BO and the Movie Channel, etc.? And you
don't want to watch Dr. Gene Scott or Jerry

gotten successf u l l y by l isten ing to the cal ls.

Falwe l l or any of the other TV preachers? Do you

wi ves and was prom ising the second wife over

feel your sate l l ite d i sh is going to waste? Wel l,

here's something fun you can do with i t.

the phone that she could stay in h i s house i n

Hawai i u n t i l he "got r i d of" wife number one.

In add i t ion to receiving video and audio

signals, your sate l l i te dish can be used as a
wiretapp ing device. Yes, some of you can
actua l l y wiretap from your own l i v ing room-a

I n teresting conversat ions are all over the p l ace,

such as the man from Long I sland who has two

Tel star 301 can be found at 96 W on the

satel l i te d i sh. Spacenet 2, which i s l ocated at 69
W is a l l US Sprint. Domestic cal ls as wel l as
overseas calls can be mon i tored .

fact you probably didn't know. Wiretapping is

O t her i n terest i n g satel l i tes are ASC1 at

i l legal, but as the t i t le of th i s art i c l e says, catch

me if you can . I t's virtua l l y impossible to detect
th is particular brand of l isten ing in.

128 W, Westar 2 at 79 W, and Comstar 04 at

A l l you need for this project i s your basic home

sate l l i te dish antenna, also known as TVRO or
televison receive on l y . What you need to do is
tum to the AT&T sate l l ite known as Telstar 301.

76 W. O n these, simply tune across unt i l you hit a

b l ank channel that looks like i t's carrying a
s i g na l . T h e n t u n e t h e s h o rt w a v e rec e i v e r

anywhere between 1.6 a n d 7.5 megahertz. I f the

conversation doesn't straighten up, sw i tch to
LSB or U S B on the shortwave .

You' l l notice between Channel 20 and 23 (that is,

Channel 21 and 22) you ' l l see a b l ank screen as if
there were a stat ion there . You won't hear
anyth ing except maybe an occasional garb l ed
Thi s is what you do to l i sten in on phone cal ls.


%5 TO 70 IIIIZ

Take a general' coverage shortwave recei ver

(covering between AM broadcast band and 30
megacyc l es) . Connect the antenna input of your
shortwave to the video out term inal on your
sate l l i te rece i ver . Tune the shortwave receiver on
lower side band ( L S B) anywhere between the
b r o a d c a s t band (1.6 m e g a h ertz) and 7.5
meg ahert z . M ake sure your satel l i te recei ver i s
ei ther on C hannel 2 1 or 22 . Y o u wi l l pick up more
cal ls to Hawai i , Puerto Rico, A laska, and the
Caribbean than you ever thought possib l e. Who
wou l d have dreamed there wou ld have been that
many phone cal l s to l isten to? About every 31f2
ki lohertz there i s a phone conversation. If you do
not hear a phone conversation, you w i l l hear a
c ont inu o u s t o n e of 2600 h e r t z . T u ne y o u r
recei ver to where you bel ieve 2600 i s com ing i n

A Review of "The 'Top Secret' Registry

01 U.S. Gov8rnl1lln t Radio Freqlll/lCies"
by Mr.lcom

perfectly, then listen for a c l ick f o l l owed by M F

Scanner l i sten ing seems to have a certai n

( b l u e box) tones f o l l owed b y a ring. Y o u w i l l then

mys t i q u e am o u n g p h r e a k s a n d h a c k ers,
p a r t i c u l a r l y i n r e g ard s t o li s t e n i n g t o

be able to I isten i n on A T&T calls to area code

808, 809, and 907.
For frequencies above 4.1 megahertz, switch

m o b i l e / cord less / ce l l u l a r p h o nes, and c e rt a i n

government agenci es . However, unlike mobile

to upper side band ( U SB). A l so, you can tune in

phones, whose frequencies are wel l known, the

Channel 8 of Telstar 301. It appears that Channel

8 on your standard sate l l i te recei ver box swi tches

feds' frequenc ies appear to be h i dden away from

(continued on page 22)



Page 7

the telecom informer


hey've done it again. This time,

judge ordered destroyed. An intelligent

after repeatedly and aggressively

man....While MCI and US Sprint are

promoting their 550 talk line

numbers (phone numbers beginning with
550 that connect callers to total
strangel)), New England Telephone has

companies. The contract for this

for a

monthly charge. This is supposed to

program insists that payphone

benefit those people who listened the

companies route all their long distance

first time and called all those numbers in

traffic through AT&T. The companies

the advertisements, winding up with an

receive between 3 and 17 percent

their phones can have, a dollar or two

Where have we seen this before? ...New

cannot process Visa or Mastercard calls

(many COCOTs now have a magnetic
card reader installed), and goes on to say
950 and IOxxx calls are not allowed

subscribers will be able to call a

unless the payphone tariff re4uires them

computerized system, enter a four-digit

in that state. An interesting note: in New

number, and listen to a recorded

York State the only rules governing

could possibly want. The service will be

free to customers. To advertise on it will
cost about


a month....In Annapolis,

Maryland, a man pleaded guilty to

COCOTs are



they must give free 911

they must give free local

directory assistance or have a phone

book nearby (a book in the same
building counts!); and finally 3) either
on or around the phones there must be a

stealing long distance telephone service

number for service or complaints.... MCl

using his home computer, which the

is expanding International Direct

Dialing. As of September 15, Israel was

550 Blocking Service

MCI's 5gth direct dial country. They will

Q: Wh.t 'I !150 Btocklng Service?

A:. It" , new HfVIce for ,,"Iclence customerl

whO would ttb to .I!!!!! clll"

'rom Ihelr home telephone. 10 ,.k lines. TheM '"k Nne .now cUllom.rs to N
connecled 10 gmuP cOIWersatlon . New IMd ntt.phone ptOricIet the connection
lind billing lor IhI cal"
but I!'HI vwtou. 'Ilk 1M ..moe. .. GpefIIIed, monttor.d
Mel pmmo ted b DlMr oomp.,.d...
Why 'I




being offentd7

In orchtf to tIdd,. campl.nta from t. who.. children ...,.,..ed unnpec:1ed

bill' by ceiling tllll!: line .. the o.p.rtment of PubUc utili'," In ll ruet.. New Engt..s

10 tfMttop erv!CI ttl" would lltow moM ID fMlrtot .,...

'ram theer home phonM.

to the.. MtYfcM

doe, S!5O

Blocking Sel'lel wor1l7

Wh en CUltome,. lubscrlt. to

5!10 Blocking 8er etIIl' "*'- from their home

'e'ephon 10 telephone numbers 1, ...lng wllh "5ISO" (the exc:h lINd aclueev.rr
tor 'alk I'MII) will not til; compte'ed. The r:a.... .... be InIormed .... MtCh ...
cannot be oompItIled from thlll telephone.
',MO Blocilino SeMCI .,,1I1Ib1e to ..,.ryone1
No. It. 1111 of the PChlnG" whlNl Ihlt ..Mel I, pt'eHnlly 1l'IIIIIbIe
iIpge'" on IhI b-=k 0' thl. IhNt. 550 Blocking Is avalillbll to .......
who IUblcftbllD unltrntted ,.. ,... .moe

In "' olher IXchllflgn

tMir Ioc.. MMca.

contract also states that the phones

pages. Using a touch tone phone,

market reports, and anything else you


commission depending on how much

long distance usage there is. The

Jersey may soon have talking yellow

message containing theater events, stock


new program for COCOT (Customer

numbers from your home

for "insurance" isn't so unreasonable.


knock them out. AT&T has started a

Owned Coin Operated Telephone)

given a taste of what kind of "accidents"


trying to grow and recover from their

losses, AT&T is trying their best to

devised a plan to block access to these

incredible bill. Now that they've been




III do


A: You

not .ubeoftbl


to talk 11M.?

ftII: .. IeIvIoI buI woutd II" to ...rtot

ft.. rate ..rvtca

No come1on eh.-ge appH .. II you CURWItly ,ublcrtbl to In optlonll c.tRnt INn
luch .. a.r 8t ... c.lllnq. Circle c.lllna, Melropoiltln CIIHng.
eto. .. )'Our lac .. Mrvlee. Howevet', you wi. 10M 1M beMftta or __ ,... IIr
comertlng to unltrnlted net rate Mt'VIOe.
eM e'ect



chen.,. your

toe.. MI'YtcI

to unllmn.ct

0: How much doe. MO Blocking Service COlt?

A: Thefe 'I monthly Ctlarge 0' one doI'ar ror MO Blocktng 8ervlD& TNI .... II In
mdnlon to monthty' cherge tor n.. rate ..... In )'OUt ...
II you woukt like to order S50 Blocking ServIce or .Impty leem moN IIbout n. pi.... OIl
1 800 555-MOO, hom within Meine, MIIIUChUHtt .. N.. Hempehl", Rhode ISiend or
'lennon!. From ot her Iac..lon .. pie... cal, your New EngIw1d ServIce
""pntaent ..,. the IeIeJIhOM number bted on the IIemIaIIon .. ADcounI: PIlle 01
IfIt. biN.

Page 8

November, 1987


lease e4uipment from A 1&1' to facilitate

long distance service to another 140
countries ....US Sprint now provides
access to over 60 countries, while only
about 20 are dialable with a fON card
(Sprint's calling card service). The rest of
the countries are only dialable with 1+
service. Among the countries not
dialable by calling card are Argentina,
Chile, Dominican RepUblic, Hong
Kong, and Taiwan. (As of November 7,
US Sprint suspended international calls
to the Dominican Republic from area
codes 212 and 305.) US Sprint says by
the end of the year they should handle
over gO countries....MCI will offer
operator service in 1999 so that
customers can use calling cards from a

rotary phone. Once that is established

soon when yl'u call your access number

they will also offer collect calls, trouble

(for the 7 digit home codes) you will

assistance, and other operator services.

US Sprint has provided operator service
for a good while now. Just dial 00-332-

0777 or for you equal access nuts 103330

(107770 is now extinct)....While both
MCI and US Sprint are offering 800
service neither provides 800 directory

hear a recording giving you a new

number. This day has already come.
There goes the last bit of GTE Sprint
left in US Sprint. And soon they11 be
selling their old network (see
illustration).... Southern Bell has a new
service for Florida residents who travel.

assistance. Take 800-444-9999, an MCI

Called "The Right Touch Service", this

800 number owned by Mrs. Fields

program allows customers to disconnect

Cookieswe called MCI and asked

them if they had the 800 number for
Mrs. Fields. They told us rather matter
of factly that the number for 800
directory assistance is 800-555-1212. We
tried to explain that


number was for

AT&T 800 numbers, but were silenced

with a click. When we called 800-555-

1212, we asked the woman who

answered "AT&r 800 information, " if
she had the number for Mrs. Fields
Cookies. She said there was no listing. It
just goes to show if you're going to get
an MCI 800 number, you have to

advertise or else no one will ever call

you....With US Sprint's ongoing
advertising nonsense about hearing a pin

and reconnect their telephone service via

a touch tone phone. From anywhere in
the country you can call 800-826-6290 to
receive a series of interactive recordings.
Callers are asked to enter their telephone
number which must be in area codes

305, 813, or 904. They are then

prompted for a personal access code.
This 4-digit PIN number (not the calling
card PIN) was mailed to customers
recently. When this service was

(continued on next page)

Now's your chance

US Sprint is
selling a9,670 mile


communication network.

drop over the world's only fiber optic

network they neglect to mention that
you can also hear one drop on every
long distance company -AT&T, MCI,
Allnet, lIT, RCI, Western Union (oh
well, almost every company). In its
continuing quest to cut over to
"Network 3" (originally scheduled to be
completed by June 27, 1987), US Sprint
has sent out notices to old GTE Sprint

(950-0777) customers. The 9 digit codes

(which started out as 7 digits plus a 2
digit travel code) were replaced by a 7
digit code which can only be used from
your home town. Even these new codes
were only given out to customers
without equal access. Until now when
you traveled you could still dial 950-

0777 and place a call without a

surcharge. Now when you leave your
city you must use your F-ON card and
pay a 55 cent surcharge with each call.
The letter continued stating that one day

Some dUngs you doo't need two of. Especially two complete communications netWorks.
But when GTEt'Sprim aoo us Telecom merged to form US Sprint.Iha!:'sexactly what we

ended up wnh..


US Sprint is selling aD
and digital mi.crowave network ces ov 150 ma
metropolitan areas
theen Uruted StaleS. So 11 you re Jl1ted 111 something
from San Fr:mcisco to New York, CK from Bayoo Blue to Boutte, we mlgbt able to help.
Because now thal we've moved to an aU-fiber netWork, we simply dont need our micro-


wave network.



.... "':,."::.:"=n:.';'::...
200 feet in height. The DwJdings 'm:fully con.nected to local

.... '::.':

.... .;z=f=O.::==;'
.... OwnedoDdlea>ed=l,,""'property""""""Ih<he_orl<.
.... :: =";'v: =..!i.:! =i:=



Uyou""m_t.,Jin""""infonnanonobounheen... "'lWorl<,portlonsofit.ormany

of its components.

gtve us a

call at

.................................................................................... .


November, 1987

Page 9

the telecom informer


introduced a few months ago, cutomers

How may I help you?" I his is one of the

had 3-digit PINS. It's quite possible that

longest greetings we've ever heard and

those first PIN's were actually the

"account codes", those three numbers
that follow the telephone number on the
phone bill. With this service, there is no
fee to turn off your phone line, but there
is a


charge to turn it back on.

Right Touch is available


hours a day

and has the capacity to handle


we've made an amazing discovery

concerning it. If you hit a touch tont: in
the middle of the greeting, the
representative on the other end
automatically jumps to the word
"Hello'?" It \ just like an interactive
computer! Iry it today.



simultaneously. While it may be a handy

(('(Jiltilluedfrolll !JaKe

convenience, we wouldn't be surprised if

the systems where credit card numbers,

the service got more abuse than use.

,11( I codes, or passwords are being

Considering the amount of lines in

pmted. But we refuse to put restrictions

Florida, Southern Bell may have used

on users' private mail. Above all else,

some sort of formula to assign the

private mail must remain private. Fven

1'11\:\, thereby avoiding the trouble of

the system operator has no idea what is

entering millions of 1'1:\\ lor their

in each user's private mailbox-that's

customers. It anyone finds this to be

true, give us a call. Sanlord Bingham 01

the only fair way to run a system. Of

course, it's quite possible that someone

CO .\laKa::illl' reported that when the

will send a Sprint code to someone else

service first started, he gave

through the mail. Or an obscene word.


as his number.

305-555"I gave 999 as my

Or a poem. We do not take

code. Astoundingly it worked. The voice

responsibility for the contents of private

thanked me and began to ask

mail. And neither does the post office.

questions." Since then, the system has

been programmed not to accept



others as valid exchanges.

Both boards are similar in format.

There are a series of room:Oi to "(,'0 TO ".
Some of them are obvious, some may

On a similar note, customers of South

take a little guesswork. You can choose

Central Bell can dial

the rooms you want to be a part of or

1-557-7777,a toll

free number accessible only to local

even create rooms. Fntry is not

callers, to get billing information,

restricted or monitored, but you do have

disconnect or reconnect service, arrange

to know the name of the room you're

for payment, order a duplicate copy of

entering. (This is not hard information

their phone bill or custom calling

to come by, either through guessing or

services, all without having to deal with

asking around.) Files are also stored in

the business office. (What is left for the

some of the rooms. These are easy to

business office to handle'? Most likely,

look at and download.

complaints about this new servict:.)

South Central Bell started this service on

There is plenty of online help

available for users. A nd should you run

a trial basis in early September with

into a problem of any sort, simply leave

40,000 customers in Kentucky.... And

feedback or call us at (516) 751-2600.

finally, we've discovered a marvelous

Fvery 2600 board will have an area for

little game you can play with Sprint

users to leave us public feedback. Both

representatives. If you call

they'll answer with the following

of these boards have a 2600 room. You

can use this feature to communicate with

greeting: "Thank you for calling US

other subscribers, offer criticism, praise,

HOO-52 I4949,

Sprint. By placing your order today, you

and suggestions. Of course, you can also

will enjoy the clearest sounding long

do this privately by sending us mail.

distance calls ever. My name is [name].

Page 1 0

November, 1987

These systems are completely free to

use and full of information and
(collliflued Ofl page





Nortl'lust OIIlI"CIt' MtlOQl.llrtet'1

(: 'I, Imlllo"al On",.
j::l'l' orOOIi "i Vanl. laS7J

November 12,



IE: Account __________

A recent review of your .ccount indic.te




to chi. f.ct,

w. h.v. ch.nl.d

Old Cod.

!hi. ch.nl.




po ibl.

bre.ch in the

the .uthoriz.tion cod

bn .. d.


.uthoriz.tion cod. a. follows:

N.w Cod.

for your prot.ction

bill.d for .ny un.uthoriz.d c.ll.,

froa your ch.rl...

'or furth.r inv til.tion,

returned with p.,..nt to,


Northe t

.nd i. eff.ctiv. imm.diately.


circl. th and deduct

th. entire invoice Ihould be


lnve.til.tion. Dep.rtment

.t the above .ddr .

If you

h.ve .ny

qu tion.


about your



plea.e call:


MCI Northe ..t
Inveltil.tion. Department


addition to their inability to spell "commercial", MCI doesn't seem to be able to make
our new code work. When we called to find out why, the friendly representative told us
that "effective imml.'diately" means 5 to 7 days in most cases. In addition to providing
long distance alternatives, MCI now provides logic alternatives. Meanwhile, lJS Sprint
still hasn't gotten around to taking away that $1200 outstanding balance that someone
racked up on our account. "Just ignore it," they keep saying. That ought to be their
corporate slogan. On our last conversation, they told us that we actually had a $12,000
biII a few months ago which they never sent us since it seemed unusual. And so it goes.

November, 1987

Page 1 1

Apple Hacking

Double Beepers
Dear 2600:

Dear 2600:

Re c e n t l y y o u m e n t i o n e d b e e p e r
compa n i es n o t yet be i n g ra ided b y the

I th o u g h t some of yo u r readers m i g h t
be i n terested i n the fo l lowi n g :

po l i ce for p h o n e n u m b e r s . They d o n 't

Does yo u r school h a ve a b u n c h of

h a ve to ra i d th e m ! Accord i n g to a f r i e n d

App l e s h ooked up to a Corv i s ? We l l , if

who r u n s a l a rg e b e e p e r compa ny, the

they do, th i s i s for yo u .

a u th o r ities ca n , w i th a warra n t. leg a l ly

I f yo u wa n t a l l th e acco u n ts a n d

obta i n d u p l i c a te beeper n u m be rs. Any

passwords a l l yo u h a ve to do i s fo l l ow

a ccess to the mon i to red n u m be r a l so

these s i m p l e i n str u ctions. Fi rst when i t

beeps th e d u p l icate n u m b e r in


prom pts you f o r yo u r 1 0, s i m p l y h i t ctr l

Bob from Los Angeles

h a ve an App lesoft B a s i c prom pt. Now

pol ice station.

reset a few t i m e s . Yo u s h o u l d now

How clever. So now we have beeper

type in th i s one l i n e p rog ra m :

tapping. But will the beeper companies

10 F O R 1 =6 2 8 1 T O 7252 :PR I N T

be as cooperative with the authorities


as the phone companies?

Nowth a t you h ave th a t typed i n , RUN

Why No Boxing?

i t. The p rog r a m s h o u l d d u m p a l l of the

Dear 2600:

p a s s w o r d s o n to t h e s c r e e n . Us e r

In th e cou rse of two yea rs of te l ecom,

I 'v e r e a d c o u n t l e s s G -f i l e s w h i c h
d e s c r i be t h e ( v i r tu a l ) s p e c t r u m of
"boxes". Y e t f e w f i les I 've e n c o u n tered
g ive a c l e a r exp l a nation a s to why
b o x i n g is i m p o s s i b l e i n e l e c t r o n i c
s w i tc h i n g o f f i c e s . Wo u l d y o u m i n d
exp l a i n i ng


C h a n ne l

I nte roff ice S i g n a l i ng ( C C I S), a n d ju st

how an e l ectro n i c off ice "p reve n ts"
box i n g ? Th a n ks.

Franken Gibe
Put quite simply, it's impossible to
us e a

blu e b o x i n a n electronic

switching office under CCIS because

the equivalent of the blue box tones

na mes a re u s u a l l y two to fo u r
c h a ra cters l o n g . Pa sswords a re two
c h a r a cte rs l o n g . Al so, d i sreg a rd a ny
p u nctu ation fo l low i n g a pa sswo rd .
Let's say yo u h a d some o u tp u t th a t
looked l i ke th is: ... . . P 1 P 2 TY I PXX P 3. . . ..
Th e "P 1" a nd "P2" wo u l d be user 10's
th a t req u i r e n o p a sswo r d s . T h e
"TY I PXX" wo u l d be user i d "TYI P",
password "XX". "P3" wo u l d be th e
same as "P 1.. a n d "P2".
That's the b a s i cs of H a ck i n g Corvis
C o n s te l l a t i o n . Un t i l n e x t t i m e h a v e
p h u n a nd hack o n .

The Rifter

More How- To Articles

Dear 2600:

that a phone phreak would send are

It's been awh i l e s i n ce I 've seen a n

transmitted over a completely different

a rt i c l e on box i n g . W h y don 't you r u n a

line. Since you don't have access to

h ow - to a r t i c l e-o n e t h a t a d d r e s s e s

thes e lines, blue boxi ng no longer

i n te r n a ti o n a l ca l l i n g p roced u res? I ' m

works. This is also called out-of-band

s u re y o u h a ve t h e capa b i l i ty o f com i n g

s i g n a l i n g . For a m o r e t h o r o u g h

u p w i th a very i nfo r m a tive a rti c l e o n

discussion. refer t o page

t h i s s u bject, a nd m a n y readers wo u ld

2600 1985


collection. available from

us for

Page 12

o f the

November, 1987

apprec i a te i t.

Tabula Rasa

While we have a number of how-to
articles that we've published in the

We'll try to cover as many Interesting

occurre nces as we c a n for future

past, we'll be happy to print any new

edit ions. For readers interested in

information, including new boxes,

subscflbing to ACM SIGSOFT, write to

calling techniques, etc. International

t h e As s oc ia t io n f o r C o m p u t i n g

calling and red boxes are at the top of

Machinery Inc. (ACM), Post Office Box

our "wanted" list.

12 1 14,

Church Street Station. New

York, NY

A New Source

Dear 2600:
I j u s t fo u n d a g re a t s o u rce for
i nfo r m a t i o n o n n ews a bo u t sec u r ity


Let us know what you

find out.

Pen Registers
Dear 2600:

a nd s u c h l i ke. It's in a q u a rte r l y jo u r n a l

As I stated i n a prev i o u s letter, m y

ca l l ed ACM S I G S O F T, w h i c h is the

Ra d i o S h a c k p e n r e g i st e r d o e s n 't

"spec i a l i n terest/ software" g rou p of

record n u m be rs w h e n I use a cord less

the Assoc i a tion for Com p u t i n g

phone ( P h o n emate).

M a c h i nery. The a rt i c l es w i th i n conta i n

a l o t o f i n te r e sti n g

issues about

I t wo u ld be i nterest i n g to know the

m a ke of the pen reg i st e r a nd co rd less

sec u r i ty a nd 50 o n , a n d m a ny a re a l so

p h o n e t h a t "Wo r r i e d a n d Up s e t i n


A r i zo n a " u ses tha t does reg i ster phone

Rea d i ng these a rt i c l e s m a kes m e

rea l i ze h ow m uch I m i ss th e n ews

n u m b e r s ( S e p t e m b e r 1987 l et te r s

Samuel Rubin

col u m n of y o u r ma g a z i n e . T h o u g h
some p h rea ks a n d h a ckers fee l th i s
stuff i s j u s t f l uff a nd wo u l d rather see
tec h n ica l d i a g r a m s in its p l a ce, I fe l t it
wa s th e best part of th e jou r n a l . I e n joy
r e a d i n g a b o u t V M S t r i c k s to g r a b
pa sswo rds, b u t I a l so wa n t t o know
a b o u t w h a t's h a p pe n i ng i n t h e wor l d
o u t th e re (oth e r th a n t h e l a test ph reak
a r rest). Vanda l - p h re a ks ca u se some
d a m a g e , but I a l so f i n d i t e n l i g h te n i ng
to read i t e m s l i ke "Th e F B I est i m a te s
t h e a v e r a g e theft l o s s f r o m com p u ter
fra u d s a t $600,000 [pe r f r a u d ]," a s o n
page 1 3 of th i s J u l y ' s ACM S I G S O FT.
Y o u m i g h t w a nt to m e n t i o n t h e
exi stence of th i s resou rce a s I s u s pect
there a re q u ite a few of us w i l d a n d
we i rd n ews ju n k i e s sti l l o u t there i n
subsc r i be r l a nd.


Unique Projects

Dear 2600:

No o n e m a kes t h e fol l ow i n g for the

App l e :
1. A com b i n a t i o n speech g e n e rator,
c l ock, p r i nter buffer, and copy card.
M aybe even some RO M m e mory.
2. A 110, 300, 1200, 2400 ba u d
modem w i t h E u ropea n a nd Amer i c a n
t o n e s f o r 110 a n d 3 00 b a u d , a uto d i a l .
3 . A c a rd for i nterfa c i n g a n App l e to
a l most a n y h a rd d i sk. A l so n eeded is a
way a ro u nd t h e ProDos l i m it of 2 32m eg d i sks per s l ot.
4. A coprocessor/a cce l e rator ca rd
tha t h a s a l l t h ree m a jo r p rocessors on
o n e card: FAS T 65 02, Z-80, a nd 6800
p l u s 64K r a m .
Any takers?

John Nix

We still have a news column. It's

called The Telecom Informer and it

(continued on page 22)

combines all kinds of newsworthy

items into one long, rambling article.

November. 1987

Page 13



The October 1987 Stock Market Ple

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Describes a simple method using com-

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rs eC:-t :g th'e iarr:'ftpOs t
taining secret and alternate IDs. ou have
the legal right to have as many IDs that
n i
l a
: in :f: c,:k
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legal) passports!
ra1luie,';:a OO% phony (and

rm.rv:: If are

even your llte




Describes In Shocking detan

what pqlygraphs are, their various uses,
types of tests and questions, procedures,
scoring methods\ validity and reliability,
and technical aesign factors. Heavy
emphasis on every known countermeasure
fcti TfJkr!}f C:iir;
and speCiOc lIinnocen" and "guiltyll res
ponses to typical questIO ns.






Page 14

November, 1987


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full range of telephone,

radio, computer, and satellite
info plus a whole lot morer

2600 DDS #2


November, 1987

Page 1 5

logon unsuccessful-incorrBct password. As has

j ust been stated, a valid userid has been entered

2.. but the password was incorrect . Passwords can

be from 1-8 characters long , but in many cases


m inimum l eng th is changed to be at least

By constantl y compi l ing userids from various

systems you shou l d be able to co l l ect a nice l ist

three characters , There is no d ifference between

of accounts which may enable you to gain access



th i nking you found a val i d command but cou l dn't

execute i t since you weren't l ogged on,

upper and lower case letters for either the userid

or password as they are converted to upper case
by the system , Th i s is another securi ty f l aw as i t
reduces password poss i b l i ties ,

Password incorrect-rBinitiata logon procedure.

Th is is the message received on the older
versions of V M / C M S , which means the same
thing as the above message ,

Maximum password allBmpts Bxceeded , try again

latBr. The threshold has been reached for userid
and /or password attempts , You w i l l receive this
message every time you attempt to l ogon after
exceeding the threshold unt i l a variable period of
time ( probab ly from one to f i ve m inutes ) has
elapsed , Th is l ocks out

all users who attempt to

log in to the system from that part icular l ine , I am

not sure whether this is recorded anywhere or
whether it is sent to the system conso l e , I t's a
good idea to determ ine how many attempts
normal l y trigger this and keep just short of i t .

AlrBady 10ggBd o n . Th i s message w i l l appear

when you attempt to logon with a val i d userid
and password and that userid is already onl ine ,
Unl i ke other system s , V M /CM S w i l l not al l ow
the same userid to be l ogged on more than once ,

Userid missing or invalid. As

it impl ies , nothing

was typed after entering the LOGON command ,

or the format for the user i d was not correct , i , e ,
using a number as the first character o r a contro l
character used somewhere in the userid field ,
Error in CP dirBctory. The C P d i rectory is the
main user directory for the system , Entries in the
di rectory contain the userid and password , VM
I / O configuration, d i sk usage val ues , assoc iated
v i rtual and rea l addresses , pri v i l ege classes ,
v i rtual processor size , and other options for each
user , Without the proper d i rectory entry , a user
cannot logon to the system and wi II therefore
receive this error message,

Command not valid before logon.

Th is occurs

when y o u e n t e r any t h i n g o t h e r t h an t h e
commands l i sted in t h e men u , i , e , entering
B O N E H E A D w i l l ret urn t h i s m e s s a g e even
though " B O N E HEAD" isn't a val i d command ,
Why this is I don't know , So don't get a l l exc i ted
Paee 16

November, 1 987


to a sys tem , The fol lowing are a few which I have

found :



As usual , use the usemame as the password ,

Th ings sti l l haven't changed from the Hacking
VAX I V M S series " , peop le are just as stup id as
they were a few years ago ,
There are many defau l t accounts which have
the passwords l i sted in some I B M system
manual s , These are hard to obtain and are very
powerf u l s i nc e s o m e passwords are rare l y
changed , I f you can get access t o the defau l t s , i t
w i l l greatly expand your c o l l ect ion o f systems- I
guarantee i t .

D I A L i s used to logical ly connect l ines ,
whether they be sw i tched (regu lar dial -up phone
l ines ) . leased (dedicated ) , or log ically attached
( d i rectly connected ) , to a previously logged on
m u l t i p l e-access system , The D I A L command is
the only subst i tute for the l ogon command , On
s y s t e m s runn i ng m o r e t h an one opera t i ng
system , D I A L is used to connect the user to one
of those system s , It is rather common to f ind two
or more operat ing systems running para l l e l or
"under" one another , Th i s is q u i te d i fferent from
most other system s , which run alone on the
machine , One mach ine , one operating system ,
but not I BM , The abi l i ty to have multiple systems
running simultaneously and st i l l provide the user
w ith the i l l usion of it being a sing l e system ( the
whole idea beh ind m u l t i - tasking computers is to
provide each user w i th the f u l l resources of the
mac h ine so quickly that i t appears that he or she
is the only one using the system ) sets I BM apart
from most other computer manufacturers , Some
of the systems which run on I BM 's are : V M / C M S ,
M V S /TSO , D O S I V S E , O S I V S1 , Some others

I B M ' S VM / C M S
are : M U S I C , J ES , and I X / 370 which is I BM 's
version of U N I X that runs under V M / S P .
I t i s always good to know what other systems
are runn ing , and if you are unab le to gain access
to the "primary" system , you may be ab le to gain

Error Messages
linels) not available on 'sysname'.

E i ther there
are no I i nes a l l ocated to the system , or you must
enter a correct l i ne n umber.

Invalid device type 'sysname' 'lina#'.

You have

access to one of the "secondary" systems by use

entered a val i d system or userid and l ine number,

of D I A L . Some systems wi l l req u i re you to

spec i fy a l i ne number for certai n systems . O thers
w i l l f i nd a l i ne for you if one is not spec i f i ed ,

but the dev ice you are on ( the terminal ) is

i nval i d . I n t h i s case , a G RA F ( G raph ics) dev ice ,
system console, or 3270 term inal may be the

assum ing there are some a l l ocated to that

only val i d device .

resource . U serids are also dialab l e . In some

cases you have to dial through a particular userid

'usarid' not loggad on. The D I A L command

cannot be executed un less the user (or system )

i n order to gain access to certain systems or

speci fied is l ogged on .

perform certain commands . A typical l ogon to a

D IA Led system may look l i ke:

'lina#' does not exist. A val i d userid /system has

been entered but the l ine number for that
useri d / system is not val i d .


M SG is used to send messages to users who


*Miscellaneous Computer Services MUSIC/SP 1 . 1

are current l y l ogged on. Th i s command can be

issued before ( if speci f ied by the l ogon men u ) and
after l ogg ing i n .

MSG OPERATOR Helpl I l ost my password I My usarid



Th i s w i l l send a message to the primary

system operator of the system . If there is on l y


o n e C L A S S A user online, the message w i l l b e

se n t to his term inal .

When it comes to f i nd i ng a val i d l i ne number

for systems that can be reached via D I A L , you


cou ld be in for some trouble. If the system

Th i s w i l l send a message to yourself . This i s

req u i res a l i ne number to be entered ( u n l i ke the

above example , where l ine 040 was found

usef u l f o r iden t ifying the current userid of an

automat ical ly) , you w i l l not only have to come up

abandoned terminal .

with a defined l i ne number, but one that is


assoc iated w i th the system you are attempt i ng to

The L O G O F F command can be abbrev iated as

L O G . After logging off you wi l l receive the
fol lowing :

access . Usua l l y you can f i nd this information

after l ogg ing onto the V M / C M S system i n
various f i les , but i f y o u cannot get i n , y o u w i l l
have t o sequential ly enter l i ne numbers . Some

CONNECT= 00:33:54 VIRTCPU= 000:00.28

that I have seen are 001 , 01 B, 41 A , 040 .

The V M / C M S system does not appear to l im i t


the n umber of D I A L attempts a user can make ,

TOTCPU= 000:0 1 .76

04/ 1 6/87

u n l i k e L O G O N a t t em p t s . P r o g ramm i n g y o u r
micro t o search for a val id l ine number to a
system should work with no problem .
To d rop the d ialed connection j ust type
R E S ET .

C O N N ECT i s the actual c lock t ime you spent

wh i le on the system . V I RTC PU is the virtual CPU
t ime that was used . TOTC P U is the total CPU
time, both v i rtual and overhead , that was used .
The H O L D command w i l l hold the connection

(continued on next page)


November. 1 987

Pale 1 7


-;; a l l ow i n g you to re- I ogon agai n w i thout hav ing to



re-dial the system .

Logged On

Security Softwan


After logg ing on you may recei ve someth i ng

T h e re are v a r i o u s w e a k n e s s e s w i t h i n

VM / C M S both intem a l l y and extemal l y wh ich

software security packages have been written .


Shows users how many invalid password allBmpts have

occurred on their userid
Increased file security

can b e exp l o i t e d . For t h i s rea s o n , v a r i o u s

There would not be a need for these in most cases
if the people in charge of system security knew
what they were doing . Anyhow , these packages
do p ro v i d e a d d e d sec u r i t y w h e n p ro p e r l y
i m p l emen ted . The most common l y found are
VM S EC U R E and AC F2 . TO P S E C R ET and RAC F

s i m i lar to the f o l l owing :


LDGMSG 1 0:40:25 EST FRIDAY 05122/87
VM l
EST SUNDAY MAY 24, 1 987

a re o t h e r s w h i c h a re l e s s c o m m o n . T h e s e
packages are eas i l y iden t i f i ed .
After entering a val i d userid VM S EC U R E

Logon at 1 3:22:59 EST FRIDAY 05122187

VM/SP REL 4 04120/86 1 1 :33

responds w i th :

R; T=0.0 1 l0.01 1 3:23: 1 0

VMXACI I D4R Enter logon password:


Line #1 : Th i s l i ne shows that the d i sk at v i rtual

add ress 1 90 i s l i nked with RIO access by you ,
R / W by userid M A l NT and R I O by another 30
users .

One way to pos i t i ve l y identify the use of

L i ne #2 : Th i s shows that the logon message

V M S EC U R E i s by using it as a useri d . If it is

was created at 1 0 : 40 on Friday . L i ne #3- 7 : Th i s

running it w i l l be a val id user i d , and who knows ,

i s t h e message that i s shown to a l l u sers of the

you may even hack the password .

system upon logging on . Some systems may not

After entering a bad password , ACF2 ( Access

Control Fac i l i ty 2) responds with :

have one .
L i ne #8 : The actual t ime of logon is printed .
L i ne #9 : The curren t R E L EA S E of V M / S P and



R= Ready- t h i s ind i cates that the system i s

These packages prov ide i nformation which
should be i nherent w i t h i n the operat ing system
i t se l f . Perhaps newer versions of C M S w i l l
conta i n them . Some o f these features are :

La st logon date/time
Password expiration
Rules for passwo rd selection
Invalidating userids for invalid password allBmpts
Invalidating terminals lor invalid password allBmpts
N ovember, 1 987

L i ne # 1 0 : Th i s is the ready message and it i s

prin ted after every command i s performed where :


Page 1 8

the time and date i t was i nstal l ed i s shown .

ready f o r i n pu t . T= Time-the f i rst series of

numbers tel l s how long it took the system to
perform the l ast task . The second set of numbers
g i ves the time of day . I f you do not recei ve the
ready message you are i n CP and must I PL C M S
i n order t o issue C M S commands .
Line # 1 1 : The system p rompt-you can now
enter commands .

Privilege Classes
As w i t h most other opera t i n g system s , a user
must have suff ic ient p ri v i l eges i n order to
exec u te cert a i n commands . Every CP command
belongs to one of eight I B M def ined pri v i lege
c lasses . The CP d i rectory def i nes which users


(continued on page 20)

2600 marketplace
WA NTED : Any h acker a nd p h reaker
softwa re for IBM compat i b l e a nd H ayes
compat i b l e modem . If you a re se l l i n g or
k n ow a nyone who is, send rep l i es to
M a r k H . , P . O . Box 7052, Port H u ro n , M I
4830 1-7052.
F O R S A L E : O k i d a t a M i c r o l i n e 92
perso n a l p r i nter. I n c l udes m a n u a l for
i n st r u ct i o n s . H a rd l y u s e d . M a ke a n
offer a nd i f i t ' s reaso n a b l e, I w i l l pay
postag e . M att Ke l ly, 3 10 Isbe l l , H owe l l ,
M 1 48843.

S U M M ER C O N ' 8 8-com i n g to N YC .
Watch t h i s space for m o re i nfo.

TA P BAC K I S S U ES. Com p l ete set,

v o l . # 1 t o a n d i n c l u d i n g v o l . # 9 1,
i nc l u d i ng sc h e m a t i cs a n d spec i a l
reports . Copies i n good to exce l l e n t
cond i t i o n . $ 5 0 . 00, n o c hecks, i n c l udes
postag e . T. G e n ese, 219 N. 7th Ave . ,
M t . Ve rnon, N . Y . 105 50.
D O C U M ENTAT I O N o n e l ectro n i c and

d i g ita l sw i tc h i ng system s a n d PBX's.

W i l l i n g to p u r c h a s e / t r a d e . A l s o
l ook i ng for ot h e r p a r a p h e rn a l i a s u c h a s
Be l l Syste m Pract ices . W r i t e to B i l l , c/o
2600, P.O. Box 7 5 2C, M i d d l e I s l a nd,
N Y 1 195 3.
B L U E BOXI N G ? Let 's exc h a n g e i nfo
o n p h o n e n u m be rs, pa rts, a n d etc.
Write to : B l u e Box, P . O . Box 117003,

F O R SALE : Ex- Be l l b l u e boxes, o l d a n d

sty l i s h , m a y e v e n work ! A l so a w i d e
r a n g e of o l d B e l l comms eq u i pment.
Ca l l ( 5 14) 288-6731 a nd ask for R ick
for deta i l s.

D O YOU HAVE o l d outdated com puter

eq u i p m e n t l y i n g a ro u nd g a t h e r i n g

d u st ? Why n ot donate i t to 2600's

g r ow i n g b u l l et i n b o a r d n etwo r k ?
S u pport freedom of speech i n you r
t i m e ! Contact 2600 a t ( 5 16) 7 5 1- 2600
or w r i te 2600, PO Box 7 5 2, M idd l e
I s l a nd, NY 1195 3.
F O R S A L E : SWT P C M o d e l C T - 8 2
i nte l l i g e n t v i deo term i n a l . Com p l etely
p r o g r a m m a b l e ( 15 0 s e p a r a t e
f u n ct i o n s ), R S - 232C & para l le l p r i nter
ports, f u l l ASC I I keybo a rd w/cursor
control pad, 9" P- 31 C RT w17x12 dot
m a t r ix-u p to 92 co l u m n capa b i l ity, 32
b a u d rates to 38,400-m u c h more.
Exce l lent cond ition with fu l l
doc u m e ntat i o n . O r ig i n a l ly $800, se l l
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144 W . E a g l e R d . , S u ite 108, H averton ,
P A 19083.
2600 M E ET I NGS . F r i days from 5-8
p m a t the C i t i co r p Center in t h e M a r ket
( l obby w h e re the tables a re )-15 3 East

F O R SALE: 8038 m u lt i - p u rpose tone

53rd Street, N ew York C ity. Come by,

drop off a rt i c l es, ask q uest i o n s . Ca l l
5 16-7 5 1- 2600 for more i nfo.
GOT S O M ET H I NG TO S E Ll? Looki n g

g e n e rator c h i ps, p r i m e q u a l ity $7 . 5 0

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each ppd . I n c l u des com prehens ive

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a re n o l o n g e r in prod u ct i o n . G et 'em
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St i nson B e a c h , CA 9497 0.
FOR SALE : Radio Shack C PA- 1ooo

t h e p l a ce ! T h e 2600 M a rketp lace i s

f r e e t o s u b s c r i b e r s ! J u st s e n d u s
w h a tever y o u wa nt t o s a y (without
m a k i ng i t too long) a n d we ' l l p r i nt i t !
O n ly peo p l e p l ease, no b u s i nesses.
Address : 2600 M a r ketplace, P . O . Box
99, M idd l e I s l a nd, NY 11953. I nc l ude

Pen Reg i ste r . J u st l i ke new. $7 0 . 00 .

you r add ress l a be l .

B u r l i ng a me, CA 94011, Atte n t i o n D . C .

J . C . D e v e n d o r f , 29261 B u c k h a v e n ,

Deadline for December

issue :

1 2/ 5 .

Lag u n a N ig u e l , CA 92677 - 16 18.


November, 1 987

Page 1 9

can use which c l asses of comman d s . Each user

al phanumeric symbol of up to 8 characters .


:::- has one or more pri v i lege c l asses , as does each


C P command . If you try to i ssue a command that

::: does not match the assi gned pri v i lege c l ass of the



command funct ion .

userid you are using , the system w i l l not process

the command . As far as I know , no records of
attempts to use pri v i l eged commands are kept .
Here i s a rundown of c l asses A through H .

Primary System Operator:

These spec ify the i nformation on

which the system operates when i t performs a


These keywords are used to control

the exec u t i o n of a command . When used , they

must be p receded by a left parentheses , but a
c losing one is not necessary

The c l ass A user has

D i fferent commands are u sed w i t h i n d i fferen t

the abi l i ty to control the system . Any user who

en v i ronmen t s . To see which env i ronment you are

uses the V M / S P system conso le possesses t h i s

i n , s i m p l y h i t ret u m at the period p rompt . You w i l l

p r i v i l e g e c l a s s . Th i s u s e r c a n b r o a d c a s t

receive one o f the fol lowing C M S , C P , X E D I T .

messages , contro l system accou n t i n g , a n d i ssue

There are many commands that are usef u l t o

commands which affec t the overa l l performance

both reg u l ar system users a n d hackers , H E L P i s

of the system .

ava i lable on some system s , part i c u larly o n

System Resource Operator:

The c l ass B user has

the ab i l i ty to cont ro l a l l the "real " resources of the

u n i vers i t y system s . I t i s extensive but n o t a s

c lear as U N I X o r V M S . Th i s i s typical of I B M .

system , except those contro l l ed by the spoo l i ng

N evert h e l ess , H E L P i s usef u l and you sho u l d get

and primary system operators .

hardcop i es of as many commands as you can .

System Programmer:

C l ass C users can mod ify

Spooling Operator:

AI D is another foml Of H E L P which may be u sefu l

t o YOll i n lea m i ng more about the system .

rea l storage as opposed to v i rt ua l storage .

One n i ce feature of C M S H E L P is that when

The c l ass D user controls

spoo l ing data f i les .

you receive an error message, you can :

System Analyst:

( C l a s s E ) M o n i t o rs a n d

i n terprets system performance data

Service Representative:



( C l ass F ) Th i s c l ass IS

llSu a l l y g i ven to accounts that I BM F i e l d Serv ice


t h e error

personnel use for u p d a te s and a l so for d i agnos i n g


system pro b l ems

exp l a i n wllat it I S , w il y it happened , and how you

General User: C l ass G

use l s a re Hle mos t

p l o m i nent on the syst em . Th i S

pr ivi lege al lows

message you have rece i v ed . The system w i l l t hen

can correc t i t
! elm g O i n g t o h o l d off on exp l a i n i ng a n y and a l :

the user t o control f un c t i ons ;lssoci aled W i t h


' l it; ; ' D w n v l rtual , llac h i ne

Sfc:t I (Ii

AllY: The Any c l ass i f i c a t i o n IS

g i ven

to cer t a i n

C P cOlll rn amis w h i c h a r e ;wadable t o any


TIle commands a re usua l l y l i m i ted to LO\j 1 1l and



H I S reserve{j for I BM


Due to the i n d i v idual needs of a S i t e , pri v i lege

c lasses can be tai lored to s u i t the fac i l i t y . A t o t a l
qf up to 32 c l a s s es can be nlade . Th e y wou ld he
sl lown i n t h e CP d i r ec to ry as A- Z a n d 1 -6

re l a t ed

t o m l n i d isks u n t i l t il e next

The o thers which I have found t o be

use t u i dre


fol l ow s .

You C:111 I ssue a n y C P command w h i l e in e M S

b y precl u d i ng tile command w i th CP



a l lows you t o o b t a i n various b i t s oj

I Il f O inla t !on about the system . A


l i st can be

found b y using H E L P .

O n e o f t h e most

important Q U ERY commands

for the Ilacker is

Some typic a l pr i v i le g e c l asses for a few

r;ommon IIscnds are C l ass A for O P E RATO R ,

C l ass

F t o r E R E P , C l asses B , C

E. G

( ) P E RA TN S anIi C ! a sses A , B . C [) E , F , G fo



f'. Ullllr k1l1 d s drc ' , 13(;e up o f

;}II d ophcns .
Command Name : A

I'a g<> 20



COlll; l land nal iiC:,


B27, LOGOO I 80--B3 1

\lSM - IjMVS I
5COTT _TP l l W f M Z ,

CMS 1 2 ! l

IJ P H1ATNS, - TP l l WFY l
cOl nrn a n !i [ lai "I'

" m emher, 1 9N7


: ', ; 1

II: T O.G I /0,0 ]

1 1 :34:28


T P ! i WHi4,

There can be many users o n l i n e ; usual l y t h i s

made i n h e t i le U S E R I D N ETLOG (where

l i st w i l l conta i n f rom 30 to 1 00 users . T h e last

U S E R I D i S t . . e user you a re send i n g the f i le to ) .

user o n l ine was O P E RATN S , s i nce i t was l ast in

T h i s command i s also u sed for send ing N OT E

the l i s t . The S M A RT userid i s D S C , or i n a

d i sconnec ted state . U sual l y a tenm i n a l w i l l

f i l es w h i c h c a n b e created w i t h an ed i tor and sen t

rem a i n d i sconnected for 1 5 t o 3 0 m i n u tes and

then i s tota l l y logged off the system . I f you logon

I f you are t i red o f see i n g a text l i st i n g , o r have

attempted to read a compi l ed prog ram and w i sh

to an a l ready d i sconnected tenm i n a l , the system

to exi t or break out of i t , s i m p l y h i t a hard-break ,

to whomever as E - M A I L .

w i l l rep ly w i t h " R EC O N N ECTED AT t ime" . The

and then type H X H X i s for H a l t eXecution . I t

other 2 userids on the same l i ne as S M A RT are

w i I I h a l t whatever you are doing and p u t you back

probably connected tenm i na l s which are in a pre

i n to the C M S en v i ronmen t . It may take a few

logged i n or pend i n g l ogon state . V S M - V M V S 1

l i nes of text after enteri n g i t for the system to

I S another system ru n n i n g paral lel to (or under)

stop the process



N A M ES command a l l ows you to

g a i n a l i t t l e more security for you rse l f on the
sys telTl . I t a l lows you to gain more valid
Th e

usemamcs to attempt passwords for i n the

u n f o rt u n a t e event that your curren t uselld d i e s .
.I\ notller u s e I S tilat y o u c a n start t o comp i le your

. c ornrnon accounts" l i st of userr ds wtl i c h are

found o rl V M /CMS system s . Th i s l i st shou ld get
l a rger and larger as you gain access to more and
more systems and w i l l a l l ow you to gain access

t o more systems as it gets larger.

If you can't count how lTlany users are on l i ne

f rom the 0 N A M E S l i st
0007 USERS, 0000 DIALED. 0000 NET
If YOLI d i d n ' t catch t h e logon message you can
v i ew It aqain by
10 see wrlat rel ease oj CMS tllc system I S .
I I you al e wOfl(len n Q Wil ich IBM II liilnfrarne


" F F '" w'i"j8fl runn! n V iv1 / S, P bbbbbt-Fthe

piO C8%li l i [) i illmber . cccc=, l lle mooel i iulnber of
an ! i.Hl 4 3 8 1

S E N D F ! L L a ! ! : iW"

YO:I to s0nd

The ( entraI O.fjice, 2600 Board tt2 is

reachable at 914-234-3260. If you get a

busy signal, just keep trying.

Unfortunately, the 9/4 area code is flO/
yet reachable on P( PUr.<iuit, the service
offered by US "';'print that allows
unlimited computer time across the
country for $25

month. L et them know

you want the 9J.1 area code added-their

number ;.5 800---835 -3638- so we can


save on phone bi/k /1 nd keep check. ing

for future 26(}() bulletin boards ill other
While we 're




.mbjct of bulletin

should paid out thai the

Private Sector phone number in .Vew

.Ieney is


longer ill use. It's ponible

disregard it.

ad ;-"

used f 0 ;- :: r ,

mws l', 2MJO Board #/ l\ 9/4-725-4060.

yOIJ recei.ni mell propaganda, I'lea.\e

CPUI!J' aabbbbbbccccdddd

tl 8 ctbIJVC case . U,,1 S

ddcid:- " GOOO"


to new subscribi n with that number. If

.0 CPU!!]
n o 1 4"f23438 1 0000
Til l S can be i n tt;IT' ret(d as f o l l ows

I ;]

(con t inued/rol l l page

interesting user.,. The number for

we may have sent mIf HJme information

IS i U : l il l l ilj ,HI . YO l! can I SSLIe


This article will be concluded in the December

Issue of 2600.

T tl



Ji.n.t.,sed in



to all o f this, w e

flO W


the infamous "worldnet "

the ." eptember 1 98 7 issue o f

2MJO. lf yoll know how to manellver


f i jr3S W : t : l ! 1I dny

rn rn i d l;k ttl;] t I S c u rren t l y accessed

VOd to
an o t iler use! . Any t i me you send a f i le an entry IS

Four way

arow!, ! the

send mail to



;;61){}@ day ,l , l!U( P


networks, you can


UHmet addf('5S (f'

ar o u r

A rpanet

oj phri!dosysl !26()O(TlJ nyu.

IIm'e dijficll!ly endiflK

addre.ues, let




If you

at these


November, 1 987

Page 2 1

The recent l y pub l i shed ( 1 987 ) sixth ed ition


has e l i m i nated the readab i l i ty prob lems, and has

added more non-frequency information which
makes for an excel lent publ ication . I nside the
8 11z x 1 1 " , 1 9 2 - p ag e b o o k , t h e re is a n
a l phabet ical l i sting of t h e various agencies

(COlllilllledji-ol l l lJ(Jgl' I J )

TA P is Dead!

Further delving i n to the book we f i nd that each

Dear 2600 :

C a n you te l l me i f a n e ws l e tte r
s i m i l a r to you rs ca l led TA P is sti l l be i ng
p u b l i s h e d a n d i f so, wh a t i s t h e i r
add ress?

f req u en c y / f re q u e n c y use , t ransm i t t e r

l ocat ions/ cal lsigns , and , when avai lable, the
various codes and slang used by the part i c u l ar
agency. ( Rawh i de w i l l arri ve at Curbside rather

D . l.
N ew York

TA P no longer exists, although back

is s u e s a r e b e ing s o ld b y differen t
people (check the 2600 Marketplace).
A s far as we know, 2600 is unique in
subject matter and approach, although

agency l isting is d i v ided into sect i ons contai n i ng



o t h e r h a c k in g

publications-some good, some bad.

L ook for reviews in future issues.

In last month 's letters column, a

reader told us that the 8038 chip
used in our 1 985 blue box schematic

than Pivot . ) A particu larly in teresting section

c o n t a i n e d the l i s t i n g s for the U . S . S e c r e t
S e rv i c e . A m o n g t h e f re q u e n c y / f re q u e n c y
c o d e n ame / f re q u e n c y u s e d a t a was a l i s t
c o n t a i n i n g t h e c o d e n am e s u s e d f o r t h e
presidential staff , f i rst fam i l ies , and other related
informat i o n . D i d you know that Amy Carter's
codename was "Dynamo" ?
The Top Secret Registry is a n exce l lent book
and is h ighly recommended read i ng for those
i nterested i n l i sten ing to those who are l i sten ing
to you . I t 's avai l ab l e for $ 1 6 . 95 from C R B
Research , P O . Box 56 , Commack , N Y 1 1 72 5 .
And by t h e way . . . . here are some rather ac t i ve

was n o longer a vailable . Se veral

federal frequencies ( I n megahertz )

readers h a ve n otifie d us to claim

Secret Service:

otherwise. We understand the chip is

obtainable through Jan eco Elec
t r o n ic s in C a li for n i a (a sk a n y
electronics store for their number) at

listening in

a cost of around $3. 95.

State Department:

Justice Department:
36 . 07
4 1 1 . 025

2.. "reg u l ar"

frequencies . A company ca l led C R B

::.: Research , known for publ ications on surve i l lance

and electron ics, has a book cal l ed "The Top

> Secret' Registry of U . S . Govemment Rad io
Frequencies" by Tom Kne i tei . Th is book contains

General Services Administration:

(protection of federal buildings)
41 7.2

Drug Enforcement Administration:

4 1 6 . 05 , 4 1 6 325 , 4 1 8 . 7 5 , 4 1 6 . 2

cal l si gns , and rad io codes of

2 every U . S . Govemment Agency in existence ,

'- including such agencies as the F B I , C I A , D EA ,
and of particular interest t o phreaks, the Secret
Service. Earlier ed i tions of t h i s g u i de were bound
c o m p u t e r h a rd c o p y w i t h e v e ry t h i n g l u m ped
together and sorted by frequency . Th is made for
something which was d i fficu l t to read , and
d i f f i c u l t to use . H owever, it s t i l l remai ned the
de-facto scanner g u ide to the feds , and was very
Page 22

1 6 6 . 4 6 2 5 . "X - R a y " c o m m o n c h a n n e l f o r
Treasury Dept .

409 . 625

prying ears . probab ly for reasons of security. The

%:: t ru th is that fed frequencies are as wel l known as

the frequenc ies ,

1 65 . 37 5 : "Charl ie" nationwide primary channel

N ovember, 1 987


In l a s t m o n t h ' s l i st of m a s s a n n o u n c e m e n t
n u m be r s , we neg l ected to m e n t i o n t h a t t h e y

7 1 8.
2 1 2 - 2 2 2 - 8 1 08 . . . . . . . . . . Parents U l 1 ited
7 1 8 - 343-0 1 30 . . . . . . . . . . . . Scra m b l e F a x
800- 2 2 3 - 3 3 3 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A B a n k
0 1 1 - 6 1 - 3 - 69 2 - 2982 . . Record i n g , w i l d t o n e
cou ld a l so be reached from a rea c o d e

D o e s yo u r a d d r e s s l a be l s a y "T i rn e to R e n ew " ? D o n ' t rn i ss a n
i s s u e . R e n ew yo u r s u bs c r i p t i o n t o d a y a n d e nj o y p e a c e o f rn i n d .
S i rn p l y i n d i ca t e t h e a rn o u n t e n c l os e d a n d w h i c h , i f a n y , b a c k
i s s u e s yo u wa n t . Yo u r a d d r e s s l a be l s h o u l d be o n t h e b a c k of t h i s
f o r rn .

$ 28 . .
S41 . . . . . . . . .
$ 40 .
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
$75 . . . .
$ 1 '1 0 .
. .
$25 . . . .


$ 2 60

. . .

I i fet l rn e

. .

. . .

. .


1 yea r of

2 600

yea rs of 2600
. . . . .
. .
. .
. . .
. . . .
yea r s of 2600
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 y e a r c o r p o r a t e s u bsc r i pt i o n

. . . . . . . . . . . . . ' . 2 ye a r c o r p o r a t e s u bsc r i pt i o n

. . . . . . . . . . .

. . 3 ye a r c o r p o r a t e s u bs c r i pt i o n

. . . . . . . . . ove r s e a s s u b sc r i pt i o n ( 1 y e Ci r o n l y )

ove r s e a s c o r p o r a t e s u b sc r i pt i o n ( 1 yea r o n l y )

s u b s c r i p t i o n ( n e v e r a g a i n w i l l w e bot h e r yo u )

B a c k i s s u e s a r e a va i l a b l e . P r i c e s a r e :

$ 2 5 . ."
$ 50 . . . : . .
$ 75 . .

. . . . . . . . . . 1 9 8 4 , 1 9 8 5 , o r 1 9 8 6 i s s u e s ( 1 2 pe r y e a r )
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A n y two yea rs
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A l l t h ree yea rs ( 3 6 I s s u e s )

( O v e r s e a s o r d e r s a d d $ 5 for e a c h

A l l ow 4 to 6 w e e k s f o r d e l i v e r y .
Send a l l
2 6 00
PO B o x


ye a r

o rde red )

de rs to :


M idd le I s l a nd , NY

( 5 1 6 ) 7 5 1 2 6 00

1 1 953

U . S .A.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1 984

1 985

1 986



( c i rc l e yea rs o rdered )

(clip and send to us- your address is



the back)

TELECOM IN FORM ER . . . . . . 8
2600 MARKETPLAC E : . . . . 1 9

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . .

2600 MaQazlne
P0 8ox 7S2
MIdd le Island. NY 1 1 953 USA

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