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COURSE CATALOG | 2009-2010

CONTENTS introduction
3 Introduction/ School History
4-5 Mission and Philosophy, Accreditation Information, Campus Amenities Welcome to EI, Elegance International; the first school of professional makeup in the World. We pride ourselves on
our extraordinary students, staff, and curriculum. We will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to become
6 EI Campus Information/ Campus Holly wood Information
a professional in the amazing beauty and production industry. Our graduates are working throughout the world in all
7 Admissions makeup disciplines.
8 International Admissions & Veterans Benefits
9 Financial Aid/ Clock Hour & Credit Hour Conversion
EI began in 1966 with a faculty comprised of makeup professionals and is still providing students with the most comprehensive
11 SFX (Special Effects) Makeup Program and professional training available. These professionals provided the much-needed Makeup Artistry training in a school
12 Studio Makeup Artist Program environment to contrast the system of apprenticeships practiced at that time. In January 1972, the School expanded its facilities,
personnel and programs. The school has been both continuously licensed by the State of California, and accredited by the
13-14 Artistry of Makeup Program Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT). Graduates have been nominated twelve times
15 Fees & Tuition for Academy Awards, winning three times. Several graduates have been nominated for an Emmy and many have won (both day
and prime time awards). You may find a detailed list of our graduate achievements on our website www.EI.edu.
16-17 Class Schedule & School Calendar
18-19 Student Academic Progress (SAP) Grading Policy, Transcripts, Attendance Policy In 2005 EI increased its course offerings by adding continuing education for all professional makeup artists. In 2007 two
20-21 Leave of Absence, Making Up Missed Classes, Student Records new programs; Studio Makeup Artist and SFX (Special Effects Makeup), were added to the schools curriculum. EI now offers
workshops for the general public. All workshops for all levels of artists can be found on our website. www.EI.edu.
22 Student Rules of Conduct
23-24 Graduation Accredited by: ACCSCT
Approved by:
25 Student/ Career Services & Housing
Department of Veteran Affairs • I-20 M-I Visa
26-27 Refund and Cancellation Policy Complaint policy Approved for:
BACK Alumni Accomplishments Title IV Financial Aid • Stafford Loan • SEOG
Federal PELL • Federal Work Study



Our mission at EI is to provide students with comprehensive training in all aspects of professional The Campus Classrooms
makeup artistry with an emphasis on professional and artistic skills. We strive to provide our students The EI campus is centrally located in the heart of All classrooms are designed with individual
with daily motivation and support. Our goal at EI is to provide students with a firm and nurturing Hollywood, just one block south of the famous Hollywood workstations, lighted mirrors, practice heads, audio-
environment in which you may develop your professional skills. Boulevard and Highland Avenue intersection. The Kodak visual equipment, training videos and a variety of
Theatre, the Hollywood Museum at the Max Factor specialty items. Some of these items are; hackles,
ACCREDITATION Building, Paramount Studios, the Pantages Theatre, the curling ovens, air brush machines, spray booths,
EI is accredited by the Accrediting Commission must be evaluated.) The VA or the state-approving agency Hollywood Wax Museum, movie theaters, cafes, a large mixers and more as needed for training.
of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology may impose varying enrollment limitations. Veterans are variety of shopping and restaurant experiences are all
(ACCSCT). advised to obtain appropriate enrollment materials well within a short walking distance. The Hollywood/Highland Discounts
in advance of starting class. Problems relating to veteran Metro stop and bus services are just one block away. With the EI Student ID, discounts are available to
Veterans’ Benefits enrollment should be directed to the regional office of the The school covers more than 5,400 square feet on the students for concerts (at MI), theatrical productions
EI is approved under the provisions of Title 38, Veterans’ Administration. This approval is for non-degree second floor of its Campus Hollywood building. EI houses (at TOA) and at makeup and art centers
United States Code for Veterans. Students programs, and applies to the Professional Artistry of a lobby, student store, student lounge, library, four throughout Southern California
who wish to receive Veteran benefits must Makeup program of study. This approval is given only for administrative offices, five large fully-equipped classrooms (Smash Box, MAC, Sephora, Naimie’s, Nigel’s,
submit a statement of previous training the programs and not for individual classes. and a special effects lab. Carter-Sexton, etc).
to the school for consideration. Students
with previous training in the course to The Library
be pursued must submit transcripts The school library houses relevant makeup books, Hours of Operation
from previously attended institutions. magazines, periodicals and reference materials, along Monday - Thursday 8:00a to 7:00p
Credits allowed will be recorded on the with films and television shows on DVD and VHS. The Training
enrollment record and the length of the library is open to students daily. Times are available to Monday -Thursday 10:00a to10:00p
course shortened proportionately. In those who inquire within. Fridays Only
addition, the student and the VA shall 8:00a to 4:00p
be notified. (NOTE: All prior training


EI is part of a large group of schools centered on entertainment arts-education called Campus The enrollment process for students in all courses of study is:
Hollywood. Campus Hollywood is composed of four schools that are media and entertainment
On the week prior to the monthly start date,
related companies. In addition to EI the other schools are: Musicians Institute (MI) and Los • Complete the Student Application Form
new students must attend an orientation where
Angeles Music Academy (LAMA) are both schools of contemporary music. • Complete the Student References Form
they will; review student rules, career goals, and
• Be at least 18 years of age
meet the student support staff. The orientation
MI is located just across the street from EI and LAMA is in Pasadena. EI students may attend • Submit proof of high school graduation/ diploma
provides an opportunity for new students to ask
concerts and special music events held there. The International Dance Academy (IDA), • Submit a $75.00 non-refundable registration fee
questions, meet instructors and review materials
Theatre of Arts (TOA), a professional school of acting, are located within walking distance to • Demonstrate willingness to work hard and be dedicated
and supplies they will need for class.
EI. All schools offer courses in acting, voice, dance and stage performance. EI students are
welcome to attend all performances. To complete the admissions process, candidates must submit a signed agreement and supporting
documents to the Admissions Department prior to enrollment, and meet with the Admissions Director.
Other Campus Hollywood companies include ESP, Schecter Guitars, and United Television
Broadcasting (UTB), the Japanese broadcasting station in Los Angeles (channel 18.2). Some candidates my also be required to be interviewed by the School Director. Students who do not have
a high school diploma may submit a GED or take the Basic Skills Test, the Wonderlic. Students can make
arrangements with the Admissions Office to have an authorized agent for the Wonderlic administer the test.
Students must achieve a Verbal Comprehension of 305 and a Quantitative score of 235 to be successfully
enrolled into the program at EI. Enrolling students must also take the entrance exam, the pre-screening
questionnaire and quiz.

Prior training may satisfy some prerequisite requirements for applicants in the advanced level courses.
Evaluating prior experience and knowledge can only be achieved on a case-by-case basis, and admission
is determined by the academic and school directors. The registration fee must be paid prior to enrollment
and all tuition arrangements must be made in advance prior to enrollment with the Financial Aid Director.
Appointments for registration can be made in advance by calling the Admissions Office.


We welcome all international students at EI. All staff and faculty are eager to help international EI is able to offer financial aid assistance to those who are qualified. Financial aid is available in the
students adjust to life in Southern California. form of federal student aid, the Federal PELL Grant, SEOG, the Federal Stafford Loan and FWS (Federal
Work Study). Financial aid is available for both the Special Effects Makeup (SFX) and Artistry of Makeup
International students only attend morning classes and attend an extra nine hours each week for lab programs.
time. The lab time is to be used for research in the library and/or working on and completing projects.
International students are to arrange their extra hours with the Director and Academic Director. All EI offers assistance in financing in the form of monthly payments, or terms agreed upon by the students
international students who apply for the I-20 must have proof of financial stability in order to enroll and administration. There is a qualifying procedure, and students must meet with the school’s Financial
in the professional makeup artist program. International students may submit an inquiry with the Aid Director. Potential students may log onto the EI web site (www.ei.edu) to apply on line.
Admissions Office for all necessary paperwork. EI can issue the I-20, M-1 student visa to qualified
students, and I-20 documentation can only be provided for the student at the time the student is
registered in school.


• Proof of financial stability
• Down payment of 1/3 of the total cost of the program of which enrolled 1 CREDIT UNIT =
• $75.00 non-refundable registration fee 20 hours of coursework
• A score of 80 on the *TSE 1 CLOCK HOUR =
• Complete the school application form 50 minutes
• 18 years of age or older
• Proof of high school graduation
• A strong desire to become a professional makeup artist

*An interview with the School Director may be conducted in addition to the TSE. Title IV, Federal Financial Aid
is not available to international students. E I offers instruction in English only and does not offer English as a
Second Language instruction.

Studio Makeup Artist Program SMA-200 PROGRAM OVERVIEW • Pre-painting Appliances

This program has been designed specifically for the student who is The SFX makeup program is a full-time course of study • Sculpting Techniques
interested in the beauty and fashion aspects of the makeup industry. and is offered four days a week, Monday - Thursday, from • Basic Airbrushing Techniques
9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This program is composed of 500 • Running Silicone
clock hours of instruction, with 25 credit units and is taught • Casting Body Parts
SFX (Special Effects) Makeup Program SFX-300
over 5 months. • Hair Effects
This program of study is specifically designed for those who desire to
• Prosthetic Applications
work in the special effects industry. • Casting Facial Expressions
Overall Objectives
To prepare students for entry-level positions in shops and • Silicone Molds & Pieces
Artistry of Makeup Program MA-100 • Seaming
companies that caters to the special effects industries
Artistry of Makeup is the program of study leading students to a • Running Foam
for film, television, print media, commercial and video
complete career in the makeup industry. productions. • Multi-Piece Molding
• Final Project Presentations
Specialized Workshops COURSE CONTENT
EI offers specialized and individual workshop classes in all areas of makeup for the makeup professional This course offers students the full range of training Grades are determined by:
and those looking to become a professional. A list of specific courses can be found on our website necessary to begin a career in the special effects industry, attendance, completion of project
(www.ei.edu) notably special effects lab work. Some of the specific assignments, quizzes, final projects
areas of training include: and written final exam.

• Life Casting (full head)

• Basic Makeup Techniques & Painting
• Mold Making
• Designing Techniques
• Foam Rubber Casting


PROGRAM OVERVIEW This program of study includes: PROGRAM OVERVIEW • Salon: Beauty and Corrective Makeup Students
The SMA full-time program is offered three days a • Salon Makeup: all aspects of beauty and corrective The AOM program is offered during the day, twice a week, learn all the fundamentals of the face including:
week from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., either a MWF or makeup including day/evening applications MW or TT, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or in the evening shape, condition, corrective techniques and day and
TTF schedule. This program is composed of 300 • Photographic Makeup: high fashion concepts, designs, Monday through Thursday, from 6:45 to 10:00 p.m. The evening applications, with special emphasis on the
clock hours, 15 credit units and is taught over four applications, black and white, color theory and applications, AOM full-time program is composed of 600 clock hours of elements of the face: eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, etc.
months. print media and client concepts. training, 30 credit units and is taught over 52 weeks. • Theatrical/Live Performance Makeup: Training
• The Wedding Business: makeup applications for a variety in intimate, mid-range and long-range theatrical
Overall Objectives of settings and situations, wedding parties, bride, mother- Overall Objectives productions, design and development of specific
Students who graduate from this program of-the-bride considerations, bridesmaid considerations and This program prepares students to become complete character studies, including: analysis of a character
are prepared to take an entry-level position advising sessions. makeup artists with an overall comprehension of what is together with environment, heredity, health,
within the beauty makeup industries applying • Airbrushing: choosing your machine and the right necessary to be a professional, along with the necessary personality, circumstances as they influence
makeup to: clients, models, brides and actors cosmetics, application considerations and designs, skills to become eligible for positions within the character appearance, age and facial hair.
for beauty applications in spas, salons, photo assignment considerations. professional makeup industries and the time and Students in this course also attend a one-day
studios, weddings and special events. • Hair Styling: appropriate dos and don’ts, hair for the client, instruction needed to become an artist. The course session at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre for
period hair, hairpieces and wigs, use of all irons. includes training for positions within salons, spas, hands-on instruction in theatre etiquette and
COURSE CONTENT • Psychology of Beauty: Young girls want to look older, cosmetic companies, opera, live theatre and ballet backstage set-up and lighting designs from BGT
Over the course of four months students women of a certain age want to look younger, and all companies, dance, musical and comedy group staff, along with instruction in how lighting affects
will demonstrate the ability to evaluate women have visions of themselves that may not match what productions, as well as live non-dramatic entertainment makeup designs and color.
faces for skin conditioning and coloring, they see in the mirror. How does the professional makeup presentations and commercial, video, film and television • High Fashion Photographic Makeup: Training
facial structure and correction and artist make all women feel good about themselves and their productions. includes: lighting for black and white and color
appearance? This course provides answers to this question, print, the study of color with all the uses of
enhancement of features. Students will
color, expanded and reinforced creativity
receive lectures, demonstrations and lab assisting the makeup artist to better serve all clients. COURSE CONTENT and imagination, the understanding and use
workshops that allow them to practice Students learn how to create makeup designs for all of non-conventional elements in fanciful
each and every aspect of the training. Grades are determined by: attendance, completion of aspects of straight makeup and effects applications as they
project assignments, quizzes, final projects and written designs, how to promote products through
relate to beauty, fi lm, television, theatrical/live performances makeup design, studio etiquette and the
final exam. and high fashion photographic makeup industries. 13
uses of film versus digital photographs.
ARTISTRY OF MAKEUP PROGRAM MA-100 (Continued) Tuition Schedule

Studio Makeup Artist Program 4 Months | 15 Units | 300 Clock Hours

• Beginning Prosthetics - Tech Lab: Training includes: construction of proper and realistic attachments to head Students who successfully complete the Studio Makeup Artist Program receive a certificate upon completion.
and face, ventilating and punching hair, bald cap construction, the running of foam latex, gelatin and silicone, Tuition: $7,050.00
teeth making, cast and molding of impressions and the development of characters with appliances to be used Lab Fees: $200.00
in the film and TV courses. Textbooks: $45.95
• Television and HDTV Makeup: Training includes: the difference between analog and digital TV, the Materials Estimate: $860.00*
achievement of a 20-year increase/decrease in age, using cosmetics only to duplicate realistic diseases, Total Cost: $8,155.95
such as small pox, AIDS, malnutrition, etc., script analysis, injury and bruises, character breakdowns, extreme
corrective makeup for a variety of television presentations, airbrushing and body makeup, application of SFX Makeup Program 5 Months | 25 Units | 500 Clock Hours
facial hair works, and creating and removing tattoos with makeup only. Students who successfully complete the SFX Makeup Program receive a diploma upon completion.
• Film Makeup: The final class in this year-long program focuses on all aspects of film makeup including: Financial aid assistance is offered to eligible students who are enrolled in these programs.
set etiquette, character development, building the artist’s portfolio, bald cap applications, appliance Tuition: $ 11,750.00
applications, age and character progression and development, horror characters including complex Lab Fees: $650.00
injuries, medical dressings and treatments, period designs and budgets. Final exam project is the design Materials Estimate: $1,100.00*
and creation of a dead body for evaluation and grading. Total Cost: $13,500.00

Grades are determined by: attendance, completion of

Artistry of Makeup Program 12 Months | 30 Units | 600 Clock Hours
Students who successfully complete the Artistry of Makeup Program receive a diploma upon completion.
project assignments, quizzes, final projects and written Financial aid assistance is offered to eligible students who are enrolled in this program.
final exam.
Tuition: $14,100.00
Lab Fees: $550.00
Textbooks: $90.00
Materials Estimate: $1,900.00*
Total Cost: $16,640.00
Both Salon and Photographic Makeup courses can be taken individually, with Salon as a prerequisite for
Photographic Makeup. The cost for each of these courses is $2,450. * Note: This is an estimate only.


Day Schedule Start Dates End Dates

T/Th November 3, 2009 October 28, 2010
M/W December 2, 2009 November 29, 2010
T/TH January 5, 2010 December 28, 2010
M/W February 1, 2010 January 26, 2011
T/TH March 2, 2010 February 24, 2011
day classes evening classes
M/W April 5, 2010 March 30, 2011
Day Classes meet twice each week on a Evening classes meet four nights each week for the
T/TH May 4, 2010 April 28, 2011
Mon/Wed or a Tues/Thurs schedule. Artistry of Makeup program only: M/W June 7, 2010 May 29, 2011
Mondays & Wednesdays: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday from 6:45 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. T/TH July 6, 2010 June 30, 2011
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Workshops are held twice each week in the evening. M/W August 2, 2010 July 27, 2011
Please inquire within for course start dates T/TH September 7, 2010 August 30, 2011
M/W October 4, 2010 September 28, 2011
T/TH November 2, 2010 October 27, 2011
Studio Makeup Artist Program Please inquire within for course start dates. M/W December 1, 2010 November 30, 2011

SFX Program Please inquire within for course start dates.

• New Year’s Day • Labor Day
• Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday • Thanksgiving Day &
• President’s Day Friday After
• Memorial Day • Christmas Day
• 4th of July

SAP/ transcripts/ grading/ attendance

Student Academic Progress Grading Policy

In addition to the attendance requirements, students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average
Student Academic Progress (SAP) is a way to track student achievement. Included in the school’s SAP policy
of 2.0, a C grade, in order to be considered a student in good standing. Individual courses, in compliance with
are most importantly, attendance and grades. Students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress
satisfactory academic progress will be assessed at the 50% point of each course. Students must successfully
according to the published standards established and enforced by EI and accepted by the Departments
complete each course before continuing on to the next one. Daily grades are recorded and based on instructor
of Education and Veterans Affairs Department. All students are monitored to measure development and
evaluations. Please see the following breakdown for the grading formula.
progress. Academic and technical performances are weighed in all courses, utilizing periodic written
examinations, technical lab evaluations and standardized mid-term and final exams. All exams and critiques Grading Policy Exams Grade Percentage Grade
are graded by the use of a 10-point scale. These points are then converted into grades. In order to pass, the Examinations for every course include both a written theory exam and a Point Average
Student must achieve a score of 70%/C grade or higher. Homework and classroom projects are graded and practical skills test, which requires students to demonstrate proficiency in the
must be completed and presented prior to or on the final class date.
A= 90 – 100 4.00
skills and techniques covered in each course. The following criteria is used to
B= 80 – 89 3.00
determine grades at the end of each course.
Attendance Policy C= 70 – 79 2.00
D= 60 – 69 1.00
EI is training students to become professional Makeup Artists, and towards this end, EI places enormous First Half of Training Course
emphasis on attendance. Students are expected to be prompt and attend every class. Students must
F= 59 – 0 0.00
Instructor Evaluation 20% (Includes projects) Class Work 20%
have a minimum of 80% overall attendance to be considered an active student in good standing. Students
I= Incomplete 0.00
(50% of the student’s grade is determined at this point) Mid-Term Exam 10%
who fall below the 80% attendance rate are placed on probation. Instructor Evaluation 20%

Students may not be absent more than three (3) times in any course. Students who have three Second Half of Training Course
consecutive absences are placed on probation, and students who have four consecutive absences, Class Work 5% Final Exam 25% Total 100%
without excuse and without makeup classes, are terminated from the program. Students who must
be unavoidably absent must make-up their classes and projects by making arrangements with the Transcripts
director of education to do so before the end of each course. Make-up sessions are usually held on Transcripts are issued to graduates upon completion of their training program and additional academic
Fridays. (See “Making Up Missed Classes” on page 20) Absences remain on students’ permanent transcripts are available for a fee of $7.00. Duplicate diplomas and certificates are $12.00 upon request.
records. Permanent attendance records are extremely important as many producers and directors Fees must be paid in full for each portion of training for which the student requests transcripts. All fees
ask for copies of attendance records prior to hiring. must be paid in full to receive a diploma or certificate. Student academic files are maintained at this
campus. Satisfactory academic progress standards are consistently applied to all students. 19

Leave of Absence, Making Up Missed Classes, Student Records

Leave of Absence Probation and Termination

Excessive absences work adversely on students’ records, and if students have a medical or a personal If for reasons of poor academic progress and/or poor attendance, students may be placed on probation.
problem to work out, they may take a leave of absence (LOA), ensuring that the time lost can be made up Probation is a measure taken by the school that is designed to help students correct their behavior and/or
when the student returns. The personal problems for which students may take a leave of absence include, but academic deficiencies. Probation remedies are meant to help students improve their performance. It is the
are not limited to: a death of a relative, personal injury or illness or other special circumstances. For personal school’s responsibility to identify student deficiencies and take corrective measures to provide students with
reasons students may take up to a two-month leave of absence. For medical reasons, students may take up the best opportunity to improve their status in school and become successful and prepared to be professional
to a four-month leave of absence. Students must request an LOA in writing. Students can request an LOA form makeup artists. The average probationary period is three weeks or six class sessions.
from the Director of Education. Students who return to complete a course or program, for which they received
an incomplete, shall meet all the standards necessary to receive a passing grade. Upon completion of the Termination is a measure taken by the school when a student has not successfully met the standards of the
required standards, students receive a certificate or diploma in accordance with their original completion school. Some reasons for termination include, but are not limited to: not improving performance once placed
date. on probation, not adhering to the student rules given to students at orientation, being under the influence,
consuming, selling or possessing of drugs or alcohol on school premises, possession of a weapon on school
Making Up Missed Classes premises, demonstrating disrespectful behavior to another student, administrators or faculty or for failure to
Students who miss a class must make-up each class session in order to take the final exam and complete meet financial obligations.
each course. Make-up sessions can be arranged with the instructor and the director of education.
Students can listen to lecture tapes, attend a make-up class session for lab and practice either in the
morning or evening classes; most Fridays are open to students to make up class work. All projects and
assignments must be turned in prior to a final grade and/or transcript being issued for each course.

Student Records
Student financial records are maintained for ten years after students have completed their stay at this
school. Academic records are kept into perpetuity. All files are secured in locked, fire-proof and flood-
proof cabinets in a secured location safe from casual contact and theft.



The following rules are to be observed by students at all times. There are no exceptions to the PRIOR TO GRADUATION
following rules. We are helping students to establish and maintain professional skills throughout Students receive notice of their progress at the mid-term for each course. Students must maintain a passing
training, for both artistic and business disciplines. grade of 70% (C), as a minimum, at each level of progress. Grades are posted at the end of each course. Students
whose grades fall at 69% or below will be placed on academic probation until the next assessment period. If
• Attend all classes; if you must be absent, you must notify the school personally by calling. students have not improved their grade point average by the next assessment period, they will be suspended
• Always be on time for class and stay until class has ended. from class. A student who has been suspended will be allowed to return the next time the course is offered, as
• Come prepared; bring all supplies, note pads, pens/pencils, makeup, etc. space is available, and if the student agrees to comply with the school’s SAP.
• Cell phones are not to be used in class nor are voice-activated bilingual or electronic equipment for any reason while in
class. Messages can be left at the front desk.
If a student fails to complete any course or program, for any reason, the maximum time allowed to complete the
• Notify the instructor if you are unable to attend class. Three absences from class is grounds for academic probation and
missed requirements is 1.5 times the normal duration. For example: The Artistry of Makeup Program is 600-clock
four absences constitutes termination from school.
• Adhere to proper conduct and behavior in all classes at all times. This includes conducting yourself in a professional
hours, taught over 96 class sessions, in 48 weeks (excluding breaks). Therefore, a student has a maximum of 72
and appropriate manner. weeks of school days to complete the program requirements to receive a passing grade. Courses of 100-clock
• Comply with all instructor rules and policies at all times. hours are held over an 8-week period; therefore, a student has a maximum of 12 weeks, in total, to complete the
• Complete all assignments, including projects, on time as required by the instructor. course. If a student fails to complete any course or program within the 1.5 period of time, and the student is not
• Maintain satisfactory academic progress and no cheating for any reason. on a leave of absence, the incompletion shall be converted to a failure at the end of the period.
• Abide by the school’s drug and alcohol-free policy.
• Abide by the school’s dress code: be well groomed for class, no visible underwear, no “flip-fl ops”, no see-through Graduation Requirements
clothing, no shorts, no short skirts, no “wife-beater” T-shirts and no mid-drifts or navels are to show at any time. In order to successfully complete training at EI and be eligible for graduation students must achieve the
• Use the Student Lounge as a resting place and not the lobby/entrance. following:
• Always leave the classroom, work area and rest rooms clean and neat. • Have maintained 80% attendance throughout the program.
• Never bring children or friends (who are not models) to school. • Have achieved an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (“C”).
• Complete course work, projects and exams on time. • Have completed all projects and have received a final grade.
• Always be respectful and courteous to faculty, staff and classmates. • Be cleared from the Finance Office and all outstanding fees must be paid before a student is considered a graduate
and is able to receive a diploma and transcript from the school.
• Have completed all courses, projects and final exams within sixteen (16) months of the start date. (This excludes
official Leaves of Absences.) 23

GRADUATION (Continued) Student Services


Students who successfully complete the Artistry of Makeup Program or SFX Program receive a
EI offers a variety of services to its students and some Career services are available to all students who are
diploma. Certificates are granted for Master Classes and the Studio Makeup Artist Program.
services are shared throughout all of the Campus either enrolled or who have graduated through our
The student must make an appointment with the Director of Career and Student Services one week
Hollywood schools. These services include but are not Student Services Department. Appointments can
after the graduation date in order to process the certificate or Diploma.
limited to: be made in advance with the director of Student
Services. The career process includes:
Graduation Celebration • Student Bus/Metro Passes
At the end of each session EI holds a celebration for graduates and all staff. Friends and family of • Student IDs • Resumés first beginning in the salon course (for both
graduates are also encouraged to attend. • Movie & Television Studio Tours Artistry of Makeup Program and Studio Makeup Artist
• Concerts at Musicians Institute (www.mi.edu) Program and in the first 8 weeks of the SFX Program)
• Productions at Theatre of Arts • Resumés updated throughout training
• Advising Sessions • Portfolios beginning in the salon course, photos taken
• Housing Information throughout training and meetings with the placement
• Career Services director to prepare a job search plan prior to graduation.
• Parking Information • Discounts offered at specific Makeup Companies in L.A.
• Discounts offered at specific Makeup Companies in L.A.
Though EI cannot guarantee placement, every effort is
housing made to ensure that students are assisted in their job
Students are encouraged to look for housing prior to search within all the professional makeup fields.
their start date. Students may log onto the school’s web
site to gain access to these housing providers at www.
ei.edu and find additional housing resources.

Homestay in LA offers short-term and long-term home-stay situations near EI. Contact Information at
T: 310.777.8318 or online at www.homestayinla.com
USH (Universal Student Housing) provides assistance for home stay situations for EI’s international students. USH
can be reached at T: 310.824.4908, F: 310.824.2412, or online at www.usaish.com.
Synergy Housing provides fully furnished and accessorized apartments. Students can call toll free to
800-600-1115. The corporate address is 417 S. Hill Street, Suite 1101, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Refund and complaint policies

Students have a right to a full refund of all charges, less the amount of the $75.00 registration fee, if the student must be in written form, with permission from the student complainant/s for the commission to forward a copy of
cancels the enrollment agreement prior to, or on, the first day of instruction. The amount retained by the school the complaint to the school for a response. A copy of the Commission’s Complaint Form is available at the school
will not exceed the $75.00 (seventy-five dollars) registration fee. If a student withdraws from the program after and may be obtained by contacting the director. Please direct all inquiries to:
instruction has begun, the student will receive a pro rata refund for the unused portion of the tuition and other
refundable charges if the student has completed 60% or less of the instruction. The date of withdrawal is the ACCSCT
date of cancellation and is determined as the date the student notifies the school of the decision to cancel or 2101 Wilson Boulevard,
the last date of attendance if the student fails to notify the school. The student shall be charged for all days up Suite 302
to and including the date of withdrawal. For example (See Below), if the student completes only 50 hours of a Arlington, VA 22201
100-hour course and paid $2,000 in tuition, the student would receive the refund of $1,000. (703) 247-4212
$2,000 /100 =50% 50 $1,000 $1,000
EI is also licensed by the State of California. A copy of California’s Complaint Form is available at the school and
Total Tuition Total hours Hourly Total hours Total due Total due
Paid by Student In Program charge Completed To School To Student may be obtained by contacting the director. Students may submit complaints to:

EI will also refund money collected from a third party on the student’s behalf, such as Veteran’s Benefits, ATTN: Ms. Joanne Wenzel
Title IV, and/or WIA funds, if the school cancels or discontinues the course in which the student is enrolled California Department of Consumer Affairs
or if the student drops out. If any portion of the tuition was paid from the proceeds of a third party, the Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education Information
refund will be sent to the lender or agency that guaranteed the funds. Any remaining amount will first be P.O. Box 980818
used to repay any student financial aid programs from which the student received benefits in proportion West Sacramento, CA 95798-0818
to the benefits received. Any remaining amount will be paid to the student. All refunds are paid within
thirty (30) days of the cancellation of the contract. Online: www.bppve.ca.gov
E-mail: bppve@dca.ca.gov
Complaint Policy
The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) accredits EI. If
a student does not feel that EI has adequately addressed a complaint or concern, the student may
consider contacting the Accrediting Commission. All complaints considered by the Commission
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