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1 . In what century is the story of Hester Prynne set?

(A) The sixteenth century

(B) The seventeenth century
(C) The eighteenth century
(D) The nineteenth century

2 . What is the occupation of the narrator of this story?

(A) Attorney
(B) Minister
(C) Land surveyor
(D) Customs officer

3 . Where do Hester and Chillingworth live before coming to America?

(A) Amsterdam
(B) Paris
(C) Edinburgh
(D) Jamaica

4 . With whom has Chillingworth been living before he appears in Boston?

(A) Another band of Puritans

(B) Native Americans
(C) Spanish settlers in Florida
(D) Canadian fur trappers

5 . What is situated immediately outside the door of the prison in which Hester is kept?

(A) A rosebush
(B) A pine tree
(C) A gallows

(D) A graveyard

6 . What item in the governors mansion shows Hester a distorted reflection of herself?

(A) An antique mirror

(B) A suit of armor
(C) A stained-glass window
(D) The governors eyeglasses

7 . Which of the following is a method Dimmesdale uses to punish himself for his sins?

(A) Scourging or whipping

(B) Fasting
(C) Vigils (extended periods of wakefulness and/or prayer)
(D) All of the above

8 . In what city do Hester and Pearl live?

(A) Salem
(B) Providence
(C) Boston
(D) Hartford

9 . Who is Mistress Hibbins?

(A) The governors sister

(B) Hesters mother
(C) Dimmesdales aunt
(D) Chillingworths second wife

1 0 . How does Mistress Hibbins eventually die?

(A) She is strangled by Chillingworth.

(B) She wastes away in a diphtheria epidemic.

(C) She is executed publicly as a witch.

(D) Pearl puts a hex on her.

11 . How does Hester support herself financially?

(A) As a prostitute
(B) As a seamstress
(C) As a nurse
(D) As a farmhand

1 2 . Next to whom is Hester buried?

(A) Dimmesdale
(B) Chillingworth
(C) Pearl
(D) No one; her body is burned.

1 3 . What natural phenomenon comes to symbolize both Dimmesdales sin and Governor Winthrops virtue?

(A) A lightning bolt

(B) A meteor
(C) A forest fire
(D) A flood

1 4 . Why does Pearl not recognize her mother when she sees her with Dimmesdale in the forest?

(A) Hester has removed the scarlet letter.

(B) Hester has removed her cap to expose her long hair.
(C) Hester is not wearing her usual plain gray dress.
(D) Mistress Hibbins has cast a spell on Hester, changing her appearance.

1 5 . How does Pearl acknowledge Dimmesdale as her father at his death?

(A) By calling him father

(B) By interrupting his sermon
(C) By kissing him
(D) By announcing that she has seen him with her mother

1 6 . What mark can supposedly be seen on Dimmesdales chest?

(A) A scarlet letter A

(B) A tattoo
(C) The mark of the devil
(D) A red rose

1 7 . How do Hester and Dimmesdale plan to escape their suffering?

(A) By going to live with the Native Americans

(B) By boarding a ship bound for Europe
(C) By killing Chillingworth
(D) By committing suicide

1 8 . How does Pearl become wealthy?

(A) She discovers pirates treasure.

(B) She marries the governors son.
(C) She inherits Chillingworths estate and marries a nobleman.
(D) She becomes a famous actress and dancer.

1 9 . Where does the narrator first encounter Hester Prynnes story?

(A) He finds a manuscript in the attic of the Salem Custom-House.

(B) He hears it from an elderly aunt.
(C) He hears it from one of the old men who work at the Salem Custom-House.
(D) It comes to him in a dream.

2 0 . What item of clothing does Hester make for Governor Winthrop?

(A) A cloak for his swearing-in

(B) A nightcap
(C) A pair of gloves
(D) A winter hat

2 1 . What color of clothing does Hester always wear?

(A) Scarlet
(B) White
(C) Black
(D) Gray

2 2 . Where do Hester and Pearl live?

(A) In the poorhouse

(B) In an abandoned cottage on the outskirts of Boston
(C) In the forest
(D) In the house of Roger Chillingworth

2 3 . What does Chillingworth pretend to be?

(A) A minister
(B) A doctor
(C) A madman
(D) A scholar

2 4 . What does Hesters letter A eventually come to represent to the townspeople?

(A) Able
(B) Alone
(C) Avaricious
(D) Absolutely Admirable

2 5 . Why does the narrator lose his job in the customhouse?

(A) He is incompetent.
(B) He spends too much time writing when he should be working.
(C) The other inspectors dislike him personally.
(D) A new customhouse president, who is of a different party than the narrator, is elected.

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