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To express my thanks to all those who contributed in many ways to the success of
this study and made it an unforgettable experience for me.
To Our God Almighty who is always there when I am in need. Thank you for
guiding me and giving me strength in my everyday life. Thank you for always looking
out for me and being there for me. Thank you for making all of these happened and ended
it with a good outcome. I love you, Lord God.
To my dear parents Raul P. Nicer and Lourdes A. Nicer, Thank you for giving me
the support to reach my dreams. Accomplishing this would hopefully make you proud of
me as much as I am proud of having you as my parents. I love you, mama and papa.
To my sister Charlee, Thank you for all the things you have done for me. I know
you will be proud of me in doing this accomplishment. You are truly the best sister a
brother could ever have.
I would like to sincerely thank my adviser, Mr. Engelbert Q. Cruz for your
guidance, support, and patience throughout this study, I apologize for being a headache to
you when I was doing this study. And to the thesis committee, thank you for the
comments and questions you shared that is beneficial in the completion of this study.
To all my very diligent professors, instructors and also our dean, I also dedicate
this to all of you, for you have shared your knowledge and effective teachings to me.
Thank you very much!

To my second family BSIT-IV Block 2, Thank you for the valuable help and
support, special thanks to my group members Adriane E. Untalan, Dirk Briderick B.
Barrozo, Kimberly A. Penuliar, and Jasmin Lea Marie M. Mercado, you are the best
group members a leader could ever have.
Finally, Id like to thank Margie E. Mabalot for making my college life colorful
and exciting. Thank you for taking the risk and accepting me as whom really I am. Thank
you for not giving up on us until the end. Thank you continuously giving me advice,
support, and strength. I will love you always.