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John D.

Stanford, JD, PhD

252 Westerkirk Drive, Blacklick, Ohio, 43004

Phone: 614.207.9123

Email: johnnorthstarr@yahoo.com

March 18, 2015

Mrs. Kathryn Karpus, Board President
Elyria City Schools
42101 Griswold Road
Elyria, Ohio 44035
Dear Board President Karpus,
The superintendency of Elyria City Schools is a great opportunity with a strong community
committed to the success of its students. The District is located in a hard-working, vibrant and
proud community that reminds me of my hometown. The District has a strong academic
foundation, but there are also a few opportunities for a new superintendent to tackle like the
graduation rate, achievement of state indicators, hitting the annual measurable objectives targets,
improving gifted academic achievement and increasing the achievement of students with
As you know from the interviews, I have a vision for working with the Board, staff, parents and the
community to address these opportunities. I also have a vision for strengthening existing initiatives
like the early childhood education program, the Districts experiential learning opportunities similar
to the Northwood Middle School courtyard, and working with the community to enhance the art,
music, and drama programs through the performing arts center as the focal point to rival what you
saw on your site visit at Columbus City Schools national award winning Fort Hayes Metropolitan
Education Center. There are also great opportunities to continue the Districts capital improvement
program to make every school an innovative and nurturing 21st century learning environment and to
renovate the football field.
I know that I can successfully work with the Board and community to lead Elyria City Schools,
however, it is clear to me that the Board of Education and the community need additional time to
step back to have a frank and open conversation about this important decision and to refocus on
what is best for the communitys students. I think it is in the best interests of the Board, the
students, and this community for me to give you that space to have that conversation.
So, it is with consideration of these factors that I ask you to accept my offer to step back from the
Elyria City Schools superintendents search at this time. I truly believe that I have the vision, skill
and experience to lead the District and make this community proud.
Thank you for this opportunity over the past several weeks. I enjoyed meeting and getting to know
you and your colleagues. If and when the Board decides to move forward, know that I remain
interested in your community and District.
John D. Stanford, JD, PhD