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DuPont Energy Solutions


Wire enamels
DuPonts Vision is to be the worlds most dynamic
science company, creating sustainable solutions
essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people
We bring sustainable solutions to the market place to
support the worlds growing need for energy, creating
value for the customers we serve and society.
The DuPont Voltatex product lines consist of DuPonts
electrical insulation materials based on enamels, varnishes
and resins. Together with DuPonts other insulation materials,
e.g., films (Kapton , Mylar ), papers (Nomex ) and plastics
(Crastin , Rynite ), this constitutes the industrys broadest
range of insulation materials. In addition to these outstanding products, DuPont offers its customers a global network
of R&D and technical centers, product supply, technical
expertise and related services.



DuPont Insulation material

Film (Kapton , Mylar )
Paper (Nomex )
Plastic (Crastin , Rynite )
Voltatex Wire enamels
Voltatex Impregnating Resins
Voltatex Core Sheet Varnishes

The DuPont Voltatex products create value for our customers by focusing on three complementary strategies. First, in
line with our core values and mission of sustainability, we
are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of
our products. Increasingly, our products will be based on
non-depletable resources, enable the reduction of emissions
during application and actively advance product life-cycle
requirements. Second, we build on DuPonts two centuries
of experience as a science company to seek break-through
product innovation, developing advanced materials to meet
our industrys growing demands for high performance and
reduced processing cost. We are committed to a continued
high level of R&D investments in order to enable discovery
of unique material properties and imagine novel application
methods which together will lead to more sophisticated
electrical insulation systems. The third part of our strategy
focuses on accelerated development and testing of total
system solutions comprised of integrated insulation
materials for seamless product and process compatibility,
meet the highest performance requirements and offer
further designer flexibility. These involve complex interactive
processes which invariably require close cooperation with
our partners and customers.


Wire is not wire

Enamel-insulated copper and aluminium wires are mainly
used in windings of electric motors, transformers,
generators or electric measuring devices. Depending on the
area of application the wire sizes vary. On the one hand the
diameter of fine wires used for electronic components of
watches for instance can be thinner than the one of a
human hair. On the other hand, in heavy electric motors
such as wind generators, the diameter or width of round or
flat wires can measure up to several millimetres.

Wires insulated by wire enamels

The electric insulation of copper and aluminium wires is
provided by enamels which are applied in up to 30 layers to
avoid a short-circuit of the windings. Moreover, these wire
enamels have to fulfil additional requirements they must
present a high chemical and thermal resistance, a proper
adhesion to copper as well as an outstanding mechanical
stability. When used in converter-driven electric motors, the
insulation layer has to resist possible partial discharges in
order to avoid a short-circuit and thus a motor failure.

DuPont Voltatex Wire enamels


DuPont Voltatex :
A wire enamel system for all applications

For more than 60 years DuPont have been an international

leader in developing modern insulation materials like wire
enamels, impregnating varnishes and core sheet varnishes.
Since the invention of the first oil-free synthetic wire enamel
in 1942, DuPont have set an unparalleled quality standard
with the brand name Voltatex . And it is the close cooperation with specialists in the international magnet wire
industry which allows DuPont to constantly contribute to
the development of new technologies and manufacturing
processes and adapt the product portfolio to the increasing
market requirements.

In this context, individual wire enamel solutions have been

created for particular motor applications in order to improve
and optimize the specific operational performance. Thus the
product range has steadily been expanded to the extent that
to date the wire enamel system of DuPont Voltatex
comprises nine different high-grade segments.

Voltrons integrated nanotechnologie is high-voltage resistant

DuPont Voltatex Range of Wire Enamels


DuPont Responsible Care


DuPont are known for their high standard not only

regarding innovation and quality for their products, but
also concerning responsibility for staff and environment.
Through permanent investment in production-integrated
environmental protection concepts over the past years,
DuPont have succeeded in reducing waste and emissions
while at the same time considerably increasing the
production output.

As early as 1991 DuPont were granted the worldwide

recognized environmental standard DIN ISO 14001
DuPont is the worlds only manufacturer of electrical insulation materials with product lines of papers, films, plastics and liquids

Heat-resistant Polyester wire enamels suitable for

a wide range of applications.

Polyurethane wire enamels allow the production of

directly solderable insulated wires, with short
soldering times at 320 C.

Highly heat-resistant THEIC Polyester wire enamels

especially suitable for round wires.

Highly heat-resistant THEIC Polyesterimide wire

enamels with very good mechanical, electrical,
chemical and thermal characteristics.

Self-bonding wire enamels based on polyvinyl

butyral or polyamide for the production of magnet
wire used in self-supporting wire windings.

AI-Overcoat wire enamels for dual coating

(Basecoat: THEIC Polyester or THEIC Polyesterimide)
give excellent mechanical properties and chemical

Polyvinylformal wire enamels suitable for heavy

round and rectangular conductors with high
mechanical stability, excellent adherence to copper
and resistance to transformer oil.

Voltron wire enamels developed for use in inverter

driven motors offer superior long-term resistance to

Heat resistant Polyesterimide wire enamels for the

production of magnet wires tinnable at 470 C.

The repeated re-certification reflects the official acknowledgment by independent experts of the DuPont imple
mented strategy of sustainable environmental management.
Furthermore health and safety are the other two important
pillars of the companys core values.

The original idea comes from nature and we have taken it to perfection.
In former times natural resins used to serve as basic components in the
wire enamel production. Nowadays DuPont refrain from using this
natural substance and manufacture the DuPont Voltatex wire enamels
through complex chemical processes, which represents another
example of the preservation of natural resources.

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knowledge and experience becomes available. The data provided fall within
the normal range of product properties and relate only to the specific material
designated; these data may not be valid for such material used in combination
with any other materials or additives or in any process, unless expressly indicated
otherwise. The data provided should not be used to establish specification limits
or used alone as the basis of design; they are not intended to substitute for any
testing you may need to conduct to determine for yourself the suitability of a
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