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1476, Park-View Apartments,

Sec-29, NOIDA, (U.P.) 201301 0120-

Marketing / Advertising / Public Relations / Event Planning/Retail Management
High Impact Presentations / Team building & Leadership / Brand Awareness Implementation / Strategic
Partnership Alliances / Budget Preparation & Management / Client Need Fulfilment / Integrated Sales and
Marketing plans / Product Line Development / Executive/C-Level Relationships

Inventive professional with know-how in all the traits of efficacious marketing, advertising, public
relations, event planning & management with distinction in retail management. Outrival in managing
compound projects contemporaneously with strong facet, problem solving and follow through know-hows.
Revealed ability to manage and provoke cohesive teams that realise results. Cradle purveyors, negotiate
contracts and manage budgets. Splendid written communications, interpersonal and administrative skills.
First class client relations and teaming skills. Dexterous in MS Office, obtainable for travel and moving.

* Imaginative Market Planning & Execution * High Contour Event Planning & Management

* Budget Management & Cost Controls * Editorial Functions & Media Placement

* Market Research & competitive Analysis * Public Relations & Agency Management

* Team Guidance & Management * Advertising & Promotional Writing

 Efficacious in emerging and accomplishing strategic plans, set administrating budgets, and
managing projects from inception to successful completion.

 Industrialised interpersonal skills, having dealt with diversity of professionals including

senior management, purveyors, sells teams, P.R. agencies and non-profit organizations.

 Exceptionally well organized, with a track record that determines self motivation, creativity
and initiative to realise both personal and co- operative goals.

 Able to inaugurate a team-spirited environment through a positive and pro active leadership

 Apply innovative marketing and advertising strategies to increase customer acquisitions,

penetration and revenue.

 Black and white or prepared numerous in-house documents including contracts, proposals,
marketing plans, advertisements, press release and executive correspondence.

 Control over enterprise image across all marketing collateral in print formats.
 Cultivate and implemented business strategies that increase product consciousness, market
share and company lucrativeness.

World’s largest read daily & India’s no.1 news paper.


Artefact marketing, marketing communications, direct public relations, promotional events, advertising,
sales team support, recruitments, training and development program.

 Very successfully designed & accomplished “India’s first” and only kind of revenue booster
program for any publication house called “RETAIL GURUS (NRS)”, for organization as well as
local retailers of many major cities of Uttar Pradesh i.e. Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Allahabad,
Gorakhpur and so on.

 Over realized a bull's eye of 1.5 cr. As 3.00 cr. In just 4day (history created), so that
organization’s revenue bounced to 200%.

Ripen and presented commercial reports in meetings. Skilful a million rupee budget.

Instigated development and delivery of specialised sales kit for sales & marketing team.

Forefront special events apprehended a plan to establish in house ad agency. Updated company
acquaintances and reports. Accomplished press coverage and special promotional activities.


An arm of Mahindra & Mahindra group and India’s leading premium lifetime holiday provider.

Sr. Holiday consultant (December 2008-June 2009)

HNI client handling, Corporate tie up’s & P.R. activities.

Luxury lifetime holiday membership selling. Profile-raising activity for artefact awareness, premeditated
tie-up’s with hotels, restaurants, lifestyle stores.

North India’s furthermost recited, & first offset printed, Daily Hindi afternooner

Marketing &Sales Promotion Officer (June2006-July 2007)

Artefact marketing, P.R. activities, strategic tie up’s, event management & sponsorships, team building,
team motivation, sales team support.

Accomplished press release, conceived plans to establish brand as a first preference in consumer’s mind.
Time-honoured best employee certificate for workplace & time management

Time-honoured fresh idea development award & certificate.

*21ST Universal Entertainment
Events, Advertising & Marketing

Event Coordinator {12th & 13th May 2008}

Run for Road Safety Awareness Event, Baroda, Gujarat

 Coordinated Entire event, pre and post event management, negotiation, event crew support &
coordination, operations Management.

*Kaiser Events & Promotions Ltd.

Organization own run & managed by young and energetic brain of Baroda city

Event Coordinator {9th September- 10th October}

No Pain Day (Amrutanjan)

 Coordinated entire event, pre and post event management, negotiation, event crew support &
coordination, operations Management.

Notable Achievements
 Attended workshop on Media Planning and Buying.

 Time-honoured certificate of appreciation in Dainik Jagran for the excellent planning,

execution & coordination of the Retail Gurus Event in Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, and

 Time-honoured certificate of appreciation in Dainik Jagran for the support in achieving target
of 20 million in just four days in Lucknow through Retail Gurus (NRS) programme.

 Time-honoured certificate of appreciation in Dainik for the outstanding support in achieving

target of 20 million in just four days in Kanpur through Retail Gurus (NRS) programme.

 Time-honoured certificate for unique idea development of the Retail Gurus event for the local
retail advertising market development.

 Time-honoured certificate of most disciplined employee in Club Mahindra Holidays.

 Joined National Seminar (sponsored by University Grants Commission) on Problems and

Prospects of Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) in INDO-PAK Relationship.
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Rizvi Academy of Management, Mumbai,
Securing first class.

Graduated in B.A. From Hindu Degree College, Moradabad affiliated to the M.J.P. Ruhilkhand
University, Bareilly securing first class & Department of defence studies Topper.

Available on demand.

Date of Birth : 5th July 1984.

Address : Nimesh Gaur S/o Shri. RajaRam Sharma,

Manager, Prathama Bank, 260, Suraj Nagar,

Peetal Nagri, Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) 244001.

Local Address : 1476, Park View Apartments, Sector-29, NOIDA, (U.P)


Contact Details : +91-9650377231


Email Id : nimeshgaur84@gmail.com , mail2nimesh@ymail.com


I, Nimesh Gaur hereby declare that the provided information is full and true to my knowledge.

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