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Question 3: What have you learned from your

audience feedback?

Profile of my target audience

Age: 16-19 year olds, due to the characters being of the same age as the
Gender: Both, as it shows both a male and female character through out,
however, you could suggest the previous love aspect is usually enjoyed more by
females, therefore our production is aimed slight more at a female audience.
Ethnicity: White British as both characters are of that ethnic origin.
Sexuality: Heterosexual as you can infer that the two characters have previously
had a relationship making them heterosexual.
Media Interests: Enjoy texts with a strong narrative, with an illustrative story told
through out. Not only that but they are likely to enjoy texts involving romance,
especially females, and also enjoy texts where the narrative is unclear, indicating
mystery. Similar to physiological films and TV series.

Reception Theory

Stuart Hall stressed the role of social positioning in the interpretation of

mass media texts by different social groups.
Some audiences may decode our production in different ways, due to our
mysterious narrative. Some may interpret that the male has killed her, but
others may think that she is haunting him.

Uses and Gratification Theory

It assumes that members of the audience are not passive but take an
active role in interpreting and integrating media into their own lives.
Our video could be interpreted by someone who has been in a situation of
betrayal, or bereavement. Meaning that the audience can relate to the
video in a very strong way through previous experiences, relating to the
theory of collective identity.

Music Video

I managed to get 10 sheets of feedback, 6 males and 4 females.

The first 4 questions which were on a scale from 1-5:

1. How much did you enjoy the music video?
Male- 4.3 Female- 4
2. Did it hold your attention?
Male- 4.6 Female- 4.25
3. How do you rate the camerawork and editing?
Male- 4.3 Female- 4
4. How do you rate the standard of mise-en-scene?
Male- 4.3 Female- 4

Above are the average scores from both genders, all of which were 17 and 18 year olds, which is our
target audience. The feedback shows that males enjoyed our video more than females, although we
have to consider that we did get feedback from two more males, meaning that they can't be entirely
fairly compared. However, we didn't receive anything below a 4, suggesting that our production was
very appealing to both genders.

Music Video

The questions then began to become more critical

and more qualitative, meaning it would be harder to
measure the success of the feedback.

Most people thought the video was of the correct

length, however two females said it was too short.
Which I then took action on, by increasing the length
of my music video by about 20 seconds.
Another comment which was made was of the
diegetic sound being too loud and overpowering.
Which then mean't that I had to sort that problem
and I did, leaving the diegetic sound at a lower
Everybody said that they would watch the music
video again which was very positive, not only that
but no one found it offensive in any way.
A few people also commented on the confusing
narrative, which I didn't want to change, as the
purpose of my narrative is mystery, which has been
done successfully from the feedback received.

Music Video

The last part of my questionnaire feedback was an overall rating between 1 and 5. My average score
for males was 4.5. Where as my average score for females was 4. Suggesting that there is something
about our production which is particularly enjoyable for the male audience.
Also, towards the end of the questionnaire you are asked what is the best part of the production. Most
people said it was the use of overlays and fades to blend in and out of shots. A few people also liked
the use of the diegetic sound before the music actually started playing, which suggests Reception
Theory, as I earlier mentioned someone thinking it was too loud, where as this person thought it was
good. Showing that everyone interprets things very differently.

Print Productions

For my print production feedback, I got 4 male and 2 female feedback forms.

The first 5 questions:

1. Does the package successfully reflect the genre of the music? Male- 4 Female- 4
2. Does the package successfully promote the band/artist? Male- 3.25 Female- 5
3. How do you rate the standard of graphics, text finish of digipak? Male- 4 Female- 4
4. How do you rate the standards of graphics, print finish of advert? Male- 3 Female- 4.5
5. How successfully is the Britishness of the package esablished? Male- 3.75 Female- 3

Above are the average scores of the feedback received from each gender. Which suggests that both
genders enjoyed the production as there is a mixture of things that one gender liked compared to the
other. This shows how you can widen the audience appeal, as originally we were only expecting for
females to really enjoy the music video and print productions, but its turned out that males also
thoroughly enjoy it.

Print Productions

3 of the 6 questionnaires said that they would buy the digipak due to the panels, and the other 3 were
undecided. This was also the same for the advert encouraging you to go to an event by the artist.
I wasn't disappointed with the feedback I received as people decode things in different ways, meaning
that sometimes they may interpret a text in a different way to what the encoder thought of it as
(Reception Theory). I think this proves the theory as the people who would buy it gave very high
scores for the initial 5 questions. Suggesting that a contrast in answers signifies the differences in how
we decode information.
No one found the print productions offensive which was very good as we didn't want to interpret the
female character in a very voyeuristic way at all. We only show it slightly through the distinctive lipstick.
Many people noticed the promotion of the artist for my strengths of ancillary texts, especially through
the use of fonts and a plain white font. Someone also liked the crispness of the images, which I
thought was very beneficial as it suggests that my images are of a very good quality.
Overall, my ancillary texts were given an average of 3.5 for males, and 4 for females. Suggesting that
both genders like the ancillary texts, but overall females enjoyed my print productions and music video
more than males. Which is why they are the main gender for my target audience.