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Form A Test

Unit 8


1. Vocabulary
A Describe the weather and temperatures. Write the words.






B Write the languages for these countries.

12 (2 points each)

1. Italy
2. Greece
3. Russia
4. Portugal
5. Spain

10 (2 points each)

C Write the numbers in words.

Example: 107

one hundred and seven

1. 324
2. 8,967
3. 11,452
4. 531,000
8 (2 points each)
Subtotal: ___ out of 30
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Connect 2 Unit 8 1

Form A Test

2. Language focus
A Write questions and answers about the weather.
1. Q: (Seattle / October)

A: (cool / rainy)

2. Q: (Moscow / today)

A: (cold / snowy)

3. Q: (Beijing / July)

A: (hot / sunny)
6 (1 point each)

B Write questions with the words and can. Complete the answers.
Nick (what / you / do / in the park)
Guide A lot of things. (visit)

the hot springs.

Nick (you / swim / in the hot springs)

Guide No,

. Theyre too hot.

Nick (you / hike / in the forest)

Guide Yes,

. Lots of visitors go hiking on our trails every day.

Nick (what / you / see / on the trails)

Guide (see)

a lot of animals even bears!

8 (1 point each)

C Write questions for the answers. Use Who + verb or What + noun.
1. Q: (language / speak)

A: They speak German.

2. Q: (play / guitar)

A: I do.

3. Q: (pets / have)

A: She has a cat and a dog.

4. Q: (play / tennis)

A: Josh does.

5. Q: (subject / like)

A: He likes English.

6. Q: (live / in Mexico)

A: My grandparents do.

7. Q: (free-time activities / like)

A: I like to take photos


8. Q: (get / good grades)

A: My brother does.
16 (2 points each)
Subtotal: ___ out of 30

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Connect 2 Unit 8 2

Form A Test

3. Reading
A Read Andreas postcard to a friend.

Hi Lucy,
Im on vacation with my family. We usually go to Mexico, but
this year were in Hawaii. This place is really beautiful. Its rainy
today, but usually its warm and sunny.
Our hotel is right on the beach. You can swim in the ocean.
You can play tennis. You can go horseback riding. And you can go
hiking in the rain forest. The rain forest is in the mounta ins
near the hotel. You can see a lot of amazing animals in the rain
forest birds and snakes, but no bears! I dont play tennis, but
Im doing everything else. Its great, but I feel sad right now
tomorrow is our last day.
Love, Andrea

B Circle the correct words to complete the sentences.

1. Andrea and her family are in (Mexico / Hawaii).
2. The weather there is usually (rainy / sunny).
3. The hotel is (on the beach / in the mountains).
4. Andrea doesnt (swim / play tennis).
5. Andrea feels (happy / sad) today.

20 (4 points each)

4. Writing
A Imagine you are on vacation with your family at a nice place.
Answer the questions.

Where are you?

Whats the weather like?
What activities can you do there?





What are you doing?

B Write a postcard to a friend. Use the information in Part A.


Im on vacation with my family in
Subtotal: ___ out of 40
Test Total: ___ out of 100

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Connect 2 Unit 8 3

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