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Master of Ceremonies Script

San Agustin National High School
Graduate Commencement Ceremony
March 26, 2015
08:30 a.m.
[Announcement that Ceremony is About to Begin]
The San Agustin National High School Commencement Exercises are about to begin. We expect the
Commencement Exercises to last approximately 2 hours so before we begin this ceremony, let me remind you to
turn your cell phones to silent mode and be courteous around you by refraining from talking aloud. During the
presentation of graduates, we encourage you to express your pride by applauding and cheering.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Graduation day is always a day of rejoicing for it marks the conclusion of an
educational journey and the commencement of another more uncertain and more difficult part of mans quest for
a better life and future. Truly, today signifies the culmination of many years of hard work in the relentless pursuit
of knowledge: knowledge that will enable a person to embrace opportunities and take on challenges with clear
vision and purpose. Friends, welcome to the 18th Commencement Exercises of San Agustin National High School.
With so much cheer, let us laud the graduands as they march towards the venue.
[Colors Enter]
Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the entrance of colors.
[Graduands and Parents Enter]
At this time, let us welcome the Candidates for Graduation for School Year 2014-15. This batch is composed of 4
sections, namely: Section Beryl headed Mrs. Rosemari Satumcacal, Section Gold headed by Mrs. Rowena
Tahanlangit, Section Sapphire headed by Mrs. Alejandra Marzon, and Section Zircon headed by Mrs. Anna Liza
[Faculty and Guest Enter]
Let us also welcome the San Agustin National High School faculty, alongside our guests for today. We have
(acknowledge the faculty and guests names).
[Call to Order, Invocation, Lupang Hinirang/Awit Sa Bohol]
The 18th Commencement Exercises of San Agustin National High School is now in order. May I request everyone
to please all rise for the Invocation to be given by Mrs. Alicia P. Reyes Teacher I which will then be followed by
the Lupang Hinirang and Awit sa Bohol to be conducted by Mrs. Peregrita Datahan Teacher III.
Members of the graduating class, honored guests, PTA Board of Directors, faculty, staff, students, family, alumni
and friends my name is Fernando Enad, the Master of Ceremonies for the 18 th Commencement Exercises. First
and foremost, thank you to the members of the Commencement Committee who spent many long hours planning
this day and to the many others that have helped to organize and plan this commencement exercises. Thank you
maams and sirs! Lastly, to the upcoming and on-going SBO members, your efforts are well appreciated.
[Words of Welcome]
Its always a pleasure to have family and friends of SANHS students visiting our campus. Welcoming you here for
todays event is especially meaningful as we honor our graduates and celebrate their achievements. To formally
welcome us all, may I call on the Barangay Captain of Barangay San Agustin, let us put our hands together for
Hon. Anna Victoria Requierme. Ending: Thank you Cap, for that heart-warming welcome speech.
[Presentation and Confirmation of Candidates]

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Commencement also provides an opportunity to recognize San Agustin National High Schools outstanding faculty
and staff who are dedicated to providing the highest quality education and to making a positive difference in the
lives of our students. May I request the members of the faculty and staff to please rise. [Pause] Ladies and
Gentlemen, please join me in saluting our faculty with a round of applause.
Despite the calamities that hit us, completing the required 201 school days was never a blockade for the 191
students to pursue in completing the Year IV Level requirements. And now, here they are, with smiles on their
faces, very excited to get their diplomas. So without further-a-do, may I call on Mrs. Marina M. Ejoc, the School
Principal to present the candidates for graduation to Dr. Vitaliano A. Luga, the Division Legal Consultant who is
representing our Schools Division Superintendent.
[Giving of Diplomas]
How about another round of applause to your new graduates, the Batch 2015 of San Agustin National High
Dear graduates the moment you have been waiting for has finally come. The fruit of hard work and discipline will
finally be reaped. You will now be receiving your prized diploma, a symbol of accomplishment.
May I request Mrs. Rosemarie Satumcacal, Mrs. Rowena Tahanlangit, Mrs. Alejandra Marzon and Mrs. Anna Liza
Gines to assist Dr. Luga in handing out the diplomas to our graduates. At this point, may I request our honored
guests Hon. Ricardo Suarez, Hon. Anna Victoria Requierme, Mrs. Elvira Ranes, and Mrs. Marina Ejoc to join Dr.
Luga in congratulating our graduates. May I also request the members of the faculty to line up before stage ramp
to personally congratulate the graduates after theyve received their respective diplomas.
[Reading of the Roll Call]
And to start with. [see list]
[Graduation Message from SDS]
To deliver the message from our Schools Division Superintendents to our new graduates, may I call on again our
Division Legal Consultant. Ladies and gentlemen, join me in re-welcoming Dr. Vitaliano A. Luga. Let us all give him
a reverberating round of applause. Ending: Thank you sir, that was indeed moving and inspirational! May I
request you though to stay put as we will proceed with handing out the certificate of appreciation for your time
and service dedicated to the District of Sagbayan, and for that may I call on Mrs. Marina M. Ejoc Principal I to
award the said certificate.
[Keynote Address]
The best way to boast the institutions pride of how it has molded its students, is no other than hearing it from the
direct product of this learning institution. To tell us more about our keynote speaker for today, may I call on Ms.
Marie Stefanie C. Hora Teacher I.
[Giving of the Keynote Certificate]
Thank you Ms. Logaos for that meaningful and insightful speech and for that, may I request you to be on the
center stage to receive the Certificate of Appreciation to be handed out by Mrs. Marina M. Ejoc Principal I.
It is said that the quality of a persons life is in direct proportion to his or her commitment to excellence regardless
of the chosen field of endeavor. Ladies and gentlemen, let us recognize those students ordinary things
extraordinary well.
And to start with. [see list]
Congratulations once again to the honor graduates and special awardees. I bet your parents are indeed so proud
of your achievements. No doubt of that, Im sure!

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[Valedictory Address]
To express the sentiment of batch 2015, may I call on the academic excellence awardee, the Class Valedictorian
herself, Ms. Rosemarie Barinan. Ending: Thank you Rose, that was very moving! And once again Congratulations!
[Pledge of Loyalty]
To lead the class in their pledge of loyalty, may I call on Ms. Nina Jane Vedra, the batchs First Honorable Mention.
[Induction to the Alumni Association]
Graduation also marks the graduates enlistment to the San Agustin National High Schools Alumni Association, to
officiate the formal induction of Batch 2015s inclusion to the Alumni Association, may I call on an alumnus
himself, Mr. Ian Bhel B. Tero Teacher I. Ending: Without a doubt, you must have been so proud to be working for
your Alma Mater, thank you sir Ian.
[Graduation Song]
Music is the expression of the soul. It moves emotions and feels with the movement of time. Through a song that
emphasizes that the strength amidst challenges, let us hear the graduates sing DEFYING GRAVITY with
Graduate Charleza Niones conducting.
[Tribute to Parents]
That was an awesome delivery of lines and melody and I hope our guests think the same. At this point, our new
graduates will guide their respective parents or guardians to the seats reserved for them.
The batch 2015 graduates would have not reached this far, if not because of the people beside them. At this
point, the graduates would wish to take this opportunity to thank you parents/guardians one way or another for
your unending support. Ladies and gentlemen, let us hear our graduates sing IN THIS MOMENT.
[Governors Speech]
To give our graduates a rousing congratulatory message, may we have one of our nations finest leaders, the man
behind the dramatic growth of Bohol, ladies and gentlemen let us put our hands together for our dear governor,
Hon. Edgar M. Chatto. Ending: Thank you gov, that was truly inspiring.
[Congressmans Speech]
Let us hear another message from one of our nations finest legislators, the man behind the dramatic growth of
the 2nd District of Bohol, ladies and gentlemen with a resounding applause let us give it up for our dear
congressman, Hon. Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado. Ending: Thank you congressman, that was truly moving.
And now,
growth of
Ricardo L.

let us hear another message from our dear father of the municipality, the man behind the dramatic
Sagbayan, ladies and gentlemen let us put our hands together for our active and your mayor, Hon.
Suarez. Ending: Thank you mayor, that was truly inspiring.

[Closing Remarks]
To formally close todays event, may I call on the PTA President for School Year 2014-15, she is no other than Mrs.
Elvira P. Raneses. Ending: What a way to close the ceremony! Thank you Mrs. Raneses!
Special Announcement.
The closing hour has finally arrived. Tomorrow, new challenges and opportunities await our graduates that will
further test their mettle as improving individuals. As they continue with their journey, may they look back to this
stage in their life with fondness and pride. Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the 17 th Commencement

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Exercises of San Agustin National High School. This has been Fernando Enad, thank you for coming.
Congratulations graduates!