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-3- The unitofthe universal gravitational constant, G,could be written as (A). wkgs? (B) so mkg's? © m?s? D) | kg ms? An object of mass, m, travelling initially ata velocity, u, is acted upon bya force, F, fora period, t, until itis travelling with a velocity, v. ‘Which of he following equations can be used to determine the impulse of the force? I, | Impulse=Ft TL. | Impulse=mv-mu im, Impulse= 2" i (A) | Tonly (B) | Tonly (©) | Land Tonly (D) | Tand HTonly Teo as collide and stick together. Which of the following is true? [ {Momentum | Kinetic Energy IA) _| Conserved Conserved | @)_| Conserved ‘Not conserved (©) _| Not conserved Conserved fp) | Notconserved Not conserved A bob isattached toa string and whirled ina vertical circle ata rate of 2 rad s?. The mass of the bob is 0:5 kg and the distance from the top of the circle to the bottom is 4m. What isthe MAXIMUM tension in the string? A 40N ®) 49N ©. 39N ©): 89N Item 5 refers to the following diagram. “Bb A car of mass, m, shuts off its engine at the top of abill and ‘coasts’ downhill as shown inthe diagram. Iffrictional force opposing the motion is F, the acceleration of the car is givenby (a) Fim (B) F/m-gsin® (©) gcos@-F @) gsin@-F/m ‘Whats the gravitational field strength ofa planet whose mass is one-third that of the Earth's and whose radius is one-half that of the Earth (the gravitational field strength of Earths g)? 9 A 7b 3 ® 7 4 o 38 16 © 8 ‘A car with mass, m, moves round a circular road ofradius, r, ata constant speed, v. Which ‘of the following statements is/are true? I Its velocity changes and the magnitude of the acceleration is r I, There isno resultant force on the car i since its speed is constant hm. The resultant force on the car is | outwards from the centre and i mv’ | equals | F {The force on the caris towards the centre in ia Tonly (B) — Tonly KC) Monly }©) [andlonly | {fn determining the density ofacnbea student lrecords the following measurements: Length ofside, 7=3.0:0.1em |Mass offcube, m= 12.5£0.5 g i m |The studlent then uses the equation 2 = 75 |to determine the density of the cube. The i percentige error in the calculated value of p js ot @ | 06% jm 7% 1 114% {2 140% | For an object undergoing projectile motion | which df the following BEST describes the vertical and horizontal components of velocity? Horizontal | Vertical ve Vy (A) [Constant | Constant (B) [Constant | Changes (©) [ehanges | Constant (p) [Changes _[ Changes WL 12, 13. An object 1s floating in a fluid. Which statement ig NOT true? (A) Theresultant force on the objectis zer0. (B) The weightof the object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced. (©) The upthrustis equal to the weight ofthe fluid displaced. (D) The upthrust is greater than the weight of the object. Which of the statements below BEST describes the motion of a geostationary satellite? (A) Itmoves with the same velocity as the earth, (B)_. Itsgeographical location changes as the earth rotates. (©) Bsaccelerationis zero. (D) Its angular velocity is equal to that of the earth. ‘The diagram below shows a plan view of door which is opened slightly by an angle of 15°, Awind blowing inan eastward direction hits the door with a force of 40 N. What is the torque caused by this force? (A) 78Nm ®) 29Nm © 58Nm ©) 60Nm Ifpis the momentum of an object of mass, then the expression “has the same unit as (A) acceleration B) ‘force (© | energy @) impulse 14, 16, A) For a parachutist falling at terminal velocity (A) | the resultant force is acting downwards (B) . theacceleration of the parachutistis 9.8ms? (©) | the gravitational potential energy is being converted to heat energy in surrounding air (@) | the drag force on the parachutist is Jess than his weight A student of weight 500 N is planning a try upto the peak of Blue Mountain. From he starting point, this will involve an increase i altitude of 1800 m. She buys “high calorie energy bars which contain 1000 kJ ofenergy Assuming her body to be 10% efficient, hov many bars will she need to eat for the necessary gain in altitude? (A) 1 @) ° OQ 9 @) 900 | Apehdulumis held at its highest point and then released. A suitable graph to show one cycle ‘of this ; motion could be i | ‘The displacement of 2 particle undergoing simple harmonic motionis given by x=Bsin 0.421 ‘The frequency of oscillation of the particle is (A: 0.2H2 (B)) 04Hz (SH ©) 8H @ ‘Velocity Velocity Time Time @) ‘Velocity Velocity : Time Time ‘The phenomenon of damping is NOT useful in (A) acarsuspension (B) apendulum clock (©) the foundation ofa building (D) _ thestructure of a suspension bridge 19. 20. Whatis the pifise difference between the two points labelled A and B on the graph below? a (A)

0,> room temperature) "The therinal conductivity of A is greater than that of B and the rod is in steady state |Which of the following graphs represents the variation of temperature (9) with loa? | | } ® { \ ac 8, Hot ST FESTSTSFY cota end A B end & % <— lem a = —_— 2 © > went em ei @) i t % 4 1 ® 1 ite ' Nowe \ ot ied ee 6,4 —!—\++ — \ r ANI | Vee 12 xem i em 0 39. Which of the following methods of heat Item 42 refers to the following diagram transfer occurs as a consequence of a change of density of a substance? (A) Conduction (B) Convection (© Radiation (D) Evaporation 42, The material shown has length, / and cross-sectional area A. When a force, F, 40. ‘The temperature inside a furnace is 627°C. is applied to the material it causes an At the centre of the furnace is a cube of extension, e, in the material. Which of the sides 0.5 m with temperature 27°C. What following expressions can be used to is the rate of heat transfer between the determine the Young modulus of the fumace and the cube? material? ‘The Stefan Boltzmann constant, 6, is Fl 8 wm? K* a 5.67 x 10* Wim? K A fe FA (@) 11kW ® a @®) 1BkW Ae © 4 © sskw Oa () = 1okw et Om Item 41 refers to the following diagram. asmosntire 43. Helium gas is kept in a container at a pressure of 1.7 x 10° Pa. If the density of helium is 0.92 kg m®, calculate the root, mean square speed of the helium atoms. (A) 248ms? (B) 330ms" 41. Water of depth 10 m exerts a pressure (C) 430m S| equal to atmospheric pressure. An air () 745 ms bubble rises to the surface of a lake which is 20 m deep. When the bubble reaches the surface its volume is 6 em’, What was the volume of the bubble at the bottom of the lake? (A) 2em? (B) 3m’ (©) 12em' () 18cm’ 44: Two identical springs are hung side by side Item 45 refers to the following diagram. (inparallel) and they are connected to a load Of7.5N. They each experience an extension of2.5 cm. Whatis the force constant of one Ba) ofthe springs? 60| | 30| i tp : elmm | 45. The figure above shows the force-extension (a) graph ofa wire. How much work is done in iB) stretching the wire from an extension of 1 mm © to2mm? i) i (A) 00157 hy ®) 0.0305 | (© 0.0455 [hot ©) 0.0605 IF NOU FINISH BEFORE TIME IS CALLED, CHECK YOUR WORK ON THIS TEST.