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Digipaks and Final Digipak

Michelle Richards

Before designing the digipaks, I had already done a rough sketch of how I
wanted the digipaks to be. This is evident on The development of the
digipaks. The rst dra$ digipaks didnt consist of the layout on the
development of the digipaks because at this Eme I didnt really have an idea
of how I wanted our digipak to be.

Dra$ Digipak 1

This is was our rst dra$ digipak of our digipak. It sEll needed to be improved on a lot. The colours I've
used are very dull but simple as I want to sEck to the codes and convenEons of the singer-songwriter
genre. For the nal ediEng I wanted to challenge this by adding a dierent colour theme such as
something that's brighter to add a dierent vibe to this digipak. These shots were professionally taken
from our shooEng and I used them as they stood out really well adding all the elegant features of the
locaEon and the arEsts costume and make-up.

Dra$ Digipak 2

We had to get a new arEst which is evident in the name. Our new arEst was Melina Nadmar, therefore I
made sure that I added our new arEsts name which is evident on this digipak. This digipak sEll had images
from the rst dra$ digipak. The only thing new is the front cover and the colours dark blue and white for
the font. I decided to change the whole style of our digipak, therefore I changed the whole look and colour
scheme of it.

Dra$ Digipak 3

This digipak consisted of pictures from the photoshoot, me and my group did for the new style of the
digipak. All the pictures in this digipak were picked by everyone in the group, as I wanted everyone to
agree. Therefore I just put them into places where I thought would be suitable. The owers on the CD
cover were starEng to emerge and I had great ideas for the next steps in developing our digipak. The
colour theme was also coming to life as I was now choosing colours that I felt linked in well.

Dra$ Digipak 4

As you can see, this digipak was sEll improving as I had a new layout and used the convenEons of
digipaks. I only started to add the Etles of songs included in the album, I included the barcode and the
copyrights act. By using these, I felt like our digipak was coming in place. I sEll needed to x the CD cover,
to make it a circle and adjust to it. I also wanted the inside of the circle to consist of the ower petals and
the turquoise blue to be the background of the CD cover.

Dra$ Digipak 5

This is the $h dra$ of our digipak. As you can see the font colour is dierent and even the font size is too.
Ive also used dierent fonts from my digipak inuences such as Rainbow for the arEsts name and names
of songs. The font was also used on Lana Del Reys digipak. The font Gabriola was also used for the Etling
of other things evident on this digipak. I wanted the digipak to have a dierent look from the other dra$
digipaks, therefore I included the photo of the two sings and the trees as its simple but yet coming out
really professional for this $h dra$ digipak.

Final Dra$ Digipak 1

This is the rst dra$ of our nal digipak. I've sEll used the template here but for the nal digipak I
wont use the template. The main colours in this digipak are white and turquoise blue.

Final Digipak Dra$ 2

This is the nal dra$ digipak 2 without the template. There were a few gaps in between the panels
which I knew I had to improve, in order to make our nal digipak look much more professional.

Final Digipak

This is our nal digipak design for the Album 'All of The Troubles'. I used the colours Turquoise blue and white mainly as
I wanted the digipak to be dierent to what other singer-songwriter digipaks. I used bright colours such as blue and
white to add a sense of posiEvity and warmness instead of using the typical colours black and white. We did challenge
the convenEons of singer-songwriter digipaks as we used bright and bold colours to stand out for our marketers. Our
front cover is also something dierent as many singer-songwriter digipaks don't really include owers or bright colours.
Our main inuences for our digipak were Adele, Emeli Sande, Beyonc, Sam Smith and Lana Del Ray. This digipak links in
with our music video as the swings and trees are evident in the music video. We see that the two girls o$en hang out in
the park for the ashbacks in our music video. The park symbolizes their friendship as that's the place they were always