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Other information

Gannett Contacts

Front-line development/troubleshooting

File a ticket (gtv-support@gannett.com), Diana Melton

(dmelton@gannett.com) 314-444-5154 , Jeff Webb (jwebb@gannett.com) 703- Diana is the first contact on most issues beyond filing a support ticket. Jeff oversees that
team and is the contact for equipment or other broader issues.

GMTI (adding users, Presto down, late night/weekend issues,

Presto training)

E-mail requests to solutions@gmti.com, Training contact is Robert Atchison

(ratchison@gmti.gannett.com) 757-624-2693

GMTI is based in Chesapeake and can do on-site training. Martin has considerable
experience working with the GMTI team.

Director of Digital Content

VP/Strategic Initiatives

Frank Mungeam (fmungeam@gannett.com) 703-854-6766

Tom Somers (tsomers@gannett.com) (703) 854-6752

Frank is the former Digital Director of KGW/Portland and is very familiar with Belo to
Gannett transition issues and challenges. Best person at coporate to "find answers" to
what you are trying to learn.
Tom is your go-to on high level partnerships, new products, etc.

Portfolio Management Director

David Feingold (dfeingold@gannett.com) (703) 854-6256

David oversees the Gannett Broadcast digital portfolio of websites and apps. Very focused
on user experience and working with stations.


Taresh Mullick (tmullick@gannett.com) (703) 854-7105

Taresh is your numbers guru, particularly on working with Omniture. His team also looks at
social and mobile analytics.

Partnership Manager/Digital

Janee' Butterfield (jbutterfie@gannett.com) (703) 854-5690

Janee handles management of our various analytics, including Chartbeat and Omniture.
Also handles corporately negotiated vendors like Hootsuite.

Presto Development

Royce Martin (romartin@gannett.com) (480) 229-0569

Royce is the director of product management for Gannett Digital (he is not a broadcast
division employee). He oversees the Presto development team.

USA Today/National News Desk

Dennis Lyons (dlyons@usatoday.com) (703) 854-4580

Linda Dono (ldono@usatoday.com) (703) 854-5895
John Kelly (jkelly@usatoday.com) (321) 242-3660
Beryl Love (blove@usatoday.com) (703) 854-5948

Dennis is the managing editor of Gannett partnerships and oversees the National News
Desk. Linda is a projects editor and has worked extensively with WVEC on shared projects
including the McDonnell trial. John Kelly oversees many of the Gannett investigations and
handles quite a bit of data sharing. Beryl is the Executive Editor of the Global News Desk
for USA Today.

Key Gannett station digital leaders

Christine DiStadio/KHOU (cdistadio@khou.com)

Manny Fantis/WUSA9 (mfantis@wusa9.com)
Amy Lehtonen/WCNC (alehtonen@wcnc.com)
Devetta Blount/WFMY (dblount@wfmy.com)
Briggs/KING5 (mbriggs@king5.com)
Montano/KUSA (mmontano@kusa.com)
Tersiiky/KING5 (etersiiky@king5.com)

Delmarva Now/Eastern Shore News

Ted Shockley (tshockle@dmg.gannett.com) 757-787-1200

Benedict (lbenedic@gannett.com) (410) 845-4632
Dudek (tdudek@dmg.gannett.com) 410.749.7171

High School Sports

David Hunt (david.hunt@gannett.com) 303) 871-1486

Media Support (mediasupport@usatoday.com) 800-686-3471

David hunt is the director of local sports strategies for Gannett Broadcasting and oversees
the broadcast sites participating the USA Today HSS project. He is based in Denver. Media
Support is the tech support fo the USA Today HSS site. Kate Lee has been our primary
conduit to both.

Video Production Center

Chris Sweigart (csweigart@gannett.com) (404) 545-5141

VPC All (vpc@gannett.com)

Chris Sweigart is in charge of the Gannett Video Production Center in Atlanta. He is your
go to for concerns/issues. If you are trying to find out about breaking news, a piece of
video, or bring them up to speed on something happening here, just e-mail the VPC all
address and someone will respond.

Mobile Development

Gary Love (glove@gannett.com)

See Gannett Law Dept Directory (printed)


Jay Diem
Carol Vaughn

Christine is a great resource on planning for big events plus is the best resource for
Belo/Gannett transition issues, leading the "Winning Weather" task force. Manny, Amy,
and Devetta are your resources for working on various Virginia or North Carolina projects.
Mark is leading the "Video Innovation" task force and is another good person for
Belo/Gannett transition issues. Misty and Evonne are the social media gurus/leaders of the
Gannett stations. Misty is the best POC for Hootsutie-related training.
Ted is the editor of the Eastern Shore News and the contact for planning. Laura runs the
website for delmarvanow.com out of Salisbury. Todd is the photo/video editor for
delmarvanow.com out of Salisbury. Jay Diem is the photographer for the Eastern Shore and
in many cases, has become a de-facto photog for us. He shoots HD video and great
pictures. Carol is the primary reporter for the Eastern Shore News and covers most of the
big stories.

Gary is based in Seattle and is working on much of the mobile development for Gannett,
including transitioning Niche Apps to "Shoutem".

Vendor Contacts
Scribble Live (live blogging/chat/social aggregation tool)

Isadora Chang <isadora.chang@scribblelive.com> 416-364-8118 x 2046 Jon Isadora is our "Client Success Manager" for Scribble Live. She would coordinate training
Corrigan (jon.corrigan@scribblelive.com)
and answer questions. Jon is our sales rep.

Social News Desk

Ethan Pole (ethan@doapps.com)

Kim Wilson (kwilson@socialnewsdesk.com) 904-254-8874

Until we switch to the Gannett developed app, DoApp is our phone app vendor for the
News, Traffic, and Severe Weather apps.
Contesting, social apps, and maybe Social "On-Air".

Cody Bailey (cbailey@sharerocket.com) 972-755-9646

Pending a green light from Gannett corporate, Share Rocket is a great tool to monitor social
analytics. We did a demo of the product for Gannett and they are in the final stages of
deciding whether to roll it out as being available for stations. Doug and Naoma were
involved in the demo as well and understand the potential value of the product.

Share Rocket