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Name: Kemona Facey

Subject : Communication Studies

School: Dinthill Technical High School
General Topic: Human Trafficking
Theme: Human Trafficking among Females

Centre#: 100028

General ntroduction
This portfolio is focused on the theme "Human Trafficking among females". Where I will
equally expand on on how females are victimized in their country and how this affects the female
and their family.In accordance with the Dictionary.com, the term "Human Trafficking" is the
trade in humans commomly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labour or for the extraction
of organs and tissue, including surrogacy and ova removal.
The main purpose for selecting this topic is to subsequently infom my auidience on the
situations that lead to "human trafficking and to highlight individuls on the fact how it affcets
women. For number of years Jamaica has initiated its Anada Alert Program to fairly help with
this predominant concern. But some are still unsighted to what really caused the missing females.
So the researcher sought to choose this theme to enlighten the audience about this global crisis.
My personal interest is that I would like to see more strategies put in place to stop and
apprehend these men who commit these heinous acts. Knowledge gained from this research will
prepare me for a career in the field of a Social Worker as I may come in contact with traumatized
victims of human trafficking. My academic interest in this topic is to help with my CAPE
grade to allow myself to receive a good pass in my Communication Module Exam.

The theme proposed by the researcher is designed to sensitize the municipal in the
Caribbean who are unaware of this global crisis human trafficking, or who just find this theme of
interest. Also within this, it is the researcher's intention to address the problems such as human
trafficking, rape, brutality and abduction as reflects on the story piece of a young woman who
fell madly in love with a deceitful man that after a year abducted her for sexual slavery.
My motivation for inscripting this reflective piece, entailed in this portfolio comes from
my own fear of being abducted for such acts of abuse and ill-treatment. From a female
perspective I am strongly against the proposal of using my fellow female community for the use
of sexual slavery and surrogacy.
The poem will be ideally published in the Teen Observer, The Star, and on the popular
talk show, "Talk up Youths". The researcher trusts that all issues stated will be understood and be
an eye opener to such felonies. Human Trafficking should be recognized as the mounting
dilemma it is so that females can be fully aware of the danger that lies in the Caribbean

Blinded Love
As the trees stood still I began gazing into the reality of life, I regretted everything. If I
wasn't so gullible I still would've managed to hoard my innocence. Tears suddenly caressed my
cheeks for I merely had control for my dreadful history had left physical and emotional scars.
The horrid memories attacked me ever since he came into my life. I knew how silly he made me,
too blinded by "love", I guess. Who could ever think that a four letter word could manage to
change your whole mindset and actions? Sigh, why? Why did I? I kept questioning myself. I
knew I shouldn't have trusted him. If only I could go back in time I wouldn't have allowed him to
manipulate me.
It all began in Sophia's jewelry store. Usually I greeted every customer with a honeyglazed, "Hello!". My sales representative badge was pinned on my uniform and my glasses
suited the structure of my spherical face. My hair was neatly wrapped and my straight skirt
hugged my assets as my dwarf heels clicked on the tiles each time I walked. Anticipating
customers to enter the store, I took a seat and waited.
Unexpectedly a masculine aroma filled my nostrils, I couldn't help but to locate the
source but before I hoisted my head a "hello, good day" acknowledged me I witnessed a
handsome, tall slender man ;I stuttered in response.
"Welcome to Sophia's jewelry store, may I assist?" I replied in a silent tone trying not to
show that I was flushed by his acquaintance. His hands gently touched mine as he pointed at the
most expensive jewelry. "It's for $124,000US", cash or credit?" To my surprise he wrote a note

and placed $150,000 US, cash on the counter. Then told me to wrap it, keep the change and store
it in my heart.
"For being a beautiful jewel you receive a gemstone" he then slipped a paper to me which read
" Such a spontaneous physique and manner, please do me the honors of joining me for lunch
sometime ".
His number was written at the bottom and his charisma left me breathless. His presence
had left me stunned, but something had my curiosity peaking.
My black dress fitted perfectly as I strapped on my heels, fixed my hair, did my makeup
and went out for dinner instead. He always charmed me as our dates became regular. He was so
sweet and caring and compassionate about what he does. A man I think I can live my entire life
with. Start a family and live happily ever after. He swept me off my feet and just like that my
love grew for him.
It was now February 14, Valentine's day. We have been together for a year and a half and
I was so in love. I would probably get another car this time. Or maybe he'll give me one of his
islands. I loved his surprises. I won't forget last year when he took me to the Caribbean and
bought me the finest of the cultural foods. Although I was still unaware of his income, I was just
in the moment. Finally he came home and my face enlightened when I heard his call.
"Honey! the limousine awaits us,". He poured champagne in my glass as we relaxed in the
back seat. Then suddenly my eyes darkened and I passed out.
The screams of terror and the coldness of the bare floor awoken me. I found myself
restricted by chains and naked. My skin was battered and bruised, I was confused. floods of

questions drowned my mind. My heart pounded as I suddenly heard the pulling of cell gates. It
was him! The man of my dreams ,the love of my life staring at me with a smirk while leading
men behind him with wipes and chains.
"Why Jonvante? Why." I screamed as they raped me over and over again, as my blood
drained down the cell floors. As my heart tore to pieces. The love of my life sold me. Sold me for

Based on the story piece entitled "Blinded Love", the writer in addressing the issue of
"Human Trafficking among females" sought to make an extensive use of linguistic criteria such
as language registers and communicative behavior. Throughout the reflective piece the
researcher decided to use the story piece in the first person perspective. This will give the
audience the experience of "being" inside the protagonist mindset.
Language registers is referred to as the level of attitude and formality associated with
spoken or written language. With the use of language registers, the writer employed a intimate
communication with Juvante and the antagonist (female). The couple had fairly made a
relationship. It was used to describe the language between the lovers who shared a fairly close
relationship or bond. Slangs were given by Juvante which gave a special term of endearment. An
example which showcase's this criterion is "Honey! the limousine awaits us,".
Also communicative behavior was detectable. Since its the act of communicating
impression to others without being aware of doing so and without even wishing to do so. The
writer was able to express the victim's character by portraying her, utilizing her sense into
evoking a communicative behavior. "The man of my dreams ,the love of my life staring at me
with a smirk while leading men behind him with wipes and chains." and " Why Jonvante? Why"
I screamed as they raped me over and over again, as my blood drained down the cell floors" .
The first example quoted, showed how the writer skillfully employed facial expressions in order
to communicate non-verbally. Using a smirk to deviously send panicking message to the victim.
With the second example was quoted it demonstrated that she was stunned and discontented by
his appearance. She too sent a non-verbal message for her feedback. The protagonist vocalic

contrasted as her pitch was a bit lower in an attempt to give a dimension of the meaning she
intended to evoke through the use of paralinguistic.
In closing, throughout the reflective piece, the writer effectively utilized language
register and communicative behavior to effectively enhance the construction of the reflection.