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Miller’s Class Newsletter

November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Children’s Authors!

November’s Author: Kevin Henkes
Thank you for taking the time to come to
parent-teacher conferences. I appreciate the time that you This month we are reading books that were written
have taken to show an interest in your child’s learning. and illustrated by Kevin Henkes. His birthday is on
Although that was our only formal conference, please feel November 27th. We visited his website and found out some
free to contact me at any time about your child’s progress. interesting facts about his life. Here are the facts that we
Thank you being an active participant in your child’s learning have on this month’s author bulletin board in our classroom:
at Valley View!
• Kevin Henkes started drawing at a very early age.
• He loved books and he read them over and over again.
• He became an author and an illustrator when he was
nineteen years old.
Reading Corner: Looking back at
• His first picture book, All Alone, was published in 1981.
the text to find evidence
Students can be “reading detectives” as they look
If you are interested in learning more about Kevin
back at the text to answer questions correctly. Text can be
Henkes and his books, visit his website:
an entire book, a paragraph, a passage, an article, or any
other printed material that we read. When students are www.kevinhenkes.com
answering questions about a passage they have read, a
great strategy is to go back to the text to find evidence
for the answer.
Evidence proves that you have found the correct
answer to the question. Some readers use the strategy of
underlining the evidence they have found to answer
questions. We will be reminded to look back at the text for
evidence as we complete work in our guided reading groups.

Character Counts: Pal of the Day

To show that we are caring members of
our school community, each class has begun Collecting Can Tabs for Shriners
something called “Pal of the Day.” Each day during our Hospitals for Children
morning meeting, a student is chosen to be the Pal of the Our class will be collecting can tabs for the
Day. Mrs. Miller chooses the student’s name from the rest of the school year. We will learn how can tabs can help
sticks so that it is fair to all of the students in our class. others in need. Please send the can tabs into school in a
Each student will have an opportunity to be a Pal of the sealed bag, envelope, or other container of your choice. We
Day. already have students bringing in can tabs. Thank you in
What is a Pal of the Day? The student who is advance for your participation in this community service
chosen to be the pal gets to wear a special “Pal of the Day” project!
badge for the entire day. Throughout the day, students can
go to the pal of the day if they need help. The students get Just a quick reminder…
to write a note to the pal of the day. At the end of the day, Wednesday, 11/25 is an early dismissal day
the pal gets to bring home the notes that were written by
for students. Lunch will not be served.
the members of our class.
This is a great way for students to recognize that
they are an important part of our school community!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!