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Globalization will lead to the total loss of cultural identity.

Globalization means that in some ways people around the world are becoming more
and more similar. We often eat the same food, watch the same TV programmes, listen to the
same music and we wear the same clothes. Some of this at least can be blamed on the spread
of multinational brands available all over the world.
Basically, it may appear as if the global diversity of cultural identities is being lost. If,
the argument goes, people in Malaysia and London look and dress the same, then that must
mean that cultural differences are disappearing. However, I would argue that this is a very
narrow definition of culture and that in fact cultural differences are as present as ever.
Living in multiracial and multicultural as Malaysia teach me on how unique is
Malaysia as we can live together in peace and celebrate each other festive together. As the
mass communication and social networks growth, we not only share what we do and what we
have to make others following our trend and style.
It is true that most of youngster today like to be updated in fashion, gadget and living
style which is more and more alike leading to globalization phenomenon. But we in Malaysia
still have strong believed in our cultural. The truth is we still did celebrating religious
celebration according to our religion. As example, a Malay Muslim do celebrating Aidilfitri
by wearing Malay costume or dress. They do making lemang and ketupat, do sending the
greetings card. Although the greeting card are no more in physical looks, but the idea of
greeting others and apologizing for their mistake is still happen.
Cultural Identity is built on far more than just the gadget we use, the brand of handbag
or cloths we wear or the food we eat. The foundation of cultural identity is shared values.
When you look in detail at different cultures, you realize that the things that are important to
one culture can be very different from the things valued by another culture.
Taking Malaysia as example, we here have more than 100 race mainly known as
Indian,Chinese, Malay and Bumiputera. In sabah and Sarawak there were more than three
races such as Murut, Bidayuh, Iban and so on. Each of these races has its own cultural,
tradition food, traditional dress, traditional games and even different martial arts. In fact, the
do have different customs and beliefs which they still follow and apply in daily life.

Therefore, even if we consume the same products, I would argue that there are still some very
deep-rooted differences.Making use of mass communication and social media to convey the
right information regarding different races, culture, customs and belief is a good effort to
build strong bonding and unity.
As the conclusion, I do not accept that the growth of mass communication and social
network lead to the globalization that cause the total loss of cultural identity is inevitable as
we are able to prevent it by protecting our tradition and culture. It depend on us to protect our
culture and not to blame the growth of the technology