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Three Year Plan

January 2015 through December 2017

Fauquier County, the home of our Boys and Girls Club, is one of the most affluent counties in the nation.
The most wealthy and highly educated citizens of the county represent the top 14% of our residents.
However, according to the Center for Rural Virginia, Fauquier also has an equal percentage of the least
educated and lowest income families in the nation representing the bottom 14% of the statistical chart.
Fauquier, as a result, struggles with a balance of attitudes and fiscal habits within its culture. The folks
at the bottom of the socio-economic graphic are underrepresented and lack many personal
empowerments available to like citizens of other more urban neighboring counties. The Boys and Girls
Club of Fauquier is committed to guiding its members to the understanding that opportunities are
bountiful for every individual who actively engages with the highest integrity in community relationships
and efforts.
Boys and Girls Club of Fauquier, Inc., is committed to empowering youth toward increased financial and
cultural sustainability coupled with a knowledge of and passion for community and personal confidence.
As result of this commitment, the program described as "Shine!" was born. The program is an internal
to external effort to inform our members of the economic and cultural effects of our community
opinions, operational habits, and legislative responses and ultimately inspire them to participate in and
establish a new economically and culturally sustainable quality of life and sense of community and
personal confidence.
Intended outcomes of the program "Shine!" include the following:
1. Increased club and community involvement by members
2. Increased economic stability of members
3. Increased knowledge of personal financial activities
4. Increased understanding of the value of community participation
5. Increased participation by the constituents in the electoral process

6. Increased understanding of the dynamics of local governance

7. Increased entrepreneurism exhibited by constituents--an attitude that anything is possible
8. Increased participation in continuing education programs
9. Decreased truancy
The following outcomes will be accomplished by achieving first organizational and operational
excellence within the Boys and Girls Club of Fauquier:
1. Confirming policies and procedures according to Boys and Girls Club of America best practices
2. Establishing and maintaining membership policies that honor all members and their families
3. Establishing and maintaining standards of excellence for all Club staff in addition to general staff
4. Establishing standards of communication excellence for all staff and constituents of the club
The second and simultaneous effort will be to engage the Club members in mentoring, conversations,
and education about the operational process unique to Boys and Girls Club, the Town of Warrenton, and
the County of Fauquier. This will be achieved through the following efforts:
1. Promoting and building relationships between club members and local law enforcement and public
safety officials, public school officials, Warrenton Town Council and Fauquier Supervisors, and key town
and county staff (i.e. community development, Treasurer/Commissioner of the Revenue,
Commonwealth's Attorney, etc.)
2. Promoting and building relationships with members of the local chambers of commerce and
3. Presenting programs on the electoral process
4. Presenting discussions of local economics and the impact of the metro DC economy on Fauquier
5. Presenting non-partisan information on local policies as they affect our community though various
and diverse community stakeholder programs
6. Providing transportation to polling sites for constituents
7. Providing transportation to public hearings for members and constituents
8. Encouraging participation in public hearings by members and constituents
9. Providing training in personal financial management

The program is designed for execution over a three year period to establish a truly sound foundation for
continued involvement and immersion. The measurements for success will be taken annually in
numbers of individuals involved in each named activity. Program tactics will be adjusted according to
measurements to achievement desired outcomes.
The conclusive intent of the "Shine!" program is to contribute to the value, preservation, and
sustainability of the unique and high quality of life here in our beautiful county of Fauquier and increase
the involvement of Boys and Girls Club members in community interests.
The Boys and Girls Club of Fauquier has recently employed Lynne Richman Bell as Executive Director and
administrator of all program plans. Lynne's experience and activities in education, economic
development, community development, mentoring, leadership training, and implementing solid
organizational infrastructure is the basis on which this programming is built. Sustainability and
effectiveness in accomplishing mission is of the utmost importance to her management efforts.
Lynne's strengths in long term strategic planning and short term tactical planning will play a large role in
the implementation and success of this program. Additionally, the experience in staff empowerment
and team creation Lynne brings to the table is key to the program success for its three year duration.
The fabric of the Boys and Girls Club of Fauquier is strengthened by her leadership.