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When You Believe: Stories

of Salvation from the Bible

You Should Never Forget
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Salvation is one of the primary teachings of Christianity. It shows that despite

the sin committed by humanitys forefathers, people have the chance to enjoy
eternal life. This is also the same for people who have


transgressions, who only needed to admit their wrongdoing and embrace the
life planned for them by the Almighty.
The biblical authors told stories of salvation all throughout the Bible. Most
Christians know the return to the Promised Land led by Moses, or the
conversion of St. Paul. There are many prominent examples that prove the
power of Gods saving grace.
More than these characters, however, there are significant stories that people
often forget, such as the following:

Mordecais assistance to Queen Esther

Many may know about the beautiful queen who saved the Jewish people from
possible execution; this is the origin of the festival of Purim. But even those who
know the story often miss her cousin and guardian, Mordecai, who helped her get to
her position. Mordecai also provided the information on the kings assassination that
provided the chance to reverse the execution ruling.
Mordecai represents the people God uses to help a person get through bad

The story of Ruth and Naomi

Naomi was a woman full of bitterness and suffering but eventually had a happy
ending through her daughter-in-law. To get away from famine, her family had to
move to a foreign land where her sons married. After her sons died, she decided to
return to her homeland with her daughters-in-law, Orpah and Ruth. She asked the
girls to return to their families, but Ruth stayed with her. In Bethlehem, Ruth met
Boaz, and with Naomis advice, they were married. Ruth became the greatgrandmother of King David, who is an ancestor of Joseph and Mary, mother of

Their stories show that despite the trials people face, God leads them to a better
plan. Ruth is similar to Mordecai in being an indirect tool for salvation.
These biblical narratives are demonstrations of Gods tools in giving His salvation.
A persons lineage, experience, and even gender do not matter. Gods salvation is
for everyone; all it takes is for the people to accept His grace and let His miracles