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Cc cu hi phng vn Part 1

1. Introduce yourself
My name is Nguyen Dinh Bao Loc, but you can call me Loc for short. I was born on
January 30th 1992 in Ha Noi, and I have lived here until now.
2. Why do you choose to study in Germany?
Firstly, German is a diverse country in the heart of Europe, which helps me to experience
many difference culture and languages. Moreover, German Universities have had a great
allure for students from all over Europe (and beyond) for at least the last couple of
centuries. Up until a hundred years ago, most of the Nobel Prize laureates were
associated with, and the likes of Heidelberg and Tubingen would figure among the most
3. How do you know about Germany?
Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country in Western Europe.
The territory of Germany covers 357.021 km2 and is influenced by a temperate seasonal
climate. With 81.8 million inhabitants, it is the most populous member state of
the European Union, and home to the third-largest number of international
migrants worldwide. Germany is a major power with the world's fourth largest
economy by nominal GDP
The country has developed a high standard of living and a comprehensive system
of social security. It holds a key position in European affairs and maintains a multitude of
close partnerships on a global level. Germany is recognized as a scientific and
technological leader in several fields
4. What is your study plan in Germany?
5. Which university do you want to learn in Germany?
I choose to study at Alfred-Weber-Institute a department of the University of
6. Why do you choose this University?/ what do you know about this University?
I choose this university because it is a German Excellence University, as well as a
founding member of the League of European Research Universities. In 2014, it was
ranked 1st in Germany, 12th in Europe and 49th in the world.
7. Which major do you want to study in Germany?
I choose to study business management in Germany.
8. Why do you choose this major?
Because I was inspired to pursue a career in management from a young age, witnessing
the business activities of my parents, I hope to be able to assist him and his business.
9. When will the course begin?
The course will begin from the winter semester in 2015.
10. How long will you study in Germany?

It will take 2 years to finish my study in Germany

11. Do you intend to work in Germany after finishing your study? Do you intend to stay..?
My parents own and operate an investment and development company, which specialize
in textile machine. After I finish my study, I will come back to VN to assist him and his
business with the help of the professional management theories, concepts and skills I
learn in your institution.
12. Do you know about the tuition fee of German university?/ what is fee?
Students do not have to pay tuition fee for studying in Heidelberg University, they just
have to pay administrative costs, student services, transition,
Living expenses in Heidelberg is about 750 800 euros/month.
13. Do you intend to work during your studies in Germany?
No, I want to spend time for studying and doing outdoor activities
14. Who will you live with during your studies in Germany?
I dont have relatives in Germany, therefore I will live in dormitory.
15. How can you have the acceptance letter from this Uni?
If I get pass this interview, I will have APS certificate. I will sent the certificate with the
application form of the university, transcript, notice of university entrance exam pass to
this University.
16. Where will you live when learning in Germany?
I will live in Heidelberg, Baden-Wrttemberg, Germany
17. What do you know about your city that you will live?
Heidelberg is a town situated in south-west Germany. It is the 5th largest town in the state
of Baden-Wrttemberg, the 3rd largest state in term of size and population in Germany.
18. Why do not you choose studying in English-speaking countries?
19. Will you study Bachelor or master in Germany?
I choose to study Master in Germany
20. When did you graduate from high school/ university?
March 28th 2014
21. What do you do after graduating from university?
I will come back to Vietnam to assist my parents and their own business
22. Do you have any relatives in Germany?
23. What do parents do?
My parents own and operate an investment and development company, which specialize
in textile machine
24. Who will finance for you during studying in Germany?
My parents
25. How much can they give you when studying in Germany?