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Our vision
To be a World class Solutions
provider and leader in innovative
Acoustical, Architectural and Thermal
solutions.By Constant growth and
improving the standards of living by
providing Effective and Eco Friendly

Our Mission
To engage in the marketing and
developing of specialized acoustical
products thereby providing
innovative solutions /Products to the
society per the Best Norms.

At Acosonic we maintain
Enthusiasm in each and every
Employee i.e to being cheerful,
happy, and full of spirit. It is doing
something wholeheartedly and
eagerly. When all are enthusiastic, it
a positive attitude.
Enthusiasm is being inspired.

We at Acosonic consider
Excellence to be the most Crucial
value i.e

doing your best, giving

careful attention to every task and

every relationship. Excellence is
effort guided by a noble purpose. It is

Honesty is one of the most important
core values in Acosonic. It is important
because it builds trust. When people
are honest, they can be relied on not to
lie, cheat or steal We at Acosonic are
open and trustworthy, so that others
can believe us.

a desire for perfection. The

perfection of a seed comes in the
fruit. When we practice excellence, it
brings your gifts to fruition.
According to Acosonic Excellence is
the key to success.

We at Acosonic Wanted to serve
everybody fairly and in proper balance with
the interests of all groups associated with
the businesscustomers, stockholders,
employees, suppliers, community
neighbors, government and the general

About Us
Acosonic Products are manufactured by a
ISO 9001-2000 Certied company and
have a manufacturing Unit at Shahpur Dist
Acosonic are insulation Roll and Blocks
made of thermally-bondedpolyester bers.
There are no resins and the product is totally
chemically free. This makes it a very safe
and hygienic product to install and use.
Acosonic Regarding Density reliability is
also assured.
Acosonic Insulation products are made
from durable, safe and friendly ber. We call
also it as friendly ber because apart from
eco-friendly its non-toxic, non-irritating,
non-allergenic & safe for any one coming in
to contact with it. When it comes to your
home, family and society at large it just
makes sense to insulate with a trusted, safe
and friendly insulation products.

Conformance Hall

Information on Ingredients
Acosonic is made from only 100%
Environmentally Friendly Fibers and
does not contain any chemical
binders such as formaldehyde
commonly used in ber/glass
insulation products.

Performance Capabilities

Acosonic Acoustic Solution

Acosonic insulation is made to last

Acosonic is 100% Environmentally

Friendly material for insulation of buildings
and original equipment.

for years. It is not affected by moisture

or mildew and is resistant to insect and
vermin attack.
> 100% formaldehyde free- No

Acosonic Products are Recyclable,

Biodegradable and hence classied
as GREEN Material.
Acosonic with some modication is
also suitable for waddings, Quilts,
clothing and commercial fabrics for its
safety durability and Performance.
No nasty chemicals added and bers
that cannot be breathed into your
lungs, you can rest assured there
won't be any itching or scratching and
there is no need for protective
clothing, special equipment or
precautions for handling and
installing Acosonic.

carcinogens, no VOC's
> Hydrophobic won't absorb
> No respiratory or skin irritation
> 100% recyclable.
> No Long term degradation.
> Friction t installation.
> Superior compression / recovery

Chemical Entity:
Eco environmentally Friendly Fibers
: No Odour
: 7.8 (Ph 7 being
Boiling Point
: N/A
Melting Point
: 250oC
Max. Recommended
Service Temp
: 180oC
Vapour Pressure
: N/A
Specic Gravity
: 1.38
Flash point
: N/A
Explosive limits
: N/A
Solubility in water
: Not soluble
Moisture Absorption : less than 0.03%
by weight.
Relative Vapour
: N/A
Percent Volatiles
: Nil
: Non corrosive

Library Hall

Fire Hazard

Acoustic Performance

Acosonic Insulation products offers

high level of re Retardancy, the
smoke emissions and Toxic gases are
Negligible. Acosonic conrms to all
National and International Standards
of re Smoke and Toxicity.

Acosonic insulation can be used in

ceiling, walls and under the oor. These
products are designed for the acoustic
insulation of different parts of building
and ofce as follows:

Hence Use of Acosonic Material is

recommended for Tall Buildings,
Large complexes Etc. as the
emissions of toxic gases are one tenth
of the gas Emitted by the others
alternate Insulation Material.

a) For Timber Framed walls and midoor cavities-here it reduces

airborne sound, impact noise and
sound transmission by controlling
resonating noise inside the
construction cavity.

Health Effects/ Protection:

There are no known hazards relating
to the use or handling of Acosonic
insulation material. No protective
clothing or gloves are required when
handling or installing of these
products. There is no dust content in
the products and any free bers which
may be present are not of

b) For metal stud wall partitions: As an

acoustic ceiling overlay in
commercial buildings. It reduces
airborne sound transfer by
controlling resonating noise in the
construction cavity increasing the
sound transmission loss at all
c) For new and existing Commercial
Building: It is designed to be layer
stacked above partition walls to
signicantly reduce sound
transmission through the ceiling

Sound insulation terms

1) Rw: It is the weighted sound
reduction index in Db (decibels) and it
describes the airborne sound
insulation power of a building element.
It can apply to walls, ceiling/ oors,
doors, or windows. The higher the
number, the greater the sound
insulating power of the building
2) NRC: A material ability to absorb
sound is measured by its sound
absorption coefcient and is often
expressed in terms of a Noise
Reduction Coefcients (NRC). The
NRC is the arithmetic average of the
products sound absorption
coefcients from 100Hz to 10,000Hz.
An NRC of 0.4 means 40% of sound is
absorbed by the material.
Acosonic Ascoustic material is
thickness ranges from 15mm to
100mm and Gsm ranges from 350 to
5000 has an Noise reduction
coefcient of (NRC) range from 0.5 to
1.10 and thermal resistance from 0.48
to 2.64 Kcal/m/h/C

Noise Barrier at Highway

Noise Barriers
Most residents near a barrier seem to feel that
highway noise barriers effectively reduce trafc
noise and that the benets of barriers far outweigh
the disadvantages of barriers. While noise barriers
do not eliminate all highway trafc noise, they do
reduce it substantially and improve the quality of life
for people who live adjacent to busy highways.

can reduce the loudness of trafc noise by as

much as half;

do not completely block all trafc noise;

can be effective, regardless of the material


must be tall and long with no openings;

are most effective within 61 meters (200 feet) of

a highway (usually the rst row of homes);

must be designed to be visually appealing;

must be designed to preserve aesthetic values

and scenic vistas;

Acosonic can be simply rolled out over the top of ceiling

joists, walls to create a warmer, drier home in winter & cooler
in summer.

do not increase noise levels perceptibly on the

opposite side of a highway; and

This helps to save signicantly on every tiles and oors for

cooling or heating your home, ofces etc.

substantially reduce noise levels for people

living next to highways.

Insulating an older home is also the single most effective

measure to create a healthier and mor energy efcient home

Thermal Insulation

Turnkey Solution for

all types of Acoustics &
Thermal Insulations

Projects Done By Acosonic

New Mumbai

Features /Advantages of Acosonic.

Turnkey Solution
Acosonic also offers Turnkey Solution for all
types of Acoustics and Thermal Insulations.
For Airports, Bridges, Flyovers, Noise
Barriers and Similar Large Installation for both
outdoor and indoor Solutions.
The Turnkey solution is designed and
executed by skilled and expert Managers
manufactured on
State of Art Machinery
providing highest level of performance at
Economical Cost to the customers.

Eco Friendly.
Non Toxic.
Non Irritating
Non Allergenic.
Recyclable Green Product.
Highly Durable.
No Sagging.easy to handle
No Glasswoven Cloth Is Required.

Benets of a Turnkey Solution

Less work for you: Why deal with multiple
service providers in the planning, engineering
and installation of your project. Acosonic
specialists will communicate seamlessly on
your behalf & manage day-to-day questions,
issues and coordination
Save time & Save money: Our team of
specialists works together in coherence to
dramatically reduce project completion time.
Long-term savings through reliability:
Customers receive a well-conceived and
implemented project. Our team of specialists
leverage years of experience and knowledge
to create a solution that will run efciently for

Oriental Veneer Products Ltd.

Contact: pritpal@acosonic.in
website: www.acosonic.in