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Our Lady of the Lake College, School of Nursing

NURS 4760
Preliminary Search Results Form
Topic of interest: Correlation Between Compassion Fatigue and Emergency Disaster Preparedness
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Research Problem

Research Question(s)

1. Ariapooran, Saeed

Nurses or any type of responders and

anyone who works with victims or
trauma survivors are at the risk of
developing stress and other variables
that are related to stress such as
compassion fatigue and burnout.

What is the prevalence of the symptoms of Dependent: Compassion

compassion fatigue and burnout?
Fatigue and Burnout

Although a large percentage of

individuals are relatively unaffected by
traumatic events, traumatic events can
negatively affect survivors and cause
psychological problems such as
posttraumatic stress disorder and
compassion fatigue.

Is work satisfaction related to the

Dependent: Stress, postprediction of posttraumatic growth and for traumatic growth
its moderating effect on perceived stress?
Independent: Work
satisfaction, demographic


2. Xu, Jiuping

3. Burtson, Paige

4. Coetzee, Siedine and

Klopper, Hester

What is the role of social support in

predicting these symptoms in Iranian


Socioeconomic Variables
(age, gender, job
experience, marital status,
education level, and
occupational status)

Compassionate nursing care was the

Does fostering compassion satisfaction
most influential dimension of patient
and social interaction improve nurse
advocacy, however, nurses feel they are caring?
not being cared for, thus, resulting in
nurses withdrawing their compassionate
care from patients to protect themselves.

Dependent: Nurse caring

and attitude

The phenomenon of nurses losing their

nurturing ability towards patients

Dependent: Knowledge of
compassion fatigue and

What is the definition of compassion

fatigue in the nursing practice?

Independent: Job
satisfaction, stress, burnout,
organizational support, and
compassion fatigue

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5. Elkonin, Diane and

Van der Vyver, Lizelle

6. DeSimone, Cristi

continues to run rife in nursing practice.

The fact that compassion fatigue was
never defined within nursing practice
means that the phenomenon was never
explored, described, or explained in a
manner that would allow nurses to
identify compassion fatigue and combat
its effect in nursing practice.

ways to combat it

Intensive care nursing is a stressful

What is the relationship between
occupation and nurses are continually
compassion satisfaction, compassion
subjected to both primary and secondary fatigue, burnout and silencing response?
trauma, however, nurses tend to deny
the negative impact of secondary
trauma, which leads to the silencing
response and subsequent burnout.

Dependent: Primary and

secondary posttraumatic

There is a possible lack of healthcare

workers responding during an
emergency disaster.

Dependent: Number of
personnel who would report
to work during an

Independent: Definition of
compassion fatigue and
identification of categories
of compassion fatigue.

How many and which groups of health

care workers from two county health
departments (WCHD and JCHD) would
work when needed during various types of

Independent: Compassion
fatigue, burnout, silencing
response and compassion

Independent: Disaster
7. Rebmann, Terri and
Mohr, Lisa

Nurses are integral to bioterrorism

preparedness but nurses bioterrorism
preparedness knowledge has not been
evaluated well.

Are nurses in Missouri prepared for

bioterrorism and other emergency
What are perceived barriers to
bioterrorism education?

Dependent: Nurses
knowledge about disaster
management and nurses
perceived knowledge about
Independent: Bioterrorism
preparedness education

8. Worrall, Jennifer

Dealing with emergency requires

comprehensive knowledge, skills,

Is emergency care staff prepared for


Dependent: Nurses
knowledge regarding

Students Name:


abilities and actions. There are concerns

that some nurses are unprepared to meet
these requirements.

different emergency
preparedness dimensions.
Independent: EPIQ
Assessment Tool

9. Culley, Joan and

Effken, Judith

10. Hemingway,
Maureen and Ferguson,

Gaps exist in the generation and

Is using the Mass Casualty Concept Model
dissemination of disaster response
an effective model for emergencies?
research to healthcare professionals.
There is little literature evaluating mass
casualty response systems and no gold
standard for measuring the effectiveness
of information decision.

Dependent: Framework
concept building for mass
casualty triage.

The Boston marathon bombing brought

forth issues about how personnel at the
Massachusetts General Hospital met the
challenges of caring for patients after
the emergency disaster.

Dependent: MGH
Emergency Preparedness

Does the Massachusetts emergency plan

need revision?

Independent: Mass Casualty

Concept model

Emergency Care, Staffing
and Traffic Control

1) Based on this cursory review of the literature on your topic, list several sub-topics/themes that emerged in the literature.