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0 | FEBRUARY 2012

for Adobe InDesign CS4+ / Photoshop CS2+

Master Pages explained and what they are for

All of the Paragraph/Character & Object Styles explained with examples

Getting Started Guide

Overview of Baseline Grid & Type Alignment

Tips and Guides for InDesign to make the

most of your Template purchase

by bilmaw on Graphic River | http://graphicriver.net/user/bilmaw

Editing Master items on a
page (overriding): Ctrl/Cmd
Shift-click on the text box.

Template Documentation


Everything you need to know about this professional template and how
to create your own beautiful layouts and include your own information.

Thank you for purchasing

this template and
hopefully you will find it
easy to update and use.
You will find well organised
Master Pages, Swatches,
Object and Paragraph/
Character Styles. The
resume has been all set
up for you and is ready
to go. Even a novice in
InDesign will be able to
create beautiful layouts.
Now well go through
how things are organised
and used, plus tips
on editing text and
placing your images.

Template Contents
The InDesign files
included are:
Twenty INDD files in
the folder CS5. Five
A4 and Five Letter
sized templates in Five
Colours each, Dark
and Light versions.
indd for use in CS5.
Twenty IDML files in
the folder CS4. Five
A4 and Five Letter
sized templates in Five
Colours each, Dark
and Light versions.
idml for use in CS4.
Both groups of files are
identical and include all
Styles and Master Pages.
Also included are
Photoshop (PSD) Dark
and Light versions and
this documentation PDF.

Lets get started...

Creating your Resume/CV with Master Pages
This template uses Master Pages, all set-up for instant use. There
are templates for each different section used in this template. The
following page has in-depth descriptions of each Master Page.
Each page has been created for you but if you would like to add more
and edit pages follow these instructions. Create a new page in your
document via the Pages Panel > Insert Pages or with the Menu Layout >
Pages > Insert Pages and then select which Master youd like to use.
To be able to edit the text in the Master Pages Text Box on the Page youve created,
hold down Ctrl - Shift (PC) or Cmd - Shift (Mac) and click on the Blue Text Frame.
This command overrides the Master Page and makes the Text Box editable.
To place your images in the Red Graphics Frames, choose File > Place from the
Menu (or press Ctrl/Cmd + D) and click with the cursor inside the Red Frame.

Using the Horizontal Text Baseline Grid

This template has been carefully constructed and uses a perfectly
aligned Typography Grid, based on the Body Text font size, to
create sleek and organised layouts with minimal effort.
The Blue Horizontal Baseline Grid is used by the majority of the Paragraph
Styles and automatically aligns your text. You can turn the Baseline Grid On/
Off under Menu > View > Grids & Guides > Hide/Show Baseline Grid. If
you want a quick preview of your layout without any guides just press W,
this will allow you to quickly assess how your layout is shaping up.

Font Info
Fonts used are Aller, available from: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Aller

Image Credits
Images used are from the Envato Asset Library. All image copyright is retained
by the images original owner. The images used in the template preview are
for illustrative purposes only and are not included in the download.

From the Author

I hope you find everything you need in this documentation
and have fun creating your own Resume/CV.
If you have any questions about the template or this help file, you can contact me at
Graphic River or visit www.bilmaw.com and use the contact page. Enjoy! ~ Billy (bilmaw)

Use Quick Apply (Ctrl/Cmd
- Enter) to apply any style to
text without using your mouse.

Template Master Pages

An overview of the Master Page Templates that are included and their
functionality (Light versions shown, Dark versions also included).

R1-Resume 1
This is the first page
for the Resume/CV.
Includes sections for a
small photograph, your
personal information, social
networks, work experience,
education and personal/
personal skills. You can
change the colour of the
skills markers to visually
represent your skillset.

R2-Resume 2
This is the second page
for the Resume/CV.
Includes sections for a
personal statement, awards
or accomplishments,
professional statement
and references.

R1-Resume 1

R2-Resume 2

CL-Cover Letter


CL-Cover Letter
This is a letter of
introduction to your
application. Sections for
the recipients address,
date, your address,
contact information
and the letter itself.

Depending on the position
you are applying for you
may need some visual
support. This page includes
sections for main and
thumbnail images and a
sidebar for image captions.


Template Paragraph Styles

An explanation of the included Styles and how
they are used to customise your layouts.

Explanation of
Based On
The styles in InDesign have
a clever feature in that you
can create a style based
on another. Meaning if
you change an attribute in
the parent or starting style,
each style that its based on
will follow those changes.
This feature is present in
the main styles used in this
template including Titles,
Subtitles and Body text.
For example: if you edit the
font in the first of these
styles in a group, they will
all change accordingly.

Group: Top Page

John Smith
> Large Title

Your Profession
> Top Subtitle Grey

Group: Large Subtitle

Group: Body Text

// Experience

Description of the position

and the responsibilities you
had in this post. Nullam
pulvinar pulvinar mattis.

> Subtitle - Colour

This feature can also be
switched off by choosing
[No Paragraph Style] under
Based On: to make the style
function independently.

> Body Text 9pt BLACK

Group: Title

Description of the position

and the responsibilities you
had in this post. Nullam
pulvinar pulvinar mattis.

> Title - Black

> Title - White

> Body Text 9pt WHITE


Description of the position

and the responsibilities you
had in this post. Nullam
pulvinar pulvinar mattis.

> Title - Colour

> Small Title - BLACK LEFT(RIGHT)

> Body Text 9pt BLACK (WHITE) CENTRE

Description of the position
and the responsibilities you
had in this post. Nullam
pulvinar pulvinar mattis.
> Body Text 9pt BLACK RIGHT


Template Character / Object Styles

An explanation of the included Character / Object Styles, how they relate
to Paragraph Styles and using them to customise your layouts.

About Character
The Character Styles
included are used for
inline styles, for example,
highlighting a word in the
title of a layout. You can see
examples throughout the
sample layouts and they are
very versatile in expanding
the options available.
To use just highlight the
text you wish to style and
click the name of the Style
in the Character Styles
palette. These styles can be
applied to any Paragraph
Style, so please experiment
and use the samples in
the template as a guide.

Placing an image in a Red

Graphic Frame: Use File >
Place or press Ctrl/Cmd-D
and click on the frame.

Character Styles
This text is body text with the style applied to these words.
> Bold - This Style allows you to make inline
text bold for highlighting important parts
or items such as E: before email etc.

// Education
> Light Grey Bold - This Style allows you to make inline text bold
and grey for highlighting intros on titles (Subtitle - Colour).

Object Styles
> Thin Grey Line - This style is mainly used
for the dividers in the layout but can also be
applied to arrows or shapes if required.

About Object Styles

Object Styles are used for
the graphic elements in
your layouts. They are very
useful as you can not only
store attributes like colour
and stroke but you can
define the Paragraph Styles
of text contained in the box.
Included are styles for
specific elements of the
layouts as well as some
generic styling which can
be used anywhere, so
feel free to experiment.

> Photo Frame - This style
adds a white border and subtle
drop shadow to your photo.

NOTE: Object Styles dont

control size or position but
you can copy and paste
or refer to the Master
Pages for examples.

> Caption Text Box - This style

adds inset spacing to the Text
Box and adds the Paragraph Style
Title-White for quick styling
of your numbers or captions.



Template Photoshop Versions

There are Photoshop (PSD) versions of the InDesign
Templates included, heres a quick run through...

Photoshop File / .psd

The PSD Files are well
organised into Layers and
Layer Groups, and include
Guides for Bleed/Safe Zone.
All fonts and graphics are
included and are identical to
the InDesign Master Pages.

In the folder PSD, there is a ZIP for the Four A4 size Templates (PSD A4) and the
Four US Letter size Templates (PSD US Letter). Each PSD contains the layers to
create Dark and Light Versions from the one PSD. They are all in the main orange
colour, as file size restrictions mean I cant include all the colour variations
in PSD format, but its very easy to change the colours in Photoshop.

There is a PSD for each

page of the Resume (4 in
total) and they contain
layers for both Dark
and Light versions.
Guides are in a Green Layer
at the top, these are for
reference so be sure to
hide them before printing.
Each permanent layer is
Red, you can leave these
on after editing them
as they belong to both
Light and Dark versions.
Light layers are Yellow and
Dark Layers are Purple so
switch these colours on
and off to create either
Dark or Light versions.
The image placeholders
are Smart Objects, so just
double click the layer icon,
paste in your image, save,
close and your done!

The PSD Files included
were created with CS5
and saved with Maximum
Compatibility enabled. They
have been tested as far back
as Photoshop CS2 and are
fully intact and editable.

Above: Screenshot of the PSD Layers. Green

guides, Red Permanent layers, and Yellow
for Light, Purple for Dark versions.

Above: Example of the

PSD files included.
There are versions for all the
InDesign Master Pages.

by bilmaw on Graphic River | http://graphicriver.net/user/bilmaw