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Welcome to the Multicultural Resource Center!
March was extremely busy for the MRC. Our Annual Letter Writing Campaign exceeded last years
numbers with more than 750 letters written to prospective students! Thanks to everyone who
participated in our efforts to increase the student of color population at Binghamton University!
Cultural Competency training has been the focus of many discussions in recent months. Kappa
Sigma Fraternity hosted Racial Equality and Sexual Assault Prevention Education Workshop with
presentations by ODEI/MRC. Kudos to Kappa Sigma and to all the members of Greek Life that came
out and participated. Then MRC hosted Building Bridges to Cultural Competency, Phase I on March
31st. We thank all those who see the importance of cultural competency and have taken the time
to get educated and get involved.
April promises to be just as busy! This month is Sexual
Assault Awareness Month; be on the lookout for events, such
as Take Back the Night, dedicated to spreading awareness.
Day of Silence, where students take a day-long vow of silence
to represent the silencing of the LGBTQ community and their
supporters, will take place on April 17. On April 21 and
April 27, ODEI will bring Dr. Maura Cullen and The Academic
Network to conduct workshops for Administration, faculty/staff
and students; details will be available on the ODEI website.
Then on April 28, BAMS and ODEI/MRC will host Diversity is
Strength: Binghamtons Micromessaging Project.
Lastly, applications for Fall 2015 MRC internships are available
and are due by April 15th. We urge you to take part in these
events and join the MRC Family. Rest up during spring break
as the end of the semester is jam packed!

Stay Tuned, MRC Staff

Diversity is Strength includes an art gallery of personalized microaggressions, a speech from

MRC Director Dr. Nicole Sirju-Johnson, panel discussion, spoken word performances, and more.

Interested in advertising in the MRC Culture

Connects Newsletter?
Increase your business among Binghamton University students, faculty and staff. The MRC is home
to more than 100 cultural student organizations on campus. With more than 1,700 students
subscribed to our Monthly Newsletter, consider us a great marketing tool for reaching the university
community. Binghamton Universitys student of color and International student populations are
increasing. Make your business more visible among students.
For more information, please contact Mengchen Huang at mhuang@binghamton.edu or 707-777-6071


Join the MRC Family!
Marketing applications (resume and cover letter) must be emailed to
Tanyah Barnes at tbarnes@binghamton.edu by Monday, April 13. All other
applications (resume and cover letter) must be emailed to Mengchen
Huang at mhuang@binghamton.edu by Wednesday, April 15. For more
information about each position, visit our website at mrc.binghamton.edu.
MRC Program Assistant Interns:
Hours: Minimum 8-10 hours per week throughout the semester.
Compensation: Interns will get up to 2 CDC Internship credits per semester.
Program Assistant Interns reach out to student groups to participate in MRC
programs, assist with all aspects of event preparation, and organize and
maintain outreach materials.
MRC Culture Connectors Fall 2015- Spring 2016:
Hours: Maximum 4 hours per week throughout the semester.
MRC Culture Connectors is a volunteer program that is designed to provide
students an opportunity to connect with the diverse cultural community on
campus. Volunteers will participate in a wide variety of activities that allow
them to capitalize on their cultural competency and professional experience.
MRC Marketing Interns (Fall 2015-Spring 2016 Graduate Intern positions
Hours: Minimum 8-10 hours per week throughout the semester.
Compensation: Undergraduate Interns will get up to 2 CDC Internship credits
per semester. Graduate Interns will get 2 semesters of academic/professional
internship credit.
Marketing interns will work on various tasks in graphic design, social media,
photography, and content management/web design. They will work on the
monthly MRC newsletter, our website, weekly emails, and more.

Connects Grant
to our April 2015
Culture Connects
Program Grant
Student Union
Delta Epsilon Psi
Latin American
Student Union

MRC Graduate Intern for Cultural Outreach and Programming

Hours: Minimum 12-15 hours per week throughout the semester.
Compensation: Graduate interns will receive up to 3 CDC Internship credits per semester.
The graduate interns assist the MRC Assistant Director in acting as a liaison for different cultural
student population, assisting in community building and identity development, and offering
educational opportunities for the Binghamton University campus on cultural community issues
and concerns. This position reports directly to the MRC Assistant Director.
MRC Graduate Intern for Office Management
Hours: Minimum 12-15 hours per week throughout the semester.
Compensation: Graduate interns will receive up to 3 CDC Internship credits per semester.
The graduate intern assists the MRC Assistant Director in organizing and training undergraduate
interns and volunteers, managing the assessments of all MRC Programs, and overseeing the
scheduling of MRC meetings and events. This position reports directly to the MRC Assistant


Sexual Assault Awareness Month
In 1976, women rallied Take Back the Night marches against the violence

they encountered as they walked the streets at night. These marches

coordinated into a movement across the United States and Europe. In the
late 1980s, the National Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCASA) advocated
for a national Sexual Assault Awareness Week in April. Domestic violence
awarenss became the main focus. In the late 1990s, many supporters called
for a nationally recognized month. Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)
was first observed nationally in 2001. In 2009, President Obama was the
first president to proclaim April as SAAM.
For more information, visit nsvrc.org and cdc.gov. See the opposite page for
SAAM events. Be on the lookout for additional SAAM events hosted by the
Interpersonal Violence Prevention Program (IVPP), Womens Student Union,
and other student organizations.

Kick off Sexual Assault Awareness Month

wi th tablin g a t the Ma r ke t p l ace fr om
12-4pm on 4 /1 . Te a l hair ext e n si on s,
manicures , and o t h e r f r e e b i e s w i l l b e
available. S t a te , t e r r it o r y, a n d t r i b a l
sexual viole n c e c o a lit io n s w e r e p ol l e d
i n 2000 an d d e te r m in e d t h e col or t e a l
wa s the pr e fe r r e d c o lo r for se xu a l
as s ault awa r e ne s s . The te al r i b b on i s
the symbol o f s e x u a l a s s a u lt awa r e n e ss
a nd p r e ve n tio n.


Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Its On Us Campaign
April 13th-April 19th
Hillel and IVPP will be tabling and promoting this national White House campaign to prevent
sexual assault on college campuses. Look out for their events during this week!
Screening: The Hunting Ground
Thursday, April 16th, 8:00pm, FA 209
Join the Womens Student Union to watch The Hunting Ground documentary which exposes rape
culture on college campuses.
Screening: It Happened Here
Wednesday, April 15th, 6:30pm, Undergrounds
The documentary It Happened Here explores sexual assault on college campuses. A panel of
resources and stories from a survivor will speak afterwards.
Take Back the Night - Friday, April 17th, 8:00pm, Peacemakers Stage (details below)
Crime Victims Rights Wall of Victims
Monday, April 20th, Oakdale Mall (near Sears)
The Crime Victims Assistance Centers annual memorial wall is back at Oakdale Mall. The wall
includes pictures and information about homicide victims from the Greater Binghamton area.
The Clothesline Project
Tuesday, April 21st, 11:00am-4:00pm, the Spine (outside of Library Tower)
Shirts will be hung up with first names or initials of victims or perpetrators of violence. Pick up a
shirt until April 17 from 8:30am-4:30pm at the Health Education Office, DSUSC-124, Late Nite GA
Office, or UUW-208F and return it by April 20. Contact Amber Ingalls at aingalls@binghamton.edu
or Kyrie Kirn at kkirn1@binghamton.edu for more information.

Ta ke Bac k the Night with Womens

Stu d e nt U n io n! Rally a ga inst sexual
vi ol e nc e at the Pe a ce m a ke r s Stage
a t 8p m on 4/17. A f te r, he a d on over
to Unc or ke d Cr e a tio ns a t 9pm for
Su r v i vor s Spe ako ut, which is a safe
sp a c e for s ur v ivo r s o f ge nder- based,
sex u a l , and do m e stic v io le nce to share
the ir sto r ie s.


Day of Silence
The first Day of Silence event was organized by Maria Pulzetti at the University of

Virginia in 1996. Students take a day-long vow of silence to symbolically represent

the silencing of LGBTQ students and their supporters. Pulzetti wanted to make a
big impact that would be very noticeable. Panel discussions and guest speakers
would only attract the people who were already aware of the issues in the LGBTQ
For more information, visit dayofsilence.org and glsen.org. Be on the lookout
for events hosted by SHADES (4/13-4/18), Rainbow Pride Union (RPU), Equality
Project, and other student organizations.
Monday, April 13th - Saturday, April 18th
Look out for events hosted by SHADES the entire week!
Break the Silence (hosted by the Equality Project)
Friday, April 17th, 8:00-10:00pm, Appalachian Dining Hall (details below)
All About the T (Transexual)
Friday, April 17th; time and location TBD
Discuss the transgender community and the issues they face. This event is hosted by SHADES and
is a SHADES Week event.
Lets Talk About Sex
Saturday, April 18th, 8:00pm, UU120
Discuss sex with RPU. It is $2 in advance. Co-sponsored by M4.
Second Chance Prom (hosted by RPU)
Friday, April 24th, 9:00pm-12:00am, Appalachian Dining Hall
(details on page 10)

At the end of Day of Silence on 4/17, Break the

Silence with the Equality Project! Break the Silence
is a celebration of the LGBTQ community through
self-expression. Numerous student groups such
as Explorchestra and No Strings Attached will
perform, along with other student performers.
8pm in Appalachian Dining Hall


MRC Upcoming Events
MRC would like you to save the date for the following upcoming events:
MRC Weekly Friday Tabling
April 17th through May 1st, 12:00-4:00pm, Marketplace

Visit the MRC table for a different theme every week!

MRC Asian Heritage Month Kick-Off Celebration
Saturday, April 25th, 5:00-7:00pm, C4 Multipurpose Room
May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. MRC invites you to celebrate with
games, activities, food, and fun!
Diversity in Strength: Binghamtons Micromessaging Project (hosted by BAMS
in collaboration with ODEI/MRC and 11 SA organizations)
Tuesday, April 28th, 6:00pm, Mandela Room
Enjoy an art gallery of personalized microaggressions, a keynote speech by MRC
Director Dr. Nicole Sirju-Johnson, panel discussion, spoken word performances, and
MRC Student Leaders Meeting
Tuesday, April 28th, 7:00-8:00pm, UU 108
Student leaders of organizations are encouraged to come to this meeting to learn
about upcoming MRC events.

University Counseling Upcoming Events

Empowering Students of Color
This group is open for any student who identifies as a student of color. It will discuss
issues of cultural uniqueness and the impact that it has on the balance of work/
academic/personal relationships. For more information about the group, please email
LeAnna Rice, Mental Health Outreach Coordinator/Counselor at lrice@binghamton.edu.
Womens Group
This group is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, of any background, who is
looking for a safe and supportive atmosphere to discuss what it means to be a woman,
and the impact of that identity in work/academic/personal relationships. The group
may also include therapeutic exercises to help group members build stronger selfconcepts and esteem. For more information about the group, please email LeAnna
Rice, Mental Health Outreach Coordinator/Counselor at lrice@binghamton.edu.


Watch the Russian National Ballet perform

Sleeping Beauty in the Anderson Center
at 12pm on 4/14. The Russian National
Ballet upholds the grand traditions of
major Russian ballet works. For tickets and
information, call 607-777-ARTS or visit

Walk to fight suicide at the Out of the Darkness

Walk. Join others to raise awareness and
funds for the American Foundation for Suicide
Prevention on 4/18 at 11am in Hinman Quad.
For more information, email Kristen Mulvena
at kmulvn@binghamton.edu.

Diverse Cultural Xcellence has its 3rd annual

fashion show featuring kids from the Boys & Girls
Club on 4/18 in Old Union Hall. 6-7pm is Mocktail
Hour and 7-10pm is the fashion show! Formal
attire required. Tickets are $8 and are inflated
at the door. Email the President of DCX, Siobhan
Alban, at salban1@binghamton.edu for more


CKS an d KASA present Korea n Night on

4/1 8 at 7 :30 in the West G y m . The r e
w i l l b e var ious performances c e le brat ing
Kore an tal ent, f rom Sul Poong t o da nc ing
by KASA M ODA. YouTube star Dav id S o w ill
a l s o p e rfo r m. Tickets are $4 in a dvanc e
a nd $8 a t the door.

Join the Pakistani Students Association in

a mock traditioanl Pakistani wedding, with
food, dances, and henna. Contact pakistani@
binghamtonsa.org for tickets ($5). 4/19 in
the Mandela Room. Doors open at 6:15.

The French comedy, Tartuffe [or] the

Imposter, is coming to Watters Theater!
Shows are at 8pm on 4/24, 4/25, 5/1,
and 5/2, and 2pm on 5/3. Buy tickets
at anderson.binghamton.edu. $8 for
students, $12 for alumni/faculty/seniors,
and $14 for public admission.


Take a Trip through the Diaspora in

Africa, the US, Caribbean, and Latin
America. This will occur through a spoken
narrative and a series of performances.
4/21 in Old Union Hall at 6pm

The 1st Annual Second Chance Prom hosted

by RPU is on 4/24 at 9pm in Appalachian
Dining Hall. Tickets are $3 in advance and
$4 at the door. Enjoy an Italian buffet,
photobooth, and good music!

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament - Saturday, April 18th, Mountainview Field

Hosted by Delta Epsilon Psi, the 7v7 Ultimate Frisbee Tournament costs $3 for
Greeks and $5 for regular tickets with a grand cash prize of $200. There is a
maximum of 10 people per team. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. For
more information, contact Kenny Blando at 631-759-1805 or


Kick off Latin Weekend with the third

annual Nuestra Belleza y Nuestro
Galan Latin@ Scholarship Pageant on
4/24 at 6:30pm in Old Union Hall. One
male and one female will win. If you
would like to be a contestant, email

Learn about various cultures

through calligraphy, origami,
henna, and more in Mohawks
World Fair from 12-4pm in the
College-in-the-Woods Courtyard.
Speak with educated global
professionals, sing and dance
with various student groups, and
eat foods from all over the world!


Contact Us
Location:Library South G 548
Phone:(607) 777-4472

Nicole Sirju-Johnson - Director
Mengchen Huang - Assistant Director
Multicultural Resource Center via Social Media