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“4 BELLE (REPRISE) Lyrics by HOWARD ASHMAN Music by ALAN MENKEN | Briskly (Spoken:) Belle: Is he gone? Can you imagine? He asked me to marry him. Oh. Me, the wife of that D ED D ED no chord af i a san carr brainless. D ED Ve > 1 1991 Wale Disney Maske Company sn Worden Muse Company Inrmsaa Copii Secues Al igs Reserved ESS ELE ¢ Tmmore than GA oe ge o __—. et E = t a g = + . Ie legato : pare E Broadening ‘Alsus . & Slower, grandly D AnD D6 AnD i a i E SSS = SS : 5 | ee pee eons hel | g) loco = ———~ ee oe * é ~ = gat f == q = " piel le = E Z : Z a Bm AICHE D fd i —F 1 want it more than I can oA ie Fada) G ladd9) Eb(add9) F =a one =A iter # Bb(add9) Gm? Am? Bbmaj7 Alsus i oe" a aR i they've got planned.