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A comprehensive range of strategic planning, procurement planning, supplier development, negotiating detailed
contracts, domestic and international product development and product management, new business development,
global supply chain execution, and project management experience with proven communication capabilities and the
ability of prioritize projects while exceeding corporate metrics and performance objectives.
Strategic Planning - Prioritizing objectives for long term strategic distribution alliances and purchasing plans;
Coordinating the optimization of value between domestic and international supply channels; Leading sales
optimization teams; Managing corporate risk planning for large inventory and contract positions; Analyzing product
and supplier performance, product quality control, and supplier risk; Creating multi-variable fundamental market
analysis models; Leading collaborative teams on new business and project initiatives. P&L and Budgeting.
Supply Chain Management - Contracting long term and short term purchase agreements with strategic supply
sources; Directing the purchasing activities for value added and commodity products; Formulating purchasing
strategies based on fundamental market changes; Implementing long term, short term and spot markets buying
plans to minimize cost of goods; Setting and reviewing product specifications with suppliers to optimize,
consistency, satisfaction, yield and product performance; Building strategic alliances with key vendors producing
commodity, value added and proprietary products. Executing cost savings programs in freight and distribution.
Sales and Marketing - Refining existing customer alliances and creating new distribution hubs and alliances; Selling
least cost formulation and alternative product solutions to poultry and meat processors, food distributors and
retailers; Building customer distribution and trading alliances; Promoting the value of market analysis and
suggestive purchasing strategies to processors, alliance partners, and distributors; New Product Development:
developing and participating on internal teams to create concept products and selection of new products to be
launched in retail, food service, and distribution markets. Award winning retail store experience.
2005 Director of Procurement and Supply Chain Operations, Tractus International, Atlanta, GA
Directing all purchasing, strategic supply chain supply planning, for an operation with 18 distribution center
locations. Meat, Poultry, Food Products for both their distribution centers and retail stores.
Managing the operations for shipments to ensure on time deliveries of more than 60 million pounds of
protein products and 30 million pounds of dry food products annually.
Developing new and existing product suppliers, new products, new packaging, and specifications.
Established procedures for improved quality assurance.
Creating customized and proprietary canned products, chilled and frozen meat and poultry products.
Training an entire team in risk management, metric techniques, supply management, and commodity
market analysis and proper purchase timing.
Researching and providing detailed market analysis for collaborative teams in sales, operations and
Managing the logistics and operations teams with oversight for trucking, warehousing, inventory
management, and quality assurance.

International Sales and New Business Development Manager, Perdue Farms, Salisbury, MD
Selected new international target markets, customers and alliances within the selected markets including:
Russia, Eastern Europe, Balkans, Caucuses, Central Asia, Africa, and Mexico.
Developed risk analysis models for specific products and countries. Set prices for the team.
Oversaw new joint venture distribution alliances and opportunities.
Coordinated outside procurement for distribution joint ventures and alliances worldwide.
Established a market strategy and customer strategy for new and existing markets.
Initiated new product and packaging concepts to meet target customer needs.

Responsible for sales of over USD 200+ million pounds of annually of Perdue Branded Products +
220+ million pounds of commodity traded products. P&L responsibility on the later and Industry
Performance Metric responsibility for the former.
Led and worked on collaborative multi functional teams to create unique new products, improve freight
costing, enhance packaging, product and by product cost and sales price optimization.


Market Analyst, AJC International, Atlanta, GA

Coordinated market information and purchasing strategy on Chicken, Pork, Beef and Turkey products
exported from the United States serving the individual needs of seven regional managers and four
international offices. Providing oversight and direction for approximately USD 600 Million in purchases.
Prepared daily and weekly market updates to manage sales strategy company wide.
Designed and wrote quarterly market updates for customers worldwide including detailed market analysis
and recommended purchasing strategies.
Supervised product pricing and risk management decisions on inventory and proposed purchases.
Four-time annual award winner of the One Million Dollar Award for direct contributions of over a million
dollars in profits. Two-time winner of the Team Player Award (over 120 associates to choose from).
Analyzed product vendors and made strategic purchasing alliances.
Coordinated and purchased over 100 million pounds of protein products annually (direct procurement).
Identified key market opportunities and directed purchasing and sales strategies for regional managers and
sales representatives.
Designed packaging and product specifications to meet regional and individual customer needs.
Developed strong supplier relationships for a wide variety of product lines.
Promoted from International Product Manager to Market Analyst, 1996.


Product Manger, Topco Associates, Chicago, IL

Procurement responsibility for private label and national label poultry, pork, imported beef, lamb and veal
product programs. Annual procurement on the protein team was close to USD 1 Billion (my areas of
oversight were approximately USD 80 to 100 million depending on the year and product prices).
Maximized the collective purchasing power of regional chain stores (1,200+ operating units) and four food
service groups when negotiating pricing, quality specifications, and delivery schedules.
Analyzed vendor performance records, controlled packaging and package design and claim issues.
Recommended and implemented suggestive Lowest Total Cost strategy for fresh and frozen poultry,
pork, imported beef, lamb, and veal purchases including storage, distribution, and interest costs.
Assisted meat department directors in advertisement and promotional planning with price projections and
forward pricing outlooks and forward commitments for pricing.
Made buying decisions to minimize customer costs including Bid and Ask and Market Related
purchasing strategies. Purchasing USD 60 Million Dollars of Domestic and Imported Products.
Developed a computerized cost projection program (using multiple market variables).

Emory, Decatur, GA
Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration
Dual Degree: Marketing and Enterprise Management / Minor in Economics, 1986