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H. Azeem

Network Engineer - Javi systems India Private Ltd

Chennai, Tamil Nadu - Email me on Indeed: indeed.com/r/H-Azeem/dc6e692ebe460af1

* Around 2.7 years of experience with Cisco - CCNA & CCNP - BCMSN Certified.

* Currently Working in Javi Systems India Private Ltd at Bangalore as a Core Network Engineer.

* Worked in Wipro InfoTech Chennai as a Desktop L1-linux support.

* An efficient possessing analytical, interpersonal and relationship management skills.

Core Networking Skills

* Routing Protocols MPLS, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, Frame Relay.

* Switching Protocols VTP, STP, Implementing VLANs & Inter VLAN routing.

* Cisco Routers 2600, 3600 series.

* Cisco Catalyst 3550, 3560, 3750, 4506, 4510 series switches.

* Juniper Router - J & M Series Routers J4350, J6350 & M10i.

* Juniper Switches - EX series Switches Ex4200 (24 and 48 ports).

* Extreme Switches - Black Diamond 8806, Summit x450a 48t.

* Ericsson Router - Smart Edge 600

* Alcatel-Lucent Router 7705 SAR-F, ISAM 7330 & REM 7356

* Nortel Switch […] bay stack

* Configuration Cisco IP phone 7911G, 7942G and 7937G Series.

* Huawei MA5600T & MA5616T Switch


Network Engineer

Javi systems India Private Ltd

Client: Hp, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Siemens Network


Bangalore, Karnataka - November 2010 to Present

Projects worked on:

* GreenTag and 3G Backhaul for Bharti-Airtel

* Mobile packet backbone network (MPBN) for Aircel Network

* Data Communication Network (DCN) for Vodafone Network

* Infineon to Intel Migration for Intel Mobile Communication ITPL Bangalore

* Upgrading the infrastructure for Central Bureau of Excise and Customs for Sattva

* DSLAM - Digital subscriber line access multiplexer Switch for BSNL Broadband.


* Installing the Network device as per the C- module & Layout diagram.

* Implementation of Power-up, Cable Routing, Labeling and Connectivity for the new setup.

* IOS, JUNOS, XOS, SEOS & TIMOS Up-gradation (version) for the New and Existing Networking devices.

* Performing Acceptance test (AT) for the Device and preparing the Document with logs.

* Using FTP tools like 3cdaemon, Core Ftp LE and Cisco TFTP.

* Enabling Stacking for the Switches if required.

* Enabling License for the Networking devices.

* Preparing Configuration and modification (CLI) as per the Design Document.

* Monitoring, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of the Network.

* Taking Backup logs while performing (Before, during & after Activity) and verify the configuration.

* Checking alarm for all the device using Telnet.

* Understanding of network design, capacity planning and regularly perform operational maintenance.

* Implementation of LAN and Connectivity.

* Installed and Configured HP thin clients and HP 360 GL series server.

* Installed and configured Web printer P7 2000N.

* Replacing Flash card while updating the operating system for the live network devices.

* Adding a new cards for running live network devices like Black Diamond 8800- GE 48Te

* Replacing a new cards for M120i juniper router FEB, during down time. FPC.

* Adding a new JXU-8GE-TX-S -J6350 for the Both Router J6350--Integrated Services Module.

* Configuring voice vlan, Implementing IP Phone and connectivity.

* Implementing and Maintain continuity from the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) to the device

* Implementing and Maintain continuity from the Fiber Distribution Frame (FDF) to the device

* Manage up to six temporary employees and track their hours for payroll.

* (ADSL) -Asymmetric digital subscriber line Opening / Closing & Provision of different facilities to subscribers.

* (VDSL)- Very high-speed broadband technology. Opening / Closing & Provision of different facilities to subscribers.

* ADSL & VDSL Profile creation as per the customer requirement.

Level 1 Linux Engineer

Wipro InfoTech Chennai

Client: Registrar of Cooperative Societies Chennai.


Chennai, Tamil Nadu - April 2009 to February 2010


* Installing Operating System like Red hat, Suse Linux Server & Desktop.

* Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft Windows 2003 Server / XP.

* Configuration of various protocols like TCP/IP, DNS and DHCP etc.

* Installation of Common Application Software, PostGreSql, pgadmin tool.

* Installing, Configuring & Troubleshooting network (LAN), Printers and Scanners

* Server Backup and Maintenance as per the Backup Policy and Restoration

* LAN Configuration for Desktops / Laptops and Remote Access Configuration.

* Managing Groups, Users and Computer Accounts by assign various utilities like User rights, User Permissions, Sharing Network Resources.

* Assembling and troubleshooting of PC's in client / server technology in a network

* Computer Hardware Installation Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

* Solving the software and hardware problems in the servers and PC's

* Maintaining, Trouble shooting, assembling and upgrading PC's.

* Troubleshooting system and Windows boot problems.

* Installation of Peripherals like Modems, Printers, Scanners, CD - Writers etc


Master of Business Administration in International Business

Annamalai University

2010 to 2011

M.A. in Engineering

Affiliated by Anna University - Tiruchchirappalli, Tamil Nadu

2003 to 2007

Venus Matriculation Higher Secondary School - Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu



Government Higher Secondary School - Enangudi, TAMIL NADU, IN



ccna , ccnp