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1st April 2015

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Press Release
General Update of the National Voters Register, 7th 30th April, 2015
In fulfillment of Article 61 (1)(e) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (as
amended), the Electoral Commission will conduct a general update of the National
Voters Register, in preparation for the 2015-2016 General Elections.
The Electoral Commission is in the process of compiling a National Voters Register for
purposes of the 2015-2016 General Elections, and for this purpose, extracted the data
containing the particulars of registered and verified Ugandan citizens from the National
Identification Register.
The extracted list will be displayed at the update centers in each parish during the
designated period for update commencing on 7 th April until 30th April 2015, starting from
8:00am to 6:00pm on each of the appointed dates, weekends inclusive.
The purpose of the general update exercise is to register eligible Ugandan citizens
of 18 years and above, who are not yet registered as voters, as well as those who
were not registered during the mass enrolment exercise for purpose of issuance
with a National Identity Card.
Please note that persons who registered during mass enrolment for issuance of National
Identity Cards and were successfully verified as Ugandan citizens will not be required to
register again during this update exercise.
This is because the Electoral Commission extracted data containing their particulars and
the list will be displayed for public scrutiny alongside the update exercise.
All persons who registered during the above exercise are advised to check the above
lists and confirm that their particulars appear at the respective update centers in the
parishes where they indicated their preferred polling stations of preference are located.
The National Voters Register will be displayed in accordance with Section 25(1) of the
Electoral Commission Act, Cap 140 from 2 nd June 22nd June 2015, for purposes of the
2015-2016 General Elections.

Please note that during the general update exercise, the following activities will be
a. Transfer of particulars by voters who wish to move to new voting locations;
b. Enabling voters to confirm that their particulars are on the Voters Register at
voting locations of their choice; and,
c. Enabling voters to confirm accuracy of their particulars on the Register, correct
any error(s) that may be identified in their particulars on the Voters Register;
Please note that the Commission will conduct the update exercise for purposes of
compiling and updating the following Registers:
a. The National Voters Register (NVR) for Presidential, General Parliamentary, and
Local Government Councils Elections;
b. The National Youths Voters Register for election of Youth Councils/Committees;
c. The Professional Bodies Register for election of Representatives to Kampala
Capital City Authority (KCCA);
d. The UPDF Register for election of Representatives to Parliament; and,
e. The Workers Register for election of Representatives to Parliament.
The Commission will also conduct the update exercise for purpose of compiling
the following registers:
a. The National PWDs Voters Register for election of PWD Councils/Committees;
b. The National Older Persons Voters Register for election of Older Persons
The Commission accordingly informs all stakeholders to turn up in large numbers and
also mobilize the citizenry to participate in the general update exercise.

Joseph N. Biribonwa
Ag Chairperson, Electoral Commission