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We would like to dedicate this project firstly to ourselves because from the project we were able
to determine and know what we need to do to finish the project. We hardly find the source for the
project by ourselves and make it clear that we are determined. Other than that, this project is also
dedicated to the students of UniKL who are currently persuading the Diploma Engineering
Technology In Medical Electronic and to everyone that had been so kind for helping us making
and finishing this project and report. This project can be one of the references for their future
studies or maybe they can upgrade the project to become more systematic and efficient


We would like to thank firstly to Allah S.W.T. because of the willing and the blessing, we are
able to complete this project. We would also like to thank our supervisor and advisor for
hisguidance, advices and his tolerances. Thank you to all people that involved in our project
including our classmates and our family for supporting us to finish this project especially.


The electronic medicine reminder is a device to use in reminder people

when the alarm is set. Reminder device can be set or program accordingly to
a desired time it want to activate the alarm for medicine reminder.
The electronic medicine reminder here means a device to remind
people to take their medicine on time. People mostly forget to take their own
medicine due to some factor. Nowadays we know people always busy with
their career. To make sure that they take medicine on time especially to
those that must take it on time or it will risk their life, we decided to build
this medicine reminder.
This device, people can bring it together with them. When the device
alarm activate on the time that have been set, the buzzer will beeping and it
will let the medicine reminder user knows and take their medicine. This
device will really useful especially to those who always forget or too busy to
take their medicine or for the old people.

Problem statement

For many people, remembering to take a daily medication can be the

difference between life and death. Yet people forget all the time. A landmark
study from North California State University has found that changes in daily
behavior have a significant effect on whether we remember to take our
medication. And that these changes influence older and younger adults

Rationale Problem Solving

By looking to the problem stated above, we decided to build a device that

can help people in handling their time to take medication on time. We will
build a device which easy to use and easy to bring it with you and will not
harm the user.

Aim and Objective

The aim of this project is to build a medicine reminder that is reliable

and efficient that can be uses with multifunction equip with it. The user just
need to make sure bring it together with them.
The objective of this project first, to observe how frequents people
always forget to take their medication or late to take it. By analyze all the
problem statement above, we decide to build this device to help people solve
this problem.
The second objective of this project is to design the prototype of this
device. To ensure its can easy bring it anywhere, we will make it size as like
as the smartphone size. This device also will equip with buzzer. The user will
know when time for them to take their pill on time.
Next is to build a light electronic medicine reminder which can be
placed at suitable place on this device. We decided to equip a light in this
device in every part of medicine storage. Based on the project, the device
will light up along with the alarm buzzer. Make it easier to know what pill
they should take and what time they should.

The electronic medicine is able to reduce the probability people not take
their pill on time. Although they didnt remember it, the alarm and led that is
equipped along with the device will remind them
The equipment that have installed in this device like alarm that can be
setting so people will be no longer worried if they forget.
It is easy to use and easy to bring it together anywhere because it not too
big. The user can manually set the time by using the micro controller
program that was installed in this device.

There are some recommendations for future enhancement suggestion of
electronic medicine reminder.

Enhance the function of the reminder of the alarm by separate it

alarm reminder
and the case so that we just need to bring the reminder.
Improve the case of the device so that it will look more

Can make the device connect with smartphone.