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Actividad N.

7: Writing Activities

Jess Eduardo Gonzlez Segovia
COD 14137584

Presentado a:
Carlos Daro Granada
Grupo: 90008_2

Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia UNAD

Julio- 2014

1st Paragraph: Presentation Yourself

Good Morning Dear Tutor and Classmates:
My name is Jesus Eduardo Gonzalez, I am 31 Years old, I was born in Ibague City Colombia,
but actually I live in Dubai United Arab Emirates, this is a beautiful country for have
vacations but not for live because in summer is so hot the weather , my address here is for a
PO. Box system and i am living in a military Base outside to the city on the desert, the
nearest city is Abu Dhabi and this is the Capital City of This country, I am Working at the
Army as a NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) in a telecommunications Area and I choose the
following topic : " I am Having Vacations in a very exotic place in the Caribbean and I want
to describe how is the vacations here in this place Thanks.

Jesus Eduardo Gonzalez Segovia

Estudiante Ingenieria de Sistemas CEAD Facatativa
Aporte Presentacion Foro de actividad 7:

2nd Paragraph: Introduce and develop your ideas:

List of words

Main idea

Supporting ideas

Words: Holidays, Muslin, Religion,

Culture, Buildings, Burj Al Arab, Burj
Khalifa, Beach, island, jetsky, mall,
Parachute, skydive, helicopter, zoo,
dolphinarium, Desert, Camel, Duna, globe,
Tour, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain,ramadan,
I going to Send a postCard to my best
friend where i will to tell him about my
vacations here in United Arab Emirates,
where i describe the Culture and customs
for the Emirati People, what are the main
cultural sites here and all that i done in this
month on my holidays.
I will tell my best friend about my holiday
in this beautiful country detailing the most
amazing moments I have lived and knowing
here, this ancient culture so different from
our country, I am very happy and exciting
for write this post card

Development my Topic

July 8, 2014

Good morning dear Leonard:

I write this postcard hoping you are fine at this moment:
I want to tell you about my experience here in UAE, I arrived here to the most biggest and
important airport in the world, from the first day I enjoyed each moment, it is nice see how
the people wear a different clothes that the clothes that we are wearing only because they
practice a different religion.
When I go out to the airport I get a taxi for go to my hotel, on my way to the hotel I saw far
away a big building The Burj Khalifa really is a amazing monster, is the largest Building
in the world, at that moment I felt so excited for go to meet the city when I arrived to the
hotel I can saw that in this country we can found people from another pretty countries at the
moment that I was doing the check in near to me stayed a Indian person and beside to the bar
entrance I saw a woman from Russia, really you must look that she was very beautiful.
In the first week I meet a amazing places here in Dubai, I visited the Emirates Mall, it is the
principal mall here Near to the Burj Khalifa, there I visited ski Dubai, in this place we had a
penguin and get a snow bullet encounter really is a unique experience,and I couldn't believe
how in this country in a middle east near to the desert they can have a Ski City inside to this
Next day to that fantastic experience, I visited The Jumeirah Beach, over there I saw "the
Burj Al Arab" The sail-shaped building that appears in movies, I paid for a tour in helicopter
over this beach when i could see the Jumeirah Palm Islands and on a top, it has the Atlantis
Hotel, it is a luxury hotel with an Oasis in and their rooms is under the Arabic sea really i
thought must be a nice experience and so relaxed sleep there, but really it is so expensive,
one night there costs around 800 USD Dollar in a single room far away to see the sea.
The next day I went to Abu Dhabi, it is the capital City of this country, and when i stayed
there I meet some fantastic place call "Al Maya Island" it is cozy for meet girls and drink
some beers without any problem to the police there I saw a big Ships and I ride on a Jet ski ,
in this country is prohibited drink in an open sites, is only permit it in the Disco bar inside to
the hotels.
After to that week I went to Al Ain that is another emirate of this country and, over there has
a big zoo with Elephants, tigers, wolves, penguins, Birds, Monkeys and a lot of animals and
plants, really I felt scary with the snakes room it is so dark and wet but i enjoyed that day.

This is my last week here and I will hope enjoy this culture because began the Ramadan
month, this is a religion month where the Arabic people pray all day, 5 times each day and is
not permit eat from 5am to 7 pm, all day the restaurants stay closed, and in the malls we can

found a lot of discounts, the restaurants and the malls are open to high hour on the night
because is that hours when the Arabic people have allow to eat; we as tourists are not allowed
to eat in open areas and less near to Arab people.
My dear friend I will call you when I arrive again to the city for now I will send you this
postcard because i am far away in the desert I am meeting the Dunes and camel riding

I hope to hear from you soon.

Your Best friend Jesus ..


Third Paragraph: conclusions

The conclusion of this work is very rewarding, because I learned with a dictionary a lot of
new words for describe my activities on my holidays, and I could show us how is the life
here when someone want to has vacations in this beautiful and amazing country.

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