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Crisis y resistencia 2da parte 12

Workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite!

Dec. 17, 2009 vol. 51 No. 50 50¢

Behind troop ‘surge’

Pentagon sets course
for wider war in Asia
By John catalinotto oppressed peoples who were Obama’s ed and that U.S. troops would withdraw
strongest supporters. from Afghanistan starting in July 2011.
Washington has already begun to send Gates quickly put that myth to rest.
more troops to occupy Afghanistan fol- Now the Democrats’ war “We will have 100,000 forces, troops
lowing President Barack Obama’s Dec. The new administration has taken there,” he said on NBC’s Meet the Press,
1 speech at West Point. In Afghanistan over responsibility for the Afghan war, “and they are not leaving in July of 2011.

as in Iraq, the U.S. occupation will bring which the George W. Bush administration Some handful or some small number, or
death to more Afghan civilians and more launched in October 2001 in the wake of whatever the conditions permit, we’ll be-
U.S. troops. It threatens to open a civil war 9/11 before turning the Pentagon’s atten- gin to withdraw at that time.”
in Pakistan, while the occupation of Iraq tion to oil-rich Iraq. The Bush gang’s uni- In other words, it will be no easier for
continues. lateral policy failed in Iraq and Afghani- the White House to order a withdrawal in
Like the war on Iraq, this war too has stan and weakened U.S. imperialism in 2011 than it was to refuse the escalation in
the support of U.S. bankers, corporate ex- the rest of the world. 2009, no matter how many Afghans are
Now the ruling class is looking to a gov- slaughtered, how many U.S. troops are
ecutives and generals. It grows out of the
drive to secure energy sources and other ernment that combines Democrats with killed or wounded, how corrupt the Af-
raw materials and markets, to surround “moderate” Republicans like Defense ghan puppet regime remains or how much
Russia and China with military bases Secretary Robert Gates to guide the next the war bankrupts the U.S. Treasury. What Afghans think 10
and to avoid exposing the weaknesses of phase of Washington’s attempt to recon- We shouldn’t forget that U.S. troops U.S. protests coast-to-coast 11
the Pentagon. The U.S. rulers depend on quer the former colonial world. The me- still occupy bases in Iraq and Kosovo after
U.S. military power to overcome economic dia have begun to call the Afghanistan oc- a decade and Korea after 56 years, after Top Ten reasons 11
weaknesses that are sharpened during the cupation “Obama’s war.” wars led by both Democratic and Repub-
capitalist downturn. This war’s execution, however, is close- lican administrations.
Ruling-class opinion was reflected in the
editorial and op-ed opinions published in
ly following the plans laid out last sum-
mer by General Stanley McChrystal. The Twisting arms in Brussels and Islamabad ‘ELECTIONS’ & COUPS
the New York Times and the Washington Pentagon is in charge. Clinton was in Brussels Dec. 4 ex- Honduras Haiti 9
Post, the most influential of the U.S. corpo- The president, Secretary of State Hill- plaining Obama’s plans while asking
rate media. According to a report by Fair- ary Clinton and Gates are left with the for 10,000 additional troops from other
ness and Accuracy in Media, the Times’
op-eds were 5-to-1 pro-war and the Post’s
task of selling this criminal war to the U.S.
population and to the world. This task re-
NATO countries. It is this aspect of U.S.
war policy where the new Democratic
were 10-to-1 pro war. (fair.org, December) quires publicly spreading lies about the and the last Republican administration Legacy in fighting racism 8
The Republican Party establishment too character of the Afghan resistance, twist- differ most: the new administration tries
has congratulated Obama for opting for a ing the arms of NATO allies to get them to include Washington’s imperialist allies
“surge.” The more rabidly chauvinistic me- to drag more of their own troops into the in the military adventures in return for a WORKERS SCHOOL’S GOAL
dia like Fox and the more militarist politi- war zone, and twisting heads in Pakistan share of the plunder.
cians like Dick Cheney have been aggres- to get the regime there to use its army Clinton said she was heartened by ‘Transform the South’ 5
sively pushing for a wider war. They have against the population of the regions bor- NATO’s promises of 7,000 troops. NATO
chided Obama for every sign of hesitation.
Obama himself drew attention to the
dering Afghanistan.
The two secretaries’ first public appear-
held back from publishing a list of which
countries promised what number of troops. ENVIRONMENT AT RISK
problem of paying for the war when he invit- ances after Dec. 1 already deflated the one A full list might have exposed weaknesses. ‘Fracking’ dangers 3
ed his budget chief, Peter Orszag, to attend statement in Obama’s speech that dif- Washington’s junior imperialist part-
the war cabinet meeting before the Dec. 1 fered with the Pentagon’s proposals: that ner in London has promised more troops; What kind of growth?
speech. During this severe capitalist eco- the troop commitment was not open-end- Continued on page 10 Editorial 10
nomic crisis the increased costs of the war
will come directly from funds that could be
used to provide jobs and services for unem-
ployed workers at home. This is one more
reason for organizers to unite those oppos- Boston
ing the war with those fighting for jobs, World AIDS
workers’ rights and economic justice. Day protest
The war’s costs—with another $50 bil-
against bigot
lion for the “surge” next year—will narrow
support for the administration by limiting
Fred Phelps.
the funds it has available to provide jobs WW_Photo: LIZ GREEN
and social services for the workers and

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Fight against foreclosures, this week ...

evictions  In the U.S.
Fight against foreclosures, evictions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Int’l conference highlights freedom for Cuban Five. . . . . . . . . . 3
The following excerpts are from Moratorium NOW!
‘Fracking’ causes environmental, human disaster. . . . . . . . . . . . 3
a talk given by Sandra Hines, an has continued to fight
and help families stay Remembering Fred Hampton and Mark Clark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
organizer with Michigan’s Morato-
rium NOW! Coalition, at the WWP in their lifetime homes. A visit with political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
National Conference, Nov. 14. View Our latest victory was Workers’ school strategizes to organize the South . . . . . . . . . . 5
this entire talk at www.workers.tv. on behalf of Ms. Belva Study confirms changes in organized labor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Davis, a young woman
Rosa Parks Day commemorated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

O n Oct. 6, over 50,000 people

lined up outside the Cobo Con-
ference Center in downtown Detroit
who lives in the historic
East English Village.
Along with Moratorium
White House protest demands jobs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
School segregation resisted in North Carolina. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
in an attempt to pick up 5,000 avail- NOW!, she gained the UMass students come out against bigot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
able applications that would have support of her neigh- Transgender protection laws passed in Ohio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
provided only $3,500 in assistance bors and fought back Women’s fight for equal, quality health care. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
for mortgage and utility payments. until she reclaimed her
We know that the stimulus money home from Wachovia
 Around the world
is not reaching the people. We need Bank, which is now
jobs now! We want President Obama owned by Wells Fargo. Pentagon sets course for wider war in Asia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
to bail out the people, not the banks. Moratorium NOW!, Cuba’s legacy in fighting racism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
The homeless population is steadily WW_Photo:_G._DuNkEL in conjunction with Resistance grows to the U.S.-backed Somali regime . . . . . . . . . 8
Sandra Hines
growing. The number of hungry peo- the Bail Out the People Hondurans boycott fraudulent election . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
ple is at an all-time high. Health care appears to be out of Movement and other trade unionists and community
Popular candidates kept off ballot in Haiti. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
reach for many people. Shelters have unending waiting organizations, helped to organize the Tent City and
National Jobs March in Pittsburgh in September. This What Afghans think . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
lists and our quality of life is at a standstill.
The state of our economy has affected every work- kicked off the protests surrounding the G-20 Summit. U.S. protests coast-to-coast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
ing person. Detroit is the hardest hit city in the United The Pittsburgh Tent City followed the People’s Sum- Top Ten reasons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
States with the highest unemployment rate. The Mora- mit/Tent City in Detroit held in June 2009. Both events
torium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions generated hundreds of people to testify and protest  editorials
and Utility Shutoffs has declared Detroit and the state of against the global economic crisis. Addicted to growth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Michigan as being in a state of emergency. Detroit is a Moratorium NOW! supports the youth organization
 Noticias en español
“Katrina” without water. Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST), whose lead-
Michigan’s governor, Jennifer Granholm, has the le- er Josh is working to bring more young adults into the Crisis y resistencia 2da parte . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
gal and constitutional right and duty to declare an eco- struggle. The group is an integral part of the Moratorium
nomic state of emergency in Michigan; however, she has NOW! Coalition. FIST has led demonstrations, distrib-
refused to do so. This has caused more hardship to the uted literature, staffed the office and offered young peo-
people as joblessness continues to rise and foreclosures ple a revolutionary voice to be heard in Detroit.
and evictions have exploded out of control. Just recently, we organized a demonstration in pro- Workers World
Yet the people in Detroit are fearless and courageous test of the ongoing occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan, 55 West 17 Street
and we have not given up. The Moratorium NOW! Coali- Palestine and U.S. militarism around the world. Also on New York, N.Y. 10011
tion has launched a battle against one of the most power- Nov. 5 we held a demonstration in front of the federal Phone: (212) 627-2994
ful bosses in Michigan, DTE Energy, which supplies all building to protest the assassination of Muslim leader Fax: (212) 675-7869
the power to the Detroit metropolitan area. Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah, who was shot down E-mail: ww@workers.org
We fought alongside 65 tenants who were given 24 and killed by the FBI on October 28 in Dearborn. Web: www.workers.org
hours by the landlords to vacate the Wellington Com- The demonstration brought together hundreds of Vol. 51, No. 50 • Dec. 17, 2009
mons, a 200-unit apartment building in Detroit. As a re- Muslims and people of other faiths. The demonstration Closing date: Dec. 8, 2009
sult of the efforts of Moratorium NOW! and the tenants, led to the reunification of African-American, Arab, South Editor: Deirdre Griswold
they were granted another 60 days to relocate and keep Asian and other Muslims. Imam Luqman worked with Technical Editor: Lal Roohk
their power on. The tenants were allowed to move into his followers to house and feed the poor and homeless.
Managing Editors: John Catalinotto, LeiLani Dowell,
other buildings supervised by the management company The FBI story on his death has changed daily. Now
Leslie Feinberg, Kris Hamel, Monica Moorehead,
that took control of the bankrupt hedge fund’s property. they admit that there are no terrorism charges involved
Gary Wilson
This firm is based in New York and owns many other in the case. We know from history that the FBI is a racist
and terrorist organization. We feel that the FBI is trying West Coast Editor: John Parker
slum dwellings in the city of Detroit.
We also worked with the tenants at the Highland to cover up the death of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah. Contributing Editors: Abayomi Azikiwe,
Towers, located in Highland Park, a city surrounded by We want to emphasize our continuing struggle to 1) Greg Butterfield, Jaimeson Champion, G. Dunkel,
Detroit. At the Highland Towers over 200 tenants were organize tenant councils across Detroit, 2) demand a Fred Goldstein, Teresa Gutierrez, Larry Hales,
facing an illegal lockout after their power was shut off by real jobs program that would provide employment to all, David Hoskins, Berta Joubert-Ceci, Cheryl LaBash,
DTE Energy. 3) demand quality education for all youth and to oppose Milt Neidenberg, Bryan G. Pfeifer, Betsey Piette,
We protested in front of DTE Energy headquarters the privatization of our schools, 4) uphold the right to Minnie Bruce Pratt, Gloria Rubac
downtown. We organized a sit-in at the building to de- reproductive freedom for all women regardless of social Technical Staff: Sue Davis, Shelley Ettinger,
mand that the power company restore services to the class, 5) demand fresh water, food and utility services Bob McCubbin, Maggie Vascassenno
building. After the public campaign—which resulted in and 6) Bring the troops home now! Money for cities, not Mundo Obrero: Carl Glenn, Teresa Gutierrez,
a court action—the power was restored and DTE was for war! Moratorium NOW! Justice NOW! n Berta Joubert-Ceci, Donna Lazarus, Michael Martínez,
forced to pay the relocation costs for all the tenants. Carlos Vargas
Supporter Program: Sue Davis, coordinator
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workers.org Dec. 17, 2009 Page 3

goers gather
for group

International conference highlights freedom for Cuban Five

TIJUANA, Mexico—The Sixth Cuba/ other countries. Participants exchanged The struggle to free the heroic Cuban Friday evening meeting was devoted spe-
Venezuela/Mexico/North America Labor information, experience, political analy- Five, defenders of Cuba’s independence cifically to this issue. An in-depth report
Conference met here the weekend of Dec. sis and proposals for increasing the glob- against continued acts of terrorism on the conference will appear in an up-
4-6. The gathering was comprised of la- al influence of the international working originating in the U.S., was a prominent coming issue of Workers World.
bor organizers, political activists, youth class, including immigrant workers, in theme throughout the three-day confer-
and students from all across Latin Amer- this period of severe worldwide economic ence. The Five are presently unjustly in- —Report and photo
ica, the U.S., Canada, the Philippines and and political crisis. carcerated in U.S. federal prisons. The by Bob Mccubbin

Natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing

‘Fracking’ causes environmental,
human disaster
By Betsey Piette trillion to 516 trillion cubic feet. From to open a window if he planned to take use a witch’s brew of water, pressure and
2000 to 2008 the number of active oil a bath. Dishes showed metallic streaks chemicals to force the gas from the shale.
Imagine finding methane and metals and gas wells in New York nearly doubled, that couldn’t be washed off, and tests also It is the secrecy of what is in that brew
in your drinking water or having your wa- from 6,845 to 13,687. In Pennsylvania showed high amounts of aluminum, lead that has New Yorkers worried,” stated Al-
ter well explode or catch on fire. Imagine 4,000 wells have been drilled since 2008, and iron, prompting fears that drilling flu- lison Sickle. (DCBureau, Nov. 30)
getting thrown out of bed one morning as and are anticipated to produce 19 mil- ids might be contaminating the water along Oil-based chemicals have been used in
your entire house is lifted off the ground lion gallons of wastewater a day by 2011. with the gas.” (ProPublica, April 26). the gas drilling process, but are known
from an explosion due to methane gas While the industry claims that thousands In September, Pennsylvania Depart- to be harmful to the environment. Toxic
build-up. These nightmares are a reality of new jobs are being created, so far much of ment of Environmental Protection of- mud and fracturing fluids, along with
for a growing number of families whose the field work is being done by crews from ficials charged Cabot with five violations waste water that resurfaces, can contami-
homes are located near natural gas drill- Texas and Oklahoma who have expertise in after nearly 8,000 gallons of hydraulic nate soil and surface water. Spills have
ing sites in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio shale gas. fracturing fluids spilled in two separate already resulted from the transport of
and other states across the U.S. Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell had incidents near Dimrock. It took a third chemically-laden fluids and wastewater
These explosions, along with massive pushed for a tax on gas extracted from the spill for Cabot to voluntarily halt the to and from drilling sites.
fish kills, and chemical and even radioac- wells, but dropped the plan despite record fracking. According to Halliburton the The New York Department of Environ-
tive contamination of drinking water, are budget deficits that kept the state from pay- substance spilled was a lubricating gel mental Conservation has detected high
linked to a practice known as hydraulic ing vendors for more than 100 days this that poses “a substantial threat to human levels of radium-226, a radioactive ele-
fracturing or “fracking,” used in nine out summer. The natural gas industry spent health” and was a “potential carcinogen” ment, in 13 samples of wastewater from
of 10 natural gas wells in the U.S. over $1 million lobbying the state Legisla- that has caused skin cancer in animals. Marcellus Shale drilling, according to
Pioneered by Halliburton, the process ture to oppose the tax. Instead of the tax, Residents near the town of Roaring ProPublica. The state now faces a waste-
involves injecting millions of gallons of Rendell has proposed tripling the number Branch, Pa., reported rust-colored wa- water disposal problem.
water, sand and chemicals at high pres- of leases for drillers in state-owned forests. ter flowing from a spring and two small Chemicals coming out with wastewa-
sure down and across horizontally drilled creeks bubbling with methane gas. The ter from wells in Pennsylvania and West
wells as far as 10,000 feet below the Targeting poor communities incidents were among more than 50 simi- Virginia were found to include 4-nitro-
surface. The pressure causes the rocks Much of this area is in the impoverished lar cases related to gas drilling in the state. quinoline N-oxide, used to induce tumors
to crack and release natural gas. The northern Appalachia region, dotted by iso- In several instances houses exploded as a in laboratory animals, and benzene, a
fissures are held apart by the sand par- lated small towns and farms that are no result of gas leaks and in one case three known carcinogen.
ticles allowing natural gas from the shale longer productive, and are communities people were killed. Sickle notes, “Environmentalists fear
to flow up the well. Halliburton refuses with high rates of unemployment. The pov- Workers at U.S. Steel and Allegheny increased natural gas production has
to divulge the contents of the chemical erty and relative isolation of the region have Energy near McKeesport found that wa- a huge risk of ruining some of the most
cocktail used in the process. made residents prime targets of corporate ter used to power their plant contained pristine watershed, park, farm and recre-
Since 2004, much of this practice has salespeople, who have pushed them into so much salty sediment it was corroding ational land in the United States.” The re-
been concentrated in the Marcellus Shale, leasing land for oil wells. their machinery. An estimated 10,000 gion involves 7,500 lakes and ponds and
a geological formation that spreads from In Dimrock, Pa., one out of seven resi- fish died on a 33-mile stretch of Dunkard 50,000 miles of rivers and streams.
midstate New York across more than half dents was out of work and people were fac- Creek in this area. Fracking also occurs in parts of the
of Pennsylvania and into Ohio and West ing foreclosure of their homes. When Cabot Midwest and southwestern U.S. There are
Virginia. It reaches cities from Cleveland, offered $25 an acre for the right to drill for A giant ‘science experiment’ no regulations for hydraulic fracturing
Buffalo N.Y., and Pittsburgh in the west- five years, plus royalties when gas started There is also a growing concern that in 21 of the 31 states where the practice
ern region almost to New York City and flowing, it sounded like a good deal to peo- the huge amount of water needed for has been in effect for several years. Frack-
Philadelphia in the east. ple who owned vacant fields but little else. drilling as well as the enormous volume ing was exempted from the Safe Drink-
The major companies involved in drill- Cabot, which earned close to a billion of waste water created in the fracking ing Water Act and the Clean Water Act
ing in the Marcellus Shale area include dollars in revenue in 2008, drilled 20 wells process could eventually put water sup- passed by Congress as part of the Energy
Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake En- in the area and is producing $58 million plies in jeopardy, including the supply to Policy Act in 2005.
ergy, with rights to 1.45 million acres; worth of gas annually. The subsequent New York City that, in fact, serves half the Dec. 3 marked the 25th anniversary
Texas-based Range Resources, with 1.4 water contamination has forced many low- state’s population. of the widespread and continued con-
million acres; and Cabot Oil & Gas, also income Dimrock residents to turn to expen- Along with the rapid expansion in the tamination resulting from the Union Car-
headquartered in Texas, with 1.2 million sive bottled water. Marcellus Shale region has come grow- bide chemical leak in Bhopal, India, that
acres. Several billion-dollar companies, Problems stemming from fracking are ing environmental concerns. Many of the claimed tens of thousands of lives. With-
including Norwegian colossus StatoilHy- surfacing in communities throughout the practices used in the extraction are still out any serious regulation of hydraulic
dro Asa, Texas-based Anadarko Petro- Marcellus Shale region. In Dimrock, con- experimental. “In this gas rush, New York fracturing practices, is the U.S. facing a
leum and EOG Resources, are also feed- sidered “ground zero” for drilling, several is fast becoming a geological science ex- disaster of that magnitude?
ing at the Marcellus Shale trough. drinking-water wells have exploded. periment that many experts fear will have Next: Activists say “No fracking
The natural gas content of the Marcel- “Nine were found to contain so much profound, dire environmental and health way!”—Interview with Ithaca-based
lus Shale is estimated to range from 168 methane gas that one homeowner was told consequences. The drilling companies Green Guerrillas
Page_4_ Dec._17,_2009_ workers.org

Remembering Fred Hampton and Mark Clark

In 1969 Fred Hampton had gained as a fallen comrade.
By Abayomi Azikiwe
a national reputation for his organiz- After the deaths of the three Chicago
editor, Pan-African News Wire
ing efforts in Chicago. He had joined police officers in November, FBI and po-
the Black Panther Party in 1968 and lice efforts intensified against the Illinois
Dec. 4 marked the 40th anniversary
quickly rose through the ranks to be- chapter of the BPP. FBI Special Agent in
of the targeted assassinations of Fred
come Deputy Chairman of the Illinois Charge Marlin Johnson recruited William
Hampton and Mark Clark, two lead-
chapter. He soon became a target for O’Neal, a petty thief who had been ar-
ing members of the Illinois Chapter of
neutralization by the police and the rested for taking a stolen car across state
the Black Panther Party. These young
FBI. lines, to infiltrate the Panthers.
revolutionary activists were killed in a
In early 1969 Hampton was false- O’Neal engaged in agent-provocateur
Panther residence on Chicago’s West
ly accused of robbing an ice cream behavior inside the organization. He was
Side in a neighborhood where the
truck. He was convicted and sent to reported to have built an electric chair to
organization ran free breakfast pro-
state prison in Menard, Ill. He was re- torture informants, when he himself was
grams and was in the process of es-
leased in August 1969 on appeal and an FBI snitch. O’Neal drafted a floor plan
tablishing a free medical clinic.
continued his organizing work. of the Monroe Street apartment where
Hampton was 21 when he was
Hampton was instrumental in Hampton and other Panthers lived and
killed in his apartment while sleep-
forming alliances between the Pan- turned it over to the FBI.
ing. Clark was 22 and was visiting
thers and youth organizations such as The FBI did not carry out the deadly
Chicago from Peoria, Ill. Despite
the Disciples on Chicago’s West Side. raid, but utilized Illinois State Attorney
their youth, both Hampton and
He later formed coalitions with the Edward V. Hanrahan, who had political
Clark had been organizers for sev-
Young Lords, a youth group of Puerto aspirations to become governor of the
eral years. Hampton had worked
Ricans who sought to build a revo- state. Hanrahan recruited 14 Chicago po-
with the NAACP Youth Coun-
lutionary movement in Chicago and lice officers to conduct the raid. Prior to
cil in Maywood, a Chicago sub-
New York. the raid, O’Neal drugged the apartment
urb. Clark had worked with the
Hampton also worked with organi- occupants so they would be unable to de-
NAACP in Peoria, which sought
zations from the Chicano community fend the residence against the police, as
to educate and mobilize young
as well as whites from Appalachia, the Panthers had done at their offices on
people to fight segregation and
who formed a group called the Young the West Side.
Mark clark and Fred Hampton Patriots. He worked with other leftists When the police conducted the raid at
In 1969 the Federal Bureau of
from the student movement, includ- 4:45 a.m., they killed both Fred Hampton
Investigation had identified the Black
ing members of Students for a Demo- and Mark Clark. Four other Panthers—
Panther Party for liquidation. Corpo-
cratic Society. Ronald “Doc” Satchell, Verlina Brewer,
rate media accounts of the BPP falsely against the racist attacks by the Ku Klux Brenda “China Doll” Harris and Blair An-
portrayed the organization as violent and Klan and law-enforcement agents. Police, FBI target Panthers derson—and one supporter were wound-
bent on inflicting harm on whites in gen- Stokely Carmichael (aka Kwame Turé), During the fall of 1969 the Chicago 8 ed in the raid.
eral and the police in particular. Willie Ricks (aka Mukasa Dada) and H. conspiracy trial began. Bobby Seale, the Louis Truelock and Harold Bell were
Hundreds of Panther leaders and cad- Rap Brown (aka Imam Jamil Abdullah
BPP chairman, was a co-defendant, along brutally beaten in jail after the raid. Debo-
res were arrested on trumped-up charges. Al-Amin) were leading organizers of the
with seven members of anti-war, peace rah Johnson, later known as Akua Njeri,
Several were killed, including Alpren- Student Nonviolent Coordinating Com-
and student groups who were charged was eight months’ pregnant with Fred
tice “Bunchy” Carter and John Huggins. mittee, which built the initial Black Pan-
with plotting to disrupt the 1968 Demo- Hampton’s child. The seven survivors of
Other Panthers were driven underground ther organizations in Alabama. After the
cratic National Convention in Chicago. the raid were falsely charged with numer-
and into exile, such as Eldridge and Kath- cry for “Black Power” gained national
Seale was attacked by presiding Judge ous felonies, including attempted murder.
leen Cleaver, who eventually took refuge attention in the summer of 1966, several
Julius Hoffman, who denied him the Even though the charges against the
in Algeria where they established the In- groups around the country began to form
right to represent himself in the absence survivors were eventually dropped, the
ternational Section of the BPP in 1969. Black Panther organizations. of attorney Charles Gerry. Hoffman or- coroner’s inquest reached a verdict of
Origins of the Black Panther Party In California there were at least three dered Seale bound and gagged. Seale was “justifiable homicide.” A federal inquiry
different Black Panther organizations in eventually removed from the trial and said the raid was botched and resulted
The Black Panther Party grew out of the both the southern and northern areas of thrown into prison. unnecessarily in the deaths of two people.
civil rights and Black Power struggles in the state. In October 1966 Huey P. Newton The Black Panther Party in Chicago No criminal charges, however, were filed
the United States. In Alabama in 1965-66, and Bobby Seale, along with a few other was attacked on numerous occasions by against the police.
the Lowndes County Freedom Organiza- young men such Bobby Hutton and Elbert the police during 1969. In one armed con- A civil suit filed by the survivors, which
tion utilized the black panther symbol to Howard, formed the Black Panther Party frontation at the BPP office, five police went on for over a decade, led to an out-
build an independent political organiza- for Self-Defense. Eventually this group- officers were wounded along with three of-court settlement. No one was ever
tion in the state. By early 1966 other ar- ing became known as the Black Panther Panthers. On Nov. 13, 1969, former Pan- found criminally liable by the courts for
eas of Alabama had set up Panther orga- Party, and went on to open approximately ther Spurgeon “Jake” Winters was killed the murder of Hampton and Clark or for
nizations, and these efforts entailed the 40 chapters throughout the U.S. and the in a shootout where three police officers the wounding and false prosecution of the
armed self-defense of African Americans International Section in Algiers. were killed. Hampton eulogized Winters others in the apartment on Dec. 4, 1969. n

A visit with political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim

By Kit Aastrup FBI operation that was set up to destroy York to San Francisco County Punishment not limited
Auburn, N.Y. political organizations, especially those Jail. This case was originally to incarceration
from the oppressed communities. In 1975 dropped in 1975 because it was How can a prisoner
Visiting a prisoner is not easy, for ei- Muntaqim was wrongly convicted of kill- based on confessions extracted keep sane with nonstop
ther a family member or a political activ- ing two police officers in New York City, by torture. daily humiliations? The
ist. Often the only way is to take a special although there was no physical evidence At the end of July, two of the penalty of prison is not
bus round trip to one of the many prisons against him and two juries failed to convict SF8, Herman Bell and Mun- limited to incarcera-
located, like Auburn, in a rural setting. A him before the State found one that did. taqim, were sentenced to pro- tion. It takes away your
prison bus from New York City to Auburn Muntaqim, who received a sentence of bation and time served, after whole life. It penalizes
takes six hours each way and leaves in the 25 years to life, has always maintained his Bell agreed to plead to voluntary your family, your spouse
middle of the night from Lexington Av- innocence. While in prison he has man- manslaughter and Muntaqim Jalil Muntaqim or partner, and your chil-
enue and 125th Street for a 9 a.m. visit. aged to obtain two bachelor degrees, one reluctantly pleaded no contest to dren. The routine is aimed
After corresponding with Jalil Muntaq- in sociology and one in psychology. He conspiracy to voluntary manslaughter. All to break down your self-esteem and your
im for more than four years, it was excit- was refused permission to pursue a mas- charges were then dropped against Rich- self-confidence. Solitary confinement can
ing to finally meet him this fall. Happily, ter’s degree in public health. ard Brown, Hank Jones, Harold Taylor break nearly anyone.
he turned out to be exactly the same per- Throughout his many years in prison and Ray Boudreaux, with the prosecution When first incarcerated, Muntaqim
son as he is in his letters. he has taught a poetry class, participat- admitting it had “insufficient evidence.” was a 19-year-old with a pregnant girl-
Muntaqim, aka Anthony Bottom, is one ed in a sit-down strike, and was one of Charges were dropped against Richard friend. He now has a 37-year-old daugh-
of the longest-held political prisoners. He the co-founders of the Jericho Amnesty O’Neal last year. Only Francisco Torres still ter, grandchildren and even a great-
has been incarcerated for 38 years. He Movement, an organization for political faces charges; he maintains his innocence. grandchild. He has educated himself. He
was only 19 years old and a member of the prisoners in the United States, initiated Now Muntaqim is back in Auburn. He wants a life—with a job, with family and
Black Panther Party when he was sent to by the Jericho March in 1998. had been denied parole four times before, friends—a modest ambition but some-
prison in 1971 on conspiracy charges fol- the last time in 2006. He failed to see the thing he has not achieved so far.
lowing the killing of a police officer, alleg- The San Francisco 8 parole board in 2008 due to his transfer He is relaxed and humorous, a little too
edly in retaliation for the murder of Black In 2007 Muntaqim was charged in to the state of California in the SF8 case. serious maybe until you get to know him,
political prisoner George Jackson. a cold case from 1971 known as the San He was denied parole for the fifth time but when a smile finally lights up his face,
Muntaqim was targeted by COINTEL- Francisco 8 case, and he was transferred in November and won’t be up for parole he is so likable. That may explain why he
PRO, an unconstitutional and clandestine from Auburn Correctional Facility in New again until June 2010. Continued on the next page
workers.org Dec. 17, 2009 Page 5

Workers’ school strategizes

to organize the South
By Fred Goldstein women workers discussed the conditions Clockwise, Saladin Muhammad, Shafeah
Raleigh, N.c. with and without unions. The roundtable M’Balia and Raleigh Fight Imperialism,
was chaired by Larsene Taylor, State Sec- Stand Together member Vidya Sankar.
Close to 60 people gathered at the retary and Department of Health and Hu- WW_PhotoS:_MoNICA_MooREhEAD

Southern Workers School in Raleigh, man Services Chair of UE 150.

N.C., Dec. 5 to exchange experiences in There was a well-attended
organizing and to fight for collective bar- Youth Caucus, co-chaired
gaining and social and economic justice. by Salia Warren and Anga-
The one-day conference included workers za Laughinghouse Jr., both
from North Carolina, South Carolina, Vir- youth organizers for BWFJ.
ginia, Georgia and Tennessee. The caucus spoke about the
The school, which was held at the Har- catastrophic consequences for
gett Street YWCA, focused a great deal on youth, especially Black and
the need to repeal legislation forbidding Latino/a youth, in the pres-
government agencies to enter into collec- ent economic crisis. They dis-
tive bargaining with unions, particularly cussed combating alienation
the reactionary Jim Crow statute 95-98 in among youth in the commu-
North Carolina. nity and getting them involved
The program, chaired by Shafeah in organizing.
M’Balia of Black Workers for Justice, was Saladin Muhammad of
opened up by BWFJ’s Ajamu Dillahunt. BWFJ, coordinator of the In-
He stressed that in order to strengthen ternational Worker Justice
the labor movement as a social force, Campaign and retired Inter-
the unions must fight for the needs of all national Representative of UE,
the workers, inside and outside the labor gave a rousing final talk. He
movement, organized and unorganized, held out the vision of fighting
employed and unemployed. to transform the South with a broad rank- ruling class has always sought to solve its ganized and the most exploited workers—
Angaza Laughinghouse Sr., president and-file movement that works to democ- crises on the backs of the workers in the the Black, Latino/a and poor white work-
of United Electrical Workers Local 150, ratize society for the working class. Mu- South, and Black workers especially. He ers of the South—could break the back of
followed with an appeal for the unions to hammad called for a Southern alliance for showed that the South is not just a geo- the right-to-work laws. This could be the
fight for political demands and for social collective bargaining. He stressed that we graphical unit but a social and economic spark that sets off a broad fightback.
justice as part of their organizing strat- must build not just a trade union move- unit and that organizing the South would The proceedings were closed by the
egy. He stressed the struggle for undocu- ment but a social movement that fights show the world that the U.S. ruling-class Fruit of Labor singing ensemble, which
mented and all immigrant workers and for the community, for democratic rights, monster could be defeated within its own included Nathanette Mayo, Erin Byrd and
the fight against racism, sexism and war against racism and against all forms of op- borders. Laughinghouse Sr.
in proposing a vision of the labor move- pression. He said it would be a great leap forward The school was sponsored by BWFJ,
ment as a social movement as opposed to Muhammad closed by showing how the for the entire working class if the least or- Labor Notes and the Communiversity. n
narrow business unionism.
Donna DeWitt, chairperson of the
South Carolina AFL-CIO and one of only Women, people of color new majority
Study confirms changes in organized labor
five women who hold state AFL-CIO
chairs, talked about labor law reform and
stressed the democratic, constitutional
rights of workers, which include the right
to assemble, to picket, to strike and to By Sue Davis • Of the remaining half of the unionized As the organized working class struggles
organize. She traced labor law reform go- workforce, four out of every 10 work- in this recession to assert its needs and as-
ing back to the 1930s and ended with the Sam Marcy, the founding chairperson ers are in the private sector outside of pirations, which are on a collision course
message that workers have not relied on of Workers World Party and a farseeing manufacturing, and one of every 10 is in with the ruthless greed of the ruling class,
law reform to get their rights, but on re- contributor to the Marxist-Leninist tra- manufacturing, down from almost 30 it’s important to know that women and
bellion. They have to “just do it.” dition, foretold in his 1986 book “High percent in 1983. people of color will be leading the charge.
There were many important discus- Tech Low Pay” that women and people of • The most heavily unionized age group Of course all workers—organized and
sions and workshops throughout the day, color would soon gain ascendancy in the is 55 to 64 years old (18.4 percent of unorganized, undocumented and unem-
including a Women’s Roundtable where U.S. working class. Now a scholarly study, this age group are in a union). The least ployed—and all the oppressed need to unite
“The Changing Face of Labor, 1983- unionized age group is 16 to 24 years to win the economic and social justice that
2008,” published by the Center for Eco- old (5.7 percent). should be their birthright. n
nomic and Policy Research, verifies just
that in the organized labor movement.
Here’s a brief overview of some of the LOW-WAGE CAPITALISM
has received marriage proposals-which current data on organized labor in the What the new globalized high-tech imperialism
he has declined. U.S. in 2008 and the changes reflected means for the class struggle in the U.S.
The United States has by far the largest over the last quarter century: by Fred Goldstein
number of prisoners in the world. Afri- • Over 45 percent of unionized workers New book provides an easy-to-read analysis of
can-American males are one-tenth of the the roots of the current global economic crisis, its
are women, up from 35 percent in 1981.
implications for workers and oppressed peoples,
world’s prison population. Targeted by At current growth rates women will be
and the strategy needed for future struggle.
COINTELPRO and most likely convicted the majority of unionized workers be-
The author is available for lectures & interviews.
with fabricated evidence, hundreds of fore 2020.
political activists have been punished for • Latino/as are 12.2 percent of the union- t
ailable a
their political activity with a lifetime of Books av m
ized workforce, up from 5.8 percent in s.co
imprisonment. In the deepest dungeons 1983. Asian Pacific-Americans were 4.6 Lef tboookres across
of the United States they spend their lives percent of union workers, up from 2.5 & bookst untry.
the co
in small prison cells, unnoticed by and percent in 1989.
anonymous to the young generation and • About one in eight (12.6 percent) union
not often enough remembered as com- workers is an immigrant, up from one
rades in the struggle by those still active in 12 (8.4 percent) in 1994 (the first year
in the progressive movement. when consistent data were available).
A Marxist analysis of the changing character
Muntaqim is one of those hundreds. • Black workers are about 13 percent of
of the working class
He deserves to be remembered and hon- the unionized workforce, a percentage
By Sam Marcy Re-issued for WW’s 50th anniversary.
ored. Free all U.S. political prisoners! that has held fairly steady since 1983,
As on target today as when it was first published in
For more information on Muntaqim’s despite a large decline in the percentage
1986, this book explains how the high-tech revolution
case, visit www.freedomarchives.org and of whites in the same time period. destroyed high-paying jobs while bringing more of the
www.freethesf8.org. • Just under half (48.9 percent) of union- oppressed into workplaces, raising the potential
Aastrup, a Danish political activist ized workers are in the public sector, for more solidarity and struggle.
and writer for the newspaper Arbej- up from about a third (34.4 percent) New introduction by Fred Goldstein, author of Low- Wage
deren (The Worker), follows closely in 1983. About 61 percent of unionized capitalism, explains the roots of the current economic
the issues of political prisoners. women are in the public sector, com- crisis, with its disastrous unemployment, which has
pared to about 38 percent of men. heightened the need for a working-class resurgence.
Page_6_ Dec._17,_2009_ workers.org

Rosa Parks Day commemorated

By catherine Donaghy the STCC Mobilization Against Poverty,
Springfield, Mass. Racism and War.
Springfield’s African-American Free-
An overflow crowd heard Larry Holm- dom Choir opened the program with a
es, keynote speaker at Springfield Tech- moving rendition of “Eyes on the Prize.”
nical Community College’s 5th annual Dr. Ruth B. Loving, a member of the
Rosa Parks Day observance on Dec. 1. choir, met with Rosa Parks in Springfield
The predominantly African-American during the late 1950s.
Rosa Parks .
audience of more than 230 included high An aide to Springfield’s mayor, Dominic
school students and local elected offi- Sarno, read a proclamation declaring Dec. 1
cials, among them State Rep. Ben Swan “Rosa Parks Human Rights Day” in the city.
and Ward 4 City Councilor-elect E. Hen- Professor Nicholas Camerota, the
ry Twiggs, co-founder of the Springfield event’s principal organizer, reminded the Larry Holmes speaks.
Rosa Parks Day Organizing Committee. crowd of the legendary civil rights lead- in Massachusetts. .
All three area television stations inter- er’s radical history. The printed program, PHOTO: ARLENE RODRIGUEZ .
viewed Holmes and provided coverage of written by Camerota, pointed out that
the event. Holmes was also interviewed Rosa Parks became a Black Nationalist, Rosa Parks, but to inspire them to take workers against each other.
by a local Webzine that focuses on issues who gave one of the eulogies at the fu- action. He drew parallels between condi- Holmes’ speech was greeted by a pro-
in Springfield’s African-American com- neral of Robert F. Williams, an advocate tions of the African-American community longed standing ovation from the crowd,
munity. of armed Black self-defense. in the 1950s and now, and stressed the which was largely comprised of youth. To
Dr. Arlene Rodriguez, the college’s first During his talk, titled “The Real Rosa need for Black/Brown unity in today’s close the event, the entire audience stood
Latino/a dean, moderated the day’s pro- Parks,” Holmes explained the event’s pur- struggle against globalized capitalism and and, led by the Freedom Choir, sang sev-
ceedings, which were co-sponsored by pose was not just to educate people about mass media that attempt to isolate and pit eral verses of “We Shall Overcome.” n

White House protest

demands jobs
Protesters converged on the
White House on Dec. 3—the day
President Barack Obama was hold-
ing his “jobs summit”—to demand
a comprehensive jobs program, not
more war. The jobs summit was
held just two days after President
Obama announced plans for the
escalation of the war on Afghani-
stan. Unemployed people and their
supporters came from New York
City; Rhode Island; Philadelphia;
Boston; and Rochester, N.Y. They
demanded a jobs program similar
in scope to the Works Progress
Administration of the 1930s and
1940s, and described the Dec. 3
action as a stepping stone to larger
actions on April 10—the 75th an-
niversary of the WPA. For more
information, visit www.bailout-
—Report and photo
by LeiLani Dowell

School segregation resisted in North Carolina

By vidya Sankar and Dante Strobino ders parental involvement—to make the during recessions. Oppressed groups are when children are packed into the most
Raleigh, N.c. masses of white workers feel it is in their always disproportionately hurt by the fail- underfunded, most segregated, most high
interest to side with them. ures of the capitalist system, and the push poverty schools, it is nothing more than
Fighting to reverse 40 years of progres- In recent years Wake schools have to re-segregate schools by the racist right institutionalized child abuse,” the Rev.
sive change in the Wake County School shifted from busing children primarily wing is a move to increase that oppression. William Barber, North Carolina NAACP
Board, North Carolina Republican Party based on race to organizing schools based Tedesco’s racist chauvinism came out president, told the crowd in Raleigh. “We
candidate John Tedesco was successfully on income. County officials assign and bus in full force the night of his election, while won’t let them take Wake County because
elected to a District 2 School Board posi- students in order to ensure that no school hanging out with Republican supporters it could lead to the whole state, then the
tion in the Nov. 3 elections. Tedesco, a has more than 40 percent of students re- like Garner, N.C., Mayor Ronnie Wil- whole South.”
staunch segregationist and champion of ceiving free or reduced lunches. According liams. Tedesco stated that school segre- Barber continued: “The truth is the peo-
“neighborhood schools,” and three other to the Raleigh News and Observer, Wake gation was “generational”—a thing of the ple use the ploy of neighborhood schools
school board members joined incumbent County Public School System students, past that African-American youth would and busing as a wedge issue to divide us.
Ron Margiotta to secure a pro-segregation- on average, spend almost 15 minutes less go along with—as if Jim Crow doesn’t still … Their motives are rooted in a past which
ist majority on the nine-member board. on a bus each day than the state average. exist in the South! all of America—including the old slave
Anti-segregation supporters tried to Eighty-six percent of Wake students cur- Tedesco completely underestimated states that tried to leave America to main-
link a return to neighborhood schools in rently attend a “neighborhood school” the capacity of the community to respond. tain slavery—wants to leave behind.”
Wake, whose county seat is Raleigh, with within five miles of their homes, and 99 On Oct. 30 the NAACP organized a march The movement behind quality educa-
what has happened to Charlotte, N.C., percent within 10 miles. (Oct. 2) and a mass meeting in downtown Raleigh tion and the fight against racism is grow-
schools since the district abandoned bus- that attracted several hundred parents, ing to resist these efforts by Tedesco and
ing in 2002. With more children return- community stands united children and community members of all the new school board. Combined with the
ing to “neighborhood schools,” the sub- against racist segregation nationalities. The meeting, hosted at the fight for jobs and against budget cuts, the
urban schools, with more white children, The few policies implemented by the Martin Street Baptist Church, urged the unity and determination of the commu-
have become more affluent, while inner- ruling class to help working-class and community to hold the school board ac- nity will undoubtedly prevail.
city Charlotte schools, with more people oppressed people, such as busing to help countable for any future plans. Later that Sankar attended Wake schools for
of color, have become poorer. Many of counteract Jim Crow apartheid, are scape- weekend the NAACP organized a second eight years, and Strobino attended
the racist demagogues like to cloak their goated as the reason for budget shortfalls mass meeting at Juniper Level Baptist Charlotte schools for 10 years.
campaigns with arguments that busing is caused by the capitalist economic crisis. Church near Garner. Both are organizers in Raleigh FIST—
“anti-parent”—meaning that busing hin- Thus, they are seen as targets for cuts “You and I here tonight know that Fight Imperialism, Stand Together.
workers.org Dec. 17, 2009 Page 7

World AIDS Day protest.

By Gerry Scoppettuolo outrage at Phelps: “It’s important to op-
Boston pose him and not lay back and stay quiet.
Not to oppose him would be to say he is
Over 100 University of Massachusetts right. We have to stand up to him to show
students and community supporters others the way.”

came out here on Dec. 1 to protest the ap- Terrell Amooson, president of the
pearance near the UMass campus of the Student Government Association, was
white supremacist, anti-gay, anti-Semitic among the elected student leadership

students Fred Phelps and members of his West-

boro Church in Kansas.
that helped organize the rally. “I feel we
need to shed some light on the ignorance
here and promote equal rights. Phelps

come out
Phelps, who is infamous for picket-
ing the funerals of people who have died is a hypocrite for using God’s name to
from AIDS, had the audacity to come promote hate.”

against bigot
to the campus on World AIDS Day. But The rally was organized and supported
the students were determined to turn by the UMass LGBT Equality Coalition,
out forcefully to condemn him and his the International Socialist Organization,
bigoted followers. the Stonewall Warriors/IAC, New Era:
WW_Photo:_LIZ_GREEN Edwin Melenciano, 24, an HIV out- Movement in Motion and the Boston
New Era: Movement in Motion gathers on World AIDS Day.
reach worker, typified the community Youth Organizing Project. n

Transgender protection laws passed in Ohio

By Martha Grevatt ceived by the City Council, over half of Nov. 30 was also the day that Summit the amendments the night before the
cleveland them from African-American residents. County, which includes Akron, granted vote. They were raised in the Finance
Last year, when the Council passed a discrimination protection to transgender Committee—although banning discrimi-
On the evening of Nov. 30, scores of resolution establishing a domestic part- employees of the county and of compa- nation doesn’t cost a penny—by the Coun-
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and ner registry in Cleveland, all but two nies with which the county does business. cil president, Martin Sweeney, who chairs
queer activists packed Cleveland City African-American councilpersons voted Now all of Ohio’s six largest cities— that committee. “We asked our transgen-
Council chambers in anticipation of a against it. Several changed their position Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Cincinnati, der volunteers what to do,” Braun ex-
tremendous victory for the transgen- after heavy lobbying by prominent Black Columbus and Dayton—and five out of six plained, “and they said it has shortcom-
der community. That night the Council ministers. For that reason, Ask Cleveland of their respective counties, along with 11 ings but we need to pass this.”
revised the city charter to prohibit dis- made a point of reaching out to the Afri- smaller municipalities, offer legal redress The Akron ordinance, which prevents
crimination based on gender identity and can-American community. “The reason for the vicious discrimination faced by employment discrimination within city
gender expression. we won 21-to-nothing was that we actu- transgender workers. The recent victories limits and by city contractors, has two
The resolution was first introduced ally talked to the people, and the Council mean that one in five Ohio residents lives problems. The words “gender identity”
last year by Joe Santiago, Cleveland’s knew that,” Doug Braun, an Ask Cleve- in a community that is, at least on paper, are excluded for contractors that provide
first openly gay councilperson. Santiago land organizer, told Workers World. trans-friendly. services to minors. This perpetuates the
was also one of only two Latinos/as ever Ask Cleveland did not fight this struggle However, in their final form both the stereotype that transgender adults are
elected to the Council. single-handedly. A coalition, including Akron and Cleveland charter revisions somehow inherently a danger to children
The vote—21-0 with no abstentions— the LGBT Center, Equality Ohio, Stone- contained significant flaws. The Cleveland and furthermore attacks transgender
came as a result of a year-long grassroots wall Democrats, TransFamily Cleveland ordinance, which covers employment, youth by depriving them of role models.
campaign. Volunteers from the group Ask and TransOhio, lobbied the City Council housing and public accommodation, ex- Both “sexual orientation” and “gender
Cleveland did door-to-door canvassing in extensively. All of the groups active in the empts restrooms and locker rooms from identity” discrimination are permissible
all of the city’s council wards, explaining campaign had a presence at City Hall dur- public accommodations and for employ- by religious organizations that have city
the issue of discrimination against trans ing the vote. ment only requires a “reasonable accom- contracts. But why should a public body
people and asking residents to sign post- modation.” Thus, in a restaurant, store, enter into contracts with “faith-based”
cards telling their councilpersons to sup- More victories south of cleveland gym or any public place, transgender entities to begin with, especially those
port the charter revision. Earlier the same day the Akron City people could and will be forced to use for whom the bigoted condemnation of
The final push came this past Elec- Council voted to ban discrimination on facilities designated for the sex assigned natural human expression as sinful is an
tion Day, when hundreds of additional the basis of sexual orientation as well as them at birth, regardless of their gender article of faith?
postcards were signed by voters at their gender identity. While this was the first identity—putting their safety at risk. Em- Northeast Ohio activists are vowing to
local polling sites. Voters had previously time that transgender-inclusive language ployers would be free to segregate trans- continue the fight until all of these insidi-
been targeted at the September primary was introduced, efforts to add “sexual ori- gender workers in “separate-but-equal” ous last-minute “compromises” are over-
election for mayor and City Council. All entation” to Akron’s non-discrimination locker rooms and bathrooms. turned and the full rights of the LGBTQ
together over 2,600 postcards were re- codes go back to 1998. Community activists only learned of community are fully recognized. n

Women’s fight for equal, quality health care

Excerpts from a talk given by Ellen women, who now make up a quarter of well-woman care such as slightly above the income
Catalinotto at the WWP National Con- those infected. Over two-thirds of new pelvic exams, testing for limits for Medicaid cover-
ference, Nov. 14. View this entire talk infections in women result from unpro- sexually transmitted dis- age be able to afford this
at www.workers.tv. tected sex with an infected man. eases or contraception. So new insurance? Will they
According to the Centers for Disease insurers could exclude or find themselves pregnant,

T he way in which the most vulnerable

people are treated is an important
measure of a society. Looking at women
Control, among females age 25 to 34 HIV
was the fourth leading cause of death in
African Americans and seventh for Lati-
charge extra for such care.
This affects 62 million
women ages 15 to 44,
uninsured and fined for be-
ing in that situation?
The free-market ap-
and children in the United States we see nas. Among women 35 to 44 HIV was the of whom 43 million are proach to medicine in this
that this “advanced” capitalist country third leading cause of death for Blacks (hetero)sexually active country swings wildly from
fails on vital indicators. and fourth for Latinas. and rely on contracep- flat denial of care to exces-
Each year 28,000 infants die in this HIV/AIDS affects African-American tion to avoid pregnancy. sive, expensive—and often
county, putting the U.S. in 30th place, be- and Latina women disproportionately. Each year about 6 mil- Ellen Catalinotto unproven—high-tech diag-
hind all of western Europe, several Asian We don’t have time to discuss the many lion pregnancies occur— nostic tests and treatments.
countries, Canada and Cuba in infant mor- reactionary aspects of the so-called Afford- half of them uninten- Of the 126,964 women living It is for-profit chaos.
tality. These poor outcomes reflect the en- able Health Care for America Act, passed tional. About 4.2 million with HIV/AIDS, 64 percent were Now we have the spec-
tire population. Statistics show that infant in the House on Nov 7. As far as women’s women give birth, and 1.2 Black, 19 percent were white tacle of Congress throwing
mortality for African Americans is more health goes, it excludes immigrants, crimi- million have abortions. and 15 percent were Latina. single-payer and women’s
than twice as high (13.6 deaths for every nalizes those too poor to buy insurance Maternity care, which The rate of AIDS diagnosis for right to abortion over-
1,000 live births) as for whites (5.8). and threatens reproductive choice. private individual poli- Black women (45.5/100,000 board. Health care reform
U.S. maternal mortality, the number The Stupak amendment to the bill goes cies now exclude, will be women) was approximately 23 is being turned into a finan-
of women who die for every 100,000 live beyond existing bans on using federal mon- required under the new times the rate for white women cial bonanza for the insur-
births, is 41st in the world. Maternal mor- ey to pay for abortions. It forbids private plan. Because so many (2.0/100,000) and four times the ance and drug industries
tality inequalities are even worse—Black insurers participating in the new health in- women of childbearing rate for Latinas (11.2/100,000). and a political bonanza for
women are 3.7 times more likely to die surance exchange to offer abortion cover- age are in low-wage jobs, Source:_CDC:_hIV/AIDS_among_Women,_Aug._2008 the anti-women right. This
during pregnancy or birth than whites. age to women, even if women pay for these unemployed and without demands a fightback.
We don’t hear much in the media these policies with their own money. health benefits, 45 percent of the $86 Women must be and will be in the fore-
days about HIV in this country, but the And other health care measures for billion spent on maternity care yearly front of the struggle needed for a truly
epidemic continues its devastation, espe- women of reproductive age are also in is already paid for under Medicaid-type socialist health system which serves peo-
cially in communities of color and among danger. The bill does not include basic programs. Will working women who are ples’ needs instead of corporate profits. n
Page_8_ Dec._17,_2009_ workers.org

50 years of revolution

Cuba’s legacy in fighting racism

By Larry Hales who were ready to descend on New Or-
leans to assist the people, but their offer
On Dec. 1 a statement began to be cir- was ignored.
culated entitled “A Declaration of African-
American Support for the Civil Rights Racism permeates U.S. society
Struggle in Cuba.” The statement has 60 Today, the situation for Black people,
signatories—well-respected Black intel- especially young people, has worsened.
lectuals, cultural performers and politi- Oppressed people in the U.S. are left be-
cal activists, many of whom were leaders hind greatly in every category.
during the Civil Rights era and continue According to the Bureau of Labor Sta-
to be today. tistics, while youth unemployment is at an
The statement alleges not only racism all-time high, it is direr in the oppressed WW_Photo::_kRIS_hAMEL
in Cuban society but systemic racism. It communities. Black youth unemploy- Medical students from around the world are educated in Cuba
insinuates that racism is a policy of the ment is at 32 percent; it’s at 22 percent for having brown or black skin and speak- fought alongside their brothers of Africa
Cuban government, not merely a lasting for Latino/a youth and much higher in ing a different language. And then there is against Colonialism. More than 2,000
vestige of the neo-colonial government Indigenous communities. These numbers the current war being waged against Mus- fighters from the Island fell in the lands of
before the 1959 socialist revolution. are inadequate, as they don’t account for lims and Arab people, evident in the seiz- that Continent.
To anyone who has ever been to Cuba youth who are discouraged and who have ing of mosques and religious institutions “A personality of undisputed world-
or is in the movement to defend the Cu- probably never had a job. by the federal government. wide relevance, Nelson Mandela, has rec-
ban Revolution, such a statement seems Poverty continues to increase: 34 per- ognized the role of those volunteers in the
odd. It seems rather ironic coming from cent for Black youth and 28 percent for cuba demonstrates anti-racist solidarity definitive defeat of the infamous Apart-
the U.S., despite the existence of the first Latino/a youth, while for Indigenous But Cuba is targeted for racism? This is heid regime.
Black president. youth statistics are difficult to find— nothing more than a ploy to further try and “From Africa we brought back only the
This statement signed by prominent though 60 percent of Native people out- undermine the revolutionary government. remains of our dead. Cuba has over there
figures is extremely dangerous for the side of cities are impoverished. Cuba has a long history of showing solidar- in that continent no property, no bank, no
Cuban Revolution and its admirers, de- The rates of Black and Latino/a youth ity with liberation movements around the mines, no oil wells.
fenders and those who look upon it as an who graduate on time with a high school world. Though it is a resource-poor nation, “If the Cuba of today were to feel such
example of what is not only necessary but diploma are 59 and 61 percent, respec- it has sent tens of thousands of doctors and disrespect for Blacks, more than 35,000
possible when working and oppressed tively. Only 50,000 Black men gradu- educators around the world. Cuba’s assis- African youth would not have been trained
people confront their oppressor. ate each year with a bachelor’s degree. A tance to the Angolans defeated the South in our schools over the past 40 years, nor
Such a statement comes at a much higher number of Black African military and was crucial in break- would 2,600 young people from some 30
time when the U.S. is trying to fix
its image around the world. While
WW men between the ages of 20 and
Commentary 29 are under correctional super-
ing the back of apartheid.
Cuba has also shown support to Black
African nations be studying right now in
our universities.
the election of President Barack vision or control. As of 2008, one people in the U.S. and has given political “A people sick with racism would re-
Obama is progressive—meaning that the in three or 846,000 Black males were in- asylum to a number of Black militants, in- fuse to collaborate in the training of medi-
consciousness of white workers was ad- carcerated. (childrensdefense.org) cluding Assata Shakur, who has a $1 mil- cal doctors and other human resources in
vanced enough to see beyond racism and The reality of oppressed people is tied lion bounty on her head from the state of health care at the Schools of Medical Sci-
even reject not only the racism of Hillary to the very foundation of U.S. society. The New Jersey. ences founded in Guinea Bissau, Equato-
Clinton’s campaign but also that of Mc- roots of the rise of U.S. capital are the The Cuban revolution has made great rial Guinea, Gambia, and Eritrea. They
Cain/Palin’s—the Obama administration most naked forms of exploitation—theft strides in reversing backwards ideas and would have turned their back on the
has not meant much materially for the of land, genocide, pillage, plunder and building a society upon the principles of Health assistance programs that have
oppressed in the U.S. racism. In order to maintain the status socialism, where people are in solidarity saved thousands of lives in Latin America
The situation of the people of New Or- quo, racism, sexism, homophobia and with one another instead of in competition. and the Caribbean, where the African Di-
leans has not changed, and many thou- other ills are not only tolerated but used This is its greatest weapon and ultimately aspora is significant, and they would have
sands have still not been able to return to by the ruling elite and continue to be writ- the greatest weapon any society can use to not provided services to the more than
their homes or been allowed to rebuild. ten into the laws of society. combat racism, sexism and homophobia. 20,000 Haitians and English-speaking
They haven’t received the training and Millions of people—undocumented Afro-Cuban artists have written a letter Afro-Caribbeans who have recovered
materials needed, nor prevailing wages, workers—are pushed into the U.S. by im- to the African-American people answer- their eyesight through surgical operations
in order to come back and rebuild what perialism, whether by neo-liberal policies ing the outrageous claims in the Dec. 1 performed in our country, free of charge.
had historically been a Black city. or the military in their homelands, and “declaration” regarding alleged racism in “It is very probable that the majority
While the U.S. government sat crimi- they fear being rounded up and deported. Cuba. The letter can be downloaded in its of those who signed the document aren’t
nally by and millions around the world Their labor not only makes millions for entirety by clicking on Cuban Solidarity at aware that when the City of New Orleans
watched as tens of thousands of Black the capitalists, but taxes collected from www.blackeducator.org. It reads in part: was devastated by Hurricane Katrina,
people languished in rising waters and op- them put billions into government cof- “If the Cuba of these times was that dozens of Cuban medical doctors and
pressive heat, facing roving white bands fers. The government uses immigration racist nation they want to invent, its citi- paramedics volunteered to provide help
armed to the teeth and racist police, the agents to raid workplaces and homes and zens would not have contributed massive- to storm victims in a humanitarian ges-
Cuban government amassed hundreds of allows local police to be deputized so they ly to the liberation of the African people. ture that received no response from the
doctors, nurses and other professionals can be used federally to round up people More than 350,000 Cuban volunteers American authorities.” n

Resistance grows to the U.S.-backed

By Abayomi Azikiwe On Dec. 6 it was announced that new attack. The other organization fighting the instability, the TFG prime minister has
editor, Pan-African News Wire police and military commanders were be- TFG, Hizbul Islam, also refuted allega- called for greater direct U.S. military in-
ing appointed to handle the worsening se- tions that it was involved in the explosions, volvement in Somalia.
A bomb blast at the Shamo Hotel in curity situation. Garowe Online reported, which took place during a graduation cer- Comparing the situation in Somalia
Mogadishu on Dec. 3 has further desta- “Gen. Ali Mahamed Hassan [Madobe] is emony for Benadir University. to the U.S. policy towards Afghanistan,
bilized the unpopular and fragile Tran- the new police chief, replacing Gen. Abdi A spokesperson for al-Shabaab, Sheikh Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali
sitional Federal Government of Somalia. Hassan Awale [Qaybdid] while Gen. Ma- Ali Mohamud Rage, said: “We declare Sharmarke wrote in a letter to the Times
It clings to power due to the deployment hamed Gelle Kahiye is taking over the that al-Shabaab did not mastermind that of London: “We accept that … the situa-
of 4,500 troops under the auspices of military from the sacked Gen. Yussuf explosion. … It is not in the nature of al- tion in Somalia will appear beyond repair
the African Union Mission to Somalia Hussein Osman [Dhumaal].” Shabaab to target innocent people.” (Re- but the reality is very different. What is so
(AMISOM), a move engineered by the This same report went on to state, “The uters, Dec. 4) startling is that all the conclusions are as
U.S. government through the U.N. Secu- embattled Somali government recently The al-Shabaab spokesperson went on true about Somalia as they are about Af-
rity Council. sacked Somali military and police com- to stress: “We know that some so-called ghanistan.” (Reuters, Dec. 5)
The attack killed more than 20 people, manders for failure to curb the rampant government official left the scene of the The prime minister of the TFG contin-
including four ministers of the government insurgency in the war-torn country.” Al- explosion just minutes before the attack. ued by arguing: “Piracy and the growth
headed by President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed. though the TFG cabinet and Prime Minis- That is why it is clear that they were be- of Islamic extremism are not the natural
The TFG has never had control over ter Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke praised hind the killing.” state of being. They are but symptoms of
more than a section of the Somali capital, the newly appointed police and military Al-Shabaab controls large sections of an underlying malaise—the absence of
despite the allocation by both the Bush commanders, opposition to the decision the southern and central regions of the government and hope. The irony is that it
and Obama administrations of millions of was reflected in demonstrations of hun- country. would cost only a quarter of what is being
dollars in weapons and equipment to the dreds of people in the capital in support spent right now on the warships trying to
AMISOM forces. The government’s posi- of the former officials. Security situation deteriorates combat piracy to fund our plan and actu-
tion has become even more precarious In the immediate aftermath of the bomb- These developments in Somalia illus- ally solve the problems rather than simply
with the expulsion of three top military ing, the TFG placed blame on the main Is- trate that the situation is quite unstable chasing them round the Indian Ocean.”
officers of the TFG, bringing to light splits lamic resistance organization, al-Shabaab. in the capital, where the AMISOM forces This appeal is closely associated with
within the regime. Al-Shabaab denied responsibility for the and the TFG are based. As a result of the the view by the U.S. that Somalia is a
workers.org Dec. 17, 2009 Page 9

After coup and ouster of legitimate president

Hondurans boycott fraudulent election
By LeiLani Dowell ship that really matters for Honduras is asked to put together a list of resistance position of not recognizing the regime to
the relationship with the United States.” leaders, and his name was one of 22 from be installed the 27th of January.
The Honduran Congress, after maneu- (Dec. 1) The Civic Council of Popular and his town. We suggested to Wilmer that “2. We call on the democratic and hon-
vering for weeks to avoid holding a vote to Indigenous Organizations in Honduras he not sleep at home during the electoral est governments and social movements of
reinstate President Manuel Zelaya, voted reports that 800 U.S. troops participated days. He called the next day to thank us the world to reject the electoral farce and
on Dec. 3 not to restore him to office. in the militarization of the streets during for our advice. The police had ransacked not recognize the would-be government
The vote came just four days after a the illegitimate elections. (Informations his home, and those of many of his neigh- installed the 27th of January.
fraudulent election was held in an at- Ouvriêres, Nov. 30) bors, the night before elections, threaten- “3. Having carried out an electoral pro-
tempt to legitimize a right-wing coup that ing his life. But, he wondered, what will cess that lacks all legitimacy and legality
kidnapped President Zelaya five months election-day repression he do now?” and that attempts to guarantee the power
ago and put him on a plane to Costa Rica. Sullivan described a colleague’s experi- Despite this repression, Lobo claimed of a minority of the population, the instal-
Zelaya had incurred the anger of Hondu- ence on “election” day: “Tom Loudon was that the election was the cleanest in the lation of a National Constitutional Assem-
ras’s elite class when he raised the mini- on the streets of San Pedro Sula when po- history of the country. (New American bly represents the alternative to channel
mum wage and rejected privatization, lice tanks and water trucks and tear gas Media, Dec. 1) the demands of political participation of
among other progressive moves. canisters attacked a peaceful march of the Zelaya, on the other hand, stated: “I de- all of the Honduran people. We will con-
The vote further exposes the sham resistance movement. It took him a long clare this process illegal and illegitimate tinue to struggle for this.
Honduran elections that took place Nov. time to find other members of his delega- as president of Honduras. It doesn’t rep- “4. We reiterate that all of the acts that
29 in a country that has been heavily mili- tion who had scattered in the frenzy, but resent the sovereign rights of Hondurans the current de facto regime and its suc-
tarized and all opposition repressed since they were luckier than two observers from and should be annulled and redone under cessor carry out will not be recognized by
the first day of the coup, when a fierce re- the Latin America Council of Churches a legal system.” (pbs.org, Nov. 30) the people. We especially emphasize our
sistance movement coalesced to demand who were detained or a Reuters photogra- rejection of any amnesty for the violators
Zelaya’s return and the formation of a Na- pher who was injured in the massive dis- The Resistance speaks of human rights.
tional Constitutional Assembly. play of repression. Dozens of cell phones In a Nov. 30 communiqué, the National “5. We take this moment to recognize
The voice of the people of Hondu- captured the police beating anyone they Front of Resistance Against the Coup de- the work of the Committee of Relatives
ras was heard in its absence at the polls. could catch with their billy clubs.” clared to the Honduran people and the of the Detained and Disappeared of Hon-
While corporate media outlets repeat “of- Sullivan also tells about Wilmer Rive- international community: duras, which today completes 27 years of
ficial” government figures of 61.86 percent ro, a fisher in the small town of Puerto “1. The complete failure of the electoral vigilance for truth, justice and the con-
participation, the resistance movement Grande. “He relayed how the police have farce set up by the oligarchy the 29th of struction of a society where human rights
says that 65 percent to 70 percent of the been visiting his house and asking for November in dictatorial conditions con- are guaranteed to all.”
population boycotted the fraudulent elec- him, ever since he trekked six days on firms our proposal of declaring the elec- The communiqué was signed, “WE RE-
tions, with many polling stations almost foot to greet a returning President Man- tions and their results illegal and ille- SIST AND WE WILL WIN!” (hondurasre-
empty. This is confirmed by Lisa Sullivan, uel Zelaya. Each local mayor has been gitimate, in addition to re-enforcing our sists.blogspot.com) n
Latin America coordinator of School of

Popular candidates kept off ballot in Haiti

the Americas Watch, who states, “Our del-
egation visited dozens of polling stations,
finding them almost empty, in most plac-
es counting more electoral monitors and
caretakers than voters.” (soaw.org, Dec. 2)
By G. Dunkel tional Council of Electoral Observation other favorite tactic—coups. Aristide was
Elvia Argentina Valle, a member of the
(CNO) estimated that only 2 to 3 percent first removed by the army in 1991. After
Honduran Congress from the Depart-
Ever since 1990 when the people of Hai- of eligible voters participated. years of struggle and thousands of deaths,
ment of Copan, calculated that even the
ti turned an election into a movement and Additional elections are now scheduled he returned, abolished the army and was
figures released by the military-controlled
voted en masse for Jean-Bertrand Aris- for February 2010, and the CEP has been constitutionally succeeded as president
Supreme Electoral Tribunal show an ab-
tide, the Haitian bourgeoisie and its impe- even more outrageous. It has disqualified by René Préval. At the end of Préval’s
stention rate of 62 percent among regis-
rialist backers have been leery of elections. not only FL, Haiti’s largest party, but 16 term, in 2000, Aristide was again elected
tered voters.
They have used military coups to re- other parties that couldn’t get their docu- president by a bigger margin than his first
The elections were condemned by the
verse the results of elections they didn’t ments together in the seven days the CEP victory. Fanmi Lavalas also swept the par-
governments of Brazil, Uruguay, Chile,
like. They have also excluded popular par- gave them. Haiti’s Popular National Party liamentary elections.
Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba and Nicaragua.
ties from the ballot to keep them from win- (PPN), headed by Ben Dupuy, has refused Without an army, it took longer for reac-
The only countries that have said they will
ning. This is happening again right now. to participate in these elections so as not tionaries in Haiti, politically and financial-
honor the phony elections are the U.S.
Earlier this year, in partial senate elec- to “back this trickery.” (Haïtí-Progrès, ly backed by the U.S., to organize a coup.
and its allies in Colombia, Costa Rica and
tions, the candidates of Aristide’s party, Dec. 2-8) After a long series of commando raids and
Fanmi Lavalas, were disallowed by the Aristide is in exile in South Africa. In or- reactionary demonstrations, however,
According to New American Media
Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) on der to meet the strict deadline the CEP had President Aristide was hustled onto a U.S.
reporter Marcelo Ballve, the so-called
spurious grounds. FL called for a boycott, imposed, he sent his appointment of Dr. transport plane the night of Feb. 29, 2004,
winner, rightist rancher Porfirio Lobo,
which was a resounding success. The Na- Maryse Narcisse as FL’s electoral repre- and flown to the Central African Republic.
has “said that, in all truth, the relation-
sentative via the package delivery service Honduran soldiers followed the same
DHL. Gaillot Dorsinvil, chair of the CEP, script when they flew President Manuel

Somali regime
rejected it, saying, “It didn’t have a stamp Zelaya to Costa Rica this past June.
or envelope.” (Haïtí-Liberté, Dec. 2-8) U.S. troops occupied Haiti for the third
Aristide then gave an interview to a time in 2004, with a bit of help from
Haitian radio station for the first time in France and Canada. (It was the first time
haven for al-Qaida. Corporate media re- for millions of dollars for Somalia opera- five years. He told Radio Solidarité, “It French troops had been in Haiti since
ports claim there are hundreds of “for- tions “has dried up payments for 4,500 was me who wrote the mandate, signed 1804, when an anti-colonial revolution
eign fighters” inside al-Shabaab. The al- peace-keeping troops after upset donors the mandate and sent the mandate.” He kicked them out and set up the first Black
Shabaab organization has denied these abruptly halted disbursements.” (Uganda called for “honest, fair and free elections” republic.) The occupiers got a U.N. “sta-
accusations and says it is a movement led Monitor, Dec. 5) and said he would personally come before bilization” fig leaf called MINUSTAH in
and supported by Somalis. The same report said Ambassador the CEP if the Haitian government would place three months later. The U.N. has
The U.S. has already dispatched a tre- Nicholas Bwakira, the African Union spe- give him travel documents. occupied Haiti ever since.
mendous flotilla of warships, as alluded to cial representative in Somalia, told Voice Dorsinvil’s reply was that the CEP’s de- After some interim regimes, René
by the prime minister. The Gulf of Aden of America that the Ugandan and Burun- cision was final. Préval won the presidential election in
and the Indian Ocean are shipping lanes dian troops had not received any salaries The CNO said this was “outside of all ac- Haiti in 2006, running on the Lespwa
for billions of dollars in goods and weap- since May and “this has a very bad impact ceptable public justification.” The Assem- (“Hope”) slate. FL didn’t field a candidate
ons. The problem of piracy derives from on the morale of the troops and that of the bly of Organizations for Change (ROC), but strongly backed Lespwa.
U.S. interference in the region, which has government concerned.” a coalition of neighborhood groups and The imperialists have additional rea-
sparked increased instability and conflict. Uganda reports that 37 of its troops cooperatives, called for massive demon- sons for controlling Haiti, besides over-
Apparently there are other problems have been killed in the fighting in Somalia. strations and threatened a boycott of the coming its stubborn resistance. Haiti has
with the U.S.-backed AMISOM forces, Burundi admits to losing 43 of its soldiers. elections unless the CEP backed down. significant deposits of gold, silver, bauxite
which are composed of troops from Bu- Meanwhile, Hizbul Islam organization The imperialists—the United States, and copper, whose development is hin-
rundi and Uganda. The troops have been leader Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys urged Canada and France—have had to deal dered by political instability and crum-
accused of committing atrocities against the Somali people to escalate their strug- with the election of other candidates sup- bling infrastructure.
Somali civilians while carrying out the war gle against the U.S.-backed AMISOM ported by the masses, like Hugo Chávez Even though Haiti is a country where
against the Islamic resistance movements. forces: “The people can reach peace and in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia, hunger is rampant, the economy depends
Despite the millions of dollars allocat- progress if they fight against the foreign Rafael Correa in Ecuador and, recently, on remittances from abroad. Where pro-
ed to the AMISOM forces and the TFG, troops in Somalia. The Somali people can José Mujica, the co-founder of the Tupa- tests are often met with deadly force from
recent reports indicate that the soldiers return their prestige and honor after 20 maros, in Uruguay. the U.N. occupying troops, the Haitian
have not been paid in months. The fail- years of conflict and political deadlock.” When money doesn’t elect the candi- people have not abandoned their struggle
ure by African Union officials to account (Shabelle.net, Dec. 5) date they want, the imperialists have an- and hope for democracy and freedom. n
Page_10_ Dec._17,_2009_ workers.org


editorial Pentagon sets course

for wider war in Asia
Addicted Continued from page 1
Italy promised an additional 1,000; and
sure on Pakistan—could lead to civil war
in a nuclear-armed country of 170 million

to growth
France and Germany say they’ll wait until people.
a Jan. 28 meeting in London on Afghani-
Taliban make an offer
stan before committing more. Canada

and the Netherlands have been planning U.S. propaganda on Afghanistan—in-
apitalism is addicted to growth. planet is warming rapidly and little time
to withdraw the substantial contingents cluding Obama’s Dec. 1 speech—lumps
The system of commodity pro- remains to reverse this ominous trend.
they have in Afghanistan. together the Taliban, al-Qaida, the Paki-
duction—that is, hiring workers In capitalist countries like the U.S., all
Georgia—the former Soviet Republic stani insurgent forces and all Afghan re-
to produce things for sale at a profit— the discussions on climate change taking
that is currently a weak U.S. client state sisters. The truth is more complicated.
developed within the stagnant feudal place at high levels have to do with how
with an unpopular regime in power—has The Afghan resistance is made up of the
societies of Europe and Japan and to curb carbon dioxide emissions within
promised 900 of those 7,000 additional Taliban, of local fighting groups with trib-
soon replaced them because of its great the confines of a system that puts the
troops. How many of the 7,000 troops are al loyalties and of secular Afghans whose
productivity. As Karl Marx pointed out, profits of banks and corporations above
coming from those former socialist coun- politics date from the revolutionary gov-
it was the cheap goods of capitalist mass everything else. In other words, how can
tries, whose regimes are dependent on ernment of 1978-1991. Apparently al-Qa-
production that battered down the walls they go on producing more goods and
Washington and afraid of their own popu- ida also participates, though its numbers
of earlier societies all over the world. services—at a profit—while at the same
lations? are under 100 according to Washington’s
But that great thinker and revolution- time making money off reining in green-
In almost every European NATO coun- own estimates.
ary also showed that, in society as well as house gases.
try as well as in the U.S., the already strong Al-Qaida has no Afghan members and
in nature, things turn into their oppo- They are interested only in programs
opposition to the Afghan adventure will consists mainly of Saudis and Egyptians.
sites. Add a little heat and ice, a solid, that guarantee the growth of their capital
expand as casualties increase in Central It has taken responsibility for the 9/11 at-
will turn into a liquid. assets. That is what is behind all the
Asia. The Afghan occupation is now much tacks on the U.S. It and its leader Osama
The tempestuous growth of capitalism, debate over “cap and trade” versus “tax
more a U.S. occupation than it was under bin Laden—who was demonized as the
now several centuries old, is running carbon goods.”
Bush, rather than a coalition effort. main enemy of the U.S. after 9/11 but is
into a wall it finds unconquerable. What The dilemma over what to do about
hardly heard of now—were originally sup-
was once capitalism’s endearing asset— climate change exists because of capital- civil war in Pakistan? ported by the U.S. In those days al-Qaida
dynamic growth—has turned into a ism’s need for a specific kind of growth—
The situation is even more dramatic supplied volunteer fighters against the
noose around its neck. growth that insures the profitability of the
regarding Pakistan. The Dec. 8 New York Soviet troops that had been aiding the
Part of it is due to capitalist overpro- corporations and banks. This has nothing
Times reports, “The Obama administra- progressive Afghan government in the
duction, which has been a recurrent in common with what the workers need:
tion is turning up the pressure on Paki- 1980s. Al-Qaida turned against the U.S.
feature of the system since Marx’s day. jobs at a decent wage, homes, health care,
stan to fight the Taliban inside its borders, after U.S. troops occupied bases in Saudi
The mad race for profits leads to over- education, recreation and culture.
warning that if it does not act more ag- Arabia.
building of the means of production, A socialist, planned economy could
gressively the United States will use con- The Taliban, which developed from a
which spew out much more than can be provide jobs building energy-efficient
siderably more force on the Pakistani side youthful group of religious fundamental-
sold for a profit. A capitalist boom then housing for the people, mass transit, a
of the border to shut down Taliban attacks ists, ran the Afghan government begin-
turns into a bust. universal health care system, schools,
on [U.S.] forces in Afghanistan.” ning in 1996 with a reactionary program
But now there’s also something else. libraries and cultural centers for a frac-
That’s easy for Washington to order, that was very oppressive of women—simi-
The unplanned, frenetic growth of pro- tion of what this capitalist government
harder for Islamabad to obey. Washington lar to most of the groups backing today’s
duction that is characteristic of capital- spends on subsidies to the banks and
is confronting the fragile Pakistani civil- puppet Afghan regime. The Taliban were
ism has produced an environmental corporations, imperialist wars, and jails
ian government with a dilemma. Either it ousted by the U.S. invasion in October
crisis of enormous proportions. No one to keep the youth from rebelling.
opens up a civil war against a section of its 2001. Although at that time extremely
knows for sure what will happen next, And it could do so while cleaning up
population or the U.S. will carry out drone unsophisticated, over eight years of oc-
but the scientists reporting to the cli- the environment and reversing the toxic
bombing attacks, killing many civilians cupation the Taliban have developed into
mate talks in Copenhagen agree that the effects of rampant capitalist expansion. n
in what are called the Tribal Areas and in the leading group in the Afghan resis-
Baluchistan. tance, which controls 11 of Afghanistan’s
The major Pakistani offensive just car- 34 provinces.

What Afghans think

ried out in the border provinces has al- The Taliban’s first reaction to Obama’s
ready led to daily bombings in major Paki- speech was to say, “The increased number
stani cities, some directed at police and of U.S. soldiers will not have any impact
military installations, by the anti-U.S. and (on war), but it will instead provide the
By Deirdre Griswold pictures of Dr. Mohammed Najibul- mujahideen with a greater chance to in-
anti-government forces. Others hit the
lah, the former Afghan Communist crease their attacks on them and on the
general population, and it is hard to deter-
It’s not often that a commercial president who was hanged from a other hand it will shake the already fragile
mine who is responsible.
publication in the United States allows traffic pole in Kabul by the Taliban in U.S. economy.” (South Asia News, Dec. 2)
The U.S. demands on Pakistan are
an Afghan to speak freely about the September 1996 when they took over The Taliban also promised not to “med-
complicated by the Pakistani Army’s ear-
benefits of life under the progressive the city. dle in the West” if the U.S. and NATO got
lier support for the Taliban, helping bring
government overthrown by Washing- “While Afghanistan never had much out of Afghanistan. (Wall Street Journal,
them to power in Afghanistan in 1996 with
ton two decades ago. However, the wealth in its entire history, Afghans Dec. 5)
the goal of establishing a stable regime.
Queens Chronicle broke the silence still pine for the Communist era. When By all appearances, it is not the Taliban
Some in Pakistan’s army and secret police
when it published “View from Afghani- in disbelief I ask why, they all agree whose policies bring chaos and slaughter
would prefer a Taliban regime in Afghani-
stan—A Queens man’s view of living in there was a discipline back then; there to South and Central Asia, but U.S. impe-
stan to many other scenarios. Thus U.S.
wartorn country” on Oct. 29. was national identity and nationalism; rialism. n
escalation in Afghanistan—and the pres-
While the Queens Chronicle may there was a respect for the individual
be overshadowed by larger New York and for the law; and no one was above
newspapers, it serves a borough of the the law, not even the president, who MarxisM, reparations
city with 2.3 million people, nearly half only owned a five-room apartment in
the Soviet-built district.
and the Black Freedom struggle
of whom are immigrants.
“People admired Najibullah’s leader- An anthology of writings from Workers World newspaper.
Here’s an excerpt from what Edited by Monica Moorehead. Includes:
Rameen Moshref Javid wrote about ship, his government, the qualified and
Kabul, where he now lives: civilized public servants, the social jus- Racism, National Oppression and Self-Determination
Larry Holmes
“Growing up in Afghanistan as a tice and equality and the civic culture
that everyone enjoyed almost equally.” Black Labor from chattel Slavery to Wage Slavery
child and then in the United States as Sam Marcy
an adult, we were always [taught] to The CIA spent billions on a war to
Harriet Tubman, Woman Warrior Mumia Abu-Jamal
hate the Communists—a feeling that destroy that government. Now Wash-
ington is fighting a much costlier war Black Youth: Repression & Resistance LeiLani Dowell
came naturally. Much to my shock and
horror, when I returned to Kabul after there giving different excuses, but it Black & Brown Unity: A Pillar of Struggle
for Human Rights and Global Justice! Saladin Muhammad
18 years abroad in 2002, I saw many still can’t “pacify” the Afghan people. n
Are conditions Ripe Again Today? 40th Anniversary
of the 1965 Watts Rebellion John Parker
Racism and Poverty in the Delta Larry Hales
The Struggle for Socialism Is Key Monica Moorehead
Domestic Workers United Demand Passage
of a Bill of Rights Imani Henry
In Defense of CUBA causes of Turmoil in Jamaica Pat Chin CoVER_ILLuStRAtIoN_by_SAhu_bARRoN

Africa Needs Reparations, Not Occupation and Sanctions

By Leslie Feinberg, author_of_Stone Butch Blues Deirdre Griswold
This ground-breaking book documents revolution- Black Reconstruction: The Unfinished Revolution Order books from Leftbooks.com
ary Cuba’s inspiring trajectory of progress towards Minnie Bruce Pratt or look for them in bookstores
liberation of sexualities, genders and sexes. World View Forum 2007, paperback 200 pages, photos around the country
workers.org Dec. 17, 2009 Page 11

In U.S. cities from coast to coast

Protesters slam escalation of war in Afghanistan
By Kris Hamel would begin leaving Afghanistan by 2011.
Several hundred peace and anti-war ac- NeW YORK .
Anti-war activists across the United tivists demonstrated at the federal build-
States took to the streets in response to ing in downtown Detroit. The protest
President Barack Obama’s Dec. 1 an- was called by the Detroit Area Peace with
nouncement that an additional 30,000 Justice Network and supported by the
U.S. troops will be sent to Afghanistan in Michigan Emergency Committee Against
a major escalation of the war on that cen- War and Injustice.
tral Asian country. Participating groups included the
Even as Obama was speaking to Army Michigan Coalition for Human Rights,
cadets and officers at West Point, demon- Green Party, Detroit MLK Committee,
strators from many anti-war groups were Peace Action, Solidarity, Workers World
picketing at nearby Highland Falls, N.Y. Party and the social-justice-based Central
Another protest took place in Los Angeles United Methodist Church. The crowd was
called by the International Action Center. multigenerational, with veteran activists
By the next day emergency actions as well as students chanting loudly for an
were held in more than 100 U.S. cities end to the war in Afghanistan.
from coast to coast. During a brief rally, a MECAWI repre-
Hundreds of activists gathered in sentative stressed that when people voted
Times Square in New York, where one for Obama last year they were not casting

speaker called Dec. 2 “the first day of mo- their ballots to expand the exist- WW Photo:_johN_CAtALINotto
bilization of resistance to the imperialist ing wars: “People who voted for PHILADeLPHIA from area schools.
war against Afghanistan.” Obama wanted a real jobs pro- Protesters in Buffalo, N.Y., rallied
Called by the International Action Cen- gram, health care, and new for- and took a long caravan of decorated
ter and the Troops Out Now Coalition, the eign and domestic policy for the cars through city streets to a large
action received the endorsement of two U.S. Instead it is still the Penta- shopping mall. Holiday shoppers re-
dozen local and national anti-war, mili- gon and Wall Street that are set- ceived leaflets protesting President
tary veteran and community organiza- ting policy for the government.” Obama’s announcement. The leaflet
tions representing different parts of New A DAPJN spokesperson em- and car signs both emphasized the re-
York’s varied immigrant population. Rep- phasized that “people should lationship between the huge military
resentatives of Pakistani, Iranian, Phil- pressure Congress to cut off fund- budget and the lack of money for jobs
ippine, Korean, Honduran, Haitian and ing for the escalation of the war.” and health care.
Palestinian organizations spoke. Rev. Ed Rowe of Central United People stopped and read the signs
Along with expressing sharp opposi- Methodist Church challenged and signaled their support to the pro-
tion to the U.S.-NATO occupation of Af- the religious community to come testers. Buffalo is the third poorest
ghanistan and the new escalation, speak- out solidly against the wars being city in the country.
ers raised opposition to U.S. military waged by the Pentagon. All the The event was co-sponsored by the
expansion in Latin America, U.S. support organizations called for ongoing Buffalo Forum, Citizen Action of West-
for the coup regime in Honduras, its sup- protests to end the present war ern New York, Code Pink, Episcopal
port for Israel against the Palestinians, drive in Central Asia. Peace Fellowship, Green Party of Erie
and U.S. hostility to Cuba, Iran and the The demonstration was cov- County, Interfaith Peace Network, In-
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. ered by the local television affili- ternational Action Center, Pax Christi
Speakers also drew attention to the eco- ates of Fox and NBC and the De- New York, Peace Jam Buffalo, Univer-
nomic crisis and the need to take the funds troit News and Free Press daily sity of Buffalo Progressive Alliance,
destined for the Pentagon’s war machine newspapers. Western New York Peace Center and
and use them for a real jobs program. A militant rally and march of Women in Black.
Most speakers at the Times Square several hundred to 1,000 anti- WW_Photo:_joE_PIEttE In Chicago several demonstra-
protest also expressed disbelief about the war activists took place in downtown San protest was organized by the National As- tions took place, including a protest at
president’s contention that U.S. troops Francisco during evening rush hour. The sembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan the Federal Plaza called by Chicago Coali-

Wars and Occupations and the Answer tion Against War and Racism that drew
BUFFALO Coalition. Many other groups partici- several hundred activists on Dec. 5. The
pated, including the International Action action was endorsed by about 75 groups.
Center, Workers World Party, Code Pink, Organizers with the Bail Out the People
World Can’t Wait and Raging Grannies. Movement passed out leaflets entitled
More than 40 people gathered in front “Money for Jobs, Not for War,” urging
of the federal building in downtown Tuc- people to participate in an April 10 action
son, Ariz., for a protest the evening of in Washington, D.C., for a massive federal
Dec. 3. Signs demanding “Money for jobs program. They reported widespread
Jobs, Not for War!” and “Stop the War” interest by protest participants. Several
were met with raised fists and honks hundred Workers World newspapers
of approval from rush-hour traffic. The were also distributed during the march,
hour-long rally was called on short no- which went down State Street in a busy
tice by local activists. It was noted that shopping area.
the people of Tucson, who have seen their In San Diego a group of around 200
city fill up with Border Patrol and Immi- gathered on the corner of Fairmont and
gration and Customs Enforcement agents University, near the office of Congress-

Top Ten reasons the U.S. ruling class as “border security” moves northward, person Susan Davis. The protest was
need jobs and health care, not more war called by the San Diego Peace and Justice

wants to continue the war on Afghanistan and militarization. Coalition. Other groups present included
Around 100 protesters gathered in Activist San Diego, Veterans for Peace
Philadelphia across from City Hall to and the International Action Center.
By Paul Wilcox 6. Think of all that drug money in Af-
speak out against the Obama administra-
ghanistan that might otherwise not be One of the popular chants was “Obama,
laundered by U.S. banks. tion’s escalation of war in Afghanistan. Obama, Yes we can, U.S. out of Afghani-
1. If we can’t make war on Afghanistan,
Despite a steady drizzle, demonstrators stan!” Protesters hung banners and signs
how are we going to make war on 7. Even if we don’t win, the war will ensure
Pakistan? that even more money won’t be wasted got their message out to downtown work- on a gated fence at a construction site
on jobs and health care. ers, shoppers and a group who had gath- across the street from Davis’ office. Many
2. Even if the Taliban weren’t involved in
9/11, it’s OK to pretend it was. After all, 8. It’s a “two-fer”: The war in Afghanistan ered for the city’s annual display of holi- protesters carried candles for a vigil as the
Iraq wasn’t involved in 9/11 either. will help us win the war on workers day lights across the street. evening darkened and passersby honked
here in the U.S. Several protesters carried signs reading their horns in support.
3. A cruel, murderous, expensive and los-
ing war is certainly better than no war 9. Perhaps the Afghan resistance will “Jobs Not War” and “Money for Health Anti-war protests also occurred in
at all. decide that being occupied and brutal- Care, Not for Warfare.” Participating Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis,
ized by the Pentagon war makers is a groups included Brandywine Peace Com- Denver, Portland, Ore., and other cit-
4. Aside from the bank bailout, war is
good thing after all.
the quickest way to take money from munity, Philadelphia Anti-War Coalition, ies and towns throughout the U.S.
the working class and give it to us. 10. Even if it doesn’t, that’s OK. We’re not International Action Center, Bail Out the Abayomi Azikiwe, John Catalinotto,
the ones fighting the war. That’s what
5. Compared to the U.S. Congress, the People Movement, Kensington Welfare Bev Hiestand, Jill Hill, Joan Marquardt,
we make the working class do. We’re just
Karzai government in Afghanistan Rights Union, Answer Coalition, Granny Zola Rices Muhammad, Betsey Piette
profiting from it. Isn’t that the point?
isn’t all that corrupt. Peace Brigade and Students for a Demo- and Paul Teitelbaum contributed to
E-mail: pwilcox@workers.org
cratic Society. A number of students came this article.
P roletarios y op rim id os d e t od os los p aíses u n íos!

La crisis y la perspectiva
de resistencia: un esquema
Por Fred Goldstein, autor de Ha habido muchas luchas, pero son participaron y lideraron una marcha para un punto de vista internacionalista. El
Low-Wage Capitalism (Capitalismo realizadas en aislamiento. No ha habido exigir puestos de trabajo en Boston. Movimiento pro Rescate del Pueblo ha
de salarios bajos), un análisis de los ningún intento por los dirigentes sindi- La marcha por trabajos de Pittsburgh hecho un llamado para una marcha por
efectos de la globalización en la clase cales de dar apoyo importante a ninguna tuvo éxito, ya que obtuvo el apoyo y la puestos de trabajo en Washington, D.C.,
obrera y redactor asistente del Periódico lucha en particular o de generar una lu- participación de la comunidad negra, el 10 de abril, en el 75º aniversario de la
Workers World/Mundo Obrero cha coordinada. así como la aprobación de los sindicatos Administración de Progreso de Empleos
Existen redes de apoyo a trabajadores/ United Steel Workers y del United Elec- (WPA) de Franklin Roosevelt. Un grupo
SEÑALES DE MOVIMIENTO as por parte de estudiantes creciendo por trical Workers. Hizo un avance concreto de sindicalistas en la costa oeste ha llama-
ENTRE LOS/AS TRABAJADORES/ todo el país. El movimiento en contra de en la construcción de la clase de alianza do a la creación del Día de Solidaridad III
AS, ESTUDIANTES Y ACTIVIS- los talleres de explotación laboral reci- laboral/comunidad que es clave para el en Washington, D.C., en la primavera. El
TAS. Mientras la clase trabajadora y el entemente tuvo una victoria contra la éxito futuro en la lucha contra la crisis. terreno se ha sentado para la coalescencia
movimiento sindical en general están re- Russell Athletic, obligando a la empresa La administración de Obama, bajo pre- de fuerzas para iniciar una lucha a gran
traídos después de décadas de ataques, recontratar a los/as trabajadores/as des- sión para hacer algo acerca de la crisis escala por empleos e ingresos.
seguidas por la crisis económica, hay cre- pedidos/as en Honduras y recon- sobre los puestos de trabajo, no ha
cientes focos de resistencia, tanto dentro ocer su sindicato. SegUndA hecho sino señalar el paquete de es- SOLIDARIDAD INTERNACIO-
como fuera del movimiento sindical. Los recortes en los colegios
públicos y privados afectan a los/
PArte tímulo, que no ha hecho nada para
frenar la marea de 8 millones de pu-
PARA LA VICTORIA. Las empresas
El punto más bajo del movimiento sin-
dical durante la crisis actual fue en el cur- as estudiantes y a los/as trabajadores/as estos de trabajo perdidos desde diciem- transnacionales en los Estados Unidos
so de los procesos de quiebra de la Gener- y llevan a alianzas de estudiantes y tra- bre de 2007. Ahora la administración está han usado su tecnología para dividir sus
al Motors y la Chrysler. La dirigencia del bajadores/as para defenderse y luchar. llamando a una cumbre sobre puestos de procesos de producción y repartirlos en
sindicato industrial más poderoso en los Importantes batallas contra los recortes trabajo. todo el mundo donde pueden encontrar
Estados Unidos, la United Auto Workers, están teniendo lugar en California—Los Por primera vez, a casi dos años de la los salarios más bajos y la tasa más el-
acordó humillantes y onerosas concesio- Angeles, Berkeley y otros lugares. crisis, el liderazgo del AFL-CIO final- evada de explotación.
nes sin una lucha mientras las empresas El movimiento para una verdadera re- mente ha puesto un programa nacional Han utilizado este proceso para en-
planeaban cerrar más de 20 plantas y forma de salud se está extendiendo y el de puestos de trabajo en la agenda. Se frentar a los/as trabajadores/as de todo
despedir a miles de trabajadores/as. movimiento sindical se ha involucrado, trata de un programa legislativo destina- el mundo entre sí y crear una compe-
Pero en ese mismo momento, en pero sólo simbólicamente y haciendo ca- do a desviar el dinero hacia la extensión tencia por los salarios mundialmente en
diciembre de 2008, los/as trabajadores/ bildeo. Una movilización masiva para la re- de la asistencia para los/as trabajadores/ una carrera para reducir los salarios en
as de la Republic Windows and Doors, forma de salud se necesita urgentemente. as, seguro de desempleo, la creación de general. En la medida en que se agrava la
Local 1110 del Sindicato United Electrical Colectivos y grupos radicales indepen- puestos de trabajo mediante la construc- crisis económica, tratarán de poner a los/
Workers en Chicago, cambiaron la atmós- dientes entre los estudiantes dentro y ción de infraestructura, la reconstrucción as trabajadores/as en los Estados Unidos
fera al ocupar su planta. La ocuparon du- fuera de los recintos universitarios están de las comunidades destruidas, ayuda a en contra de sí mismos/as - en particu-
rante seis días y obligaron al banco Bank proliferando por todo el país y tomando pequeñas empresas, y así sucesivamente. lar apuntando a los/as trabajadores/as
of America a acceder a todas sus deman- una gran variedad de temas—la guerra, el Es un paso hacia adelante que el lider- indocumentados/as. Tratarán de dividir
das de indemnización por despido, vaca- medio ambiente, la pobreza, recortes en azgo sindical haya intentado resolver la a la clase obrera de aquí de los/as traba-
ciones pagadas y prestaciones. Este grupo los servicios sociales y así sucesivamente. crisis a nivel nacional. El programa aboga jadores/as en el exterior usando a los/as
de 250 trabajadores/as en gran medida Un creciente movimiento contra la ola por los/as desempleados/as. El desem- trabajadores/as en los países de bajos sal-
negros/as y latinos/as, en su mayoría in- de ejecuciones hipotecarias y desalojos se pleo es un gran peligro para el movimien- arios, anteriormente colonias, y quienes
migrantes, animaron al movimiento sin- está desarrollando en Detroit, Minneapo- to sindical. Fue presentado por el líder de están súper explotados/as por los jefes,
dical y se convirtió en un foco de solidari- lis, Chicago y otras ciudades. la AFL-CIO Richard Trumka y apoyado como chivos expiatorios.
dad de clase en todo el país. Una marcha liderada por el movimien- por el Presidente del NAACP Benjamin Esta es la misma táctica de dividir y
Mientras los/as trabajadores/as de la to sindical contra la Asociación Ameri- Jealous; la Presidenta del Consejo Na- conquistar que utilizan cuando acusan a
UE se mantenían ocupando su planta, cana de banqueros en Chicago irrumpió cional de la Raza Janet Murgia; el Presi- los/as trabajadores/as indocumentados/
5.000 trabajadores/as de la Smithfield, en la Convención. Existen muchos mov- dente de la Conferencia de Liderazgo so- as y a los/as inmigrantes en general; o cu-
obligaron a la planta de procesamiento de imientos locales, pero hasta ahora están bre Derechos Civiles Wade Henderson; y ando promueven el racismo para dividir a
cerdos más grande del mundo, reconocer fragmentados. Sin embargo, se están por Deepak Bhargava, director ejecutivo los/as trabajadores/as blancos/as de los/
al sindicato United Food and Commer- sentando las bases para un movimiento del Centro para el Cambio de la Comuni- as trabajadores/as oprimidos/as.
cial Workers en el estado antisindical de nacional. dad. El Presidente del Instituto de Políti- La única manera de superar la compe-
Carolina del Norte, después de más de 15 Estos acontecimientos y muchos más ca Económica Larry Mishel moderó la tencia de salarios y el racismo que divide
años de lucha. La victoria, una de las más que están surgiendo bajo la superficie conversación que Jealous catalogó como y el chauvinismo, es mediante la creación
grandes en el sur en los últimos años, se representan señales tempranas de la re- el comienzo de un movimiento nacional de conciencia de clase y solidaridad de
logró por la alianza de negro/as, latinos/ sistencia. Es seguro que crecerán como de derechos humanos para las oportuni- clase aquí y en el exterior. No debe haber
as, nativos/as americanos/as y asiáticos/ respuesta a la crisis económica, la guerra dades económicas. fronteras en la lucha obrera. Bajo el nue-
as en una lucha que incluyó a un gran y la ocupación en Iraq, Afganistán y Paki- El programa debería dar un impulso vo régimen del capitalismo de bajos sala-
número de trabajadores/as inmigrantes. stán, los ataques políticos a las personas y al movimiento por puestos de trabajo. rios, los/as trabajadores/as negros/as,
En el período transcurrido desde en- otras medidas reaccionarias. Pero queda corto en muchas formas, latinos/as, asiáticos/as, indígenas, medio
tonces ha habido numerosas huelgas y LA LUCHA POR PUESTOS DE incluyendo especialmente el fracaso de orientales, y de las Islas del Pacífico, mu-
luchas. Una reciente huelga de nueve se- TRABAJO. La cuestión primordial en promover la absoluta necesidad de movi- jeres y hombres, heterosexuales y gays,
manas por el sindicato de los Teamsters la actualidad y lo seguirá siendo, es la lizar a los millones por dentro y fuera del lesbianas, bi y trans, documentados/as e
en la SK Tools en Chicago, terminó con lucha por puestos de trabajo. El Mov- movimiento sindical, empleados/as y de- indocumentados/as, van a desempeñar
una victoria. Una huelga de los/as traba- imiento pro Rescate del Pueblo celebró sempleados/as, y ponerles en las calles y un papel de vanguardia en la lucha de
jadores/as de tránsito de Filadelfia ganó una marcha por trabajos en Pittsburgh en Washington, D.C. y en otras ciudades clases. Los/as trabajadores/as blancos/as
una victoria. Los/as trabajadores/as de en el momento en que el G-20 se reunía para confrontar al establecimiento y exi- y todos/as los/as trabajadores/as deben
Stella D’Oro en el Bronx ganaron una va- en septiembre para llevar la política de gir empleos. luchar contra los esquemas capitalistas
liente huelga de un año de duración en la demanda de puestos de trabajo a los El movimiento desde abajo debe afron- que les dividen entre sí.
contra de las concesiones, pero luego la líderes de los países imperialistas ricos. tar este reto y promover una marcha por ¡El golpe a uno/a es un golpe a todos/
compañía fue vendida y cerró la planta. Poco después, muchos sindicatos locales empleos. Y debe afrontar este reto desde as! n

Libertad para los cincos compatriotas

Libertad cubanos que defendieron a su país del

terrorismo y que ahora están presos en

para los cinco EE.UU. por evitar muertes en la isla.

Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Ramón

cubanos Labañino Salazar, Rene González Se-

hwerert Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez y
Fernando González Llort.